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With the releasing of Apple MacBook Air 2014, people started to feel for the need of new and advance version of Apple MacBook Air in 2015. And, it is not wrong to expect what you could. So, there are hear says and facts about the peculiar specifications and features of Apple MacBook Air 2015.

The most innovative and advance specifications and features of MacBook Air 2014 are:
• Display (13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colours)
• Storage (128 GB based flash storage; 256 GB based flash storage; Configurable to 512GB flash storage)
• Processor (1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with 3MB shared L3 cache; Configurable to 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 with 4MB shared L3 cache)
• Memory (4GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 on-board memory; Configurable to 8GB)
• Battery and Power (Up to 12 hours wireless web; Up to 12 hours iTunes movie playback; Up to 30 days standby time; Built‑in 54‑watt‑hour lithium‑polymer battery)
• Size and Weight (Height: 0.11-0.68 inch; Width: 12.8 inches; Depth: 8.94 inches; Weight: 2.96 pounds)
• Graphics and Video Support (Intel HD Graphics 5000; Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on an external display; Thunderbolt digital video output; DVI output using Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter)
• Camera (720p FaceTime HD camera)
• Connections and Expansions (Headphone; Dual microphones; Two USB 3 ports)
• Wireless (Wi-Fi; Bluetooth)
• Audio (Stereo speakers; Dual microphones; Headphone port)
• Keyboard and Trackpad (Full-size backlit keyboard; Multi-Touch trackpad)

Apple MacBook Air 2015 With Retina Display and New Intel Processor

Features and specifications of Apple MacBook Air 2015

There is talk about HTC One M10 and new MacBook Air 2015online and it is sad that there is so less information about the expected product but in coming few months there will be so much information about it, undoubtedly. And, there is no news from Apple Inc. as well about the product, which could be said officially. But we have some rumoured news about the price, release date and specifications and features.

The expected prices are: Apple MacBook Air 11 2015 price: $ 950 – $ 1000; Apple MacBook Air 12 2015 price: $ 1050 – $ 1100; and Apple MacBook Air 13 2015 price: $ 1150 – $ 1200. These prices are not exact but Apple would not sell the Apple MacBook Air 2015 more than $ 1250.

And, the release dates on the air are: Apple MacBook Air 11 on around March and April, 2015, Apple MacBook Air 12 on around March and April, 2015, and Apple MacBook Air 13 on around March and April, 2015.
Well, the expected specifications and features on the air are: Intel Broad-well Core M5Y71, 1.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz; Intel HD 5300 Graphics; 4 GB & 8 GB DDR3 RAM; GPU 900 MHz; Battery backup up to 14 hours; Retina Resolution display and the Touch ID like Finger print sensor. These are just expectations and there are no official specifications and features right now.

So, just stay tuned with us and wait for the new updates.

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The amount you eat has a major influence on your health, A healthy, balanced diet is easier to achieve than you’d think, judging by the dizzying number of competing diets, diet is important because your body’s organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. Most will make you just lose the pleasure of eating while depriving you a moment of critical usability. You can keep the line and good health simply by having a balanced diet. But before talking about balanced diet, it is important to know what comprises a food and what is the role of each of its components.

Each feed is composed of a set of macronutrients, micronutrients, fibers and water.

The macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) give us the energy needed for the proper functioning of our body.

The micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are mainly involved in the growth, metabolism of micronutrients and the functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

The fiber promotes satiation, slow carbohydrate absorption, regulate intestinal transit and reduce bad cholesterol.

Water, which constitutes nearly 60% of the human body, transports nutrients and waste disposal. It is also water which stabilizes the body temperature through perspiration.

There are more than 40 nutrients necessary to our health and no food has them all. Therefore be understood quickly that only a balanced diet will give us all the nutrients needed for the proper functioning of our body. Now, how do?

5 Healthy Tips For A Balanced Diet

Here are our 5 Tips For A Balanced Diet

  1. Eat a serving of starch or dried vegetables per meal. They are rich in complex carbohydrates like starch and thus bring energy. Moreover, they also contain vegetable protein and vitamin B participant, among others, the metabolism, growth and functioning of the nervous system.
  2. Take raw fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen or canned) at each meal as well as a cooked vegetable dish every day. They give you vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  3. Eat meat, fish or eggs at least once a day – care, up to four eggs per week – and fish two to three times a week. They will be a protein and iron intake (which is involved in the formation of red blood cells) easily absorbed by the body which is not the case of all foods rich in iron.
  4. Consume milk and / or milk products three times per day. They contain animal protein needed for growth and cell renewal, but also of vitamin A for vision, good skin and detoxify the body as well as calcium for bones and teeth.
  5. Do not hesitate to cook with butter, oil or margarine, and varying according to the meal. Here you will find essential fatty acids to the formation of cell membranes as well as vitamin A and E involved in protecting the body against harmful substances. Prefer vegetable fats and fatty fish that contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in meat, butter, whole milk, cheese and eggs that contain saturated fatty acids.

However, keep in mind that if there are no good or bad foods, balanced diet based on variety, but also moderated.

You will also of course respect the rule of three meals at regular times without skipping one, take the time to eat quietly, don’t eat snacks between meals and drink at least a liter and a half of water a day.

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Real estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries that have seen no fall back in its long run. With the development of infrastructure supported by private and government contribution the growth of this industry has seen a new height. The present trend of real estate industry is towards providing homes at an affordable price thereby making it possible for people to buy their dream house. In this respect government aid in the form of residential projects has been introduced quite often. DS Max is one such popular name in the real estate industry that aims in providing affordable and energy efficient housing solutions for residential as well as non-residential purposes. It has recently offered two outstanding projects by the name of DS-MAX Signature and DS-MAX Swastik to the citizens of Bangalore. The project is expected to fulfil all the requirements of its dwellers in a more meaningful way.

Brand New Creations From DS MAX PROPERTIES In Bangalore


It is one of the prestigious residential projects undertaken by DS-MAX properties. The project offers premium 3BHK & 2BHK apartments all dressed up in the latest designed outfit. The housing project is built in a way to inspire living in a better way. However, the speciality of the project is about providing high class living at affordable prices. The area of the entire housing complex is quite huge thereby allowing its dwellers to roam about and enjoy nature’s fresh air at leisure. There are certain key differentiators and features that make this housing project attractive.

·DS-MAX Signature project is located at the developing hub of the city of Bangalore.

·It has nearby shopping centres like Big Bazaar, corporate hubs, schools and educational institutions, banks, hospitals in close proximity.

·The project is well connected with other places in Bangalore and outside by road and rail routes. The bus stop and railway station are located very close to the project.

·It provides all the modern day amenities starting from swimming pool, separate play area for children, Gym, community hall etc.

·It is protected by 24 hours online surveillance mechanism.

·Power back up for 24 hrs with generator connection at every house.

·Lift facility for aged and disabled.


The project is situated in one of the porch locations in Bangalore known as �Uttarahalli’. It is a model for modern day dwelling, offering 2BHK & 3BHK apartments with equal convenience of price and design all at the same time. The project is a symbolism of modern architecture with a contemporary touch in design. It is so constructed that every house built in the project gets natural light in abundance. There are certain features of this residential project that makes it stand different in the crowd.

·DS-MAX Swastik project offers apartments of different area as per the requirement of the dweller.

·The main door of the apartment is made up of wooden frame.

·There is separate car parking facility for dwellers and guests.

·24×7 water supply.

·Open natural space for roaming at morning and evening.

·24×7 power backup supported by generator connection at every apartment.

·Gymnasium with modern day exercise kit.

·24×7 security assistance with online surveillance.

·Lift facility for easy movement through the floors.

DS-Max Signature and DS-Max Swastik are not only residential projects placed in Bangalore, but in short, they can be called as the fulfiller of dreams of those people who are looking for a high-class living experience but in an affordable budget. If you also want to enjoy the pleasure of fine living, DS-Max Properties are welcoming you open-handedly with their treasure of world-class quality homes that are available within your budget.