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Swiss company announced a new security app Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security and privacy first. With true end-to-end encryption, This new app will be available on major operating systems Google (Android), Apple (iOS) and Microsoft (Windows Phone), The features are pretty much those editions for Android and iOS. The still present limitations in group chat will be eliminated soon an update.Threema could be the lack of a trial version, but running only $. 99.

According to the developer corresponds to the functionality of the Windows Phone version largely to the expenditure for Android and iOS. However, are currently not yet support all group functions. So it is not yet possible, even to create new groups. This functionality is to be upgraded soon with an update.

Just like its Messenger for Android and iOS raises Threema especially the security forth. All messages are consistently encrypted end-to-end from sender to receiver. This is true both for chatting and for submitting photos, videos or locations. Technical basis is the open-source encryption library NaCl with 256-bit asymmetric keys.

Threema: Instant Messenger App Now Available For Windows Phone

Threema offers like WhatsApp, the ability to synchronize the contact list of the phone contact to make it easier for other users. The program also supports a three-tier trust status for contacts. After the traffic light principle, it marks the unknown red, chat partners, present their e-mail address or telephone number, and yellow by scanning a personal QR code Confirmed contacts green.Verify your contacts’ public keys by scanning a QR code from their mobile phone, all within the app, Network connection status at a glance: the color of the band below the navigation bar shows whether the app is currently connected to the server.

Stiftung Warentest Reviewed Threema to a rapid test to privacy in February of this year “critical” with. The end-to-end encryption, it makes the seller impossible to monitor the communication between users. Positive mentioned the tester also that your contacts are indeed saved, but only in pseudonymous form and with the explicit consent of the user. Even if the user reading out his address book does not agree that he could use the app. The only shortcoming made Stiftung Warentest from that Threema is not open source software. Consequently, it can only be ruled out and that the app does not transmit user data unencrypted.

Threema itself admits that his program “aimed at the best possible privacy” and designed to be, “that on the servers no data that could be abused.” Individual and group chats would be decentralized and managed exclusively on the terminals, so that no data on contacts or networks of relationships incurred. Upon request, the Messenger can also use anonymous because no phone number or e-mail address must be specified.

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    Practicing yoga as a couple is a way to exercise in this discipline and gain greater flexibility, strength and also strengthen the personal bond.

    We’ve all ever heard about the benefits Yoga brings health, composed of a set of natural techniques comprising different stretching postures, as well as increased respiratory amplitude and various relaxation techniques that give the body more flexibility, vitality and balance.

    When Yoga is practiced in couples is added to the basic benefits derivatives body contact collaboratively produced by both people made to carry out the task, being also a way of fostering positive relations with partner, it is also an element motivating and fun.

    The positions where the Yoga is based on business are within hatha yoga but made by two people who ultimately perform the same asana or posture that complement, generating a power transmission.

    Yoga as a couple can practice with a person of the opposite sex or with one of the same sex and need not exist between them a relationship or friendship, especially when practiced in the gym, since the idea is to perform a routine synchronizing breathing and body positions, which ultimately are the exercises.

    Advantages Of Practicing Yoga As A Couple

    Two phases exist in performing the asanas in yoga partner, one that is dynamic and the other is static. In the dynamic phase is part of an initial position with the partner and slowly come to a static or maintaining posture for a specified amount of breaths fifteen seconds to two minutes.

    Also, in each asana Yoga partner must be completed between the two people through counter-positions, for example if a column flexion should be performed after a healthy extension.

    Above all things when practiced Yoga couple must always trust the partner and find that the body contact becomes something comforting providing security to both, being necessary to further synchronize breathing finding a middle ground and practicing breath control or pranayama.

    Basic Postures to Practice Yoga as a Couple

    • Full Moon Pose
    • Double Tree Pose
    • Position of the table
    • Cobra Pose ascending
    • Double shavasana
    • Position of the double chair
    • Double Dancer Pose
    • Double Dog Pose
    • Posture twin souls
    • Posture double wishbone
    • Double twist standing posture

    Yoga as a couple, a habit consists of asanas stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques aware with the main objective of release and balance the body’s energy through proper execution of poses.

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    Taking care of a natural Christmas tree, which is not very complicated but doing it wrong can lead to finish, this same tree can not be planted. In gardening see now how to care for the natural Christmas tree.

    How To Care For The Natural Christmas Tree

    Care of the Live Christmas Tree:

    When caring for the natural Christmas tree, it is important to know exactly how we need to plant it in a container in which you will be in every Christmas, and one of the first steps that must be clear is that the pot can not be neither too small nor too large.

    It’s better then buying it in the place where the tree we buy and where we are going to give one to fit the size of this.

    To plant the tree in the pot, the first thing we have to do is put some stones in the bottom, then a layer of soil (which can also be qualified). Now you can place the trunk and adding soil until you see notice that the tree is secured and is mainly stabilized and upright.

    You will not need to trim the tree and they’re not watering every day, even if you have some branches too long you can cut them a little.

    You should check daily that the soil does not dry. It should always be moist and place a dish under the pot so that the water is not going to go down. You can actually take a bit of water in that planted tree and will ” swallow”.

    Replant Live Christmas Tree:

    Once the holidays have passed and if we have taken good care of our natural tree can choose to replant the forest and which thus help to protect the environment, and that the tree will continue to grow, especially an investment for our personal satisfaction.

    Before starting the tree from the container, we know exactly how this has been placed and you run the risk of pulling too hard and end up destroying the roots.

    It is better to opt for taking it to a nursery, where they planted smoothly and also appreciate that we do so, since they often have areas that are repopulated with trees of these dates.

    If you want to do in your garden, you can choose to change the pot for a larger or directly planted in the ground and see that it lacks moisture and above the temperature is not too high.

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    These days, you will find a lot of people looking to find the best handmade soaps in the market, as they have discovered the incredible benefits of such types of soaps to the skin. Those soaps that are always available in most shops are typically worst skin damagers because they lack those vital ingredients and instead, they harm your skin, making it dry. Those who replaced their commercial soaps with a handmade scented soap know the differences between these two as they can instantly feel and see the invigorating effect.

    The Delights Of A Scented Soap

    Handmade soaps are not only good for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated but these products are also capable of treating certain diseases while keeping you relaxed and calm. All of these benefits are all because of the cleverness of those soap makers who know how scented soaps can help them maintain the youthful glow of their skin. A scented soap from Australian Natural Soap can be purchased in a form of something added with essential oils or extracts of flowers. Say for instance, if you want to feel relaxed after a long, tiring and busy day at work, you take a shower and indulge yourself with the invigorating aroma of a scented soap with lavender. For instant refreshment, you go for soap with a scent of citrus.

    Soap is basically designed to keep a person’s skin nourished but it also now providing instant relaxation and a soothing feeling. Thanks to those wonderful and irresistibly smelling good scents that were added to soaps. Being handmade and natural, they work by nourishing your skin and soothing your senses. They are not tested on animals and they are made to be friendly to the environment. Though they may be a bit expensive than those commercial soaps you can find, the benefits brought by handmade soaps are definitely priceless.

    A good example of scented soap is one that includes chamomile that is also meant to soothe any skin allergies. Another one is the one coming with coconut, perfect for summer time or you may try coconut vanilla for a tamer scent. Soap with aloe Vera and cucumber can help nourish your skin while leaving a great, soothing scent. There are more options to choose from. There are some handmade soaps scented with chocolate, citrus scent and chocolate mint which are considered the most popular ones. Citrus has been known for its cool and crisp smell that will instantly refresh and awakens a person. It is perfect for those who typically some stressful situations in life.

    Citrus is typically mixed with any other ingredients like basil and cedar. Mint is likewise a very popular scent for handmade soaps due to that tingling sensation it offers while making your skin feel refreshed while helping you to feel relaxed with its uplifting minty scent. Speaking of baths, people usually think of the babies smelling good and who does not like to smell one? Scented soap with milk is the best choice. Milk is not only capable of nourishing the skin but it also provides that smell like a baby skin.

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    Home loans are big commitments. They involve big amount of money and time scales which span over years. The time span is big enough to bring about a change in financial circumstances of a home owner. These can be good or bad. If a home owner finds good opportunities, then he/she can acquire the ability to service the loan better. However if he/she runs into rough weather, then a long term commitment of servicing a home loan can become difficult.

    So how can a buyer make timely home loan EMI payments if there is a financial crisis?

    There are numerous ways to go about it. Planning for such a situation in advance invariably helps. However given the financial commitments related to the home loan, many times such plans are not sufficient. The reason is that backup plans revolve round savings and more investments which can be tedious for a normal person. Hence not many people can easily deal with the extra financial commitments.

    The following ways can be useful in an event the need arises for arrangement of an extra sum while a person is still servicing a home loan.

    Handling Home Loan In Times Of Crisis: Home Loan Help For Beginners

    Balance Transfer

    Balance transfer is a way to refinance a home loan. It involves transferring a home loan from one lender to another for financial gains. In this process, a person who has the inability to service a loan in its current form can look for better loan plans. These loan plans may involve reduced interest rates which can facilitate lower home loan EMI payments.

    When one opts for a balance transfer, a second lender takes over the home loan and pays the first lender on the behalf of the home owner. There is a cost associated with this transfer which a home owner has to pay to the second lender. For all practical purposes, the loan is repaid to the first lender and the home owner is no longer liable to make any more payments to the first lender.

    Then this home owner has to start paying off the remaining loan amount as per the terms laid down by the second lender. The balance transfer is an efficient way to reduce financial burden if the second lender offers interest rates which are lesser than the interest rates offered by the first.

    However care has to be taken while calculating the total cost that a home owner bears after the balance transfer. The net amount payable along with the refinancing costs should be lesser than the total amount that the home owner would have paid the first lender. If the difference is not substantial, then refinancing will not be as fruitful as envisioned.

    Top-up Home Loan

    If the financial crunch is anticipated to prevail for a short time, then a top-up home loan is another available option. This loan is an extra loan that a home owner can procure from the same lender who has provided the original home loan. Such loans are like personal loans- only with lesser interest rates. If a home owner has been regular with home loan EMI payments, then the top-up loans are easily available. However the tenure for payback is less and therefore one should only opt for them if one is expecting windfall gains or substantial income in future.

    In Conclusion

    It is important to know that both the aforementioned home loan service solutions can be availed only after a minimum tenure of the loan period has been timely served. Hence one should adhere to the payment schedule before being able to avail them.

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      The mobile phone has become an indispensable technological means in the lives of many people who cannot imagine life without it. However, the life of a mobile phone is sometimes shortened to misuse it. To optimally care for a mobile phone from the beginning is advisable to follow the instructions properly the shop assistant phone. The phones of today are closer to a computer than to the traditional landlines prices. So when you buy one, it is not surprising that arise all kinds of fear and warnings around it, such as “do not use your phone while charging” or “do not let it connected all night.” But most of these precautions are just a waste of time.

      5 Mistakes That Spoil Your Mobile Phone

      There are some simple mistakes to avoid and to help you prolong the life of your mobile phone for as long as possible:

      1. The desire to be permanently connected is what makes many people never turn off your mobile phone. It is advisable to switch off your phone at certain times, eg overnight. Think that doing this not only takes care of your mobile phone but also to reduce stress. There are many times of the day where you do not need the phone.

      2. Another point to consider is to have the wifi or Bluetooth enabled spends a lot of battery. Avoiding this error can extend longer the battery of your phone without recharging it again sooner than necessary.

      3. The mobile phone is also vulnerable to certain environmental factors. For example, avoid exposing your phone for a long time in the sun. Similarly, during the days of beach in summer prevents your phone can be filled with sand. Many mobile phones are also spoiled by being in contact with moisture. Avoid leaving your phone in the bathroom while you take a shower.

      4. Often errors when loading the mobile phone is also committed. A common error is to have it charging for longer than necessary. This is the case of those who put their phone on charge at night and the next morning disconnected. Load a mobile without a form of spoil when the battery is full.

      5. Neglecting proper cleaning of a mobile phone can also be a recurring failure. You can use a suitable cloth to clean your phone paying special attention to the area of the screen. You can also buy a screen saver which allows you to protect in a special way this area of your phone. Do not store the phone in places with dust.

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      At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) innovation ceremony in Las Vegas BMW launched a BMW I Remote App. This latest app stands at unbeatable position it took the first prize on category of software and mobile apps, If you already have a BMW car, but also good to buy fancy Samsung Gear S smart watch, so now there is good news to tell you, now you can connect these two together by a BMW I Remote App to create more interesting remote operation. Bringing a whole lot of decisions to your wrist. Everything be controlled by the Samsung gear so it plays a vital role for extension of car range, This application will allow users to watch on your wrist to control their BMW.

      BMW introduced the first concept of “intelligent network”, The app displays important data at a glance on the smartwatch home screen, which is also the first BMW I standard full networking capabilities of the vehicle, travel support network, including networked navigation to find the charging station and remote auxiliary, etc., in order to facilitate the owners have a mobile device to view and manage networked automobile with the introduction of the BMW my Remote assistant.

      Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Now Supports Remote Control By BMW i Remote App

      In simple terms, BMW i Remote application can obtain detailed information BMW I pure electric car’s current state, including the mileage display, battery power, service messages and location of the vehicle is located. Users can take advantage of the Charge Control remote start or end charging station, or in the car before the car’s battery and activate the open air, and then transferred to the most suitable temperature in the car.

      Of course, by the application can also use with navigation, route planning assistance and comprehensive car battery, after the traffic situation and formulate an itinerary issued vehicle lines and destinations, or search for charging stations in the process of moving. Details of the application can be viewed there are many, such as checking the door is locked, and the window is closed, and so on.

      BMW I Remote Support Assistant application is already running in the iOS and Android operating systems, also supports Android Wear smart watches, in view of the Samsung Gear series based on the highest market share of smart watches Tizen, the BMW has developed a platform for this particular application, and the first designed to be used independently as a smartphone Gear S optimized design. It Sounds pretty cool.

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      What I like most is writing? You’re looking for a way to make money with this skill ?, because in this new article I want to share some ideas that may interest you.

      There are actually various ways to exploit your skills as a writer, and some of those opportunities are given here on the Internet. This not only earn extra money, but you can also do it all from the comfort of your home.

      The journey to become a professional writer and taken into account by reputable publishers truth is quite complicated, but not impossible, but nevertheless today we can take advantage of other opportunities we also can provide great satisfaction and money.

      1. Make Money by Writing a Blog:

      This is an excellent idea to make money writing, but even if you have a particular topic which you love to talk and want to share it with the world. This is a method of making money online that has a lot of potential if you work with discipline and passion, no lie can assure you that there are already many people around the world who live only for this activity and it is very likely that in the year of hard and constant work you can achieve the same.

      Ideas To Make Money By Writing

      2. Write Articles for Other Blogs:

      This time it will not be necessary to create your own blog and worry about aspects of design and optimization, here just dedicate yourself you create fresh content for other blogs and get paid for it. The good thing is that up to you how much you want to win, because the more articles you write earn more money , approximately what usually pay these networks Blogs are about $ 5 dollars per article depends heavily on the topic that you go to write. If you want to start on this you can find some places where I do.

      3. Provide Editing Solutions:

      If your strength is correct grammatical and orthographic writing, then you should choose to make money providing solutions for editing and correction of all types of documents and writings. These solutions require an exhausted review and perfect completion of the document, people who request this service usually do so because of lack of time and also even ignorance, but either way is required for these people who are willing to pay you solution good money that you do not fall too bad.

      4. Support in the Preparation and Review of Resumes

      Some people especially young people who lack work experience, require support for the development and review of their resumes to get the job they desire. So if you have experience and knowledge of this type, you can easily provide this service for a small amount of money. In this way both people derive benefit.

      Anyway, I hope some of these ideas will be useful to gain at least a few extra dollars that are ever more and are always welcome.

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      How to learn to financially educate children? At what age should talk to your children about finances? These questions are very common in most parents.

      There are some fears cause dislike in children on these issues, but there are many experts agree that from three years to be taught, however simple, some concepts related to investments. We will explain why, considering that not only the parents have to engage in this issue, but the schools themselves.

      How To Learn Financially To Educate Children?

      Learning to Financially Educate Children

      Ideally, explain to children that money is generated by the work of their parents and cannot always buy everything you want.

      Older children, between seven and ten years, are better able to understand the world of finance. At this age, the weekly pay is a healthy practice. By giving money, parents should encourage children to make a monthly budget and therefore a small financial planning. With this, the child learns the importance of saving and passing differentiates expensive and cheap products.

      Interestingly, some private schools have been concerned about the financial literacy of high school students, including courses in their curricula that focus on educating consumers and visiting experts to address the issue of finance.

      The fact is that, regardless of age, it seems important to invest in financial education for children, since a child financially educated is more likely to be financially responsible adults.

      Financial Education Classes for Children

      It is common to see children choosing in-store clothes or toys they want and do not worry about the price, since it has no idea of financial securities. Parents end up giving up, even though the product cost goes beyond what they could afford.

      Parents should teach their children how to manage financial resources, as both children and young people are an important niche in the consumer market, with the power to choose and buy.

      Introduce financial education in schools is important and necessary, using both mathematics teaching and practical demonstrations of how to spend and save on everyday life.

      The most important lesson of financial education for children is, as I said earlier, the weekly pay. Through the money received, the child will learn to handle money directly. But you have to think about the age and maturity of the child before handing.

      From the age of three, children begin to ask for things when they go shopping. Toys and candies are their favorites. But it will only be able to handle money with an approximate age of seven.

      At home, parents can involve their children in the monthly expenses for the maintenance of the family. It is healthy for them and understand that money does not fall from the sky and to win it is working.

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      If, like many, you’re ashamed of your smile, there’s every chance you’ve considered orthodontic treatment at some point in your life. Perhaps you were offered treatment on the NHS as a teenager but couldn’t face the thought of metal train track braces on your teeth for a couple of years! It’s a big thing for already self conscious teens to go through and, unfortunately, at that age, it’s difficult to see the bigger picture and understand why there’s sometimes short term pain for long term gain! Alternatively, maybe you did have braces when you were younger but have found that, as you’ve got older, your teeth have moved. Whatever the reason that you’re unhappy with your smile, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially when orthodontic treatment needs no longer be visible! We’ve teamed up with Claire Nightingale, one of the top orthodontists in London, to take a look at two invisible treatments for you to consider!

      Orthodontic Treatment Doesn't Have To Be Visible!

      1. Invisalign

      If you don’t like the thought of wearing traditional braces but are desperate to straighten your smile, there’s a very good chance that you’ll love the idea of Invisalign! In short, Invisalign works using a series of clear aligners which gradually straighten your teeth over a number of months. Unlike traditional braces, they’re not fixed to your teeth and, as such, you’re able to take your aligners out for cleaning and whilst you eat. The best thing about Invisalign is that it’s almost impossible to tell you’re wearing your aligners meaning you really can have orthodontic treatment without anyone needing to know!

      Invisalign is perfect for those ashamed of their smile but couldn’t face having a mouth full of metal. Whilst it’s not suitable for every case, in most instances you’ll find that you’re the ideal candidate for Invisalign! If the thought of braces has previously put you off, why not look into this invisible option?

      2. Lingual Braces

      Whilst lingual braces are still, in short, brackets glued to your teeth, the difference between this treatment and traditional braces is that the brackets are glued to the back of your teeth. As such, they’re invisible to anyone else meaning they needn’t know you’re having your teeth straightened. As with Invisalign, if you’re conscious of having traditional braces, lingual braces could be for you.

      When compared with Invisalign, it may be the case that your orthodontist suggests that this may be more suited, depending on how much work needs doing on your teeth. Whilst Invisalign isn’t for everyone, lingual braces can fix a wide range of problems with your smile and leave you with one you’re happy to show off!

      Above all, braces need no longer be visible and, as such, if the only thing which has previously put you off is the thought of having train tack braces for a few years, you’ll be pleased to know that times have changed and you can now straighten your teeth invisibly!