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Apple’s newly released iPhone 7 is impressive. It has amazing specifications and is their newest flagship phone. As usual they have made some changes than just general improvements to specifications as there is a meant to be a generational leap from the iPhone 6S to iPhone 7.

iPhone 7

Positive changes made:

Improved camera

The shutter speed is now faster, there is improved colour reproduction and optical image stabilization. They’ve introduced an AI image signal processor which can detect objects and scenes within a photo and adjust the settings of the camera accordingly.

Increased battery size

The new iPhone 7 now has a 1955mAh battery. An improvement compared to the 1715mAh the iPhone 6S had. This supposedly adds an extra two hours of usage, all made possible with the extra space created from the controversially removed headphone jack.

IP67 water resistance

Apple’s iPhone 7 now sports IP67 water and dust resistance. Samsung Galaxy phones have had this water and dust protection rating since the Galaxy S5’s were introduced. So although it is nice Apple finally joined introduced it to its line of phones, it simply isn’t new or innovative – in fact the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a superior IP68 rating.

Higher storage for the basic model

The most basic version of the iPhone 7 now comes in the 32GB model. This is bit of catch up on Apple’s behalf as well as most Android phones come stock with 32GB as a minimum. Many Apple customers have been complaining for years that the 16GB is simply not enough to carry the iOS as well as a sufficient amount of apps and other media.

Negative changes made:

Loss of the headphone jack

Apple removed the headphone jack from its iPhone 7, making space for increased battery as well as Apple’s Taptic Engine. This means that iPhone users will now have to fork out good money for a new set of Bluetooth Earpods or perhaps a third party lightning cabled set of earphones.

The 3.5mm headphone jack has been around for many years. Although Bluetooth improved in both efficiency and effectiveness, we haven’t seen widespread use in the earphone/headphone department due to the inconvenience added from the required recharging of batteries.

Would you rather use a battery powered mouse v cabled mouse? Most people simply use the cabled mouse as the convenience of not having to switch/recharge batteries outweighs any benefits that come from the Bluetooth enabled mouse.

Taptic Engine

This is somewhat of a bittersweet addition because as we most know, this came at the cost of the headphone jack. In reality, it’s an addition that isn’t necessary and doesn’t add too much value to the average phone user. Vibrations are generally an afterthought and definitely not an issue that warranted significant improvement.

If you’re unhappy with the changes, you’re not alone. Many loyal Apple customers are choosing not to buy the iPhone 7 for various reasons. There are many that have waited for the iPhone 7 to upgrade but have decided against upgrading to it and have chosen to buy one of its predecessors, the iPhone 6 or 6S. Since prices for the iPhone 6/6S haven’t fallen that much since the release of the iPhone 7 it may be smarter to buy a cheap second hand iPhone to save money whilst owning a proven iPhone model. If you can’t afford to buy a flagship phone like the iPhone 6/6S/7 outright, you can consider selling your old mobile phone for cash. There are now many websites that pay cash for mobile phones and tablets.

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There is usually a lot going on in our lives and we are so busy in our lives doing our usual errands. We many times get caught up in some unwanted situations like leakage, faulty heating systems and many other plumbing issues. These problems usually bring havoc in our lives and make it stagnant for a while till we make efforts to mend them. Thus always there arises a need to consult someone who is a master at this art i.e. a plumber. There are so many plumbers available in the town so usually get caught in a dilemma of choosing the best out of so many options available. Just make sure that you pay and invest in a service provider who is dedicated to his work and has an immense level of knowledge on every aspect of plumbing. And also check the fact that you do not get caught in the same frustrating situation ever again.  So this becomes necessary that you do a little research on service providers and look for the best one because plumbing issues can bring you some real pain at your place creating a bizarre of many other problems as well. Plumbers Uxbridge is doing it quite well for you.

Plumbing At Its Best With A Guarantee

Plumbers Uxbridge

It has been a long while that we have established our business in Uxbridge are to provide you with the best plumbing services. There is a lot to take care of in our job. We need to make sure that our clients do not face the same problem again once after we mend it for them. The job requires someone very hardworking and dedicated so that he does not take so much of time. We definitely acknowledge the value of your time and money thus we make the task done as quickly as possible. So it is kind of our duty to make the job done at its earliest. We are always successful at delivering the best level of quality services to our customers. Thus we have earned this huge reputation and their trust as well. Our plumbing services include:

  1. Residential Plumbing
  2. Water heater repairs
  3. Pipe line leakage issues
  4. Bathrooms remodeling

Plumbers Uxbridge is a brand name which works for your betterment and also making sure that you are extremely satisfied and content with what we provide you.

Our Services

We have hired some of the best workers and service men for your assistance to provide you the best possible plumbing services. They have been making sure that they finish their job in the least given time. Thus this makes them the first priority of their clients because they are successful in building a healthy friendly relation with their clients.

If you are worried lately from your plumbing issues you have been facing at your place then we are present here at your convenience making sure that once the amendment is done, the issue is gone forever. So make Plumbers Uxbridge your prior choice. You can call us or visit us at our official web page for any kind of assistance. We will be happy to serve you.

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In this era of being environment friendly, everybody is stressing up on being promoting green. You have this moral duty of yours towards the environment to make sure that the environment is breathing perfectly and for that you need the most of trees to be planted near you. But we understand the fact that not everybody has ample amount of time to take care of their plantations whether commercial or residential. So there are the tree surgeons that come for your rescue to make sure that your trees are perfectly taken care of. There are numerous service providers who have been providing the best tree surgery services. You should just take care of certain things while choosing your provider.

Highly Professional Tree Surgeons In Harrow

  1. They should have an immense level of knowledge on the subject of trees.
  2. They should always take care of the fact they are doing their job perfectly.
  3. They should make sure that they have been charging very reasonably.

Since harrow is a town representing greenery and people there desperately needs someone to assist them with their services so that they can make the trees alive.

Tree Surgeons Harrow

We have been doing this tree service since a long time now. We are the masters in our art. Tree Surgeons are generally the arborists who have been who have been taking care of all the necessary tree treatments. They make sure that the trees are breathing well; they are properly taken care of. They do all the specific tasks of cutting, pruning and trimming of the tree trunks. So they have a lot to do on themselves. This task is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of their effort to make their job being done perfectly. We have been making sure that we are doing the best for our clients. We make sure that your trees are our responsibility now. We have been working on all kind of sizes and types as well. Our services include the following:

  1. Tree maintenance
  2. Tree reduction of cropping of barks
  3. Site clearance
  4. Trimming and much more

Tree Surgeons Harrow is making sure that our clients completely satisfied with our service and we do not let them have any venture of disappointment. Thus they have always trusted us with our jobs and they have appreciated our efforts.

Our Services

We have some amazing and hard working tree surgeons that have been doing their jobs with utter professionalism and also making sure that their tree are doing well. Tree Surgeons Harrow has been providing their clients with all kinds of assistance to our clients with every way possible.

We understand the fact that you have been dealing with a lot of stress lately for not taking care of your trees properly. But we make sure that their maintenance in our hands now. We would not let you down ever and also make sure that your trees remain healthy. Just Trust us once.

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Web application vulnerabilities have shot to an all-time high; thanks to a volley of sophisticated hacking tools in the hands of cyber cons. These tools have the capability of automatically launching a well-coordinated attack. And the attacks are not limited to a single website; rather they can be launched against multiple vulnerable websites at the same time. Earlier, only large corporate websites were the prospective targets of these malicious hackers. But now, even smaller websites are susceptible to these automated attacks. Thus, it has become a necessity to incorporate web application security solutions irrespective of the size of the company. For your business, the consequence of compromising the website can be devastating.

Common Web Application Security Attacks and Their Solutions

Here are a few things concerning the security of your website that you should keep in mind:

What Makes a Web Application a Target?

Web applications make it easy for malicious visitors to access a website’s two most vital resources, the database server and the web server. This makes the web applications vulnerable to attacks and exploitation by hackers. A few reasons a web application a prospective target may include:

High site traffic: If your website is popular, it means that your site’s visits per second are very high. Hacking your website and damaging its performance and availability help your competitors to tarnish your brand image.

Political and Ideological Differences: Religious and political extremists often attack their opponents’ websites to grab the attention and make a statement.

Unhappy Employees: Websites or web applications are not always attacked by outsiders. Some attacks are also launched by the employees who sell the inside information to competitors.

What are the Most Common Attacks on Web Applications?

Malicious hackers can attack a web application in several ways, the common being:

SQL Injection: Hackers can get access to a company’s database through SQL injection. Such attacks help them imitate the identity of a user and alter or destroy data saved in the database. They insert malicious SQL statements into the field forms to gather information from the database. When hackers get access to the database, they can easily modify or delete certain information from the database.

Cross-site Scripting (XSS): XSS attacks occur when a hacker injects a malicious script into a vulnerable web application. These scripts plant malicious software on visitors’ computer, subsequently hijacking their sessions and stealing their cookies.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS): DDoS attacks make a particular web application temporarily unavailable. A huge number of IP addresses are used to generate requests which flood a site with traffic leaving it incapable of processing and responding to valid requests.

Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF): Such an attack hijacks trusted user sessions and makes unwanted purchases on the user’s behalf. CSRF attacks trick users to click links or download images that execute unknown and unwanted actions.

How Can You Protect Your Web Application?

These days, different tools and methods are available to cyber security personnel that can be used to protect a website. For every type of attack, there is a solution, and the best approach is to use an on-going process that will protect both you web application and user credentials. Some common protective measures include:

Code Reviews: These help in identifying vulnerable codes in the development stage.

Code Scanners: Static and dynamic code scanners automatically check for vulnerabilities.

Bug Bounty Programs: These programs help professional pen testers to spot bugs in a website.

CAPTCHA: This helps you to ensure that requests are ‘human-generated,’ and therefore not ‘bot-generated’.

Web Application Firewall (WAF): It monitors a website’s network and blocks potential attacks.

Your users are sharing sensitive information with the confidence that you will keep them safe and secure. Any leakage of information and their subsequent abuse can completely ruin your brand’s credibility in the market. And THIS is precisely what the hackers want. If you want to avoid such predicaments, adopt web application security solutions and keep your online assets protected from cyber-attacks. This will help in ensuring user satisfactions and maintaining company reputation.

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So your teen has obtained the driver’s license. Having a teen driver who is all set to hit the roads is exciting and stressful at once. It is going to be a tightrope situation for you where you will have to juggle the roles of a supportive parent and a strict disciplinarian. Do not forgo control thinking it may affect your child’s confidence level. Your lenience would not only jeopardize the youngster’s safety but may also land you in a legal soup. How? Parents are held civilly liable for the damages resulting from a car accident caused by a teen driver below the age of 18. If you ever face such a situation, seek legal help right away. As laws associated with car accidents vary from state to state, it is best to hire an attorney of that particular state where the incident happened. For example, if your teenager met with a car accident in San Diego, approach a San Diego auto accident attorney to take you through the process.


State Laws That Can Hold Parents Liable for Accidents by Minor Teen Drivers

There are some legal doctrines that can be used to hold parents responsible for the reckless driving of a teen driver. Some of these theories include:

• Statutory liability
• Negligent entrustment of a vehicle to a child
• Negligent oversight over the child
• The ‘Family Purpose’ doctrine

Statutory Liability

Every state has some or the other version of the Statutory Liability law that, in general, holds parents legally responsible for certain types of misconducts of their child, which may include assault, vandalism, shoplifting etc. The same rule applies to negligent driving by a young driver. However, the laws governing this principle may vary from state to state.

In some states, the law stipulates that if a teenager under the age of 18 operates a motor vehicle negligently, both parents or any parent having the custody of the child, or the parent who signed the application of the child’s driving license as a co-signer or sponsor can be held responsible for the negligence. In case the child does not live with both the parents, the liability for the negligence will be transferred to the parent who signed the application of the child’s driving license.

Negligent Entrustment and Negligence Oversight

Negligent oversight and negligent entrustment doctrines take into account the fact whether parents were negligent themselves. The erring teenager’s parents will be subjected to gross penalties if it is proved in the court that the motor accident has taken place due to their negligence.

While Negligent Entrustment means that parents were negligent in deciding to allow their child to drive their car, Negligent Oversight over a child means parents were not keeping proper watch over their child. A case of negligent entrustment may occur when parents give permission to their child to drive the car, knowing that he/she is not in a proper condition to drive. On the other hand, a case of negligent oversight will arise when, even after restricting the child from driving the car, the child steals the keys to drive the car and causes an accident.

The ‘Family Purpose’ Doctrine

This is a different legal concept that merges the negligent oversight and negligent entrustment doctrines. While the language of the rule may vary from state to state, in general, it states that the owner of the vehicle will be held responsible for any damage caused by a family member (or child) driving the vehicle. This rule does not depend on whether parents gave permission to the child to drive the vehicle or not.

To understand these laws more clearly, you can contact an auto accident attorney based in San Diego or the state where the incident has taken place. Also, keep talking to them about car accidents and associated danger and consequences. It is not only a matter of avoiding legal hassles; you must make your kids road-ready by teaching them how to drive safely. After all, as an informed parent, it is your responsibility to see that your kids do not misuse their newly acquired independence.

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The University of Central Florida reported a security breach at the beginning of this year that affected approximately 63,000 current and former students, faculty, and staff. And, it is not alone. IT companies in Tampa and other parts of the US deal with security breach issues every day. This is why, data protection policies play a crucial role for any business. However, many small to medium-sized companies lack data recovery specialists. This results in multiple failures, threats, and exposures, and makes businesses more vulnerable to data loss and security threats. The rampant use of enterprise mobility, social networking platforms, and dispersion of data sites at distant locations further increases the chance of a breach. Sometimes an outdated IT infrastructure, old back-up systems, and unpredictable data recovery strategies play the culprit. But before you look for an IT company to meet your data security needs, it’s important to learn how you can build a data protection plan. Here are three ways to make your job easier:

3 Ways To Ensure Data Protection In Your Company

1. Modernize Your Data Protection Technology

Make sure your infrastructure is strong enough to manage and secure sensitive business data. Today’s modern and innovative business environment means more regulative strategies, system/application configuration, compliance issues, and more intricate and unorganized data management and monitoring. When it comes to conventional on-premises data systems, they cannot secure your business-critical applications or systems data overload. And, if you are switching to cloud storage services and cloud applications you must upgrade your old data protection technology.

2. Focus on a Sound Backup Plan

Information loss is unavoidable. So, ensure that you have a foolproof data protection plan in place. Assimilating and integrating duplicate copies of your data in a safe location or server will not only protect your company information, but also help you continue your business as usual, avoiding downtime.

3. Update Your Systems and Applications

Make sure all your systems and applications are up to date. All software patches that are released on a regular basis not only ensure application and performance enhancements, but also fix security threats. You can update your PC operating systems, applications, and anti-virus software.

Modern-day businesses operate round the clock, which means your systems too should be up and running at any given hour. If you are in Florida, consider hiring a reliable IT company in Tampa, Florida that can take care of your data protection and security needs. It will help you improve productivity, and avoid downtime, irate customers or legal penalties.

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Be it a hotel lounge or the living room of your home, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TVs are seen almost anywhere. The technology has become so widespread that one can find an LCD TV installed in nearly all new motor home models. In an era, when people are not ready to settle for anything that gives them less than a fabulous viewing experience, your prospects will highly appreciate this feature when you try to sell your RV online. And why not? There are a good number of reasons for RV owners to crave for one:

• The picture quality of LCD TVs is very good;
• LCD TVs are not huge like the TV of earlier days;
• LCD TVs are very thin and can be mounted on walls;
• LCD TVs can also be mounted on motorized bases that can be retracted when not in use.

However, many RV owners, who reside in the Frost Belt, hesitate to invest in an LCD unit, as the general belief is these ultra-slim television sets might not be able to handle the freezing temperature well.


So, what makes the LCD TVs vulnerable to the freezing temperatures? It is their very make. The LCD TVs have a liquid crystal fluid in their display which,, like any other liquid, can freeze in extremely cold conditions. Moreover, when you allow this liquid to freeze it may expand, distort, and even crack. All these factors make LCD televisions extremely vulnerable in the freezing cold. But, this does not mean that you cannot install one in your RV to lure buyers from up north. Simply know how to use it carefully and pass the knowledge to your prospects.

What is the Safe Operating Temperature for LCD TVs?

Certain conditions can harm the LCD display. For example, when you bring a cold LCD TV is cold to a warm environment there will be moisture throughout the device due to condensation. Plugging it in and turning it on in such a condition can cause catastrophic results like short circuits, shocks, and ultimately, failure of the unit. Ideally, you should store an LCD TV in temperatures ranging between 40 degrees and 100 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the liquid crystal fluid from freezing. But, if your LCD TV is exposed to an environment below this temperature range, give it some time, at least 24 hours, so that it can adapt to the suitable temperature range, after which you can plug it in and turn it on without causing it any harm.

How Can You Protect Your LCD TV?

Here are some safe-storage tips that you can share with your prospective buyers:

Step 1:

Cover your TV with a blanket or wrap it with a cardboard sheet so that you cover the screen completely. This will not only protect the screen from the cold but will also protect it from scratches while it is in storage.

Step 2:

Different manufacturers provide different temperature limitations for their products, but none has a temperature limit lower that minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it will be a wise decision to store your TV above minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3:

You may also remove your LCD TV from the RV and store it indoors in warmer temperatures. You can also arrange for heated storage options for your RV during the winter months.

The installation of an LCD TV will considerably help you to sell your RV online. Remember to highlight this feature in the ad that your post. Throw in your two cents about LCD maintenance and impress your buyers in no time.

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Six months in the south of France– how does that sound? For some European Union citizens, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed. But those who have pets might have to reconsider the decision because they may not want to leave their pets in someone else’s care when they spend an extended trip abroad. What if I tell you that you can now take your four-legged friend along without any hassle? All you need is an EU Pet Passport and the services of the right worldwide pet transport agency to help you fly off to France. Now, if you are wondering, what is this passport, then this blog is just for you.


What is PETS?

Pet European Travel Scheme or PETS was introduced in the European Union to relax the pet travel restrictions, which made a six-month pet quarantine mandatory for all animals entering or returning to the EU. The primary aim of this rule was to control rabies. In October 2001, the European Union approved PETS, which states that animals from any member countries can travel freely to another member nation in approved carriers. With time, many other countries integrated this rule in their pet import system, which include the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.As long as you follow the PETS steps, your pet will not be quarantined in another EU country.

A Pet Passport is the document you need to let your pet travel between countries. It records information about a particular pet. This can be a number of forms, a pink A4 sheet, or a small blue booklet. You will microchip or tattoo your animal and obtain certification that the pet has undergone rabies vaccination. This booklet or document needs to be signed by an officially approved veterinary surgeon.

UK and EU System

With Brexit becoming a fact, pet importation rules may change with little notice. As of October, 2016 the UK follows the EU PETS with a couple of additions. If you are taking your dog to the UK, then it needs to undergo a vet-administered tapeworm treatment24 to 120 hours before entering the country. All pets entering or leaving the UK must move as manifest cargo.

As for the rest of the EU countries, the laws are much more relaxed. You need to microchip the pet, vaccinate and wait for 21 days from the date of the rabies vaccination. This will count the rabies jab; later the vet will refer to this for determining the health of your pet. Unlike the UK, many countries in the EU allowpets to travel in a car or a bus and they even let them in restaurants.

New Regulations

According to new rules in the UK, Sweden and Malta, if the pet is coming from a rabies-free country or a country with low rabies occurrence, then the Blood Titer Test is not required. The owner does not need to show certificate of treatment for ticks. In the EU countries, puppies and kittens do not need to be vaccinated for rabies, because they are too young for the test. On the other hand, EU countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Switzerland allow pets to enter their country unvaccinated.

More and more people are opting for worldwide pet transport services to take their pets on extended trips. While a competent agency would guide you every step of the way, it helps to stay informed about the various rules and regulations. It is recommended that you keep your pet’s vaccination up-to-date and find out the rules for pet travel to any country to which you are traveling.

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Hiring a disability attorney in Tacoma can significantly improve your chances of getting your claim approved so you can receive the benefits you rightly deserve. Of course, that doesn’t make the process of choosing the right lawyer any easier. In fact, it’s important that you select carefully so that you end up with qualified legal representation and someone you feel comfortable with and confident in. That said, here are five specific things you should take into consideration when choosing a disability attorney in Tacoma.

Do they have enough experience? You want someone to represent you that will have the best chance at helping you successfully win your claim. You can improve those chances by choosing a lawyer that has many years of experience and a proven track record in the disability law field. Ask about how many clients they’ve helped and whether there are any references you can check.

What kind of law do they practice? You should look into whether the attorney you’re considering specializes in disability law or if they dabble in a little bit of everything. While it’s certainly possible to juggle multiple specialties, choosing a lawyer that deals exclusively with disability claims would be a wiser choice because they typically have a better understanding of the process and what it takes to win.

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Disability Attorney In Tacoma To Handle Your Disability Claims

Will it cost you anything upfront? Be aware that some attorneys require their clients to pay a retainer and other legal fees upfront before they will spend time working on a case. If you’re like most people who are struggling with a disability and in need of benefits, this can become a huge financial burden. Before making your decision, look for a disability attorney in Tacoma that offers a free consultation and no out-of-pocket costs.

What type of services do they offer? It’s important that both parties have a clear understanding of what’s expected once the attorney is hired. That’s why it’s essential to ask in advance exactly what services your prospective lawyer will do for you. For best results, choose someone who is willing to assist with every step of the process, from filling out paperwork to gathering evidence to litigation, if necessary.

Do you feel comfortable? Finally, regardless of how much experience and expertise a particular candidate might have, choosing a disability attorney with whom you feel comfortable is incredibly important. You will be working closely with this person and may have to share details about your medical records and other information that might be considered personal in nature. Make sure the representative you select is professional, courteous and willing to give you the time and attention you deserve.

If you’re thinking about enlisting the help of an experienced disability attorney in Tacoma, we invite you to contact us toll-free at (888) 723-4141 or fill out the convenient online form to schedule a free initial consultation. We want to help you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

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The Technical meaning of Generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity. We use electricity for all purposes. All Residential, Commercial properties use electricity to yield desired output. Generators are either the main or the backup source in case of power failure. Essex in the United Kingdom has many firms and organization selling New and Used Generators producing an enormous amount of electric power. I have accounted some of the major Features, Advantages of utilizing Generators in Essex that will help in concluding your decision to buy your machine online or either in-person.

Explicit List Of Best Websites To Buy New And Used Generators In Essex

Unique Features

Generators are mainly of different types and the throughput depends on what type you have selected. Here I have accounted some major features of using a Generator.

  • Fuel Gauge – It is a visual indicator of the Fuel remaining in the fuel tank. The total gallons of gasoline a generator can store are variable however, if the generators are being used throughout the day, it will not be difficult to consume all the fuel at once. The Fuel Gauge helps determine either the amount of fuel left or beeps when the amount is below reserved level.
  • Portability – Depending on the power output, the size of the Generators changes. Smaller Generators are portable and can be transported with ease.
  • Electric Start – Although not all Generators have this feature, many of them have the electric start that lets you do start the Generator with the help of battery which needs to be recharged. It ensures smooth star for a Generator.

How Generators are useful

Being capable of powering smaller to larger grids, Generators help provide power to the Hospitals as Backup in order of any power failure. The Generators Essex help powering the Construction Sites for better visibility during nights and to continue work throughout the day with Generators supplying electricity to the heavy equipments and machinery. The Generator as use a backup for powering to power the Nuclear Power Plants in the dangerous situations like an earthquake or flood.

  • Smaller Generators are extremely portable and mobile. With the mobility feature, you can just drag the Generators to the right stop without the need to lift it.
  • Using a Generator is extremely easy. The instructions to use are always printed on the chassis of the Generator and that you just have to press the electric start button to recoil or pull the string to get it on.
  • It can be use to power right from basic home appliances like Freezer, Television set yo bigger power grids like as a backup for power station where the size and output is variable.

Getting Generators and other machines has become a child’s play. You can sit back and relax and all your work is taken care of by the specialized services provided by your selected vendor.  Generators in Essex are tailor-made and easy to book online. Above are some of the major Generators vendors in Essex which also provides other facilities at affordable rates. Whatever your power requirements may be, these organizations are well prepared so that you don’t experience embarrassing moments in case of abrupt power failure.