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There are several hair removal techniques out there. However, each hair removal method has its advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a hair removal solution depending on the area you wish to treat or your hair removal goals. The aesthetician is in a better position to advise you on the best hair removal technique depending on your skin type. Waxing is costlier than shaving, but it comes with several advantages.

First, the results of waxing last longer than shaving as it pulls the hair from the roots. Some people are forced to shave on a daily basis because it just removes the hair from the surface. No one has the time to be eliminating hair every day given the busy schedules that people have. You can use that time to do other duties that will add value to your life. You don’t want to waste time shaving everyday when you can get a long-term solution. Waxed hair can take up to two to three weeks to grow back depending on the type of hair.

Top Reasons Why Waxing Is Better Than Shaving

Unlike shaving, waxing will not leave behind several nicks or cuts. Most people who have sensitive skin sustain several scars after shaving. You may find yourself remaining with some discoloration as a result of even a minor razor cut. Waxing can leave behind some irritation and redness, but it only lasts for a night. The challenge with shaving is that it can cause rashes especially if you are dealing with sensitive skin.

Most people will tell you that waxed hair grows finer and slower. The results of waxing are smooth as you pull the hair from the roots. The amount of hair that re-grows are also minimal. On the contrary, the hair that grows back after shaving is course and a lot. While shaving, it’s like you are adding manure to the hair to germinate back stronger and healthier. No one wants to have such hair because it is a source of several discomforts.

Shaving can also lead to stubbles. The legs may end up feeling abrasive and rough especially if you don’t shave more often. It is wise to go for a solution that will last for an extended period and leave behind smooth skin. This treatment will give your skin a smooth finish for an extended period without any form of itchiness. The reason is that the hair grows at a slower speed. Waxing is not as painful as you may have been hearing. The pain lasts for less than a second as the expert pulls out the strip. In fact, the procedure can be pain-free depending on how you look at it. You cannot compare the amount of pain you sustain to the level of comfort you receive afterward. Only be keen while choosing a waxing expert to make the right decision. You can see some of the deals at the best place waxing thousand oaks here. Another advantage is that the waxing process is fast and convenient. You can even wash away some of the products with water.

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There is a difference that exists between depository participant and depository. A place wherein electronic form the stocks of investors are kept is called a depository whereas DP– depository participants are called so because they are agents who work with the depository.

You must take it as a bank. A type of head office wherein rests all the technology and details concerning all accounts held there is a sort of depository, and you may assume the DPs to be branches that reach the individuals.

In India, you find only two depositories that work –Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) and the other is – the National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL). 100 DPs are available in the industry.

Demat Account Is The Best Choice

Now the question arises what is demat account as it points towards a dematerialised account.

In case you wish for saving your money, you have to necessarily open an account in a bank and make payments by cheque and other services to avail, for buying and selling stocks you are needed to open a demat account.

It is clear that it functions as a bank wherein you replace actual currency by shares. It is essential that you must approach the DPs who work like branches of the bank for opening a demat account.

If you have a share of different companies, your portfolio of shares will appear as 30 of this company; 20 of that company and so on. All these figures will be shown in your demat account.

Hence, it is evident that you are not required to have any physical certificates that will show you possess these shares. Electronically managed your demat account will hold it all. As soon as you sell or buy the shares, they are electronically adjusted there in your account.

As your bank statement or passbook, the DP is bound to furnish information with periodic statements that pertain to transactions and holdings you have made.

Necessity of demat account

These days virtually all trades are to be settled in dematerialised form. The authority that regulates the market named as SEBI—the Securities and Exchange Board of India has given green signal to trade up to 500 shares which can be settled in physical form. The investors do not want physical shares at any cost any more.

There is also strict guideline by the SEBI to have a Demat account for every trader as the shares purchased for long-term must not be kept in the trading account. To move the shares one needs to provide the DP slip to the trading service provider so that he can take necessary actions and move the required number of shares. In case one wants to have shares pledged he needs to provide the same slip to the lender also. In that case, the lender on the basis of the valuation of the shares can offer the amount. The trading is not possible on such shares which are pledged with any of the lenders in the market. Hence Demat account has got huge significance in these days.

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Students always feel pressure from all directions. They have the pressure to perform well academically, the pressure to be an ideal in their circle, and ultimately make a good life. They are always pressurized in one or the other way at different places. It is crucial that they should be able to perform academically without any pressure of coming first or getting the ideal percentage. 

Whenever there is a pressure, any person would get nervous about performing as well getting the result. In our country, students are pressurized to the extent they have a nervous breakdown when they are not able to perform well or get a good result. Lots of students have ended their lives just because they could not get their parents’ desired results.

Parents need to understand that their kid is special and he/she has got lots of abilities and skills if he/she is not able to perform well or get a good result. Moreover, they also need to understand that not all people are good with all the subjects and academic sectors. 

Today, lots of career counselling firms have opened up to help students make the right decisions regarding choosing their career stream. Many of the schools also offer counseling to their students to help them with their academic performance as well as gaining confidence. 

However, here we see here how career counseling helps students in taking their career in the right direction. 

Realize the right aptitude 

Normally, all students perform evenly in all subjects when they are in their junior level. It is when they go in higher grades they need to concentrate more and here, where they need to realize their aptitude in subjects. Career counseling helps them have this realization. Aptitude tests conducted by career counselors, bring out clearly the strong intellectual areas of a student. It will help the student to make an informed decision regarding his/her future career streams. 

The best guide 

Mostly, students grow up with the preconceived notions such as “I should become a doctor just like my father”. With career counseling, he/she becomes aware of his/her capabilities and can have open horizons of mind regarding their career choices. A good counseling can make students do better and the right career choices. They should come out of their preconceived notions. For example, the son of a doctor can also become a good musician. Career counselors are the best guides to help students pursue their dreams by taking the right decisions. 

Remove confusion if any 

Students, generally are confused with making their decisions and therefore, many times, they make decisions what their parents ask them to do. Now, when you are with the career counselors, they will never pressurize you to do something. On the contrary, they will remove all your doubts and offer accurate answers to your questions. Counsellors help students to have clarity of thoughts regarding the career options or further studies. They effectively help to identify their interests, pick the most appropriate subjects, and finally, make the right choice of stream or career. 

Connecting education with the career in the right manner 

Often, students choose a career but are not sure of how to qualify it with their academics. Here, the role of career counselors is impactful. They guide students to make the right relation between their choice of career with the relevant academic qualification. They make their perspectives clear and guide them in the right academic direction to achieve their career goals. It is crucial for a student to have the clarity of the relation between their chosen career and its relevant academic qualification. 

Choose the right option, from the many 

Today, there are lots of career options available for students, and they can choose any of them according to their interest and capability. When you reach the stage of choosing a particular career for yourself, career counseling is very helpful in making the wise and rational decision. Counsellors effectively provide all the pros and cons of a particular career and guide you in making the right choice. After all, the choice made at present will affect your future. 

Career counseling is helpful in lots of ways and students as well as parents should take its best advantage. Ultimately, the student will be able to achieve his/her career or academic goals with an effective counseling.

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Window-dressing is normally the keep going thing on your daily agenda when arranging your new kitchen. In any case, not exclusively can the correct decision have a significant effect on a useful sustenance planning zone and a simple space, however, they play other vital parts, as well. Hue or designed texture infuses life into a kitchen and can be a continuation of your shading plan, window medications offer security, in addition to they likewise give protection in the colder months.

Curtains Versus Blinds

The two blinds and curtains have a section to play in the cutting edge kitchen – despite the fact that blinds are thought to be the more reasonable decision. They are generally less costly, and their streamlined shape suits a bustling cooking zone better than surging curtains. Blinds likewise give protection and suit current glass augmentations, as well. In an open-design space, a full-length window ornament with a corresponding texture can diminish the plan, and stamp out living zones from cooking regions. Additionally, overwhelming curtains will keep warmth in and drafts out ideal for space where you accumulate for family dinners.

Instant Versus Off-the-rack

Numerous retail establishments offer a wide determination of instant curtains and blinds to suit standard windows however what is considered ‘standard’ changes, so you’ll have to look around. For curtains, instant, as a rule, implies pencil creases. With regards to blinds, a more extensive scope of choices is frequently accessed, and they are regularly significantly speedier to make than curtains. In bigger, open-design rooms with windows of various sizes, purchasing

uniquely fitted blinds is probably going to be a superior alternative. While more costly than purchasing off the rack, made to gauge offers a far more extensive determination of texture and styling decisions, and a visually impaired estimated particularly to your windows guarantees the ideal wrap up. The automated blinds and curtains are available in the market nowadays and it will reduce the time as well as the workload. 

Which Texture?

Kitchens are hot and hot, with oil lingering palpably, and while great extraction is a given in the cutting edge kitchen, blinds and curtains are simple setbacks. For windows in cooking zones, pick a texture that can adapt. Various roller dazzle textures are polyester based, making them effortlessly wiped down, and dampness and recoil safe. Standard enhancing textures won’t work in substantial obligation territories, in spite of the fact that they are a decent decision for living zones.


Despite the fact that curtains have been around for apparent ages, regardless they include a touch of downplayed appeal to any room. Their thick material is perfect for obstructing any light and likewise to maintain protection. What more, they are accessible in a scope of hues and styles also. Be that as it may, curtains are constrained to material and its variations and don’t generally give a lot of a decision generally. Curtains likewise tend to look dated inevitably.

Blinds, then again, are accessible in a gathering of various materials including facade, plastic, wood, artificial wood and texture to supplement and highlight the stylistic theme of any room, particularly the room.

Vitality Efficiency

Despite the fact that curtains can be successful at blocking unforgiving daylight in summer months while holding heat in the winter months, they can get somewhat oppressive particularly in little spaces. In addition, on the off chance that you close the curtains, it extremely influences the light transmission into the specific room too. Blinds are vitality effective as well as offer the best protection properties ruling out warmth to get away. Additionally, blinds, for example, louvered blinds enable you to control the measure of light you need in your room while giving sufficient security also. Sunscreen roller blinds likewise give UV insurance and daytime security hence filling a double need. Roller shades are likewise simple to introduce while being punctured in this manner enabling light to channel through. 


Curtains can arrive in an assortment of automated shutting component while additionally being anything but difficult to force and draw. Be that as it may, they tend to cover a specific piece of the window which turns into all the more noteworthy on account of room windows. Curtains can likewise expand the danger of development of form or parasites particularly amid winter months where buildup has a tendency to be an issue. Blinds, then again, can basically be titled to permit normal light while keeping up satisfactory levels of protection.


Cleaning curtains can turn out to be a genuine difficulty. In the event that a shade has created form or stains, it mandates a launder. Light vacuum just aides in evacuating dust develop. In spite of the fact that blinds are not free from clean gathering, a straightforward wipe down with vinegar and water can without much of a stretch expel tidy, grime or some other stains. Besides, blinds can be cleaned effortlessly in your bath or by basically giving it a decent wash outside.

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For many people, as soon as Christmas is over it’s time to think about planning that summer holiday. Unless, of course, you started planning it as soon as you came back from the last one. There are of course a number of things that you will need to think about before you finalize those plans; budget dates for your holiday and of course the all-important decision of where you would actually like to take your holiday. Whether you have been looking at caravan sites North Wales, or would prefer to stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast there is the ideal choice for the holiday out there just waiting for you. Here, we take you through the options.

Sun, Sand, Sea

For many people, the major attraction of a holiday abroad is, of course, the sun. This is usually followed by a desire to spend time relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach and going in the sea to cool off, or of course lounging by the pool in a hotel. And while it might be true that other countries enjoy warmer and usually more consistent summers than we do here in the UK, we certainly can have some amazing weather here and the plus side it usually cools down enough at night that you can be comfortable trying to get to sleep.

We also have some pretty fantastic beaches; from the Jurassic coast with its beautiful sandy beaches and fossil strewn coves to the many small sandy beaches that are dotted all over the coast of Wales. The sea might be a little more bracing, but the abundance of rockpools we have more than make up for the chilly water.

Journey Time

With journeys through the channel tunnel taking just 35 minutes, it is possible to be in Northern France, Belgium or even the Netherlands within a very reasonable time frame. If you are looking to go further afield there are more and cheaper flight companies that operate out of the numerous regional airports all over the UK; you are no longer limited to flights from Edinburgh, Manchester or even Heathrow and Gatwick, making flying abroad even easier.

However, air travel can be subject to significant delays, especially in the peak holiday season when everyone has decided to fly, and the airports can be especially busy. Of course, we aren’t saying that you won’t hit the occasional traffic jam in the UK but there are always plenty of places en-route where you can break your journey, and this can be very appealing, especially if you have small children with you.


It’s a wonderful experience to visit new areas and sample different foods and take in the local culture, and you certainly get that with a holiday abroad, but when the weather is too hot it can be really tempting to just relax on the beach and in the end, and you never really explore. If you have never really explored closer to home, then you may be missing out on some truly fantastic experiences. The UK has a wealth of stunning scenery, and places of historical interest that are well worth the visit, and the advantage is they are all on your doorstep just a short journey away from home. 

If you haven’t considered a holiday at home, then maybe it is time to take a chance and see what you have been missing. Spending time together and making memories is the most important part of any holiday so take a look closer to home this year and make plenty of extra special memories.

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Many people have the dream of being a property developer. Some like the idea of renovating wrecks and selling them on for a profit while others dream of entering early retirement with a nice little portfolio providing a solid rental income for limited effort. Or perhaps they see themselves working for a large construction company, working on finding sites for luxury homes and affordable flats. 

Whatever facet of property development excites and interests you there are a few core skills that everyone will find useful:

  • Imagination and visualization
  • Know your way aroundCAD Drawings
  • Selling and negotiating
  • Commercial nous
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Imagination and visualization

A good property developer can see the potential in any situation. They can look at a derelict shell and see luxury flats. They can look at a field of cows and see a new housing estate. 

Not only do they need to be able to see the potential on offer they need the imagination to be able to bring their project to fruition.

Know your way around CAD Drawings

It’s unlikely you’ll get far in property development without needing to read some CAD drawings. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a great tool that allows structural engineers and architects to communicate their ideas to the builders and craftsmen who will actually work on the property. Modern systems can create 2D and 3D drawings as well as render eerily realistic mock-ups of the final design. But being able to mentally take a flat drawing and understand how it relates to the stage of building the project has reached is an acquirable skill that will really give you an extra edge.

Selling and negotiating

To make money from the property you either need to buy and sell it or buy and lease it. Either way, you need to start by owning it and that’s when you need all your negotiating skills to obtain the best deal you can. 

You also need to be able to sell. You need to be able to sell your idea to whoever is backing your project financially – whether that’s your boss or your bank. You also need to be able to sell the property to its new owners or tenants. 

Commercial nous

How do you know if you’re going to make a profit? You need to have an interest in the property market and to keep your finger on the pulse so that when a bargain pops up, you know it. You also need to keep that commercial head on all the time. Allowing your heart to lead is a sure-fire way to ruin and disappointment. You need to be a bit hard-nosed and ruthless at times because sometimes you’re going to want to step away from a sale that’s not going the way you want it to. 

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

You’re going to spend a lot of time dealing with people. And a lot of the time those people aren’t necessarily going to be best pleased to see you. From sellers who know you aren’t going to offer what they want to builders who want to explain to you why it’s going to cost more and take longer you’re going to need top-notch interpersonal skills to deal with them. 

You also need to be a great communicator so that you can clearly explain what your intentions are. You might have the most fantastic and original plan for developing a site, but unless you can explain it to everyone else, it’s never going to be the success you dream of.

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You might have heard the term energy management system used quite a lot as being something a business should give serious consideration to. However, many people get a little confused about what it actually is and mistake it for energy-saving efforts of the type that can be adopted within a company in order to save the energy that is available.  Energy Management systems (EMS) are a much bigger concept. They deal with the surveillance of the energy that is consumed which can help your business to optimize the energy that is used.

The Importance of Energy Management Systems for Business

What does an EMS do?

An EMS has the ability to read a number of energy meters, it is a computer-based system that works inside your building and can monitor all of the different areas at the same time in order to help you control and reduce your bulk energy consumption. It will monitor the technical services within your building; things like the lighting and HVAC, and also monitor the devices in the buildings and their energy consumption. The information that they collect is then used by the building managers to understand the way in which the business is using its energy and therefore make improvement in the energy performance of the building by looking at the emerging patterns and seeing where improvements can be made.

Why is this important?

By being able to monitor and assess the way in which energy is used within a building it is possible to see where there are any issues that need looking at as well as any areas where improvements can be made to the levels of energy being consumed. An EMS will keep an eye on the frequency of the energy consumption in a business, it updates the data that it collects on a regular basis and when there is a change in the way in which the energy is being used it can amend its control levels.

What are the benefits?

An EMS can play a very important role in helping to make a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas that is produced. Greenhouse gas emissions, which are just one of a growing number of concerns that are threatening our environment, are not only harmful to that environment but can also have detrimental effects on the health of humans and can have bad for both flora and fauna as well. Whilst it really isn’t possible to eliminate these gases completely, there are ways in which they can be reduced. An EMS is an excellent example of this, helping to reduce emissions.

EMS’s are also capable of generating energy through the energy that they save. There will be times when your energy supply may be less than the amount at is requires and this stored energy can then be used efficiently. With the cost of energy on the increase, and no suggestion that price increases might slow down this can be a valuable and cost-saving measure to have in place. Energy consumption will be reduced, and bills will be less, leading to greater savings.

In a world where consumers rely heavily on those energy sources which are non-renewable, the current rate at which these are used means that for future generations these energy sources may be all but gone. It is important that we take measures to prevent this happening. Energy Management Systems are proving to be a valuable way of helping towards this goal, with people finally beginning to understand the need to look more closely at the way in which we consume energy and what we can do to improve that.

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For sure, you would like your Airbnb guests to feel that they are sleeping in a bedroom that looks like an ultimate sanctuary. A place where they can relax and at the same time feel good about their vacation. 

Indeed, the environment of a bedroom can make or break the mood of the people sleeping in it. If you want to create a welcoming and relaxing vibe for your Airbnb guests, you can take some cues of these bedroom design ideas below. So take a read!

Zen-Inspired Bedroom

A bedroom design that got its influences from the Zen-style interior make-up has become trendy recently. Of course, this interior design from Asia is sure to transform your bedroom into a peaceful, clean, and serene sleeping sanctuary. 

For you to achieve this design, just make sure that you avoid clutter in your bedroom to make it seem like an open space. Just infuse a right amount of Zen artworks on the wall and furniture pieces that look conventional and natural. 

A Zen-inspired bedroom incorporates a color scheme and atmosphere that you can see from nature like green. For this, you can display some natural plants in your bedroom.

Make It Feminine 

Some Airbnb hosts tap the soothing and calm effects of feminine designs in their bedroom. For sure, your women guests will approve of it, but it will also be popular with your male clients.

For you to pull off a feminine vibe on your Airbnb bedroom, just paint the walls with graceful colors of soft lavender or pink. After that, you can make it a little bit brighter in the other areas of the room. You can make it, for instance, in the color of your furniture pieces like your ottoman. 

You can choose a pastel color for bed essentials like the sheets and pillows. Add a carpet in soft brown color for you to bring elegance to the bedroom. Feminine bedroom design is not only calming and soothing, but it also makes the bedroom avoid the monotonous look.

Let It Be Soft Gray 

A soft gray color scheme is sure to create a laid-back sleep environment for your Airbnb guests. In fact, many homeowners nowadays will prefer soft gray than white.

It is because, unlike white, soft gray is something that is not threadbare and will give your guests a simple yet relaxing sleeping sanctuary. For you to not make the room attain a dull ambiance, make sure to choose pastel colors in your accessories while keeping the walls soft gray.

Green and Serene

It is undeniable that when you look at something green, it gives you a calm and soothing feeling. When you hold in your sight a green color, it seems like the world comes into life and the surrounding around you transforms into something natural. 

For you to create a bedroom design like this, you can make it by displaying some natural indoor plants in the bedroom. You can also paste on the wall a beautiful floral wallpaper to create the illusion of natural vibe. 

Make sure to show off in the bedroom some artworks depicting nature such as green fields and lush forests, A green color theme is sure to give your Airbnb guests the comfort of sleeping that they desire.

Create a Rustic Vibe 

There is no easy definition of what makes a rustic-inspired bedroom. Many people will perhaps tell you that it is more about what you feel rather than the style of the interior. But if you have noticed, which I am sure you have,  a rustic-inspired bedroom incorporates natural materials like wood.

You will see in a rustic bedroom wooden furniture pieces, a neutral color theme, traditional accessories, and handmade fabrics. In spite of the profusion of natural materials, it does not mean that this style of the bedroom should not have a modern touch into it. 

Make sure to add a contemporary lighting fixture in the room or infuse the modern into the traditional through the beddings. You can look for comfortable and high-quality bed essentials in sites like Deal Wiki.


It is essential that you make the bedroom of your home cozy for your Airbnb guests. You can do this through the design of your bedroom. For this purpose, you can take some cues of the bedroom design ideas mentioned above.

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There are distinctive sorts of construction works, from little upkeep to vast construction. The construction companies are separated into various kinds relying on the sort of employment these companies do. These companies can likewise be occupied with general contracting or subcontracting.

Little Renovation Contractors:

These Building Construction Companies for the most part chip away at occupations requiring little measures of capital and the kind of work that does not require much evaluating or a huge construction association. They more often than not perform home changes or little business and office work. Numerous little remodel temporary workers have their workplaces in their homes and play out the ”printed material” during the evening or on ends of the week subsequent to working with the devices of their exchange amid the day. The capacity to develop from this kind of contractual worker to a general temporary worker depends basically on the preparation and business capacity of the person. By and large, on the off chance that one is sufficiently smart to be a decent little remodel contractual worker, that individual might be required to inevitably move into the field of bigger work.

General Contractors:

These companies frequently are specialists in either new structures or modification work. Numerous building temporary workers subcontract a noteworthy bit of their work, while adjustment contractual workers by and large perform a significant number of the exchanges with their own particular powers. Some broad temporary workers spend significant time openly works. Others bargain predominantly with private and business work. In spite of the fact that an intersection of the lines by numerous general temporary workers is normal, it is regularly in some of these fields that numerous general contractual workers discover their specialty. 

Proprietor Builder:

The organization that goes about as a proprietor developer isn’t a contractual worker in the strict feeling of the word. Such an organization constructs structures just for its own possession, either to offer on culmination or to lease and work. Cases of this sort of organization incorporate goliaths in the business, and a significant number of them are recorded on the different stock trades. Numerous proprietor manufacturers, once in a while, the demonstration in the limit of the general contractual worker or as construction chief (see beneath) as a sideline to their primary business of working for their own particular record. 

Land Developer:

This is a kind of proprietor developer who, notwithstanding working for individual possession, may likewise work to offer previously or after consummation of the undertaking. One-and two-family home developers are incorporated into this class. 

Proficient Construction Manager:

An expert construction chief might be characterized as an organization, an individual, or a gathering of people who play out the capacities required in building a venture as the operator of a proprietor, however, do as such as though the activity was being performed with the proprietor’s own particular representatives. The construction administration association more often than not supplies all the staff required. Such faculty incorporates construction directors, expediters, venture supervisors, and bookkeeping staff. The director sublets the different bits of the construction work for the sake of the proprietor and does all the fundamental office organization, field supervision, demanding, paying of subcontractors, finance reports, and other work for the proprietor’s sake, for a charge. For the most part, construction administration is performed with no danger of cash-flow to the construction chief. All the budgetary commitments are contracted for the sake of the proprietor by the construction administrator. 

Program Manager:

A general temporary worker or construction chief may extend benefits by embraced program administration. Such administrations will include: decimation of existing structures on the site; formulating and giving budgetary examinations of new structures or a program to supplant what was there, or for the procurement of another site; employing a draftsman and other outline experts for the benefit of the proprietor and directing their administrations; performing preconstruction administrations amid the arranging stage; promoting for and accepting offers from contractual workers for the new work; counseling on financing and techniques for installment for the work; regulating the temporary worker; acquiring occupants, regardless of whether business, private, or modern for the finished task; overseeing and deal with the total venture. Clearly, the extensive administrations laid out above will require that the general contractual worker or construction administrator expand his staff with prepared engineers, bookkeepers, land experts, and administration and renting specialists. 

Support Builder:

In the field of government-helped or financed assembling, especially in the field of lodging, a support developer might be given the duty regarding arranging outline, construction, rental, administration, and upkeep. A support directs a task through the administration preparing and configuration stages. The support utilizes lawyers to manage the different government organizations, money related establishments, and land specialists, to give the know-how in arrive procurement and examination. On marking the agreement for construction of the building, the support expects the developer’s part, and in this sense capacities particularly as a proprietor manufacturer would in working for its own particular record.

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If you want a flooring material that remains on trend and oozing classic style then you need to start thinking seriously about hardwood flooring. Wooden floors are the perfect way to make a statement about your home. They are easy to maintain and, should they start showing their age at all, are easy to rejuvenate back to their original glory. Many owners love the way that they age, mellowing over time to create a relaxed lived-in feeling.

All Year Round On Trend Hardwood Flooring

This year the trend is to open up your space with light, airy floor coverings which bring a modern feel to your space. There are many kinds of wood available from almost white Maples to the richer, honeyed tones of beech for you to choose from, and here we outline some of the best.


Maple is a beautiful wood with a very straight grain which makes it ideal for small, minimalist spaces. Many types of maple are light cream in color but it can be a dark wood so it is essential that you get samples from your supplier to ensure that your idea of maple matches what they’re offering!


Often chosen as a flooring in kitchen areas as it is very shock resistant – about 10% more than traditional oak flooring. It is a good choice if you want to pay lip service to the trend for grey floors as it can be obtained in naturally occurring greys as well as responding well to staining if you want to make a bold statement floor.


What wood is more closely associated with hardwood flooring than good old traditional oak? We’re used to thinking of it as a dark wood as it darkens with age, but new oak can be light and breezy only darkening as it ages and shows it’s true beauty. Oak is often used in flooring as it is a hard hardwood and can cope with significant traffic without damage.


Another naturally pale wood birch is one of the softer woods and therefore better suited to low traffic areas or where you intend to cover it with a rug. Although softer than oak it is shock-resistant which makes it an ideal flooring material. Birch trees are fairly small with many branches which makes the wood naturally knotty. This can be used to advantage providing texture and interest in the flooring. It is often used where a rustic look is desired but is equally at home in modern flats with modern furniture.


A native British variety of wood beech trees are a common sight in woodland across the country. The wood is of a similar hardness to oak and, being light in color, it takes stain well allowing you to create the ideal floor for your room. Over time it will age to a rich honey gold, often gaining pinkish or orangey tones as it does so, which adds further interest to the floor.


Not a word that springs to mind when thinking either of hardwood floors or of light colored woods, as we are more used to seeing cherry furniture created using the heartwood and darkened with age and careful polishing. The sapwood – the young layers on the outside of the trunk – is creamy white in color. Cherry will darken with age – it can darken quite rapidly in direct sunlight – but this adds to its charm and elegance. Its tendency to darken needs to be considered when using it with rugs and, as a more delicate wood, it is best kept for low traffic areas. It is ideal for bedrooms, studies or even conservatories if the rapid darkening is not an issue for you.

Whichever wood you’re searching for, you’re sure to find it a good solid investment for your home, this year, the next and for much more to come.