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Jonathan Schrag – The Expert Speaks.We are well aware of the fact and there is no refusing whatsoever that our world is proceeding and degrading towards its end day by day if we do not focus and harness the energies left in this planet. There goes the famous saying – “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land” by Aldo Leopold, American conservationist and environmentalist. Thereafter, we always have to understand that pollution of environment is an incurable disease and it can only be prevented. Our planet is warming itself very fast due to which we are experiencing climatic change very often. From all over the countries many environmentalists and conservationists collaborate together to discuss and bring benefits towards the environment.

Presently, the world is experiencing an environmental threat which is known as global warming. It is most referred to as the rise in temperature around us and accordingly causing climatic variations in our world. Among all other environmentalists and experts, we are going to discuss about Jonathan Schrag who is an expert in sustainable energy.  He is known professionally in the fields of climate, environment and energy. He gained his experience and expertise in these sectors by serving different directorial and executive positions with numerous universities and companies. Few notable companies he worked are:-

  • Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors LLC
  • RGGI Inc.
  • Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Earth Institute at Columbia University

There is a process to detect and to evaluate the solutions towards these environmental problems. Schrag also states that due to several activities that human being conducts releases different types of gases such as carbon dioxide, etc. in enormous quantities which is one of the countless source that adds to this problem.

We, the people are responsible for not controlling or regulating our environment properly because few energies, fuels, etc. faces so much of scarcity that it has a high chance of getting extinct in our upcoming generation. There are several effects of global warming which becomes the key point to degrade the world so much. The effects of global warming are the social and the environmental changes caused directly or indirectly by human emissions of greenhouse gases. Over this article, we tried to understand that the climatic change depicts a change in climate that persists over a sustained period of time.

Jonathan Schrag along with his team telescoped on preserving a green and clean environment. His works and plans executed to protect the environment. He is currently serving as the Deputy Administrator at the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission. Earlier, he has been associated with Environmental Defence Fund, New York University School of Law, NECHPI or Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. In context to this, he also has served as an executive director for Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy. Thus, we need the sense of understanding the nature and the laws of our environment because we feel that God resides in nature, in animals, in birds and upon the whole world.

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Do you ever wonder why you eat eggs? Many people eat eggs daily but they are not aware of the reasons why. Most of them say that eggs give them protein and cholesterol however they are ignorant about the other wonder benefits that eggs give them. They do not even know that eggs are a powerhouse of important nutrients that the human body needs. Eggs are super food and it is wise for you to include them in your diet daily!

It is important for you to consume good quality eggs sourced from a genuine farm or company. In the USA, Norco Ranch is a leading name when it comes to the production of eggs. The experts here say that eggs is one of the best sources of protein you can consume. Eggs have a very high ratio of protein and fat. They have about 6 grams of protein in the egg white and 5 grams of fat. There is a misconception among people that consumption of eggs will make them fat. This is not true at all.

Eggs- A Super Food With Immense Benefits!

Now, for those of you who believe that egg is just fat and protein, it is time for you to read on. Eggs help you boost the functions and the health of the brain. One of the primary ingredients of egg is choline. This is a substance that is a component in the molecules of the brain. The human body cannot produce choline on its own and this is why you need to eat more of egg. They are an excellent source of choline and helps you improve the health of the brain and body with success!

When it comes to eggs you will find that they are a very rich source of vitamins as well. The human body needs these vitamins and the notable ones present in eggs are A, B2, B5, B12 and vitamins D and E. All these vitamins help you in a large manner to look after and maintain your health. When it comes to eggs, you will find that they are a very rich source of antioxidants as well. They protect the cells against free radicals and they help you to delay the aging process. They are effective when it comes to warding off any disease.

Eggs are a very rich source of cartenoid- this is a substance that helps your eyes and protects it against degenerative diseases. Eggs have a massive amount of protein and they help you in effective weight management. This means if you are on a weight loss program, it is very important for you to lose weight. The protein in the eggs will develop the muscle tissue and this helps you to boost your metabolism to a very large extent. This in turn will help you in burning a lot of calories.

Therefore, from the above, you will see that eating eggs is indeed very beneficial and you should ensure that you have them daily. Good quality eggs like the Norco Ranch Eggs should be purchased as this Company ensures that the hens are bred in clean and hygienic conditions that in turn give birth to good quality eggs for your unique health needs!

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To some people cremation may seem to be weird as they feel like the only real way to put the remains of someone to rest is by embedding them in the ground. Even though cremation services have been performed all through history, there are still those who do not even like the concept of it. Yet others continue to prefer this method over traditional burial. There are numerous reasons why this is so. If you are one of those who have doubted why anyone would want to be cremated or choose this method for someone they love then go through the below mentioned details

Trident Society - The Most Trustworthy Cremation Service Provider In The United States

  • Cremation services are considered as a much cheaper option as certain funeral costs can be avoided such as you do not need to purchase a casket, a burial plot or pay the fees for grave opening and closing. Moreover, there is no requirement of embalming the body. Apart from financial benefits, other social factors have donated to the increase of cremation services and the latest move toward customizable funerals.
  • Cremation services is considered as a greener option as this is good for the environment. This is because in the cremation services, land is not used for graves and certain chemicals are also not required for embalming.
  • While the common belief is that remains are usually displayed in urns on the mantle, or scattered in a meaningful place, approximately one third of them are buried. You can opt for the remains to be buried underground or buried above ground at a cemetery.
  • Once the cremation process has taken place, the family can perform whatever type of memorial service they want. Choosing this service gives the family the liberty to make it personal to signify the departed loved one.

Trident Society is considered as the most trustworthy cremation service provider in the United States. The company aims to ensure that each family has affordable cremation plan choices by offering outstanding value in cremation quality, pricing, and expert guidance all through the cremation pre-planning stage.

By choosing Trident Society, after the cremation process is over you have the choice to scatter the remains, retain the urn or place the urn in a columbarium or gravesite. With locations at Palm Desert/Rancho Mirage, Walnut Creek, Roseville, San Jose/Fremont and San Diego, Trident Society’s serve areas in a radius of about 100 miles.

On the whole, there are several factors to consider when determining what to do with the remains of a loved one. Whatever makes the family feel most at ease is the most vital matter. The popularity of cremation is growing, and these advantages should be considered when choosing an end-of-life service for a loved one.

So, it can be concluded by stating that Trident is regarded as the largest affordable cremation service providers in the United States which has been serving the families for more than fifteen years now. If you want to carry out the final wishes of your loved one with respect and dignity then choose Trident.

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Since God is the supreme power who loves and takes care of everyone, the plan of salvation and teaching about God is something people need to imbibe in their day to day life. Being the children of God, people need to spread message of Christ to the world, teaching everyone how to help and sacrifice for others and also to stay happy and live a good life. The story of Jesus Christ is written in Gospel. A person’s words and actions creates an impact on his life hence everyone should know the message of God to lead a joyful and happy life.

What Is The Secret Of Happiness In Life

Spreading the Message of Love:

The real mission of Westside Family Church is to teach and train the people of the universe who will spread the message of Gospel to others who are not aware or informed about the love of God. Gospel is all about message and good news that should be delivered to the people to understand the real meaning and essence of life. This community church has gained its name and popularity among the people across the world because of its hard efforts and dedication to make sure that people, who are ignorant about the life of Jesus Christ, should know the value of gospel and its importance in every individual’s life.

Necessity of Gospel Teachings

The creator loves all his children and never wants you to stay sad and unhappy. Hence, one needs to understand the ways to remove or eliminate all the sins that you have made. Gospel teaching will guide you and help you to understand the true meaning of life and how to live a blessed and happy life. Usually people are totally fooled and misguided by attractive materialistic things in the world and hence they do not understand the secrets of happiness and remains unhappy in life.

Making a person understand how to lead a fruitful and happy life is the main purpose of Westside Family Church Lenexa KS. Westside Church acts as a unifying catalyst in Kansas city to help to unite, organize, and provide resources to ministries working together to make a real difference in individual’s lives for Jesus. Reaching to the remote places where people are not aware about the blessings and grace of God and making them aware and knowledgeable about the preaching of God is truly significant job that some of the trained volunteers and missionaries of Westside Family Church is doing. However, still there are many distant villages that are unaware and untouched about the message of God that needs to be covered. Overall, the secret of happiness lies in knowing the actual path of salvation.

The secret of happy life lies in helping the poor and the needy. In order to live your life happily, you need to be ready to sacrifice and help others irrespective of their religion, nationality, caste and creed. People across the nations seek various ways for salvation but they are still ignorant about the plans of salvation and essence of life. Westside Family Church is helping people and guiding them to find out the ways of salvation ensuring that they lead a peaceful and happy life.

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The awareness of data analytics as an important tool for advanced business management is spreading like a forest fire through India. The steady growth of data driven activities among Indian enterprises has acquired an extra ordinary pace in 2016. As we move forward in 2017 we can expect data and business analytics to come forth as the most sought after career path. The Indian students, graduating in various technical streams, are coming across the idea of big data analytics as a field wrought with opportunities. This has led to the germination of numerous analytics courses in India. It is very encouraging to see that although analytics in India has not entered the core mainstream business, it is shaping the perspective of India youth as well as the education system.

The Future Of Analytics In India

A lot of Indian enterprises are looking forward to integrate data analytics at the basic and, in some cases, advanced levels. The likes of Mahindra and TCS had inducted analytics in their business strategy quite a while ago. The last couple of years have seen a considerable number of small and mid-scale enterprises take data analytics seriously. Thanks to the global shortage of analytics professionals and the proactive online academies, the Indian analytics workforce looks ready for the future.

The pervasive growth in the number of data driven companies in India is invariable and it should not take very long. The analytics courses I India are surely going to take a major role when this transition happens. India has always been a convenient talent pool for the whole world. The number of Indian IT professionals working in the global IT market is staggering. Since the Indian analytics market is yet in its nascent stage a lot of the big data professionals move out or work for foreign companies. The steady growth of the Indian analytics market promises to bring home a lot of the analytics professionals. If you are getting into an analytics course in India and feel skeptical about opportunities, do not worry.

With machine learning algorithms getting better and artificial intelligence threatening of severe disruption in multiple sects of various industries it is quite reasonable for you to be doubtful about a soaring career in data analytics. But then again the field currently features a huge shortage of skilled professionals and there are a large number of companies that are planning to integrate analytics but have not done that yet. Opportunities are still in making. Undergoing an analytics course in India, learning the skills and techniques, getting ready for the job, are what you can do. And rest assured that no one with cutting edge analytics skills is going to sit idle in 2017 nor in near future.

We may sum things up by saying that best Analytics courses in India has grown exponentially and yet it has a lot of space to grow further. As far as opportunities for employees are concerned, there is hardly a field in the whole world right now that can promise you employment more certainly than analytics.

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The changes and developments in technology of this generation are very apparent. Almost all aspects of our lives have experienced the feel of technology. When talking about transportation, we are not just interested in a vehicle that can take us from point A to point B; there are other factors that we now put in question. Some of these factors include safety of the rider, efficiency, durability of the vehicle, economic features, impact on the ecosystem, and lots more.

In as much as our electric scooters and gasoline scooters have their advantages, there are several disadvantages that we would be better off without. The price of fuel and the increasing threat of global warming get us all to start thinking about utilizing the propane powered scooters. You might wonder how possible it is to combine the strength of the traditional gasoline scooter with the cleanliness of the electric scooter and more. The development of a personal carrier that combines pocket friendliness, eco-friendliness and user friendliness can do the job; check this out!

Peculiarities of ProGoPS3000 propane operated scooter

In order to make sure that the claimed advantages of this vehicle are facts-supported and not mere statements, we would take a closer look at its features. The design of this personal carrier is meant for just one person and travelling short distances. It has a low fuel consumption, which denotes that a rider can be certain of not getting stranded in a detached area without a source of refueling.

Its small sized design makes it easier to navigate the urban terrains and you no longer have to look for a free parking space because it can be folded and carried indoors. Either you are an elderly person or a youngster; this scooter would fit fine with you.

Some user benefits of the ProGoPS3000 design

This machine being a popular flagship of ProGo attaches a reliable period of warranty to it. Even though it has a compact design, it can travel on one canister of propane at a speed of 20 mph over a 40 miles distance. Any personal carrier that can achieve such deserves to be named one of the best without even considering the kind of fuel it runs on.

The scooter itself has a dry weight of 35 lbs and can carry an imposed load of up to 200 lbs.; isn’t that impressive? There is no need for additional tuning, no extra energy source, no need for extra storage space; what more could one ask for? The amazing characteristics of the ProGoPS3000 propane powered scooter are enormous.

Now, scooter riders can be assured of a powerful and durable ride that comes with style and poses no threat to the environment. Go for the ProGoPS3000 scooter and be sure you are not just doing yourself a favor; your environment would also be grateful for your choice. Ride in comfort and style while saving the ecosystem.

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Have you ever wondered what would have become of farming without the invention of tools that made it easier? Well, the fact still does not change that gardening can be either a pleasurable activity or a nightmare. It is up to you to decide which outcome you expect from gardening. Efficient farming tools were designed with the aim of making the process of farming easier, faster, and pleasant. However, every single tool has its own purpose, and using the wrong tool to carry out the right gardening process could also result in a nightmare. The Nut Gatherers and Broadfork tool are some of those tools that we are going to take a closer look at.

Gardening With Great Pleasure: The Nut Gatherers and Broadfork Tool

Why does your garden need a Broadfork tool?

For starters, one should remember that the broadfork tool comes in several kinds. They vary in size, weight, and strength, so it is important to know which one would serve best for your farming need before going for it. See for options. Once you are done, you would understand when you need one with short or long pines, heavy or light weight, wooden or metal handles, and so on. Now let’s see some of the reasons why you might need a broadfork in general:

  • Eliminates delay in planting: With the broadfork tool, you do not need to wait for the damp soil to dry up before you can carry out aeration. Unlike the motor operated rototiller that would create little bricks that plant roots would find difficult to penetrate if used to aerate the damp soil. Now you can carry out soil aeration without having to wait.
  • Ease of use and absence of noise: unlike other mechanized tools for aeration, the broadfork is manually and easily operated both by kids and elderly people without creating noise pollution. No special technical knowledge is required to use it; just place it on the ground, step on the crossbar and let your bodyweight push it deeper into the soil. Move side-to-side a little on the crossbar and then tilt backward while pulling it out of the soil. The benefits of using a broadfork tool don’t stop here.

Why do you need a Nut gatherer in your garden?

Depending on the size of nuts and pecans that one plans to harvest, picking with bare hands could be an option. However, what happens when you want to harvest hundreds or thousands of nuts and pecans? Definitely, it wouldn’t be wise doing this with your bare hands. This is where the nut gatherer comes in; The NutGatherers website shows several variations of this tool. You don’t need any special skills to use this tool; it is manually operated but makes the work feel like a walk in the park.

The design of this tool is such that you just roll the harvester over the ground of your garden and it collects all nuts as it goes. It is as simple as that. And once the wire cage is filled with nuts, you can easily empty its content into a bucket or basket and it is ready to continue work. However, there is one thing that everyone should have in mind; this tool comes in several sizes and shapes. This means you should be sure of the size and quantity of nuts you want to collect before selecting one for the work.

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The field of financial analysis is all-encompassing, forming a wide net that covers dozens of individual job duties and titles. Some professionals in the field basically call themselves financial analysts, while others perform their duties under a multitude of related titles, such as risk manager, equity analyst, ratings analyst, fund manager and portfolio manager. The above professionals are all financial analysts, but what they do on a regular basis diverges based on the specific subsection of financial analysis in which they work.

Often, individuals fail to understand the multiplicity of financial analysts. Their vision of the career is bigoted, focusing only on the equity analysts who help large corporate clients make investing decisions and work for the big investment banks, or assist the banks themselves with assessing the potential of companies wishing to go public. While these jobs encompass a sizable portion of the field, financial analysis is so much more.

Financial Analysts all Work for Big Investment Banks.

Financial analysts can work on the sell side or the buy side. Buy-side analysts report to fund managers and scrutinize potential investment opportunities. They collect monetarist statements and other market data to make estimates as to which companies in the market represent the best investment opportunities. They prepare reports highlighting detailed quantitative analysis to support their conclusions.Sell-side analysts benefit investment banks determine which companies to take public. Taking a firm public means brokering the sale of equity in the company to the public through an IPO or initial public offering. Some IPOs are enthusiastically successful, while others become remarkable disasters where the company crashes soon afterward. The sell-side equity analyst breaks down monetarist data from prospective IPO opportunities to help his employer avoid failures and locate future successes.

An all-inclusive world of financial analysts exists outside the prestigious niche of equity analysis. These professionals instead work for regional and local banks, insurance companies, pension funds, independent money managers, and within a swarm of specific industries such as construction, energy, and real estate.

Financial analysts work for myriad companies, in myriad industries, performing myriad duties. Prior to launching his oil and gas career  Cody Winters worked in Corporate Finance for Agilent Technologies where he was in charge for the financial analysis of capital projects and strategic planning reporting to the CFO. For example, large insurance companies that operate on an analyst system, hire financial analysts at the commercial level to examine financial data at various levels, including topographical region and product type such as auto, home and life insurance, all the way down to separate agents and agencies.

The insurance company financial analyst Cody Winters of Southlake Resources Group helps his firm determine where current weaknesses and strengths lie, and he makes forecasts to project from where upcoming profits and losses are going to come. Other financial analysts help their employers with investments that have nothing to do with bond or stock markets. An analyst for a commercial real estate investor might be sent to estimate potential cash flows and operating costs, check out a vacant property, and eventually help determine if it is a wise investment. With an environmental uprising in full swing, an employer may task a financial analyst to project the break-even point if it retrofitted its headquarters with green technology and green energy.

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The process of hiring for HR professionals is not as easy as it sounds. When you are in the hiring process, your task does not end with mere recruitment. There are times when you need to terminate someone from a designation or ask him or her to leave. This action is not rewarding for any HR professional especially when he or she knows the person being terminated for not performing well enough in the company. It is very hard for someone to fire a co-worker especially when you know that the person is a good human being.

Take time to find the ideal candidate for your company

JD Dukes an expert in the staffing and recruitment process in the USA says that in most cases the employee is asked to leave primarily of poor performance. The Company might have made several attempts to help the employee do better at the job and a host of reminders about their poor performance did not help. Companies do not terminate the services of an employee without doing whatever they are able to do to help the employee first!

Employee referrals

There are instances of employee referrals that help the HR personnel find the right candidate for the post however there is no guarantee that he or she will be a good performing candidate.  Mr. Dukes says that it is important for the HR recruiter to follow certain steps that will minimize the risks of taking in an employee who cannot manage the tasks the job entails.

Employers should take great care of the recruitment process. The steps will help the HR department find the right candidate for the designated job. They are able to narrow down the list of applicants and are able to get the best for the post. The recruitment process involves the following steps generally-

  • The initial interview or screening of the candidate
  • The written test
  • The second interview with the supervisor or the employer of the company
  • Reference and background checks –this also includes the employment history of the candidate
  • Short-listing the candidates
  • Physical and medical health checks
  • Salary offered for the post
  • Acceptance of job offer

Many employers ask the question as to whether medical examinations should be taken before the job offer. Mr. Dukes says that it is important for the employer to ensure the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job. He says that in case the job offer is accepted before the medical reports, you might have to reject the candidate in case these reports come out negative.

Jeffrey A Dukes says that when it comes to the hiring and the recruitment process, it is very important for you never to rush through the procedures. This will yield negative results. When you are running the company or the business, it is very important for you to take time and research well from the right sources to find the ideal candidate for your company. The job might seem to be tedious however, it is worth it!

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Today we are in a world surrounded with tech geek freaks and it has become a necessity to know about the recent advancements going about. There are a lot of competitions going on among this technology supported gadgets every day. With the increasing rate and amount of competition and competitors, the makers of these big gadgets are trying every day to bring new advances in their new gadgets daily. With this scenario, Google has always come up with newness and promised about the recent developments. Google Pixel 2 is the company’s new gadget and is believed to set new records in history this time.

Notable Point Of Discussion: Google Pixel

As the name itself has a big branding to itself already, the features that it provides with its phones, makes them stand out of the normal crowd of similar models of other companies. When compared with phones of the same league Google Pixel comes out with a clean swipe of all the votes. In comparison with Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2 has almost every points coming to its pockets.

When coming to the colour options available, Google Pixel has the most number of options like the white pearl, black sapphire, silver and gold. These colors make it give it an aristocrat look and give it a stylish touch. Coming to the size of screen, Google Pixel Note has a screen size of 5 inch. Coming to the screen resolution, the Google Pixel has the best in the league with a resolution of 1440*2560 pixels.

The processor used in the Google Pixel is an Exynos 7420 against the qualcomm snapdragon processors in the other phones and the same is expected in case of pixel 2. This processor being the most recent version of all the ones mentioned proves to give Google Pixel fast and smooth usage. The RAM provided in the Google Pixel is about 4GB. But Google Pixel 2 can have 6 GB of RAM which will give it more speed.

The internal storage provided in the all new Google Pixel has a space of almost 32 GB against some 16 GB in the competitors of the league. This shows that it has a space that can be as good as in the personal computer and one can have all his work done on his phone easily anywhere and everywhere.

When coming to camera specifications, the all new Google Pixel is built with a rear camera of 16 megapixels that a point that makes it different from other normal smart phones and thus makes it unique. On the other hand, Google Pixel 2 will be given 20 MP camera. The quality of pictures that can be clicked with the camera of the Google Pixel 2 can beat any quality of picture in the league any day. When compared from the point of view of the front camera, the Google Pixel has a front camera of 5 megapixels which is one point where it stands as the same with the competitors but when the outcome is seen, it is evident that Google Pixel remains at the top. Priced at 57k that is worth paying, this phone is launched in the October 2016 as is expected to reach the sky’s limits and heights. Audience was disappointed with the price of Pixel, they are expecting, Google will not disappoint them with this high price of Google pixel 2. Stay tuned to know more about latest news about smartphones