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With one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra city is the most historical place in India. Apart from the famous Taj Mahal, this city is famous for other attractions as well. Some of them are listed below. Once you read them, you will surely be excited to visit this place and have the experience of reliving the history of India again.

The Romantic City Agra

Taj Mahal – Needless to mention, this is one of the most romantic places in the world. Built by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, it is an ode to love. Taj Mahal was built in 1630 AD. Completely made of white marble, it took 22 years and 20000 workers to complete to built this epic love tomb. This is one place that is not missed by any of the travellers visiting to India. During the full moon nights, you can have a mesmerising view of this monument.

The Agra Fort – Agra Fort was the home for Mughal Emperor Akbar when he decided to shift his base from Delhi. One of the finest arts of Mughal Empire, this place has many stories to tell. In this one fort, you can find other buildings as well like a mosque, public and private courtyards.

Old City – If you want to experience the real traditions and culture of Agra, this place should not be missed. Situated behind the well known Jama-Masjid, is full of narrow lanes and stalls from where you can by different artefacts. The miniatures of Taj Mahal are a must buy.

Mahtab Bagh – Other than visiting Taj Mahal itself, you can have a spectacular view of this famous monument across the river bank. Built in 25 acres of land, this garden is right opposite Taj Mahal. Mahtab Bagh is also known as the Moonlight Garden. It was lost in the mud but was reconstructed in 1990.

Fatehpur Sikri – This place is not located within the city but is situated away from the city. It would take an hour drive to visit this place. It is one of the most historical cities of India but is a deserted city now. The irony is, this place had a Jal Mahal and Baoli during 1527 and now is abandoned due to scarcity of water.

Taj Nature Walk – Taj Mahal being the most popular destinations of Agra, everything in this city is built to view this monument. Surrounded by nature, you can view forts and monuments in a different hue altogether.

But visiting any city does not just mean visiting the monuments. The real life and energy of the city lies on the streets, markets and local crowds of the place. If you want to taste the real essence of the city, you must take a walk around the city. Eat the local delicacies and shop from the local markets.

So, why wait more? It would only take a day or two to fathom the real spirit of Agra. If you are travelling by train, then do not forget to book you train food parcel as well. It is a lifetime experience for anyone who visits this place.

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Your resume is in good shape, the brevity of your professional cover letter has set you apart from the rest, and it vividly communicates how well you fit the position. Modern resume writing is more than an art and skill you need to nurture and develop to full potential. In interviews you are required to submit a few more requirements including a writing sample to demonstrate your writing capability. You wonder whether to submit a research paper you did back in college, a persuasive email, a personal blog post, speech, etc. Now, what next? Just create a graphical concept of the entire application with your writing sample as a supporting component. Check out how it works:

5 Steps To Submitting A Job-winning Resume That Grabs The Attention Of Hiring Managers

Step 1: Create and Write your Tagline

It is evident that the purpose of your resume is to win the job. Hence, the objective statement may be seen as a waste of space. Be creative and come up with a tagline for yourself explaining who you are as an applicant, leader and creative thinker. Ask what you would want the interview to remember about you? Making a vivid & impressive objective, such as “a fervent tech savvy with a passion for business and tech startups” draws you nearer to winning the job. Come up with a concise, catchy tagline that communicates who you are and what you offer. Be as brave and confident as possible.

Step 2: Identify where your resume needs a shore up

You already know which way you are walking. Take time and re-read through your tagline, cover letter and resume to ensure it communicates the intended message appropriately. Ask yourself whether the most desired attributes stand out? If no, clear out all the doubts you have and if yes, consider looking into your writing sample. Does it portray you as being able to work harmoniously with people? No matter how well you write your example, how detailed it is, all that matters is how well your writing sample supports your entire application. If your writing sample affirms your collaboration skills, then your final pieces of paper when put together must convey and support the one message on your tagline.

Step 3: Follow the Standard Advice

Once your cover letter, resume and writing sample are all ready and presentable, it is time to pay attention to the standard advice. Resume writing requires you to proofread and edit your work accordingly. Never submit a writing sample with an error: be it a spelling mistake, typo, poor use of preposition, etc. Assume the hiring manager is glancing through your work and identifies you cannot use “there and their” correctly. To him, it may appear as the lack of attention for detail, and your resume might find space in the trash can.

Relevance is a crucial ingredient in winning a job position. If the application is related to the aviation industry, it will be entirely wrong uploading a writing sample about nuclear studies. Uniformity is vital. For instance, if you studied business in college, you can demonstrate your skill better by uploading a writing sample about a business plan you wrote for a known company.

Finally, be prepared for any outcomes. If you got an upper hand in crafting high profile resumes, you would likely win an interview position, but once the real nature of your writing sample gets discovered, everything you have worked hard for is no longer valid.

Step 4: Stick to a Practical Length (and tone)

Modern hiring managers may not have the time to sift through endless applications spanning more than one page. Stick to the rule of writing a one-page sample unless requested to submit a long one. You’ll be recognized more easily by simple one-page documents that are concise and current. To get the proper tone for your sample, refer to the company website to understand the most commonly used tone on their web pages.

Step 5: Include an Introductory Paragraph

Provide a detailed overview of the writing sample in your introductory paragraph. Include a few sentences that answer the “What, When, and Why” questions of the writing sample. Talk a little bit about the document and what you think it confirms.

Finally, ignore the moody feelings about writing samples seen as an added burden. Your writing sample is an opportunity to help define and shape your candidacy, so use it well.

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The thing that is most damaging in a flooded house is the presence of standing water. Water that has accumulated in large pools and is allowed to sit for any period of time will slowly eat away and degrade the material condition of whatever it touches. The priority for anyone trying to recover from water damage water damage in must be to assess the extent to which the standing water has corroded the affected area.

If you are such a person, you must also call a first-rate plumber to fix what has gone wrong with your plumbing system. plumbers toronto gta delivers sound solutions for persons who have suffered from busted pipes and other plumbing damages.

Once the water has been removed from the home, a plumbing repair team will get to work on drying out the affected spaces. They will use state-of-the-art equipment to get your plumbing system back up and operational again.

See How A Highly Qualified Plumbing Professional Can Fix Your Plumbing Problem

There is much you will have to deal with after a flood. You will need to clear up corrosion. Wood and metal that have begun the process of rotting will continue doing so if specific actions are not taken to reverse such effects. So, you will have to take specific measures on that front. However, you will also need to act to ensure that catastrophic plumbing failure doesn’t occur in the future, which can cost you even more money in repairs and replacements.

Hiring a professional plumber will help you deal with all of these issues in an efficient and effective manner. Such professionals have the brains and the tools to make things right in your plumbing system.

Old age and the very elements themselves wear down the material infrastructure of your home. Your piping and drainage system may not be the best if you bought a home of a certain age. For that reason, you must ensure you get a proper assessment of your piping and plumbing system. This will give you an insight into the kinds of problems you can expect down the line. It will also give you a way to start planning for the refurbishment and rehabilitation of your plumbing system. Finding out the exact state of the material condition of your house is in the remit of professional plumbers. To accomplish this task we will use advanced imaging devices. This will enable them to penetrate through the walls and floors and find out what damage has been done to the foundation and infrastructure of your home.

Doing the kind of evaluation described above will save a lot more than you initially think. In any case, the process will be made a lot smoother by working with someone is experienced in handling such matters. And such persons are not hard to find. The place to begin your search is the worldwide web. Using the web will enable you to bring the websites of the various professional plumbers to your computer screen.

Recovering from plumbing damage is never an easy thing. However, things can be made less difficult by working with experienced and trained professionals.

Get your plumbing problems sorted out. The plumbers toronto gta can provide you with expert care and service at a reasonable rate.

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Samsung, that has been one of the biggest leading companies when talked about smart phones. This company has created a lot of smart phones which have no doubt widely been acclaimed by the people all around the world. This is the reason why Samsung has now become a multi- billion company which is selling millions of mobile sets every year and the numbers are increasing regularly.

Samsung has been producing these awesome smart phones and selling them all over the world with the help of different distributors of Samsung mobiles which are present all over the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

And now the very next venture of Samsung is Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is going to be the seventh release in the note series. Earlier this note series by Samsung has been a great success for Samsung as all the models released in this note series have been a huge success as all the sets were well acclaimed all over the world. The same is being expected from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 too. The expectations from this note 7 by Samsung are very high and the people are eagerly waiting for the company to release this model as soon as possible.>

But according to rumors this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be released in the early 2017. It will be available in the market somewhere in the starting of 2017 only but still the craze and boom of this smart phone is very high among the people. Galaxy S8 would be next big release

Since, no official declarations have been made by Samsung itself, so there are only rumors in the market about the price, specifications, features and looks of this Samsung Galaxy Note 7. All the image about this smart phone will be cleared by the end of this year when Samsung will officially tell about the release of their next venture in the super hit Note series.
Till then keep waiting for this most awaited smart phone to release in the market. Note 6 would be the next big release to watch for.

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If you’re in the marketplace for a cellphone, particularly a used one, you will hear a lot of talk around ESNs with an emphasis on whether or else not the phone is “clean”. What precisely does acronym stand for as well as what does it mean if the cell phone is clean or not?

Let’s start with the fundamentals and then move onto how you could use that knowledge to defend yourself as a customer. ESN stands for Electronic Serial Number as well as was introduced as an exclusive identification number for all mobile devices by the FCC in the early 1980s. Electronic Serial Numbers were attached to CDMA device (CDMA just refers to the radio kind in the mobile device — Sprint phones, for instance, are CDMA devices). Far along, the ESN system was reviewed into the MEID (to account for a lessening pool of accessible ESNs), as well as still used for CDMA devices.

What Is An ESN As Well As Why Do I Care If It Is Clean?

Though ESN, MEID, and IMEI are different identification standard, ESN has come into prevalent usage as a catch all for the serial number (in whatsoever format it might be in) for the phone in query. As such, you will see reference to the ESN number of an ATT-branded iPhone even however that phone really as an IMEI, not an ESN. Actually, we’re going to use it in the similar fashion for the rest of our reply unless we’re openly referring to a precise identification number scheme.

There are two main reasons why an ESN sould be blacklisted: the phone was stated stolen, or the phone is attached to a cellular carrier account with an unresolved balance.

The first state is actually fairly infrequent, numerous U.S.-based cellular carriers did not actively use ESNs this method for the longest time. In fact, AT&T merely started recording and blacklisting the IMEI numbers of stolen phone in November of 2012 and merely after pressure from government organizations. The second situation, failure to pay an account balance or else skipping out on an agreement, is much more communal. The mainstream of phones you meet with a “bad ESN” earned that blacklist position since the preceding proprietor of the phone left the company with a vast unpaid bill.

So, how could you use this info to protect yourself? You could refuse to buying a phone without a fresh ESN by check IMEI number.While it comes to eBay listings, it’s complicated to totally protect yourself as you are at the mercy of the seller in numerous regards. First, you must try to buying from eBay sellers that clearly specialize in turning over phones as they are the most probable to have run the ESN on IMEI lookup and they are invested in not having to deal with the annoyances of returns as well as customer service annoyances. Contact them as well as request the phone ESN so you could check it by ESN checker or IMEI checker yourself beforehand placing your bid. If they refuse, shop somewhere else; it’s irrational to expect you to bid numerous hundred dollars on a phone without knowing if you could even initiate it with your carrier.