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Recruitment is one of the most important facets a company should pay attention to. When a company in Dubai takes recruitment for granted, it should expect not to achieve its business goals. Dubai companies that have a solid workforce are very likely to realize its full potentials and reach pinnacle of business success. Hence, in order of a company to be on the right track, it should focus on hiring the most qualified and fit people for the job.

As a business owner, you would want your company to be surrounded by people who understand the vision and goals of the organization. By having people who know how to give importance to their work means your business is surrounded by good people. In order for your company to achieve business success in fast and efficient manner, you would want to hire people with certain traits and skills that promote solid workforce.

What Dubai Companies Should Look For When Hiring People

Below are some of the types of employees that you would want to hire as they will surely help your business achieve success in no time.

Dedicated workers – People who finish their tasks but the finish product is half-baked are employees your company would not want to have. Mediocre employees can trigger problems and issues in the workplace since they do not give their one-hundred percent. Since every role in the role in the workplace is crucial, when one employee come up with mediocre results, it may cause a domino effect, which could void all the hard work of other employees. This is why it is very important for companies only to hire dedicated employees who are always willing to give their one-hundred percent in any given day. These employees are definitely an asset to the company because they help it grow and justify their employment.

Honest workers – Some employees are so competitive that they are willing to cheat or resort to dishonest tactics just to get the work done. This type of people can be a liability to the company because the consequences of their actions could result to bringing down the company’s reputation and even stability. Dishonest workers can likewise delay company growth and can even drag the company to legal gray area, which no organization would want to experience. Hence, an important role of the company’s recruitment team is to do background check on the people they intend to hire. Recruiters in Dubai may use various efficient and industry-proven assessments and testing to determine whether or not an applicant has the tendency to be dishonest.

Workers with positive disposition – Employees who have positive disposition or “vibe” in them are more likely to be more productive than other employees. These people know how to handle pressure without being panicky or anxious, thus they produce quality work. Additionally, these employees know how to bring something light to the table, which can uplift the morale and motivation of other employees. Workers with positive disposition tend to have a contagious energy, which motivate and inspire others to do good work as well.

Goal-oriented workers – When your company is surrounded by goal-oriented individuals, you can expect to reach best results in any given day. These individuals know what they want and how to do things right in an efficient manner. Thus, they always get the things done with good results. These employees also understand the gravity of their work, being more sensitive with the way they do their tasks and placing the company in a positive avenue.

Hiring these types of employees is no walk in the park. In order for your company to acquire these types of individuals, you would want to invest on improving your organization’s recruitment procedures by getting the services of good recruiters in Dubai or headhunters.

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Traveling is now made easier through an online booking system. Everyday travel is not so convenient, especially when you are coming from a far place going to the city. But through online booking systems in India, you can now make your travel as convenient as it can get. It will help you make your travel without hassle. To help you out, here are some top bus- booking websites you can use online.

Top 5 Bus Booking Websites In India

  1. Redbus

Redbus is the most popular online booking website you can get. It has a zero booking charge which will help you in your travel costs. Also, it has lowest fares available compared to when not using an online booking website. Rebus is also known for its convenience because it offers cash payment options for buses in the major cities. You can use Redbus bus coupons to help you get a discount. There is also Redbus promo code and Redbus coupons code available for you to use in CouponDekho. Aside from that, there is a Redbus hotel promo code you can use when booking for hotels.

  1. Goibibo

Goibibo is another top booking website in India. Through this website you can book a single trip, round trip and also a bus + hotel option to use. There are also available discounts to use on your first trip using Goibibo. They also offer the quickest payment transaction which will make your travel without difficulty. You can also see here some travel packages you can avail of discount which makes it a good choice.


Abhibus is also one of the most popular travel booking websites in India. This is because it allows you to book travel to and from your offices. Therefore, you do not have to hail a cab every morning just to get the convenience you do not get when using public transport vehicles. It has over 15000 routes which have made it one of India’s fastest growing ticketing companies found online. You can also use their mobile application to make your booking.

  1. MyBusTickets

MyBusTickets is known for being one of the pioneers in online ticketing portals. It has a better and more user friendly interface which will help you to book your bus tickets without being too complicated. You can use credit or debit cards when paying online for a faster and smoother transaction. With its navigation types, you can view what are your preferences when it comes to your travel. It also has an excellent customer service which will make it a good choice for your travel.

  1. eTravelsmart

This belongs to the top lists of websites where you can get a better online booking system. It is known for its convenience through the preferences you can choose from as you book your travel. You can also see other options such as seats, insurance, seat availability, name on a seat, Google maps, and other details you might need to know about your destination. Surely, it is one of the choices for smart travel booking.

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When there is not much moisture in the air, frizz is born. But at times, excessive humidity can also cause frizzy hair. All through the day, your hair loses a lot of moisture. Most women are struggling with frizzy hair. If you are one of them, try out the following tips to defrizz your hair.

Choose shampoo that is free of sulphate and has glycerine – When seeing the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle, make sure glycerine is a part of it. This helps to fight frizz by going deep into the shaft of the hair and giving it moisture from inside out. Glycerine also provides for a protective layer over the hair shaft for the hair not to break.

Conditioning should be a must – The work of a conditioner is to add moisture to the hair otherwise the hair cuticle will let moisture go off, and the hair thus becomes frizzy. Go in for a conditioner, which has glycerine and also other very hydrating items like butter. Apply it all over the hair from midshaft to the ends but do not apply to the roots.

Fed Up Of Frizzy Hair Let Us Defrizz Them!

Once a week, instead of shampooing, use the conditioner alone – Most of us wrongly think that our hair needs to be washed at least three to four times a week, but this is wrong. Once every week, apply conditioner in place of shampoo and wash off thoroughly. Conditioners have surfactants, which shampoos too have, so it will both clean your hair as well not remove its natural oils.

Once a week, apply hydrating mask – At least once a week, you should indulge in a special treatment, especially during winters when the intensity of frizz is much more. Apply a mask, which has silk proteins, glycerine, and smoothing ceramides. All of these will effectively fight frizz.

Do not blow dry directly – Always blow-dry at least after your hair is 90 percent dry naturally. When you blow dry directly on wet hair, the strands get dehydrated and hence frizzy hair once again! This is specifically the case in winters when the air does not have much moisture.

Brush them regularly – Do not be a lazy bum. Brushing hair daily means distributing natural oil from scalp to rest of the hair. This will keep the hair hydrated and help block humidity.

Apply oil as often as you can – Apply any oil, which suits the texture of your hair as it is very important to keep hair oiled. This is another way to bring in moisture in the hair and keep them hydrated.

Tie the hair into a bun and also use a curling iron – Once you are done with shampooing, conditioning, and have applied oil all over the hair, gently blow dry them and tie into a back bun. See that the bun is tight. This way your frizz will slowly and gradually disappear.

And if you still feel the frizz is getting out of control, visit hair treatment clinic in Gurgaon and get your hair inspected by a hair expert!

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With the years flowing by, our lives only tend to get more and more hectic. Be it working professionals, businessmen or even homemakers, the increasing demand of work make it more and more difficult to lead a hale and hearty life. Not only does it aggravate our mental pressure but also take a toll on the physical condition of an individual. The constant running here and there, due to work commitments or looking after family needs, breaks down our body, and in turn, hinders our mobility. Health hazards, in today’s times, are not just an old age phenomenon. It is astonishing to see a plethora of young and middle aged people developing health complications, due to a busy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. The medical expenses rise and the insurance company does not always cover all ailments that traumatize us, leading to financial crisis. In our mad rush to make money, we often lose our health, and spend all that we earn in an endeavor to regain it. A preventive approach to keeping ourselves healthy is much more fruitful than a corrective one, after suffering both mentally as well as physically, with a poor health. There are some basic pointers, if adhered to helps preserve our body for a fit life and a long one.

Stress-relieving Equipments

There are a variety of stress-relieving equipments that are available in the market. A massage chair offers great many benefits in keeping our body up and running. It relieves us of body pains in shoulders, back and joint, that we develop due to lack of exercise. For those having arduous work, it relaxes the muscles and freshen us up after a long tiring day. The stiff muscles loosen up and all that pain is alleviated. A few minutes of massage releases a lot of stress that we accumulate during the day. It is also known to correct our body posture and reduces chances of spine injuries.

An electro-thermal hot water bag is another instrument that reduces body ache to a very large extent. It requires hot water to be poured inside it and applied to the body parts that are bothered by pain. Over a period of time, the pain alleviates, giving a relaxing feeling. Medical practitioners recommend hot water bags to patients with body aches and joint pains. It is an easy and quick solution to relieving ourselves from discomfort.

Exercise, at Home or at the Gym

Working out every day is something that most people hate and avoid for much part of their life, till they develop health complications. Hitting the gym for a cardio-vascular session or some push-ups goes a long way in keeping us fit and strong throughout our lives. It not only helps improve our fitness level, but also brings our body to shape by burning the excess fat and reduces chances of falling sick over and over again. Exercise is like food for our muscles and lack of hit only makes it weaker. It is not always that we need to visit a gym to work out. There are plenty of exercise routines that can be followed at our home too. A few abdominal crunches or a yoga session can be our homemade solution to our health problems. Regular exercise is almost a mandate to keeping a healthy lifestyle, more so in today’s fast paced life.

Growing Up and Keeping Fit

Eat well

The world is divided between those who eat to live and those to live to eat. The former, though, have a much healthier and happier life, in years to come. While our taste buds find it irresistible to put down that delicious piece of burger or that chilling can of cola, over the years, poor eating habits result in obesity and other health problems. The idea of hygienic food habits and diet control is the backbone of keeping fit as we grow up. A balanced diet, mixed with protein, vitamins and carbohydrates helps reduce ailments and sickness. Fast foods, on the other hand, give us momentary pleasure, only to break our body down, with the passage of time.

A balanced life

The mad race to make it big in our careers often eclipses the pressing need to balance our work and life. As deadlines will always be there to be met, taking a break from work is essential too, to lead a happy life. Work can wait, while we spend time with our family and friends.

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In a world with an increasing number of electronics being manufactured, bought and resold each day, the piles of waste generated from discarded electronics is rising at an alarming rate. This has serious environmental implications and is the number one problem that environmental scientists are working on, not merely because of its urgency but also because it is easy to deal with in a few simple ways.

The biggest issue of all these electronics is that of smartphones. These days, smartphones have become such a personal and indispensable device that everybody from the age of 15 to 80 must have one. The sheer number of models and features being brought into the market each day means that anybody with even a small amount of disposable income keeps upgrading their handsets to newer ones. They sell their old phones to retailers or to online portals such as Klymen and use that money to purchase a better one. However, this is just contributing to the waste pile of mobile phones.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Used Mobile Phones

1. Savings

It is natural to want a new, unused phone each time you decide to purchase one for yourself or for a dear one. It gives one the feeling of having something personal and untouched. However, while buying the same, one must consider the harsh truths of the matter. A new phone is going to look and function like an old phone within a few days. Most re-sellers of old phones will give you phones that have been recently serviced, free shipping, warranty and maybe even a cash-back guarantee. The prices will be at least 40% lower than the new phones MRP. You can get the model and brand of your choice and top quality replacements as well. Thus you are essentially getting the exact same product for a lower price.

2. Environment

Every time you buy a new phone instead of a used one you are essentially sending the used phone you could have purchased to the garbage dump. Each phone is made up of a variety of re-usable materials that get wasted if the phones reach the landfill. These materials are not very easily bio-degradable and thus cause a lot of harm to our environment. Energy is wasted in the whole process of compacting these items to turn them into waste heaps. Each phone that is reused is a great asset to our environment.

3. Re-sale

Purchasing used phones makes sense for any gadget freak who loves to upgrade his or her mobile phones after a short interval of time. Since one has not used the phone for long, the phone will be sold for almost the same amount that you bought it at, thus enabling you to buy another at a similar, discounted rate. Buying and selling used phones, no matter how frequently, thus becomes a self sustaining process that requires negligible additional contribution from your own pocket.

New phones come and go in the market every day, like the latest fashion trends. Many people today want to be constantly up-to-date with the latest technologies. However, if one can simply learn to take it slow and move just four to six months behind on the latest phones one can get much better deals on the exact same gadget. Besides this, we must not forget that as citizens of the world, it is our duty to put environment consciousness before anything else.

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There are certain things in life that you want to avoid doing on your own, one of them is to calculate your taxes even if it is your own business. You have all the right to know whether you have paid your taxes correctly and most importantly if you have any dues to be repaid or settled too. Every entrepreneur might at first wish to secure his finances and have a solid creditworthiness tag for himself too. Many companies and non-profit organizations need an expert to keep their business strong and robust to survive in the long run.

Everyone wishes to make profit from his business and precisely this is the reason for everyone to keep track of every expense and every income at the same time. But the fact is that when everyone has other production or core business related works pressing, their focus might drift from worrying about accounting stuff. This is where professional account Susie Rachele come to the forefront.

Hiring Susie Rachele For Removing All Your Accounting Worries

Accounting and the need for Experts:

Accounts and finances today, form a major section of every business – whether big or small and it means that to know whether a company is making profits, you would need to have experienced accountants to take care. You would also need to know if you have dues and taxes to pay, and you would also need to know if you have the accounts checked by a certified chartered accountant like Susie Rachele who would offer to give assistance in various other ways too.

Since she has experience in everything that deals with money and business, therefore she shall be able to guide you on the capital and its investment methods. She would be able to give you regular business valuations that would be able to open your eyes to the profit and plan your next budget accordingly.

It has been seen that if you do not take care of managing your accounts well, then you will have to ensure that the taxes are paid as per the new regulations of the land. So if you need to know whether your accounting has been done on time, and without any mistakes on any account, then hiring the services of Susie Rachele is natural.

She has a lot of experience in accounting and would therefore check and recheck to see if there is any discrepancy in the records and in deductions at all. Not paying company taxes in time might only put the company’s reputation at stake.

As an experienced accountant, she would also be able to help you analyze your financial projections and then make adjustments to it. In case the projections and budget plans need some revision, then it has to be done carefully. If you are going to be cautious, then only you will be able to minimize the errors and cause less trouble for your company. Moreover, if the accounts work is not accurate and perfect then how can anyone project or even make plans of expanding the business properly at all?

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Most of us who are pet lovers consider our dogs to be extremely important members of our families. We’d go any distance to give it every comfort that it could ever ask for. We believe that our dogs have real feelings and would work extra hard to make sure that their feelings are not hurt.

We are completely aware about the fact that dogs can be needy, jealous and attention seeking at certain times. We spend a considerable amount of time every single day to ensure that our dog gets all the love and attention it wants. When we are too busy to keep it company we’d at least resort to some sort of alternative that would make our dog happy. We’ve got so used to spoiling our dogs so much that we’ve started to lose track of our main responsibility as dog parents – keeping our furry friends healthy and happy.

How Far Is Going Too Far When Spoiling Your Pet Dog?

Dogs need proper shelter – your home won’t always be enough

There are some of us who look at people buying dog kennels for sale and sigh in disapproval at the mere sight of it. To us, our dog should live with us, under the roof of our own home. Even though there isn’t any issue with this, we should always think of a possible scenario that forces us to keep the dog out of our home at least for a few days. It could be due to a certain disease our dog catches or perhaps because of some sort of home construction that can threaten the dog’s safety. Regardless of what the reason is, we always need a backup plan when thinking of our dog’s shelter.

Building a permanent home for your dog outdoors is the most practical option for anyone who has a garden that is spacious enough. It could be a simple shelter made out of wood that consists of a roof that protects your dog from severe sun light or heavy rain. It should be situated in a position where it is safe from nocturnal animals who may pose harm to your loving pet.

Dogs need proper food – your food is the last thing you should be feeding him

We all have moments when we feel so guilty about not sharing our food with our dogs. This happens quite often when we are munching on something and our dog just stares at us with the saddest eyes and a paw on our knee.  To us, it feels like we are keeping our own child away from getting something that they love. However, what you need to understand is that dogs are always hungry, or more like dogs could eat anything at anytime of the day.

Sharing your chocolate or cookies with your pet dog might sometimes even lead it to its death. The caffeine present in chocolate can affect a dog’s health in a very negative way. Similarly, chemicals found in extremely dark chocolate can result in extreme cases of digestion issues or even serious seizures. Certain fruits like grapes and berries belonging to the same family of fruits can cause kidney failure in most dogs.

Dogs need proper exercise – letting him laze on the couch all day is never a good idea

While most dogs are very active and full of energy during their juvenile stage, they tend to resort to a lazier and inactive lifestyle once they mature. This is mainly because they are given all the comfort in the world by us. Wild dogs very rarely get lazy and inactive because they have to run around looking for food and shelter on a daily basis. They don’t have the luxury of just sitting around the house all day.

This is why it is so important that we let our pet dogs get enough exercise. Taking them on regular walks can keep their muscles and bones moving and active. It will also be a great way to burn any extra calories they consume and keep all weight related problems under control. Obesity in dogs can lead to a number of other sicknesses such as cardiovascular problems and breathing difficulties.

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Are you Experiencing Financial Hardship?

The definition of someone experiencing Financial Hardship is where you have debts and bills that you would like to make payments on but you do not have sufficient income to meet these obligations.

Law Of Financial Hardship

Financial Hardship is quite common. You may be doing quite well and then an unforeseen event can lead to a series of financial disasters and before you know it…you are unable to meet you financial obligations.

Hardship variations are in place with many Australian service providers where given your circumstances the business may agree to vary your payments for some time to help you catch up on bills.

Essential Services and Hardship

If you are behind with your gas bills, unable to pay your water or electricity bills or have trouble with paying for any other essential service , or you should contact your utility company and request that they put you on to flexible payments. You should inquire as to what assistance they are able to offer to people who are experiencing financial hardship. Any help they can render to make payment of bills more affordable for your current circumstances, should be considered.

Providers of essential services such as gas, electricity and water supply services are required by law to give special consideration to consumers who are in financial hardship. Phone and internet service providers are also required by law to have processes in place to assist people experiencing financial hardship. You can always call your lawyer and ask about it.

Most service providers already have certain processes in place for handling customers experiencing payment difficulties. They are required to offer you the opportunity of flexible bill payments and review your bills if you feel that it contains errors.

Lenders and Hardship

Under the Australian Consumer Credit Legislation credit providers must be willing to consider hardship variations to your loan payments if you have placed a request for such due to your personal circumstances.

This includes, credit card providers, lenders and debt collectors chasing you to make a payment. You are within your rights to request a variation to your set payments or perhaps a payment holiday or whatever other provision the credit provider has in place to address people in your circumstances.

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Follow our advice about how to fix a leaky tap and you’ll soon by bitten by the DIY bug and by itching to take on bigger projects around the home.

Whether you live in a studio flat or a large house with multiple bedrooms, the majority of homeowners feel an irresistible urge to put their own stamp on their property.

This is all because your property is more than a home, it’s an expression of your personality. And the way you shape and craft its interior – or even outside space – is the clearest reflection of this.

When first-time buyers in particular view a property for sale in Hammersmith, for example, the chances are that even the most perfect choice has one or two things which you’re itching to alter or improve.

The question facing you then is one which many householders find themselves wrestling with – to DIY or not to DIY.

Why DIY Beats GSI

For many householders that will depend on how much they have spent on the property, and how much value they can add by making improvements.

To gain more idea of how much value can be added to a home in London – where prices jumped 9.6% in the year to October –click here to see a variety of properties in Battersea.

There are arguments to be had for avoiding DIY. It relies on skills you might not have, it takes time and effort and, if you don’t get it right, it can have fairly disastrous consequences.

That’s why so many people shun the lure of their own tool box and revert to GSI (get someone in). The appeal of bringing in a professional is obvious, but it does come with problems of its own.

In the first place, it’s much more expensive than getting your own hands dirty and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to find a handyman capable of doing a good enough job. Just think back to episode six of The Apprentice – the one where both teams were faced with the task of setting up a handyman business.

Performing your own DIY will allow you to take a step back, admire your handiwork and feel the undeniable glow of pride that comes with putting your own imprint, forged through your own efforts, on the place where you live.

We’re not necessarily talking about fitting a kitchen or building an extension, either. There are a few DIY tasks which even the rankest of amateurs can perform by following a few simple instructions.

Fixing a leaky tap: The first thing to do when tackling dripping tap is to make sure you’ve turned off your water at the mains, using a stopcock which is usually located under the sink. If you don’t get this right you’ll end up flooding your own house. The next step is to remove the tap handle and body cover, which is usually attached via a visible screw. Having done this, you’ll be face to face with the headgear of the tap, held in place with a nut which you need to remove using an adjustable spanner. Underneath this you’ll find the culprit for most leaky taps – a damaged washer. Replace this washer with a new one, put the tap back together and you’ll have dealt with the leak.

Dealing with a creaking floorboard: This is a simple one. Lift the carpet covering the creak to clearly identify the creaking culprit. In many cases, the creaking sound is caused by friction between the board and the nails, and can be dealt with by sprinkling talcum powder around both. If this doesn’t work, it may be that the board has come loose from the joist supporting it, in which case you can reattach it by screwing 50-60mm screws immediately adjacent to the screws or nails already in place. By putting them right next the existing screws or nails, you’ll be avoiding the risk of screwing into a cable or pipe.

These are just two of the standard DIY tasks that 99% of homeowners should be able to tackle. Fixing a new toilet seat, replacing a broken bathroom tile and painting a window frame are all also easily within the reach of the determined amateur. And once you start mimicking Handy Andy around your home you’ll be well and truly bitten by the DIY bug.

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So, are you looking for a C-Arm? Well, you will be glad to know that there are numerous options out there and you are sure to find one, which will match your requirements, in the best possible way. There are new as well as refurbished C-Arms available in the market today. All you have to do is call a dealer and book one for yourself.

However, while deciding a particular type of C-Arm, you also need to consider the kind of C-arm table you’ll need. Yes, there are many different types of C-Arm tables. The type of table you select highly depends on the procedures you have to perform. Confused? Don’t be.

Simply keep on reading to know what types of C-Arm tables are available in the market these days, and choose the one that meets your needs. Also, you can get it touch with pacific health USA center, to acquire more knowledge about which C-Arm table will be ideal for the services offered by you.

Why Get Stuck In One Position When C-Arm Tables Can Offer More

C-Arm Tables:

There are generally three types of C-Arm tables – Fixed-Height, Adjustable and Vascular. All the tables have their own characteristics and are ideal for different procedures.


Well, as the name describes, this table is just like any other normal table with 4 legs and wheels. It has padded surface on the top to give patients a comfortable feel. This table cannot be adjusted in anyway. This is an ideal option if you don’t have to move your patients much. Also, if you can possibly just move and adjust your C-Arm, then this table will just work fine for you.

Adjustable C-Arm Table

Again, as the name suggests, this table can be adjusted in different ways. Using this table, you can actually get your patient in the exact position you want. In this category, there are many sub categories, since there are different ways in which you can move such type of table.

Generally, these sub categories are described numerically. For instance, if the table can only be moved in 1 way, it will be either named 1 or 100. Similarly if it can be moved in 2 ways, it will be named as 2 or 200. So, basically the number of ways in which the table can be moved will be its name. Here we have listed the 4 most common types of movements which are usually done.

1. Height Adjustment: In this type of table you can adjust the height of the table.

2. Lateral Tilt: This movement will help you tilt the table from side to side.

3. Trendelenburg Tilt: With this movement, you can tilt the table from foot to head.

4. Move: Longitudinal Travel: With this move, you can move the table from top head to foot over the central column.

Vascular C-Arm Table

This type of table has a free floating tabletop. This will enable diagonal movements, which are very different when compared to any other table. The tabletop can glide in numerous positions and can be locked as well.

By now you are surely a C-Arm table expert and can buy one easily. However, if you have any further questions, you can always take the manufacturer’s advice.