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Orange Telecom is in talks with Groupama Banque for a partnership proposal and the development their new bank model. The partnership would grant Orange Telecoms a total acquisition of 65 percent stake in Groupama Banque, benefitting its infrastructural stronghold which is set out to an exclusive launch of Orange Bank in the year 2017. The company is aiming at establishing bank in France during the initial stages, later progressing towards other European countries amongst which Belgium and Spain are primary markets. The bank is expected to provide loans, savings and insurance services amongst other standard banking services that will benefit as a result of their share hold in Groupama.

Orange Telecom Plans To Launch Orange Bank In 2017

Orange is estimated to have a progressive growth plan and conduct strategic business planning in the coming years. In the ‘Essentials2020’ plan of Orange Telecoms, which was announced in March 2015, the project was said to be of key interest and vital to the developmental plan of the company. According to the plan, Orange will launch the operation targeted towards mobile users, making it a 100% mobile bank. Orange has highlighted key strategies to implement potential growth of the proposal including setting the financial services goal at 400 million Euros worth of revenue generation by the year 2018. For more information on Orange’s Essentials 2020 plan, you can reach Orange contact number at 0844 800 3117.

According to the CEO of Orange, Stephane Richard, the bank would benefit from an opportunity to provide a large potential customer base of 28 million customers in France with an interactive mobile banking system. In the coming fiscal years, Orange hopes to enhance the bank’s overall potential by instilling virtues of safety and reliability within the framework of its organization based on assurance of an effective financial networking. The company hopes to a render a dedicated approach towards the interests of involved parties while incorporating its established brand image towards serving in the best interests of its clients and customers.

Orange Money operations have had a good foothold in the Middle East and several African countries in the past. By providing financial services and an effective business network, Orange hopes to expand its reach towards Europe. Orange has also recently made its services available in Poland, setting its prominence in the country’s financial sector.

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They say any art form is born out of divinity & is beautiful in its own way. Every art form is unique in itself. Each of them has a magical appeal. When you look at any of them, there is an instant smile on your face & a deep sense of appreciation for it. We appreciate the creativity, execution of the art form but only a handful has a deep sense of reverence for them. Whenever you see an artistic decorative or artistic antique, apparel & its price tag; what is your reaction most of the time? Don’t you feel it is overpriced? Well more than 70% of the people do feel it is overtly price & that it does not deserve to be like that. What people are not aware of is the fact that every art-piece is handmade & not machine made which is a standardised product which can be made in minutes & the cost of it also comes down as one can save the time & energy spent on it.

Add An Artistic Charm To Your Home!!

The same is not true in case of handicrafts & artistic products. Every piece takes 10 times more effort & time than the machine made products. Remember the time in school, when you made some craft things or a drawing on your own? How did you feel? Din t you feel elated on the outcome & proud of yourself? Don’t you still feel nostalgic about it & cherish it till date? The same is with every artisan & craftsmen. They make every product from their heart, right from the ideation to execution; they put their heart & soul in it. Each time they come up with something different & unique. Their art is like worship for them. Creating every piece is like doing meditation for them. Very meticulously they carry out every step, choosing the right quantity & kind of raw material. For them every piece is a master piece& a reason to celebrate. These passionate souls derive so much joy just by making them.

p align=”justify”In India we are so extremely lucky to have so many different forms of art & crafts & millions of artisans. The diversity is amazing & alluring. People all over the world are mesmerized by the work of our artisans depicting ancient Indian culture, thoughts & patterns. These days they are imbibing modern designs & creating stuff which is a confluence of the ancient & the modern. And we you deck up your house with these, you are sure to receive a million compliments & would be proud to have acknowledged & celebrated Indian art forms! More interestingly you can get them custom made to your own choice. So if you want to start to revamp your furniture &our creative genius yourself; all you need to do is hunt for carpenter service Bangalore. Now this is possible just at a click! If you are looking for the best carpenters in Bangalore, sofa repair in Bangalore or furniture repair in Bangalore, Housejoy app is ready to send you carpenters instantly! So call for them, revamp your house to give it an artistic charm & enjoy living at a beautiful abode. You can also get plumbers services online in Bangalore at Housejoy.

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Socrates mentored Plato, Plato mentored Aristotle , Aristotle mentored the Great Alexander and we all know that Alexander the Great almost conquered the entire world.

It is evident from the statement above that a good mentor creates a ripple effect and inspire the people around them. It is a vital decision to get a mentor if preparing for an examination or selection tests, so that the person could have a look at the world beyond the entrances.

It is evident that making a career related choice is the most difficult choice anyone has to make. Ever wondered why our parents say, whatever career choice they made and where they are now, is all because of the negligible amount of guidance or none at all, they had in their days. Unlike today when everything is almost instantly available, But, how do we find the right one? We don’t really understand the importance of having the right mentorship program until we find ourselves in soup with regards to career choices.

Positive Impact Of Mentorship While Learning

Everybody advices, but that doesn’t define mentorship. Mentorship is a responsibility that requires dedication from both the individual who is mentored and the mentor.It is something that Byju’s classes have made use of. They provide one on one guidance for class 6 to 10, IIT JEE Preparation. CAT, GRE, GMAT and IAS Exams are also taken care of by them.

Lets have a look at the positive effects of mentoring that Byju’s has while learning:

Effective mentoring requires a customized growth plan that matches the individual. Byju’s take the headache of planning for the preparation of examination, guiding the students through the examination like a perfect mentor.

Never fear in learning about new things: Byju’s help its students make that topic a cake walk with their engaging videos and fun learning methods. It is the only online educational site that make use of copyrighted teaching methods. So the users don’t find any difficulty in learning new things.

Share the challenges and ways to overcome them: A good mentor always shares the challenges he faced when he was on that same road. The best example of it would be Byju’s have retired civil service professionals who help the students to prepare who take the mock interviews.

Create an atmosphere of trust and guidance: Trust and guidance can be used as synonyms when mentorship and guidance is considered. The faculties of Byju’s provides peer to peer guidance while creates an atmosphere of trust.

Expect qualitative and quantitative results: With the feedback measurement and topic wise assessments and quiz, Byju’s help the student to analyze their performance.

All these positive effects of mentorship can prove as a life saver building an effective model of preparation through Byju’s Classes. Download Byju’s app and get the best mentor for your preparation on your fingertips here: Byju’s Classes App

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Cosmetic eye lifting and plastic surgery – or any surgery for that matter – can be an intimidating thought for anyone. There is no doubt you will spend a lot of time considering and worrying about any upcoming procedure. However, rarely will you think about the post-operative experience of your surgery. This is an important component of your procedure, and in fact, of your recovery.

When you consult your doctor regarding your plastic surgery, always ask what guidance you will have on your road to recovery. This is key to whether or not that particular process is right for you. When you choose a doctor, he should be well versed in how to tend to his patients once they have undergone the procedure. There a few things you should ensure before you choose a hospital – and doctor – for your plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Aftercare

Doctor Involvement

Once your surgery has been completed, your doctor or surgeon should still be heavily involved in your recovery. They should check up on you frequently to note your progress and to guide you through any discomfort or questions you may have. They should always be available in case of an emergency or should any anomaly in your recovery arise. Once you have been discharged from the hospital, you should still have some check-ups scheduled so that your doctor can determine whether your recovery is following normal patterns or not.

Post-Op Care

After your surgery, you should be taken to a proper and well equipped post-op room, even if your surgery was cosmetic in nature. You should have around the clock care in the form of attentive nurses, who will able to help you with any pain or unpleasantness you are experiencing. They should also be well-informed of the procedure that you underwent so that they can detect whether or not the sensations you are experiencing are normal. When booking your hospital, always check the nurse to patient ratio to ensure that you will be tended to properly.

In addition to the nurses, your post-op quarters should be pleasant and calm to help you recover as quickly as possible. You should not be disturbed by the goings on of the hospital as you deal with your post-surgery ailments.

Experts in plastic surgery Thailand has many hospitals that have excellent post-op care. With stunning rooms, observant nurses, and superior facilities, this is a great destination for anyone who wants to recover in style.

Home Care and Supplies

Before you are discharged from the hospital, you should be provided with a set of detailed instructions on how to care for your sutures or any other surgical remnant from your procedure. You should be informed of how much of your daily routine you can return to without causing yourself harm. Similarly, you should be given strict guidelines as to what activities you should avoid. You should also be provided with the proper medication and informed of any adverse reactions you may experience due to it.

Furthermore, you should be sent home with a medical kit packed by your doctor or nurses. This kit should contain all that you will need for your immediate recovery. From bandages and ointment to pain relievers, everything that your doctor prescribed to you should be present in this supply bag. This is especially important if you will not be able to move around for a few days after your surgery.

Surgery aftercare is an important part of both your procedure as well as yourrecuperation. Therefore, it is vital that you choose a hospital that will take care of you when you are unable to do so for yourself.

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The Video production is always existing and growing industry year by year. The Video production is not possible to be made by a single person. It is not a single day process either. It involves several technicians, Creative individuals and Enthusiastic team to make an interesting Video. It involves various challenges starting from discussions to Launching the video on TV or Social networks.

In the Developed country like Singapore, the Video productions get modernised both creatively and technically. Reelmedia is a company that provides Video production in singapore which will further help you in marketing.

Videos are considered as the sould of marketing and this is the reason why vidoes plays a vital role in marketing techniques. When even one see any video, they believe that its real and so this is the reason why marketing companies today go for video productions in order to get the best results for marketing. Though making video is a long process and it takes a good amount of time in order to finalise the task. There are many companies today that offer videos for the marketing of your campaign. Millions of people have also started taking advantages of video marketing and are using these services in order to make their brand and market them.

Why Video Marketing Is Important

Why Video Marketing is Good?

Today every one is busy in their day today life people even don’t get proper time to eat and this is the reason why no one wants to read a huge review about a certain company or brand. People want everything instantly today and so everyone wants to see 2 to 3 minutes of video instead of spending 15 to 20 minutes while reading something.

Another benefit of vidoes is that you can not only place them to your wesbite but you can place them anywhere over the internet in order to get the best exposure. There are many pre hosted websites that will let you spread your word using their video services. The best thing about these services is that you can mark the important points and show it to the people who wants to use your service.

Just imagine once, any one from your area search for the service you are offering and suddenly he sees your videos, he or she will definitely click on that video in order to watch and if your wervice is good they will surely buy your service.

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Conversion is the aim of everything your website does. From the design to the backend coding, it is all focused on making as many sales as possible. Below are four common problems that many eCommerce websites encounter, whether they are large multi-channel retailers or a just getting their business off the ground.

These Things Are Killing Your eCommerce Conversion

Invisible Add-to-Cart button

When your website prioritises style, it can mean that certain functional elements become hidden in the design. Your “Add-to-Cart” button should be the most obvious element on the product page. Sometimes customers need a gentle push to make the purchase and while they can probably find the button, if it isn’t vibrant and prompting them to purchase, it could be the difference between a conversion and a missed sale.

Slow or Non-dynamic Shopping Cart

Confusion is conversion poison. Anything that a customer places in the cart should be tracked wherever they then navigate to. If they have to check that it is in the cart, then it will probably be the only thing they will buy. By ensuring that it is obvious what is currently in the shopping cart, your customers will continue to browse, safe in the knowledge what they have already chosen will remain there until they are ready. This visibility is also a constant reminder that they have something to pay for and encourages them to complete the transaction.

Intrusive Registration

This is one of the most common complaints from online shoppers and one that many eCommerce retailers fail to heed. A guest checkout, or at the very least Facebook one-click sign-up, will encourage the casual shoppers to make a purchase. If they are required to leave email details and create a password and everything that goes along with account creation, they are more likely to disengage and abandon the cart. Instead, allow account-less purchases and use your brand’s customer centric focus to convince them to return.

Shipping Costs

Free-shipping isn’t the answer to all conversion problems, but it is a truly compelling reason to choose one business over another. There are a range of options to stagger shipping costs, with one of the most common being a “minimum purchase to qualify” model. It may seem like an expense a small business can’t afford, but with it becoming increasingly difficult to compete on price, if your company isn’t adopting a strategy to tackle the tricky topic of shipping, it will be left behind.

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Currency trading is the biggest financial market in the world and the trading is done by three main leads – seller, broker and buyer. The work of Forex brokers requires a lot of skill, expertise and tactics and therefore as a smart Forex trader you need to select the right broker to carry out your trade successfully.

In order to choose the best Forex broker for Forex and CFD trading, you should look out for the reviews of the Forex brokers which are now available at various websites these days. Through different Forex sites you can also get to know about the latest broker news and the information about various brokers and their ratings. All this proves very beneficial if you are in urgent need for a reputed Forex broker.

Reading Reviews Of Forex Brokers From Websites

Review Websites Provide Information About Forex Brokers

The different review websites for the Forex brokers make it convenient for the traders to get the information about the brokers. They compile it nicely and present it under various categories which make it easy to locate. So instead of wasting your time in visiting different people and brokers or wasting time in making phone calls, you can read the reviews about Forex and CFD trading options in different websites and make your decision on the basis of authenticated information.

Trust Only Authentic Websites Providing Genuine Information

But overall care should be taken to check the accuracy of the information provided by these broker review websites. The websites whose aim is to make money rather than providing correct information should be avoided. There are a number of ways by which you can make sure that the websites are offering genuine information and reviews or not. The best method is to compare the rating of the brokers from some other websites to confirm the correct information. This way you can make sure that the review provided by a specific website is genuine or not.

These Websites Provide a Lot of Information

These websites not only provide the review only but many present a complete package of information about the Forex brokers. You also get an access to the Forex broker forums and you can write your own views and can comment about the different brokers, like the ones that offer CFD trading – You can read the other reviews and discussions by different traders. Thus it not only helps the traders to know about the brokers they want to choose but also to share their experiences so that the good and bad things about the different brokers can be communicated to others.

Thus these online broker review portals prove to be a useful source of information about the brokers and also provide other news and information about the Forex and CFD trading. The days are gone when you have to ask the real traders about the Forex broker reviews and have to investigate a lot. But the most important thing which every FX trader should do is to check the authenticity of the broker reviews from the websites first and then only trust these reviews.

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Located in Marsa Allam, Port Ghalib is a waterfront resort community that features over 32 million square meters of attractions, property, restaurants, golf courses and much more, all situated on 18 kms of virgin shoreline.

It’s not difficult to get to Port Ghalib by sea or air – the resort is located just 5 minutes from Port Ghalib International Marina, as well as Marsa Alam International Airport. Transport within Port Ghalib includes taxi boats, road cabs, shuttle busses and golf carts.

Marsa Alam Real Estate


The Palace Port Ghalib Resort is a 5 star resort where Arabian architecture compliments the beautiful Red Sea landscape. All units overlook the Port Ghalib International Marina, swimming pool, gardens and the Red Sea.

Marsa Alam Real Estate

Real estate thrives in Port Ghalib with three wonderful properties, each containing apartments and studios of all sizes.

Harbor your yacht in front of the Marina Residences, which feature balconies overlooking the canal. Arabian interior design elements are found in each furnished apartment. Residents have access to spas, restaurants, shopping boutiques, pools, gardens and more.

Port Ghalib’s Tower Village is an apartment property inspired by the Arabian desert. Being adjacent to Wadi Ghalib Village, breathtaking scenery is provided for all patrons, who will see a blended mix of greenery and clear blue water.

The Wadi Ghalib property features domes and Nubian-styled buildings in harmony with the surrounding desert and waterfronts, providing each unit with a unique view. Surrounded by water lakes, creeks, waterfalls, swimming pools and greenery, Wadi Ghalib’s properties feature townhouses and villas, in addition to apartments.


Port Ghalib’s shopping area features half a mile of places to dine, shop and be entertained.

Aquatic Tasks

Port Ghalib offers exciting water activities, such water skiing, wake boarding, boat rides, and kayaking. Private boat rentals are also an option.

Diving and scuba expedition lessons, taught by established professionals, are provided for adults and kids.

Excursions and underwater tours allow you to take photos of the Red Sea’s famous corals and preserved marine life.

Plus, you can swim and snorkel at Marsa Mubark and Marsa Elshona, and meet friendly turtles, dugong and dolphins!

Land Activities

The Camel Yard features a schedule of events, including kids camps, camel races, festivals and sports. Kids and adults can gallop their way on the beach, via horse or camel rides. Of course, 4×4 safaris and quad bikes are a beach-transportation alternative.

Residence and relaxation awaits you in the lovely Arabian community that is Port Ghalib!

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Horse racing is not just a sport or a form of entertainment anymore. It has become a source of income for many people. Betting on horse racing has been happening ever since people found out that horses can run. Of course, winning your bet is all about luck and chance. However, being aware of the game and its methods can further strengthen this luck and increase your chance of winning. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of them – especially those who are new to the field. Listed below is some essential information about the game that all horse racing enthusiasts need to know.

Betting On Horse Racing – An Introduction For Dummies

How to place your wager

First, you need to get yourself the ticket. Go tothe betting counter and state the name of the racetrack. This is essential since the venue will have a number of racetracks and thus will be holding more than one race at a time. Next, you have to state the number of the race to ensure that you are betting on the right game. Inform the individual dollar unit of your bet. Then, you need to state the type of wager that you want to use. In horse betting (click ), you can either bet on one horse or a number of them. Your wager will differ according to the number of horses you choose to bet on. Be accurate when stating the number of the horse. Collect your ticket and see whether all the details are printed accurately.

Required betting tools

Your umbrella, binocular and sunscreen are not the only equipment that you need to possess during a horse race or BMX race. While these tools are helpful in enabling you to enjoy the game, they cannot increase your chance of winning. On the other hand, possessing a racetrack program can be highly beneficial. This sheet includes all the necessary information about the horses, jockeys and its owners. Similarly, The Daily Racing Form (DRF) includes information regarding all the past performances of all the horses that are participating in the race. These facts can enable you to analyse the performance of the horses and get an idea about which ones are more likely to win than the others.

Betting tips

Do not think that the commentator who handicaps between the races is just a form of entertainment. Listen to what he/she says closely since you might actually gather quite a few useful tips. According to recent statistics, it has been found that the top 10 riders in the standings win about 90% of the time. Listening to the oddsmaker’s suggestions is not actually helpful since he/she does not predict the results, but only predicts the betting patterns of the audience.

Types of wagers

Betting On Horse Racing – An Introduction For Dummies

Before you place your bet, you need to decide what kind of a bet you actually want to place. You can place a simple bet on a single horse or even bet on consecutive races depending on your personal preferences. Some of the most popular types of betting including Show, Place and Win. It is best to avoid bets such as superfecta and daily double since the chances of winning are very low among them.

Learning about the game will not just increase your chance of winning, but, it can also develop a genuine interest in the game. Therefore, rather than basing your bet on blind luck, try making smarter decisions based on facts and statistics.

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Investments can fetch a lot of money in return for sure and it is very addictive too for those who love money and everything to do with returns. So, it is essential that one plans and understands his own strong points before going for investment. If you need help in making strategies and have very little idea about the right way to go for investments, then you should try seeking the help from professional investors who not only do their own investments but also do it for the sake of clients in various sectors.

Professional Private Equity Investment from Anthony Munk Onex

Companies like Onex have got great fame as independent investors and since, they are very selective about the companies or businesses where they will invest, their choices are always worthy. These companies firstly find out the client companies or individual investor preference and then invest in those sectors only. Today, the company offers investments in Private equity, credit funds, real estate and in invested capital to name a few. Today under the managerial guidance from experts in investment like Anthony Munk, Onex has become a famous name altogether.

Ever since he joined the company, he has helped in many investments and in facilitating great returns to the investors from around the world. For over thirty years, the company has been building strategies and devising methods and approaches that are foolproof and would help in giving sound returns soon. After all, people invest with an aim that they should get great returns.

With the guidance of Anthony Munk, Onex has been able to offer acquisitions and realizations of Loews Cineplex, Vencap Equities, Imperial Parking and Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. He has graduated from Queen’s University and his experience of heading companies and firms like Barrick Gold Corporation and JED-WEN Holding Inc, as the Vice President, he has gained thorough understanding of the business and its workings. His experience of being a Vice President of First Boston Corporation in London, England has also helped him gain international knowledge and expertise in the investment scenario worldwide.

Through private equity investments, the experts like Anthony Munk Onex investors from around the world are now able to get equity ownership and help in raising the fund value and at the same time, aid in deal flow of the business. In fact major companies and giants in investment like Onex have today, made its presence felt and help in shaping up the portfolio of the clients.

Today, the company has grown a lot and thanks to different sectors where it invests and thanks to the solid returns that the high valued real estate get thereby making the company’s portfolio solid. It has today reached a position where it has found goodwill and has also led the way to facilitating in over 144 mergers and acquisitions. As independent investors as well as investing on behalf of the client, the company’s expertise in understanding high valued projects and businesses has got great fame. Investment in private equity firms today has changed a lot thanks to the modern day investment firms.