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Many people are unaware of the fact that they are largely dependent on grass. If you really wish to know the truth, you need to look at the food chain. Humans cannot receive their energy from the soil. It is the grass that gives this energy to them. To make the above simple, you will find that humans depend upon grass as it is consumed by cows. It is through grass alone that human beings receive their energy.

The Pros Of Building Soil With Grass!

The benefits of building soil with grass on the human population…

In the modern times, many farmers are now proceeding ahead to build soil that is populated with grass. The reason behind this is that the population in the world is increasing day by day. Farmers have a huge pressure on their shoulders. They are responsible for the food supply and this is why they are now laying emphasis on the importance of building soil with grass.

An expert’s voice …

There are many experts in the USA that are supporting the above for the human population. This means that they are giving importance to the fact that soil with grass actually has the ability to increase food supply to the increasing growing number of people every day across the world. In the USA, there is an individual who is making a positive contribution to society as a whole with this concept. He has proven track records in the field and respected and loved in the agricultural community with reverence.

Geoffrey Morell is the co-founder of The Western A. Price Foundation established in 1999. It is a non-profit organization that specializes in research for better diary and meat products. In 2009, he acquired a 95 acre property and converted it into a farm that raises pasture fed livestock and species that have been grown organically. P.A Bowen Farmstead provides the society with pasture fed livestock and poultry products that have been grown naturally. He supports the above concept on his farm too and has successful grown acres of land with grass that is expansive and dense in nature.

He says that the grass is benefitted if cattle graze on it. The growth dynamics of the grass has shown that when several inches of the grass is grazed the grass grows many inches. The plant is able to grow new leaves. When the cattle grazes the grass, the plant receives a signal to grow fresh roots.

It is in this manner that the grass becomes denser. When the grass is not able to expand vertically, it tends to grow laterally. In this manner, the colony of grass tends to expand. The process of growth is optimized when the cattle grazing on the fields drop their manure.

Geoffrey Morell says that the above process of building soil starts with narrow rows of grass. The end result is always an expansive land of grass. With more grass, you have more cows to graze on them and this in turn benefits the human population to a very large extent!

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Sticking to a balanced diet not only help in preventing diseases and help to stay healthy and fit but also helps to stay in shape which makes one feel good. Intake a balanced diet means receiving healthy servings of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals each day. The food pyramid can be used as an escort to find out the number of servings of each food group one should get in a particular day. A balanced diet refers to taking a varied range of foods, as well as eating all in balance.

Naman Wakil is a certified foodie from Los Angeles, California who supports the intake of balanced diet in order to stay fit. In fact in spite of being a foodie; he pays special attention to his food and ensures that he is not taking something which will cause harm to his health. He states that a balanced diet contains something from each of the food groups such as grains, vegetables, dairy, fruits, meat and meat alternatives. Some food groups need additional portions than other, for instance you require less amount of dairy that vegetables. The sweet items and oil is also a portion of the food pyramid, but should be taken with option. Daily portion suggestions depend on numerous factors such as activity level and age, which should be considered when finding out the individual everyday food pyramid.

Stick To A Balanced Diet To Stay Fit and Feel Good

A recent study performed on the balanced diet suggests that a well-balanced diet can help in reducing stress as well. The basis of a healthy diet is to give you the adequate calories you need to function at a healthy level. Today most people lead sedentary lives. This means they are not burning up sufficient calories but, they are eating far more food that their body requires. When this happens people begin to put on weight. Thus, Naman Wakil suggests that what you should aim for is the right balance of nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates. Naman apart from being a foodie is also a food blogger and has been in the field for more than ten years. Along with his love for food, he has the passion to travel across the countries in search of the new and exotic dishes.

People often do not realize what they eat through the day! If you really think you will remember only half the things you have consumed in the past week. So, it is important to make conscious choices, plan your meals and read labels before buying food products. A diet must aim at reducing the consumption of packaged and processed food and opting for fresh food as an alternative. A healthy diet not just works on the body but also helps maintain stress, prevent cardiovascular diseases, cancer and moreover helps an individual to lead a comfortable and a happy life.

Naman Wakil is a legendary food blogger who often invests time in writing blogs about foods that he eats and prepares. He also offers tips on how to prepare a balanced diet without compromising on the taste of the food.

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Using Fixed Deposit calculator and other online tools to find the correct amount you will receive on maturity of Fixed Deposits and other investments makes life easy. Sometimes though, you would like to open the box and peek inside, see how it works. If you want to calculate the interest or the total amount you would receive on maturity of a Fixed Deposit, you can use a basic formula that is applicable across all banks.

Calculating Interest Earned On Fixed Deposits Without Using A Fixed Deposit Calculator

The basic formula is:

  • A is the maturity amount
  • P is the Principal
  • r is the rate of interest
  • n is the compounding frequency
  • t is the number of years or tenure of the deposit

However, sometimes, when you check against the bank’s calculation, you find that yours is probably lower. Why this discrepancy?

In India, banks compound the interest every quarter, that is, after every three months. So now, the compounding frequency is 4.

Suppose you have deposited an amount of Rs. 10,000 in a Fixed Deposit. The interest paid on the deposit is 5%. Convert the interest into a decimal for this calculation.

So, 5% = 0.05

You have made the deposit for a period of 2 years. So ‘t’ is 2. You know that n is 4 as interest is compounded quarterly.

So, applying these actual values

The maturity amount is Rs. 11,044.86

Total Interest Received (I) is A – P

So I = 11,044.86 – 10,000

I = Rs. 1044.86

Just remember that compounding the interest means adding the interest accrued to the principal amount. Next time, interest is calculated on this new amount, so it gives you more earnings than simple interest.

Points to remember while computing this amount using the above formula:

  • (n) is the frequency of interest calculation, and t is the duration, generally in years
  • Banks in india calculate interest quarterly, so it works out to 4 times in a year
  • If you have made a deposit for 3 years, the number of times the interest is compounded would be 4 x 3 which is 12
  • If you have made a six month deposit, the number of times the interest is compounded would be 4 x 0.5 which would be 2
  • Remember to convert the interest amount into decimal for easier computation

Fixed Deposit in India

Fixed Deposits may not pay high interest, but they are safe instruments for investment. You can find ways to increase the earnings from Fixed Deposits, one of which is to have the interest compounded.

In India, banks compound interest quarterly, which is advantageous, as half-yearly or annual compounding would earn you less interest on the deposit. Use the fix deposit calculator at the bank website to quickly find what returns you would get on your investment if you choose to compound the interest.

There are many Fixed Deposit schemes in India, from banks, NBFCs, and corporates. Choose one carefully and use online FD interest calculator tools to find the amount you would get on maturity from each of the banks/NBFCs you have shortlisted.

You can also choose to invest in a Tax Saving FD Scheme, to get tax exemption on the invested amount upto a maximum of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs under Section 80C of the IT Act. Do the maths on FD interest calculation & tax benefits you would receive. As Tax-saving FDs are usually for a 5 year period, you will earn higher rate of interest. When you file IT returns, you will also benefit from the tax exemption on the amount invested. Taken together, this FD could give you high returns in the form of interest earnings and tax savings.

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Stretch marks not only appear prominent on the skin but these can also create a severe dent in one’s self-confidence. Unfortunately, a large number of individuals, both men and women, all over the world including London, suffer from this problem. These days, medicine has made significant improvement to resolve this issue for once and for all. There are many reputed and dependable private skin clinics that readily provide this cosmetic treatment. Therefore, curing this problem has now become easier than ever. However, before discussing the therapy, it is more important to understand why these unsightly and unwanted marks arise from.

Easy and Effective Stretch Mark Removal Therapies

Factors Leading to the Problem

Everybody is aware that these prominent marks on the skin surface mainly occur on the outer walls of the abdomen. But in many instances, these can also affect the upper thighs, buttocks and upper arms. The marks are also seen along the breasts, though this happens mostly in women.

According to the experts at reputed skin clinics London, pregnancy is the major cause behind this problem. However, other factors like sudden loss or gain in body weight, heredity and drastic changes in lifestyle can also be responsible for it.

Treatment and Remedies

Apart from availing professional help, there are a number of effective homely remedies that can be availed to resolve the problem. These therapies are not only tried and tested, but are also proved to be free from any adverse side-effect.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a beneficial gift from nature that is helpful to remove stretch marks.


  • It can be applied directly, by rubbing the gel on the affected area of the skin.
  • After a span of about a quarter to an hour, just rinse the area using lukewarm water.
  • However, professional skin therapists usually do not follow this simple procedure. Rather, they prefer a mixture that is prepared by combining a quarter cup of aloe vera gel and several vitamin E capsules. The mixture is then applied to the affected region. Gradually, the skin absorbs the mixture.
  • This procedure has to be followed on a regular basis to get desired results.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a versatile agent to cure a number of skin-related issues, ranging from wrinkles, dark spots to pimples. It can also be used to cure the problem of stretch marks on the skin.


  • Apply a few drops of the oil on the affected area of the skin and gently massage for about 10 minutes in circular motion.
  • Then, apply some heat to the area for about 20 minutes to half an hour, using a heating pad or a hot water bottle.
  • This has to be continued regularly for at least a month when desired result will start showing up.

Along with these homely remedies for stretch marks removal, one needs to drink a large amount of water. It not only rehydrates the skin and the body but also flushes out all the harmful toxins, making the entire physiological system clean. If the therapies are administered properly on a daily basis, positive results are bound to come up.

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The world of sport has become a huge and celebrated with so many sports involved in it. Many are just a decade old, but many of them date back to centuries ago. Amongst many of them, Hockey is that game that marks its beginning for nearly 3,000 years ago.

Well, today many other forms of Hockey have been introduced, but the field hockey is the original form of hockey and today, we will talk about it journey and its popularity. You can avail more information about the sport at TheBingoOnline.

Journey Of Hockey and Its Popularity

Beginning of the Hockey

Hockey is considered as one of the most established games that is being played on the planet for over 3,000 years and is connected with the Classical Greek Era, where it was identified with the cutting edge Gaelic game of tossing.

The expression “Hockey”, accurately the “Field Hockey” showed up in the England in fourteenth century for the first run through. As of now, the King Edward III reported the banning on the act of the game by the common laborers.

After this, the game was ignored in the England for an extensive timeframe until it made its arrival in the after the Elizabethan British Empire and initiated advancing in the government funded schools in the eighteenth century.

Growing of the Sports

The current configuration of the game was motivated and created in the English School and got to be famous games of that time and corresponded with rugby in the terms of prevalence.

At the point, the British Empire began growing the outskirts over the globe, the game was presented by the British Army in the field with them and took it to such level that it is currently a widely acclaimed and a standout amongst the most played games on the planet.

Hockey reaching its Maturity

The game of Hockey saw changes till it achieved its development in the present day frame in the nineteenth century. In the present day age, the hockey is played amongst two groups with 11 players in every group.

Groups play on 100*60 yard ground and put effort to score objectives by hitting ball to the net of the contender group where the goalkeeper tries to stop the objective.

Later, the Balackheath HC (Hockey Club) was set up in the year 1849 in London and rose as the main expert Hockey group. Still, the game was attempting to achieve its development when the Teddington HC rolled out a few improvements in the games.

It presented the official circle ball in the place of the elastic 3D square. The Hockey Association was established in the year 1886 in England which facilitate built up an arrangement of guidelines and a reasonable standard.

The game turned into a traditional one in the year 1908 at the time it was consolidated in the Olympics at London, however later was rejected in the year 1924. This further prompted the arrangement of the Federation International de Hockey sur Gazon (FIH), which works as the administering body of all the global Hockey toll date.

Today, Hockey has ended up one of the best games of contemporary period and individuals over the world are included in playing of the game.

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The power drill is far and away the most versatile and useful power tool to have, and because of this, it is very often the first power tool one purchases. Given the wide variety of options out there, coupled with the fact that any decent power tool involves a fair investment, it really pays to do your homework first. You do not want to be disappointed when you get home with your brand new drill, and find it is not suitable for you needs.

You first need to give some thought to the kind of work you intend using the drill for. A regular drill is fine for wood and metal, but if you intend to do masonry drilling, especially bricks and hard concrete, you will probably be better off with a hammer drill. Think, not only about now, but also work you might need to do in the future.

Regular Drill Vs Hammer Drill – Which One Is Better

What Is a Hammer Drill?

It is important to first understand exactly what a power drill is and how it differs from a regular drill.

A regular drill has a chuck which open to accommodate the drill bit. There are different drill bits, depending on the surface you wish to drill, for example, wood bits, metal bits and masonry (brick and concrete) bits. The regular drill rotates the drill bit at high speed to create a hole in the object you are drilling. Regular drill are less expensive than hammer drills. These drill are suitable for wood and metal work but not recommended for brick or concrete. If you do try to drill into masonry with a regular drill, use water to keep the drill bit cool and ensure the motor does not overheat. You will only have the speed of the drill and your own strength to work with.

A hammer drill looks and feels pretty much the same as a regular power drill, however, in the workings of the hammer drill is one significant difference. The hammer drill has a mechanism or hammer clutch, that once can activated, causes the drill to exert short, powerful, high speed thrusts, that help to break down the material that you are drilling into. This action speeds up the drilling process.

The hammering action exerts a relatively small force but extremely rapidly. The speed is measured in blows per minute or bpm and can be as fast as 40 000 bpm.

There are two main types of hammer drill:

  • Standard Hammer Drill.

These normally work with a cam-action by which two sets of toothed gears work together to move the entire chuck and bit forward as the drill bit rotates. You can not use the hammer action on its own as the bit has to be rotating. When in use, the hammer function can be turned on or off. Standard hammer drills are lower power drills, suitable for lighter occasional work. They are lighter than rotary hammer drills and according to one of my sources, can even be cordless.

  • Rotary Hammer Drill.

The rotary hammer drill is larger, heavier and provides more power. It works on a electro-pneumatic (EP) hammering mechanism technology. It uses two pistons to create air pressure to drive the hammering action.

This rapid hammering action breaks up the concrete or brick making the drilling much faster and easier. Trying to drill into masonry surfaces with a normal drill can take a long time and be physically exhausting. Drilling brick and concrete with a normal drill can also cause the motor on the drill to burn out.

So there you have it. Now that you understand more about the difference between a regular drill and a hammer drill, you will be in a position to make an informed choice. Take the time to think about what projects you might work on, not only now but in the future, and ensure you choose something suitable for your requirements.

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Beliaghata is one of the busiest places in the City of Joy. Buying a flat near Beliaghata is a sheer joy because of the convenient connectivity of the roads. Staying here will help you connect any part of the city with ease. The area is so convenient that you will simply enjoy living there. The apartments in this area need a special mention as well due to several reasons. Some of the key reasons are as follows:

Reasons Behind Buying Flats Near Beliaghata

Convenient Location

As discussed before, the location will always be on a higher priority when it comes to the selection of an apartment in Beliaghata. Taking a flat in this location will not only help you to connect to the different parts of Kolkata, but let you reach the areas in the least possible time.

Residential apartment in this area is certainly a big advantage. Start living and you will get to know the reasons behind it. You get to avail the Bypass-Chingrighata Road, thereby, connecting with the entire Salt Lake area. You can even comfortably take this way to travel towards Park Circus, Ruby, Garia, Tollygunge, Kalighat and other parts of South Kolkata. In order to reach the Sealdah railway station or the Sealdah area, you can take the direct route from the Beliaghata Main Road.

The entertainment areas are always on a higher priority. So, staying in an apartment near Beliaghata will help you connect to the Mani Square Mall and Swabhumi – the Heritage Plaza on EM Bypass in a very less time. You can also visit City Centre – the lifestyle landmark taking the Belaighata-Saltlake route connecting the EM Bypass. Needless to say, the area of Beliaghata is one of the happening places in Kolkata.

Competitive Rates

Due to the most favourable location in Kolkata, the apartments/flats near Beliaghata may seem costly. However, things are different. In spite of possessing a unique location and first-rate amenities and services, the flats are not as costly as people usually think. This is another significant point that draws a huge influx of people. Due to the most competitive rates, the residential apartments stand out from the rest.

The cost of the apartments suits both the middle-class Kolkatans and the high-class people as well. The real estate builders have certainly taken a good decision in developing some of the happening residential areas in Beliaghata. When the purchase price is less then why not go for it now?

Modern Luxury and Amenities

Book a residential apartment near Beliaghata and you will get to know why living there is so much of fun. The modern luxury and amenities steal the show. In spite of having affordable rates, the apartments offer luxurious facilities and amenities to its homeowners. Who could have expected such deal ever? Search for a budget flat and you will be gifted with so many things under one roof. No wonder, the idea is wonderful and it will be successful if you book your flat right here right now. So, when are you buying your new flat?

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Gun-battle continues between Indian forces and terrorists along the line of control in the village named Mankote. The reports by Indian newspapers suggest that this fight is headed by jihadists who are backed by Pakistani troops to avenge the raids by Indian Army. In all this chaos and hassle a soldier named Chandu Babulal Chauhan serving with the 37 Rashtriya Rifles was captured after he accidently crossed the LoC. However, Pakistan-based diplomatic sources say that Chauhan was captured by Pakistani troops in Mankote and was kept at the military headquarters.

Pakistani media, on the other hand, reports that according to the Pak Army sources India’s claim of the death of eight Indian soldiers in the second burst of fighting is completely false and baseless. It is feared that Thursday’s fight can lead to the meltdown of the ceasefire on LoC.

India’s Surgical Strike and The Repercussion That Followed

Government’s sources believe Thursday’s gun-battle around Mankote and Mendhar was the most fierce fighting till date. Troops have been pushed forward to guard the nation against Pak retaliation while civilians evacuated out of a 2-km buffer zone. 

History of LoC Clashes

Since 1989, Indo-Pak troops are involved in secret faceoffs across the LoC, which finally came out of the shadows on Thursday. In 2003, both the countries agreed to a ceasefire along the Line of Control. But, the efforts to sign a formal agreement ended in 2006, amid disputes over the construction of new defensive fortifications. In January, 2013, the ceasefire strained after jihadists beheaded two Lance-Corporals. Following a series of severe clashes, the Director-Generals of Military Operations of both the countries met to cool down tensions but it went in vain as the disputes continued.

In March 1998, Indian special forces unit allegedly killed 22 in Bandala in the Chhamb sector. According to the World newspapers the Pakistani military claimed to have recovered an Indian watch from the scene, along with a note asking, “How does your own blood feel?” The Bandala massacre was carried out to avenge the death of 29 villagers at Prankote, in Jammu and Kashmir, by the Lashkar-e-Taiba. The Lashkar attackers slit the throats of the people including women and infants. Indian newspapers say that in May 1999, during the break out of the Kargil war, Captain Saurabh Kalia and five sepoys were kidnapped by Pak troops. Post mortem reports revealed that their bodies were mutilated and burned with cigarette.

India’s Surgical Strike and The Repercussion That Followed

Late in January, 2000, seven Pakistani soldiers were captured in a raid on a post in the Nadala enclave. They were allegedly tied up and dragged across a ravine running across the LoC. With signs of torture left on the bodies, they were returned to Pakistan. 

Changes after Ceasefire came into Force

Situation has improved across the LoC since the ceasefire came into being. Battles are still fought, but comparatively it’s on a lower scale. Government figures suggest that this year until now has been the most peaceful one in a decade with just 21 exchanges of fire till Thursday, down from 222 in 2015 and 190 in 2014. If World newspapers are to be believed fatalities in these clashes also dropped this year as compared to last year’s figures of nine army personnel and 16 civilians.

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Shipping of a vehicle is a condition which is difficult to handle by an individual. There are different types of vehicles, but one may not have thorough knowledge or experience with the help of which the task can be easier.

However, for a layman who needs to have such a task once in a blue moon, it is not important to get hands on experience of such task as there are end number of service providers in the open market who can be much helpful at such stage. There are many cargo services that can help one to ship even the largest vehicles via load board system. There are many service providers who have special vehicles that can help the client of any type to fulfil the requirement.

How Load Board Helps Cargo Services

Load Board Service:

It is an open forum service that can be used by any client. The client here needs to post his requirement on the board as there are a number of brokers and shippers who keep on checking the requirements posted by different clients. Many of the service providers here have a variety of services and hence can easily meet the requirement posted by the client. However, to be sure about the requirement their representative also checks the vehicle personally and according to the size, he suggests the vehicle and cost to the client. He provides the client with an estimate of cost and if the client agrees the shipment time and date is decided. He also informs the client about the vehicle and other formalities. The cargo shipping companies have a variety of vehicles and hence the requirement is perfectly matched.

As per the requirement which is usually of uncommon nature, their style and techniques of work matter a lot. The service providers here have different sorts of infrastructure as per which they can meet different requirements. For an individual client, it may be difficult to find a service provider for shifting a huge vehicle such as a sailboat or a tractor, but once it is posted on the site the service providers on the basis of their infrastructure can contact the client accordingly. Once the requirement is posted on the site, one can expect the response in a few hours also as there are many service providers who use the site effectively. In the modern days when migration of people and businesses are common, such services are much in demand, but due to strong competition in the market, the service providers also have to struggle for the business of cargo freight. This site proves much helpful to them in such situation.

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Buying a brand new car may sound a long-term remedy for travelling but it is important to consider if it is worth it or not. People these days, prefer to rent a car rather than buying a new one. This is because of various reasons. While the process of buying a new car can be daunting for many, renting a car is much easier and cheaper.

Many experts have commented over the disadvantages and the advantages and of renting cars. However, the conclusion remains the same that renting a car is much more beneficial than buying a new one. Though, you are required to keep certain things in mind to be able to maintain it. In this article, we will be talking about the pros and the cons of renting and how to maintain your rented car properly to avoid accidents.

Why Go For Renting A Car Rather Than Buying One - Know About The Pros and The Cons

Learn about the Advantages and the Disadvantages of renting a car

People rent cars for various reasons. While some may rent it for special occasions, many others rent it to avoid travelling via a public transport. Here are some advantages of renting a car –

• You can rent the high-end models, which you have only dreamt about. Most people choose to go for cars like Lamborghini, BMW, Jaguar, Audi etc.
• The cost of renting is high as you would anticipate. You can even ask the company for various discount coupons or privileges. It is essential to know that, most members also get various advantages as compared to the first time customers. Make sure that you enrol for membership if you plan to rent cars often.

Here are some disadvantages –

• Many rental companies will ask you to purchase an additional insurance so that the damages done to the car can be recovered. This increases the cost of the rented car a lot.
• Since the company is maintaining the cars well, they usually charge more for the exotic cars. By exotic, we mean the high-end models of the cars. The ultimate cost can be more.

What are the various precautions you can take when driving a rented car?

When you rent a car, you need to very careful while driving it. This is because if the car gets damages in any ways, the company will extract a huge amount of money from you. Here are some precautions to take –

• Be sure of the roads – You have to make sure that the roads, which you are taking, are safe because the bumpy rides can cause harm to the car. Taking a road, which is smooth and less crowded, is always recommended.
• Being careful while handing the car to the valet – This is the most important as your valet can cause damage to the car which can cost you a lot.
• Do not let anyone else drive – Make sure that you are driving the car yourself because you can take better care of it.

If you are planning to go for Lamborghini rental, you can check out the various car rental companies in Los Angeles, USA. This place is filled with the best companies who will offer you with great deals.