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Foreclosure is a very unpleasant thought. But many of the homeowners find themselves at risk of losing their credit and home based on this very reason. Here are a few of the major choices you can avail before it’s too late:

What To Do If You Can't Make Your Mortgage Payment


In essence refinancing means that you take on a new loan to pay off your current one. Refinancing is, as its names suggests, modifying your current loan. Let’s go ahead and put this definition in a scenario and see how it could be benefit a consumer. Let’s consider your mortgage interest rate is higher than today’s rates, refinancing your mortgage could lower your monthly payment enough for it to be affordable. But it’s vital that borrowers pursue this option before missing payments.

“Lenders would much prefer to work with you, and a clean refinance is easiest on everybody, and most profitable for them”

-Says Casey Fleming, author of The Loan Guide.

Extend your Loan Term:

A longer loan term usually goes hand-in-hand with a reduction in interest rates and as an additional benefit it can also help in reduce the cost of your instalments.

Overall, you may end up paying more for the total cost of your home with a modification or refinance. But if you’re in need of a short-term solution, a longer loan-term plan might be an option for you.

Short Sale:

The term basically means that you will be selling your house for less than the amount you owe to your mortgage, but, more importantly it means that your lender agrees to consider this deed as the amount of unfulfilled payoff of your loan. Furthermore, it is important to mention here that this deed is much easier on your credit than a foreclosure. However, the process spans over quite a few months and it requires diligence and patience. Naturally, this process also starts with contacting your lender and it manages showcase that you are willing to work with your lender. Many industry experts and leading real estate brokers like Spring Hill Realty, also predict that people opting for this option could qualify for prime financing again within two-to-four years after a short-sale is complete.

Complete a Deed In lieu of Foreclosure:

With a deed, in lieu of foreclosure, your lender agrees to cancel your mortgage debt in return for the volunteer transfer of the deed of your home to them. You’ll have to request an application to see if you’re approved for this option. According to legal experts, you will likely have to provide:

• A financial statement detailing monthly income and expenses.

• Proof of income.

• Recent tax returns.

• Bank statements.

• A hardship letter.

Reverse Mortgage:

With a reverse mortgage, the lender pays you a monthly amount instead of you paying them. This is a loan against the equity you hold in your home. More importantly, a reverse mortgage is only available to those above ages 62 and older. There are a few factors to consider, if you decide to go with this option.

• You will still pay property taxes and insurance, and be required to maintain your home.

• According to the FTC, there are fees and costs involved to set it up, and interest accrues on the amount you receive.

Sell or Rent your Home:

Depending on the market where you live, it is a possible avenue that you could sell your house and pay the mortgage in full, but sadly this option is not always possible. Some home owners facing foreclosure instead turn to short-sale as it presents some positive aspect to regain something valuable.

As mentioned earlier, you sell your home for less in a short-sale than the amount owed on your mortgage. The lender agrees to accept this amount due to your financial hardship. But it will affect your credit report. However, the repercussions may not be as bad as a foreclosure.

Another option in this sort of situation is renting out your home. A report by Spring Hill Rentals reveal that not a lot of people will consider it in the first place, but the long-term benefit of meeting your mortgage instalments can be a lot easier if you could add another revenue source to your contributions. Of course, this is a complicated endeavour. But if you think it can save you from foreclosure, it might be worth pursuing.

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The fiscal year 2014 witnessed 653, 000 naturalization of immigrants in the US, making the total number of naturalized citizens in the country 20 million. If you wish to apply for the US citizenship in the future, you must obtain the green card. The process of green card acquisition is long, and you must meet several eligibility criteria to start the procedure. When you consider all the aspects of how to get the US green card, you must also remember the many factors that may result in a rejection of your application – ineligibility, not meeting application requirements, or even administrative errors.


The good news is that this is not the end of the road.

You can appeal for reconsideration within 30 days of the notification of the decision, along with a filing fee of $630 (this may change and you should verify it at the time of filing your application). Yes, it’s expensive. So, before starting the process all over again, we recommend that you do your homework well. Make sure that you qualify for the permanent resident status in the first place, and know the top reasons for which your application might be (lawfully) rejected.

1. Medical Issues

You will have to attach a clean medical exam report with your application for admission as a lawful permanent resident. You might be refused a permanent residence status if your health report reveals that you have a communicable disease or any physical or mental disorder that can be a threat to the public. Your application will also be rejected if you fail to provide a proof of the required vaccination.

2. Police Record

You might be denied a Green Card if your police record reveals that you have committed certain types of crimes such as drug trafficking, prostitution, money laundering, fraud, and religious hate crimes, among others. Be honest while answering the security and crime related questions in the form. Anomalies in your information could lead to a denial of your residency status.

3. Security Issues

Your association with any terrorist group or an organization that the US considers dangerous will disqualify your green card application.

4. Possibility of Becoming a Burden

If your profile suggests in any way that you might become a dependent on the government for subsistence, your file will come under the ‘public charge’ category, and in that case, you will not qualify for a green card. However, you are not likely to end up in that class if your sponsor signs an affidavit of support for you.

5. Immigration Violation

Green cards are not meant for those who have entered the US through some unscrupulous means, stayed on in the country by violating the terms and conditions of their visa, or gained entry by misrepresentation. Having the right visa improves your chances of getting the green card.

6. Failure to Meet Application Requirements

Filing for permanent residency calls for the most meticulous documentation. Failing to provide what is requested can result in denial. So, follow the instructions carefully.

7. Job Change after Filing of I-140

Having a proper work visa allows you to change your employer. But in order to ensure the continuation of your green card application processing, you will have to meet certain requirements. Also, your new job must be the same as, or similar to, the one you mentioned in the labor certification and I-140 petition.

Hundreds and thousands of people aspire to live the American dreams, but not all of them can achieve that. If you want to make the US your permanent home, first research how to get the US green card. The path to getting the green card can be tedious, but you cannot afford to commit any mistake. Be extra careful with your documentations. If you find the process too complicated or overwhelming, seek the advice of an immigration attorney.

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New business ventures aiming to enter the markets are the new choice of college students to get experience of the market. It is true that working for big brands and companies help land a great job. While working for a startup, one has to defend themselves a lot answering several questions. However, what these new small or middle-sized companies offer is more than one can bargain for.

Startup Companies Are The Best Way To Start Your Career

But why is it that Startups Hire Interns?

Fresh out of the college, the young minds crave to learn more. Since the startups begin with low capital, hiring interns to work for seems within the budget. Freshers need experience, while money is not their top most priority. Besides, these fresh minds have lot of patience since they are still learning, accepting and adjusting into this new world. Positive vibes, creative and innovative ideas and abundant energy from these freshers is ideal for the company’s atmosphere.

The Advantages Interns would not Miss:

• For startups, quickly growing every step is important and every minute is crucial. Hence, to finish the projects, the employees and interns work together. They get chances to closely work on projects, do actual work and positively affect the growth of the company. This helps gain more self-confidence.

• Since the team of new business ventures is often small and limited, interns get the chance to work and get knowledge of all sectors. This also helps one to select the path he/ she finds ideal for themselves. Confusion leads to solution. One day working with the design crew, the next day interaction with clients and so on. These many different experiences helps to develop a personality. Plus such roles prove the versatility of the candidate while appearing for an interview.

• Working with a small team provides chances to know and work with every member. This is a great way to build contacts. These new friends and acquaintances are important for long run in future.

• One thing every intern would learn is social skills. Since in a startup, the people setting up new business are usually recent graduates and close to the age of interns. They connect better and the new place seems more welcoming for interns.

College students like Grace Jackson Georgia have known the best way to start career is by interning for startups. The more they learn the better for their own future. Moreover, when interns start working for new small business ventures, the company welcomes them as proper employees while also giving them responsible tasks. This gives them a fair idea of how it feels to work for a company. Being an opportunity also for an intern to decide the right future career for himself or herself.

It is important to think of future and do what it takes to secure it. Grace Jackson Georgia took appropriate steps, as she is now a graphic designer intern for a startup website. Brands or no brands, big companies or startups, internships is at the base of every career now.

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Investors in real estate create tax liabilities for themselves. These liabilities at times might be very huge and this makes the investor think extensively about selling the property that he or she has. There are tax free exchanges that came into the picture in 1920 and investors in the real estate market are aware of them however they just prolong holding onto properties they like for a long period or buying replacement properties they are not ready to purchase.

The Welfont Group in Tampa, Florida helps clients team up with the 1031 Exchange also known as the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale. This has been a part of the Tax laws since 1917. It has been designed in such a manner to allow clients receive a better outcome from many sellers. If it is followed in a proper manner, the law will permit the client to divest himself or herself to a property held in a 1031 Exchange where you can cash your chips and pay little or a no capital gains tax that depends upon the transaction conducted.

Effective Tax Strategies For Real Estate

Things you should know about 1031 exchange

The professionals here state that there are certain things that you should know when it comes to the 1031 Exchange. This provision is solely for commercial properties and investment. This means you cannot swap your residential home for another home. However, you may use this provision for the swapping of vacation homes. For this purpose, it is prudent for you to consult experts. There is however some personal property that may qualify for this provision. For example, tenant in common interests in real estate can qualify but not corporate stock or partnership interests. The provision says that you can exchange “like-kind” properties however it has a liberal sense. You may exchange an apartment for land, a ranch for mall etc. You also have the liberty to exchange a business for the other.

The time taken for you to find the right exchange partner might be delayed. It is hard for you to find the person willingly to exchange the same kind of property to you exactly in the way you desire. Here, you would need the services of a middleman who holds the cash for you after you sell the property and deploys it to purchase the replacement property on your behalf. This is known as the three party exchange and it considered as a swap under the provision.

The experts make it simple for you…

Now, the 1031 Exchange does sound complicated and there are several things that you should understand when you have decided to go in for it. It is here that the professionals of Welfont Group will help you out. They will explain to you the technical terms in detail so that you effectively are able to understand how it works. This Group is famous in Tampa, Florida for their dedication to their clients and friendly attitude. This is why they are the first choice of commercial real estate investors in the USA today!

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If people had used online CRM centuries ago, the humanity would have been able to finish constructing of the Tower of Babel, prevent the Atlantis catastrophe and complete a manned mission to the Red Planet. Fortunately, today there is the bpm’online software, which can meet the most difficult business challenges: to control terms of your company’s projects, to help the staff interact with clients and each other, and increase revenue. It is not quite the end of online CRM advantages, so let us explore all of them.

Online CRM – Get Business Under Control

Online CRM for Process Management

Intelligent online CRM enables all your business processes run smoothly and seamlessly. For instance, with the IT-tools of you can considerably enhance your business processes.

With the bpm’online system the sales managers have a complete view of the history of relations with every client or partner which is stored in the system for many years. Call records, results of meetings, commercial proposals, which were accepted or refused, signed contracts and documents are automatically stored in the online CRM.

When a manager handles a deal, he has to convert a client from perspective into loyal. By deploying online CRM you have a precise understanding of every stage of a customer journey.

Smart the bpm’online software helps senior management of your business to increase productivity of the staff. The system analyzes performance of every collaborator within a certain period: a week, month, quarter or a year. Productivity of managers is clearly presented: what calls they made, how many deals they closed, what tasks and what duties they are responsible for and what results are achieved. In the same manner, the work of any department can be controlled and evaluated.

Most importantly the bpm’online system is intended to reduce the costs. With the process-driven CRM managers can benefit from the industry best practices ready templates of routine tasks. Long-term projects are divided into easy-to-follow phases; documents are processed automatically, errors are minimized and costs of staff wages are reduced. Now managers can reach and contact much more customers. The problem of the costs involved in purchasing of special hard-and software drops too, since intelligent online CRM entails only a monthly subscription fee.

Unlike other CRM solutions, implementation of the bpm’online system is easy and immediate – you can enjoy its endless possibilities in mere minutes after the registration. If you face any difficulties in tailoring the platform to meet your business objectives, the vendor will instantly conduct a training webinar, but you are hardly to face any troubles, as usage of first-class online CRM is as easy as surfing the Internet.

Online CRM for Customer Retention

Attention, accuracy and politeness make wonders. So does the bpm’online system. Top-notch online CRM allows managers to treat each client as all-time favorite even though there thousands of them.

The system stores every detail about a customer (tastes, preferences, hobby, etc.), it keeps information on all transactions, orders, requests and entire correspondence, the platform reminds about of the important events of the clients from invoicing arrangements, congratulating a client on his birthday, or making a personal offer. All this is done automatically in a customer’s profile practically without a manager’s participation.

Advanced online CRM develops individual and group loyalty programs by segmenting a client database in accordance with their income level, enabling a sales team to focus initially on the most profitable customers. The email campaigns help to get and stay in touch with a target audience that. In other words, the system controls all steps of a client’s life cycle:

  • Innovative online CRM keeps tabs on partners;
  • Cloud technologies merge and process all leads, developing strategies of turning them into valued clients;
  • The breakthrough software analyzes the history of customer relations, contributing to a better understanding of customer’s expectations and needs, so that you can choose an optimal marketing tool and model;
  • Advanced cloud CRM has all the tools to manage interaction with targeted groups: SMS notification, emailing, document flow automation and commercial proposals and a powerful analytic module.

A full-fledged online CRM gives a wonderful opportunity to use the latest innovations in the sphere of communication and customer relationship. It increases loyalty of partners, enhances productivity of your sales department and the whole company, creates a base of loyal clients, who recommends your organization to all friends and relatives. bpm’online is your only right choice.

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Once you know the basics of how an e-juice is formulated, it can be tough to come to terms with the fact that what amounts to the price of about a gallon of PG and a gallon of VG and enough nicotine to last you a few months comes together to match the price of about two or three vials of premium juice. As per Gizmodo, e-juices are very easily mixed with as little as four ingredients.

What Makes A Premium E-Juice?

But delve deeper into the world of homemade e-juices, and you’ll know what you’re paying for. There might not be much of a difference between your oatmeal and the oatmeal a chef may prepare for you, but take on the challenge of searing a quality steak and you’ll know how difficult it can be to perfectly create something relatively simple. E-juices differentiate themselves between homemade and premium mixes not by the quality of their base, but by that tiny 5-10 percent of whatever else may be in that bottle.

The Difference Between Your Mix and “Premium”

The difference is a matter of time and resources – premium e-juices can actually proudly wear that label because there’s quite a lot that goes into making one kind of VG/PG mix different from another.

Deviance in base ratios is one aspect. Your PG/VG ratio is extremely important, especially if you’re a PG lover and need that heavy throat hit, or if you’re slightly allergic to PG and want a pure VG juice, which as per WiseGeek is entirely harmless, and even soothing. And then there’s the nicotine, and how much of it you can (or want to) handle.

About 85 to 95 percent of your average 60ml e-juice container contains the exact same base ingredients, but on the other hand, it’s that tiny percentage of other ingredients that really makes all the difference.

As per Zodist, the factors range from imported flavorings to the right aging, the right bottle, careful mixing and endless testing. Through all that, premium e-juice companies turn e-juice making into an art, akin to cooking and brewing, producing deliciousness like the Milkman e-liquid.

Don’t Always Buy the Hype

While it’s true that the average backyard mix is typically miles away in quality from what a really good e-juice company can produce, there’s also the fact that a price tag doesn’t automatically dictate quality. Like with plenty of other products on the Internet, buying online means following the basic etiquette of due diligence. Reputable retailers like West Coast Vape Supply might be able to equip you with a selection of quality e-juices, but for every Milkman e-liquid there’s a dozen expensive-but-mediocre mixtures.

Reviews are invaluable in this case. Through the collective opinions of dozen other experienced vapers, you can determine whether or not an e-juice is worth investing in. Then again, you also have to take into consideration that sometimes, an e-juice can be good but not in a way you enjoy.

In Conclusion

That aside, premium products are generally recognizable by their stellar reputation, both through retailer reviews and general forum conversations and blog information. The art lies, as with other services and products online, in seeing through the lies and hyperbole to find the real, genuine quality stuff – the kind you’ll gladly pay money for, because it really is that good.

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The educational system of a nation is the backbone for a better tomorrow! The students need to be groomed into well-balanced individuals so that they become responsible citizens. It is here that the educational system of the nation needs to be assessed and evaluated from time to time. The need for educational reformists becomes paramount as they are behind the introduction of the system and its effectiveness!

Educational Speaker For Better Reforms In The System

Educational Reformist Passionate Towards his Work

Dr. Douglas Reeves – Founder of Creative Leadership Solutions is a leading educational reformist in the USA today. Besides educational reforms, he is also an author of books and academic articles. He has written over 80 articles and 30 books. He has dealt with general and sensitive issues when it comes to educational reforms and strives for the consistent development of students and schools in the country.

Benefits Over Burdens for the Student

He says that when it comes to reforms and educational progress, it is very important for the student to be benefited and not burdened by the changes. This does take a lot of time and research. If the student is benefited the society progresses. He is a prominent speaker at reform workshops for schools and institutions. He says there is a step by step process that helps in grading reforms. He helps academic institutions with these reforms so that they can formulate a better educational learning system for their students.

In the workshops that he conducts for the purpose, he focuses on group conversations. Some schools in the districts may face specific challenges when it comes to the implementation of a new system. He steps forward to help the management and the administration with such issues. He says that every school is unique and they face challenges that are not the same. Yes, he does give them general guidelines and helps them with the challenges so that they may progress and develop further. He says as an educational reformist, it is very important for him to be creative in his thought process. This helps him become better with every project and help schools get improved infrastructure and function.

As a person, he is experienced and qualified in the field of educational reforms. He says that he has traveled to every state in the USA and visited a host of nations. He carefully assesses the educational system in different countries and tries to take out the best points from them. This may seem to be exhausting but he enjoys his work and loves to contribute to society in this positive manner.

The need for Educational Reform for Progress

Dr. Douglas Reeves says that you need to focus on the leadership skills of the students so that they can achieve more. They will also grow up to become well-balanced individuals. 21st century schools are churning out talented students. It is important for schools to evaluate and assess their educational system from time to time. In this manner, the student and the school as a whole are benefited with success as a whole he says!

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Have you stopped to wonder why doctors always tell you to eat a balanced diet? Let’s say you love pizza, for instance. Pizza is not bad for you so why can’t you just go on living on Pizza?

The simple reason is that you need to get nutrients your body requires for good health from a variety of foods. This is the case with vitamin B. This vitamin is a powerhouse; it is a key player in maintaining cell health and keeping you energized. In fact, without a specific vitamin B—B-12—your metabolism won’t function smoothly.

Different types of vitamin B perform different functions and are also found in different types of food. The most powerful vitamin B of them all—vitamin B-12—is found primarily in meat and dairy products. Other types of vitamin B, such as B-7 and B-9, are found in fruits and vegetables.

Why Vitamin B Is So Important

Without a doubt, you need vitamin B-12 and other types of vitamin B to keep the doctor away and stay healthy. Lacking in vitamin B can lead to serious health consequences. To understand why you need this vitamin, let’s take a quick look at what it does.

What does vitamin B-12 do?

Your body constantly produces red blood cells and carries out many other functions, such as DNA and RNA replication. These functions wouldn’t be possible without the presence of vitamin B-12. Various studies on the impact of vitamin B-12 concluded that an average adult needs at least 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 a day. Unfortunately, this type of vitamin cannot be produced by the body; it must be procured either from food or from supplemention.

You can get this vitamin either by taking a supplement to quickly replenish your body or by consuming certain foods, such as:

  • Fish
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Liver
  • Shellfish
  • Red meat

However, there are situations where people don’t eat enough of the above mentioned foods, and even if they do, some people have a problem with absorption of vitamin B-12. Both circumstances lead to a deficiency of vitamin B-12 which could usher in a host of harmful health problems. According to research by the National Health and Nutrition Examination, about 3.2% of adults that are over 50 years of age have a seriously low level of vitamin B-12 and up to 20% may have a borderline vitamin B-12 deficiency.

Harmful Effects of Vitamin B Deficiency

The symptoms of vitamin B develops slowly and intensify over time. You may be lacking this vitamin without even knowing it. The problem with symptoms of vitamin B deficiency is that they are very similar to the symptoms of other conditions and can easily be overlooked.

A deficiency in vitamin B can lead to serious health problems, such as:

  • Anemia
  • Swollen, inflamed tongue
  • Strange sensations, tingling or numbness of legs, hands, or feet
  • Difficulty when walking
  • Yellow skin
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Paranoia or even hallucinations


Vitamin B plays an important role in your overall health, and taking an adequate dose of vitamin B ensures your body will perform its functions optimally. In order to stay healthy and strong, you may need a powerful vitamin B supplement, such as Methyl-life, to ensure that you meet your daily vitamin B needs.



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Birthday parties are meant to be special occasions. It marks the beginning of life and across the human condominium, it is considered to be an auspicious occasion. Nonetheless, it is definitely a propitious moment that needs to be relished and celebrated.

Birthday parties are meant to make the person feel special. It is solely their day and it rightfully needs to be celebrated in an orchestrated manner. Each and every single person loves surprise gift. It is eccentrically one of the best things, which can make a person feel good and loved as well. Gifting is a generous concept of appeasement that has been in existence for a very long time, perhaps since the inception of ages.

Planning Your Special Birthday Parties Like A Professional

For such an auspicious occasion, it is necessary to make sure that all amends are pioneered in the correct manner. Professional birthday party planners can make quite a lot of difference in this perspective and it would be an ideal step to have them hired for the purpose.

Why you need Professionals?

The answer to the question is fairly simple owing to the fact that the professional birthday party planners can make things seemingly look easier and better. The other major advantage that is observed tentatively has to be the fact that everything is executed in the perfect manner; pretty much the way one would have planned it to be. Birthday party planners in Mumbai necessarily work in accordance with their optimum spirit to make things go the perfect way. Being a birthday bash it is necessary that the moments are capitalised in the best way and set in accordance with the most affluent moments.

Perks of Working with the Professionals

There are a lot of perks while working with the professionals. Professionals always carry out the work in the most serene way possible such that everything is perfected in accordance to needs. The best order of things can only be achieved through pure dedication and these professionals carry out their best performance as ever.

The Other Advantages are as follows:

• Birthday party planners carry out the most efficient form of work such that at the end of the day every single thing fits in accordingly.
• The planning is necessarily executed in the perfect manner so that the mesmerising results can be witnessed first-hand.
• The ordeal is taken care of in the best way possible and the person is rendered riddance from any form of unwanted problems surrounding the arrangement. All that the person has to do is sit back on their couch and enjoy the moments.
• The client is relieved from unwanted costing as well since everything is well accounted for at the hands of the birthday party organizers

In this era when everything is carried out in the easiest manner, it is necessary that the people are always willing to take up professional help. This ensures that at the end of the day any form of fiasco is avoided for sure and that everything fits in accordance with the plans that one has.

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People view things differently in the world we live in but that’s the beauty of diversity. Let’s talk limousines. There are a good number of people that see limo services franklin tnbased as an unnecessary luxury and dueto others they are even pretentious. Whichever way you see it, the limousine industry is one that’s thriving and has no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you’re always looking forward to a limo ride, but are not too sure of an excuse to make,then this article is for you as it focuses on some of the situations where you many need a limousine.

Why You Will Regret Not Travelling On Your Deathbed

Time Saving

When you are headed for a business meeting, you can either drive yourself or seek services of a limo. A limo, however, is the most convenient. While you can driveyourself to the airport, it’sreally not time saving. This will only serve to take away time from tasks that you could be doing while you sit tight in a limo ride. You could make use of this precious time for example to check the emails, finalize meetings and get yourself ready for the meeting that you will be attending. Additionally, you will not have to deal with the looking for parking lots and having to pay for parking fees for the period that you will be gone.

Getting ahead in the Competitive Market

When you are hosting clients, whileyou can go to the airport and drive them yourself, it’s a bit hectic and can carry with it a lot of confusion.  Limo services however will be able to rectifythis. Additionally, it gives your clients the kind of treatment they deserve owing to the fact that it’s them that are actually contributors to the success of your business. It’s a smart business strategy that willin fact work to your favor as it shows you value your clients.


A limo adds a feel of specialty to common events like adversaries,birthdays. This will make your loved ones feel extra special. Additionally, with limoservices in franklin tn, you will be guaranteed of safety because when people are out for celebrations, they may tend to drink a tad too much and thereforeunable to drive themselves safely to their placeof destination.You will have a special night the way it’s supposed to be and get back home safe without having to worry about a thing.

As a Bargaining Tool

If you are aparent of a teenager, then you know how conniving they can be.  A limohowever offers you the best bargaining tool. This is especially in major stages of their teenhoodlike prom nights. Byproviding them with a limo, you will be able to keep tabs on them as they will be able to have fun and return home safely to you.

A limo service though considered an unnecessaryluxury, most often than not there are timesthat they actually are a necessity just as described above.