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An aversion to the Abstract Expressionism genre of painting, led to the rise of the vibrant and colorful Pop Art. In the middle of the 1950’s this form of painting evolved in the United States of America through the works of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichenstein and Tom Wessleman. The contemporary day stalwarts of Pop Art include the name of Peter Max, using his brush from the 1960’s Peter has carved a niche for himself in this form of painting.

 He has some incredible works on presidents, popes, the famous musical band Beatles and of course not to forget his ‘Summer of Love’. Incomprehensible and serious attitude of the Abstract Expressionism was replaced by the lovely, vibrant and lively colors of the world. The artist was at liberty to paint his imagination and fill it with all the colors that he possibly can, even though the subject of a pop art painting is always the everyday mundane and ordinary things.

This is form of art that literally brings man back to his roots, makes one realize the importance of even the most negligible object lying around. Peter Max  is a true artist of pop art and has held up all the features of it very well in his works. It is thus that he has earned such fame and recognition among the millions living in America. His work of art became the subject for 40 museum exhibitions and it is among his schedule to travel every weekend to different galleries to meet his fans in person and dedicate his works to their collectors.

It was 1970’s that he had thought of staying away from the limelight after having been associated with big names like NASCAR and Coca Cola, but his magnificent work of the portrait of all the 356 firefighters who gave up their life in the blasts of September 11, brought him back to the center stage. His works have been so appreciated that they have been expanded sometimes to the size of a Norwegian cruise ship and sometimes to the size of a postage stamp. Even the Berlin Wall has sections that were worked upon by Peter, he has been rightly praised in the covers of the Times, Newsweek as also the New York Times.

It was he who had the courage to make alarm clocks, chess sets, umbrellas, bed sheets, tennis shoes, scarves, etc, his canvas for a work of pop art. He truly lent a life to the daily life ordinary objects and gave them a respectable place in every artist’s life. It is he who reinvigorated the popular icons of American culture, whether important celebrities or political figures, sport heroes, spiritual gurus; everyone was on their on the imaginative canvas of Peter. This version of Pop art was particularly known as Neo Pop, out of which yet another artistic form emerged known as the Neo Graffiti art. It was all because of Peter Max and his mantra of “Be Creative” that art has thus flourished, even amidst the speed of everyday life.

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There are a number of financial companies available in Dayton, Ohio. Most of the companies offer well-rounded and well-structured services relating to Medicare, healthcare and insurance policies. Mohlman financial is one such company which offers a wide range of financial solutions for individuals, families and for the various businesses. Jeff Mohlman after working as a sales executive in a number of financial companies decided to form his own financial management company.

Mohlman financial was established in the year 2012 in Dayton, Ohio. With the help of Bryan Pitstick, Jeffrey Mohlman started the financial operations which are different from the conventional operations including insurance and brokerage.  Jeff Mohlman who worked as an experienced broker and director of the company wanted to serve the people by offering unique financial services. In order to offer better financial solutions, he joined hands with many other wealth managers, attorney, healthcare management executives and the automobile and real estate brokers in and around Dayton and Cincinnati.

Mohlman financial offered various types of financial services which are mainly based on personal finances as well as various insurance and healthcare policies. Also, the company dealt with different retirement plans which have become a popular proposition among the people working in service & business industry. Every plan and policy offered to the clients can be easily customized according to the client needs, market trends and the overall requirements. Jeff Mohlman worked hard while he discussed various options and convinced the clients who have believed in him.

Before starting his own financial firm, Jeff had worked in various financial and insurance companies. He was the best retirement income specialist and offered the most suitable solutions for asset optimization. Jeffrey had worked with MetLife in Dayton, Ohio as a financial planner and long-term financial specialist. 

Jeff Mohlman had been part of the company while handling the responsibility of the retire-wise team of MetLife in the year 2006. While working as the director of delivering promises, Jeff had worked with much fortune 500 companies. He had trained the employees of many MetLife, General Motors and Standard Register and educated them on various insurance, healthcare and retirement schemes and policies.

Certified international speaker

 In the year 2012, Jeff started working as an independent financial consultant along with his insurance business operations. It was an incident that turned into a business opportunity when his family decided to sell his grandfather’s estate to collect the funds for medical care. This becomes the main reason for Jeffrey to offer help to the elder people by optimizing their property into an opportunity.

Jeffrey not only became successful in the field of financial operations but he became certified international speaker and trainer too. He also became a member of prestigious broker associations and the national ethics association of Miami Valley. Jeff Mohlman has achieved success in the field of personal finances which he managed efficiently offering long-term planning. Also, he offered customized financial solutions for the clients in the field of life insurance including Medicare and healthcare services. Mohlman financial has become the source of better financial solutions for the people in need.

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Modern courier-service has become very much improved and this is the very reason that parcel delivery is getting done faster without involving any hassles or inconveniences. Courier-services are usually needed by online-stores. In fact, online shopping has become much easier due to the improvement of courier-delivery services.

Most e-commerce retailers are highly dependent on courier-delivery service. Nowadays, innumerable delivery-options are available out of which you got to choose the right one that suits your purpose the best. If you are in need of regular deliveries then nothing can be the best option other than choosing fastest courier-service.

How To Pick The Right Parcel Delivery Company In Your Area?

Key highlights:

If you want to continue your business of online-retailing in a consistent manner then you should hire the most sincere and experienced courier-company. The company should offer a wide variety of parcel delivery services. Some of the major highlights that can enable you in making right selection of courier-company are as follows:

  • Parcel security is one of the most important aspects and for no reason it can be compromised. Therefore, before choosing any courier-company it is very necessary to check that whether the concern is offering you a proper insurance-coverage over your goods. Parcels might get damaged by any means especially at the time of transit and if these damages are not being compensated then there is no point in hiring a responsible courier-company.
  • Modern courier-companies are not only offering insurance-coverage over parcels but they are also providing specialised packaging. If the packaging has been done perfectly then the goods will never get damaged at all. In fact, chances of damaging risks can be effectively reduced to a great extent with concrete packaging. Perfect packaging is being done on the basis of parcel types and nature. Fragile items are being cared more than other kinds of parcels.
  • Experienced courier-companies have got improved tracking-system. This system enables you to track the current location of your parcels on a real-time basis. This system is now getting updated with the involvement of modernised GPS-technology. If you are being able to track your goods then you will remain completely relaxed and will not suffer from anxiety at all.
  • If you are hiring any courier-company for the first time then you might show your curiosity towards many aspects. All your queries can be now resolved with ease only by any excellent customer-care service. Customer-care service is the only means of maintaining a healthy relationship with targeted customers. This service not only helps in retaining existing clients but also helps in making more clients.

You should make a proper verification about the background of the courier-company. This verification will definitely help you collecting intricate details especially profile, experience, courier services, packages and others about the company. Ask your courier-company for customised delivery-services.

Personalised parcel delivery services always lead to higher satisfaction. In most of the cases, courier-companies maintain proper warehouse for storing the goods to be delivered. These warehouses are being equipped with some of the best facilities. Only experienced drivers are being hired for making speedy delivery of the packages.

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If you have an eye on Nagpur in terms of building a meaningful career, then this third largest city of Maharashtra will not disappoint. It has several job opportunities to offer. Whether you are an IT expert or involved in the construction industry, you will certainly land a job matching your employment criteria. When you need to know about the job opportunities available in various industries established in Nagpur, you should take a look at the following information.

A Huge Array Of Job Opportunities To Grab In Nagpur

IT industry in Nagpur

This industry is ruling in the Nagpur job market because of the availability of a number of top IT companies in the city. And it has led to a huge array of job opportunities in the industry. You can get a good job in one of these following companies that include,

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Infosys Limited
  • Mahindra Satyam
  • Persistent Systems Limited
  • Global Logic India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Perficient India Pvt. Ltd

Automobile Manufacturing in Nagpur

You can find many automobile manufacturing companies here to get the amazing employment opportunities. To know about the automobile companies in this city, you must go through the following listing.

  • Mahindra and Mahindra
  • Bajaj Auto Group
  • Maruti Suzuki Ind  Ltd
  • Jaika Motors Ltd
  • Ashok Leyland Ltd

Mining Industry in Nagpur

In this region, mining has secured its place due to the availability of rich natural resources. If you have a desire to work in several government organization related to the mining industry, then here is a few names of organizations which you must know.

  • Western Coalfields Limited
  • Manganese Ore India Limited
  • Indian Bureau of Mines

Education Industry in Nagpur

If you are a professional teacher, then you can find a wide range of job openings in several schools and colleges of this region. Well, the schools in Nagpur are governed by the following boards,

  • Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education
  • Central Board Of Secondary Education
  • Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
  • International Baccalaureate

Here is the list of some universities that you can consider landing a job.

  • Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University
  • Laxminarayan Institute of Technology
  • Maharashtra National Law University
  • Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University

Apart from all these industries, there is a huge marketplace for cotton and silk handlooms and orange cultivation. This marketplace also contributes to the escalated jobs in this city of Maharashtra. To know more industries in this region, you can take a look at below listing.

  • KTM Textile
  • ESAB India Ltd
  • ZIM Pharma Ltd
  • Chemfield Pharmaceuticals Private Ltd
  • Minex Injection Product Private Ltd

Once you know the industries in the Nagpur city, it is the time to get updates of the latest job openings available. And for this need, you can rely on Monster India which is one of the leading online job portals. You can get the advantage of applying for the best-suited jobs in Nagpur online. All you have to do is creating your profile and uploading an updated CV on the website. So don’t wait for more, register now!

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The theory test comprises of two parts, the first one is the multiple-choice questions and hazard perception. To get a driving license certificate, you have to appear and qualify this exam. To appear for the test, you must have a provisional driving license certificate. You can submit the application at Driving and Vehicle Agency to get a provisional driving license.

Key Points You Must Know to Book or Reschedule Theory Test Appointments

You can book a slot for theory test at the nearest possible centre. For Theory Test Booking UK has a rule that the Agency will give you three days to confirm your test slot. You can reschedule or cancel your booking date if you are not available for that time period. You can cancel the test online or by making a call.

Facts Must Know About Booking A Test

Online Booking – The most convenient way to book theory test for two-wheeler, four wheelers or a bus is to book it online. You are suggested to make the payment of the theory test and do not pay any extra fees for the test.

Documents Required for Booking Online

• You should have a valid driving license of UK, which should have the address of North Ireland.
• You must have credit or debit card to make online payment. Visa, Mastercards, Delta, Visa Electron or switch cards can be used to make payments.
• You should have a running email id, as they will send the booking information to you on email. If you don’t have email id then you can receive the confirmation by post.

Book by Phone

You can make booking by calling Driving Vehicle and Agency. You can make your bookings between 8 Am to 12 pm from Monday to Friday. The office will be off on bank holidays.

Documents Required for Telephone Booking

• You should have a valid driving license of UK, which should have the address of North Ireland.
• You must have credit or debit card to make online payment. Visa, Mastercards, Delta, Visa Electron or switch cards can be used to make payments.

Book by Post

If you want to apply through post you need to download the form. These forms are also available at the theory and practical test centre or your driving instructor can provide you the form. The payment option for you is through cheque or postal order you cannot make cash payment for this process.

Rescheduling the Theory Test

If you are not free on your test date then you can reschedule your test earlier or later if they have free slots.

To change the test appointment, you are supposed to:

• Provide the provisional driving license number
• Inform the agency three days earlier else you have to pay the fee again.

You can cancel or reschedule the test only if your booking is confirmed. Make sure you inform the agency before three days in order to refund your test fees from them and book the slot again.

To wrap it up, it is suggested that you should know all the rules and regulations for theory test.

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Visa-waiver program has made US travel much easier than ever. This is why more and more countries are participating in this program. Only travellers from participating countries are allowed making application for US ESTA. The travellers need to prove their eligibility and then only they will be allowed to move to United-States with ESTA-visa.

The whole process of ESTA-application needs to be completed so that you can receive an automated confirmation of your e-mail. You should read out the regulations and terms well from the official site in order to make the application with great success. If you have initially applied but your application got rejected then you are suggested sharing the concerned information.

You should get a fair idea about the validity and usage of ESTA-visa and then only your purpose will get resolved well. Since language-options are available therefore you can choose your desired one for making the application-form filled-up nicely. You should keep the auto-generated ESTA application number so that travel-authorisation tracking can be easily completed.

Major prerequisites:

  • Travel-purpose should be clearly mentioned within the application-form otherwise you might face a difficulty in receiving travel-authorisation online. Tourist, transit and business are the three purposes for which US ESTA is being provided and thus you should keep this info in mind especially while making the online application.
  • 90-days will be the standard limit and within this limit, you should make your purpose served. After this tenure, you will not be allowed stay in the USA with ESTA. Though ESTA will not get expired but your stay will get restricted. Therefore you should plan your trip to the USA for maximum 3-months only.
  • Only valid passport-holders are allowed to make the ESTA-application online. Your passport-info should be properly read by the scanning device.

Why to rely on ESTA-agents?

  • No common visa-agents can cater you a detailed guidance regarding ESTA-application online rather you need to choose an experienced and specialised ESTA-agent. If you are applying first-time then you might nervous a bit. If you think that agent will help you in making the application done only then you are wrong rather he also offers enough assistance in reaching to the visa-counsellor.
  • Visa-counseling is one of the most important aspects and this part cannot be omitted at all. In this case, you need to move to the US-embassy for attending a face-to-face interview. If you pass this interview then only you will receive ESTA-application approval. You can now make a concrete preparation for this interview with the help of these agents.
  • You have to disclose only true-data that perfectly matches with the one within the form. Customer-care representative will never make your form filled-up but the agents can do the same on your behalf. The agents will also illustrate the basic fundamentals of the visa-waiver program in details for better understandability of the applicants.

Application for US ESTA can be now placed either directly from the official site or from any third-party site online. In case of third-party sites, a specific fee needs to be paid. Your agent will definitely help you avoid excess ESTA-fee of these third-party sites.

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When you think of home, an instant smile comes to your face. With the advancement of science and technology, our lives have become simpler. Smart home systems are designed in such a way that it can be remotely controlled with the help of small gadgets. It helps to control the household systems automatically; that can be doors, lighting, security alarms, television and music system, CCTV and other electronic appliances.

What Are Smart Home Systems and Their Role?

  • Television is one of the most important inventions that has gifted our life with knowledge, happiness and a partner for entertainment.
  • An invention of the computer and internet facility has linked farthest parts of the country with other just with a few clicks.
  • One can grind anything and everything in a mixer by pressing a button.
  • One can use the refrigerator for keeping the food fresh and healthy for few days and to have cold water and ice.
  • One can use the kitchen chimney for multiple purposes and of course to suck the excess oil that can make your surroundings smoggy.
  • An air conditioner is best as it gives us relief from the scorching heat in the summer season.
  • Water heater, room heater has also become one of the best gadgets in today’s life. 

Why There is A Necessity for Smart Home System?

Home becomes smart when it is equipped with all the Smart home systems of the century, such as the CCTV as it can perform the role of monitoring the safety and security of home with the help of a camera and desktop. Thus, it reduces the cost of hiring any person for that job.

In addition to this, automatic doors are even great as they don’t let anyone enter the premises without the permission of the homeowner. 

#1. Saving Energy for Home with The Help of Modern Gadgets 

Some Smart home systems help to measure the usage of the energy by a single device; you can easily get the idea and keep a control based on the rating. Moreover, the lights are automatically turned off in the empty rooms, which helps to save electricity and further the bills. 

#2. Saving Water and Energy for Home 

In some areas, cost of water may fluctuate, and it increases during the peak times. By using sprinkler control, you can manage it using the smartphone. Thus, saving the electricity and water bill with the help of home automation is now possible. 

#3. Securing Your Home from Far Away 

Using cameras at the door of yours can make your home more safe and secure. With the help of an app as an automation system, you can easily check who is trying to come to your house. Thus, making your home safe even if you are far away.

#4. Keys and Locks for Smart Home Systems 

Smart home systems also include electronic door locks that have a keypad which is numerical and is connected to the automation system of the home. With the help of the smartphone, you will be able to lock and unlock the doors by just adding some numeric codes. This system also has a feature to lock and unlock the door using a smartphone application.

#5. Saving Valuable Time 

Smart home systems are the most intelligent systems that easily detect the problem of any appliances such as the freezer if it is not set for the correct temperature, or if the battery of the filter has exhausted and needs to be changed. Last but not the least, home automation system has given immense benefits to us and it has made our life easy and secure. It also saves our money and time.

In a nutshell, all of the electronics in your home are a fair game for this tech revolution, from your fridge to your furnace.

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When we imagine a couple therapy session, we picture it as if one of the partner has discovered that his or her spouse was actually cheating on him or her and that is why, they are not able to continue like earlier or the spark is gone now. Well, couple therapy is an effort to make major improvements in a relationship. After years of experiment and sessions, it is believed that these sessions contribute a lot to the health of a romantic relationship example marriage. There are other relation therapies that are also carried out such as parental. Thus, it turns out that therapies can help all types of relations and could benefit in all types of couple problems, as well.

Why Couple Therapy Can Help In All Types Of Relationship Problems

Here are several benefits of couple therapy session that are listed below –

Couple’s therapy is limitless – Couple therapy as the term says, it might involve a couple i.e. two people. But, the pair can be anyone – siblings, husband and wife, lovers, father and daughter, mother and son, coworkers, etc. You can easily find many licensed family, love and marriage therapist. The parterapi Frederiksberg is famous for providing therapies for all types of relations.

You get time to talk – there are certain times when you feel like having someone whom you can talk to freely about your relationship. It’s not that you are looking for better suggestions but you need someone to listen to your thoughts. Thus, the therapist works as a sound board for the couple to resolve issues. It is important exercise that helps in bringing two people closer.

Understanding the dynamics – one of the major reasons behind the problems in a relation is that both partners have different opinions. These relationship dynamics are often hard to understand, it basically depends upon the upbringing of a person. These therapies enable the couples to understand the relationship dynamics, in a better way. It is said that communication is the key to success, therefore couple therapy helps in improving the communication system and further improves the understanding level between the partners which motivates them work hard for their relation.

See other’s perspective, too – We all think different and have our own expectations from a relationship; some people like to have commitments while others want to make independent choices. The trouble starts when you are not able to get something you think is right and your partner is against it. Generally, it starts from a debate and further takes the shape of an ugly fight and even temporary breakups or cold war. After sometime, the couples forget and get back together but most of us fail to resolve the issues, these unresolved problems or disrespect to other’s perspective can make your relationship, meaner and uglier. The couple therapy sessions give you a chance to talk about the unresolved matters in the presence of a neutral person – the therapist.

Thus, couple therapy sessions provides two people with a wonderful opportunity to work things out. The parterapi Frederiksberg is well-known for its services in the entire city, you must try it too.

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Cancer is defined as a rapid growth of cells that intrude and damage the surrounding tissue. Oral cancer as the name suggests deals with the mouth and its organ. It appears as a swell or sore in the mouth that doesn’t go away easily. Cancer involves in its umbrella the cancer of lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, pharynx, breast, lungs, pancreas etc and can be quite life threatening if not diagnosed at the right time. Now comes the most common question that what causes cancer in humans well it includes a lot of factors like smoking cigarettes, cigars, smoking pipes, smokeless tobacco, excessive consumption of alcohol and so on. Some common symptoms of Cancer can include bleeding, redness or whiteness on the surface of the mouth, sudden change in voice, change in teeth arrangement or gum bleeding, drastic weight loss, swelling up of certain areas, loose motion, fever, joint pains and so on. In most cases patients showing any of these symptoms will be made to go through an examination like ultrasonography or isotope tests followed by a cancer screening and lastly a biopsy to confirm that those are symptoms of cancer.

Chemotherapy And Surgery In India

Chemotherapy and surgery

 Cancer treatment like any other treatment is very expensive but doesn’t anyway assure life expectancy or non- danger life. Treatment of cancer includes chemotherapy and radiation given to the patients. Cancer treatment cost in India can cost between 50,000INR- even lakhs depending on the number of chemotherapy and the radiation rounds a patient’s needs. In Chemotherapy Surgery India charges something around 50,000INR-1lakhINR including operation charges, doctor charges, hospital charges and miscellaneous, however medicines charges are different and are not counted within the surgery package but have to be bought by the patients’ family from time to time The cost of treatment varies as chemos and radiation are available also in the painless form, where patients who have been put through the radiation process and have experienced no pain or dry mouth etc. Therefore, painless ones cost a bit more than the normal ones.

Some common side effects of chemotherapy

Cancer can also be cured by surgery depending on the area that has been affected however surgery is never a good option because they cause the tissues in the body to swell. Makes one feel tired if a lymph node is removed. Depending on the kind of surgery one has undergone decides the consequences. It should be kept in mind that surgery can change the patients’ ability to chew, swallow, talk, walking and to carry out basic every day activities. surgery. For those who want to regain their older self like that was before the surgery can go in for re-constructive plastic surgery to rebuild the bones or tissues of the area operated or affected by cancer. Chemotherapy has adverse effect on health especially in females when being diagnosed with breast cancer or uterine cancer. Though chemotherapy before surgery many a time saves the patient from the surgery but takes a toll on her health so take the decision wisely. Don’t ignore any unusual happenings to your body maybe that’s your body’s way of signalling and warning you.

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A positive cash flow is imperative for the expansion of any business. The net amount of cash and cash-equivalents that flow in and out of business is called cash flow. Cash equivalents mean marketable securities, commercial paper, and short-term government bonds having a maturity date of three months or less.

Positive cash flow shows that the company has cash remaining in hand even after paying debts, expenses, rent and other liabilities. This cash can be used to reinvest in the business, to buy fixed assets such as furniture, equipment, property or to fund the marketing budget.

Cash, inventory, and payments received or yet to be received by customers form the current assets. These current assets are continuously being dented by demands towards payment to creditors, and other expenses. Businesses can utilize working capital financing to maintain or improve the cash flow of their business.

Importance of Cash Flow

Working capital is the funds required for daily operations of the business. It is reflected as the balance left after deducting current liabilities from the current assets. Usually, companies with high cash flow also have high working capital. It is required to: 

  • Replenish inventory for production and processing
  • Payment of utility bills, payroll
  • Marketing
  • Equipment and software upgrades
  • Buy/lease land or premises 

Negative Cash Flow

Due to various reasons, the cash flows may diminish and even go negative. Seasonal fluctuation or competition may dry up the company’s revenues. The customers may delay payment or the suppliers may shorten the payment period. The cost of raw materials, labor and other inputs may rise. There could be changes in regulation which can suck up the cash.

For example, Developers of solar solutions imported solar panels without having to pay customs duty. After the solar modules’ category changed from chapter 8541 to chapter 8501 they have to pay 7.5% import duty. Solar companies which do not want to push the increased costs to the customers and have to bear the brunt themselves in the short term.

Working Capital Financing

Flexi working capital loans from NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv help to meet the daily operations of the company.

They are available at nominal interest rates on working capital loan. The flexible loan offers businesses a pre-approved flexi loan limit. However, the business person can borrow as much is required from the loan limit. The interest is applicable only on the borrowed amount.

Bajaj Finserv offers flexi loans – term loan, interest-only, and hybrid. In the interest-only loan, the EMI does not include the principal component. It includes only the interest component. This further helps to reduce the EMIs. 

The table shows how the EMI of flexible loans is much lower.


Business Term Loan

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Term)

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Interest only)

Amount in (Rs.)

30 lakh

30 lakh

30 lakh

Utilised Amount (Rs.)


10 lakh

10 lakh









EMI (Rs.)




*Principal is paid at the end of loan tenor

Lower EMIs keep the current liabilities in control, and yet fuel the business operations. Working capital financing adds to the cash position as well as to the working capital. This boosts the overall sales and the revenues. The increased revenues can be used to repay the loan while maintaining high cash flows.

Bajaj Finserv offers unsecured working capital finance of up to Rs. 30 lakh. It can be availed by Limited or Private Limited Company, Partnership or Proprietorship Firm, and Self Employed Professional.