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If you or someone you know has suffered from alcoholism, then you know how devastating it can be. Firstly, for one’s health, but that isn’t the only danger. It’s not just the liver that’s at risk, either. If you know any facts about colon cancer, then you’d know alcoholism is a major risk factor (not to mention a catalyst for stomach problems). Then there’s the damage to brain cells and oral problems abound. And those are just the physical threats, we haven’t even went into emotional and mental damage.

If it’s so dangerous, why do people keep drinking? Other than old habits dying hard, one of the biggest reasons is a little phenomenon called withdrawal symptoms. These can vary in severity from anxiety to seizures but are always intensely unpleasant, and the only way to avoid them is to either ride out a full detox (which can take weeks) or drink more. Needless to say, it’s all too easy to go for that second option. As virtually anyone can tell you, beating alcoholism is a hard journey, and you’ll almost certainly need a support group of some kind. That said, there are some things you can do on your own to make the journey easier. Here are just a few of them.

Find a distraction.

If you’re making a serious effort to quit drinking, odds are withdrawal symptoms will start anywhere from eight to 24 hours since your last drink. You’ll need to plan to combat this immediately. One of the worst possible things you can do is focus on your own misery. You’ll need to keep yourself distracted from the symptoms as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by interacting with friends, but when that isn’t an option there are things you can do on your own.

Exercise is actually a great distraction, although it may not seem like it considering headaches are a common withdrawal symptom. Exercise can help your brain release dopamine, which creates happiness naturally. It doesn’t have to be rigorous exercise that you aren’t used to either; it can be something as simple as a walk through the park.

Video games are actually a good distraction as well for moments when you need to be stationary. Since video games require a bit of thought, they’ll keep your mind off of your withdrawals better than binge-watching TV would. If you do have to resort to TV, try things like comedy specials to lift your mood.

Try the “Taper Method.”

This will sound counterproductive, but if you drink significantly less alcohol you can actually wean yourself off it. Many actually recommend this versus going cold turkey, which can be dangerous. Alcohol has been used by people to wean themselves off of the stuff since the beginning. Beer is the most recommendable form of alcohol to use for this method. This is because of its generally low alcohol percentage, which makes it possible to drink just enough to keep your worst symptoms at bay. They key to this method is to remember that you are drinking medicine — you aren’t trying to get drunk, and it isn’t for fun. It’s ideal to be supervised for this method, but if that isn’t possible, try to keep just a couple of beers in your house, and have someone you trust hold on to the rest of your stash.

Keep things in perspective.

One of the most important things you need to do is recognize that withdrawal symptoms come in waves. They can be excruciating at their peaks but nearly unnoticeable at other times. You’ll experience these waves in shifts during your detox process. It’s crucial to realize that the suffering you’re feeling in the moment will not last forever. It will get better, and when you stick it out, your mind and body, not to mention your loved ones, will thank you.

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Incase you wanted to know what pH exactly is before we delved into the article, it is the scale that measures how alkaline or acidic something is. The scale ranges from 1 and goes up to 14. 1 is extremely acidic and 14 is very alkaline. 7 is the midpoint between the two and is neither too neutral nor is it too alkaline. So what does pH have to with your blood and you?

Starting with the first thing, the pH of one's blood is extremely necessary. The ideal pH level that one must have is about 7.35 and the body goes a long way to maintain this particular level.

The question is, why is this particular pH level so important?


If the blood pH had to change even a point or two in either the alkaline or acidic direction, it would change the entire chemistry in the body. In short there would be no electrical stimulation in your body and you would find yourself pretty much dead on the floor.

It is important that you know how bad acid in your  body is. Apart from the acid being secreted in your stomach, helping in digestion, acid in general is bad for your body. Similarly, ph in pregnancy should never become too acidic. It will be bad for both you and your baby

When a person's system becomes acid as time passes, the biochemical balance of their body is disrupted and the red blood cells cannot deliver the nutrients and oxygen, efficiently and properly to all the cells, the energy level drops to an all time low. This energy dropping is not slow but is sudden and dramatic.

What causes acidity in one's body?

Acidity is mainly caused due to the food you eat and the acidic condition of your body in general. Basically what you eat and drink has a big role to play in maintaining of a balance in your body.

The word acid makes you think of a tart flavour or something carbonated. However, acidic isn't what looks acidic but is what is actually left behind when you digest a particular food item. When you eat something that's too acidic or alkaline, it leaves behind an ash. Some common food items like scallops are very acidic in nature, which is why when you eat them, it will leave behind an acidic ash. It's not just seafood but a lot of other things like coffee, alcohol and protein that affects the balance in your body. Funnily enough, it's not just food that creates such an impact, it's the stress levels of a person as well. The more stressed you are, the more the acid conditions in your body are.

If you're eating all the right kinds of food and you still see a high ph in pregnancy then you can understand that it's stress and you need to take off for a while.

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If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wanted to see shredded abs in the reflection, you’re definitely not alone. A toned, fit stomach is one of the biggest reasons people start working out. It can also be one of the hardest areas of the body to target. Make sure that you’re really up for the challenge if you’re ready to transform your tummy.

The Best Exercises For Rock Hard Abs

You may think that all that’s going to help you are a whole lot of crunches but there are plenty of other, more exciting exercises that can help you tone your abs. Using these exercises combined with a pre-workout supplement, like Mesomorph, will help you make the most of every workout and get the toned stomach you crave.

Surf’s Up

A killer ab exercise that most people neglect to consider is surfing. It’s one of the best kept secrets that surfing helps you build up a strong core. It’s also great for your arms and legs, too. There’s a reason that most surfers have a toned bod and that’s because it takes an incredible amount of fitness to stay level on the waves.

One of the biggest surfing destinations on the planet is, of course, Hawaii. If you’re looking to surf Hawaii the right way, you need to go to the beaches that get the best waves. Laniakea in Oahu and Jaws in Maui are two of the most in-demand surfing destinations on the planet and are great go-tos to get your fix.

Plank Away

Something so simple shouldn’t have such an intense impact on your body, but there’s a reason that fitness buffs around the world incorporate planks into their daily routines. Planks rely heavily on your core to be successful. They use tension to trigger muscle growth while also stabilizing your spine.

Not only are planks an amazing way to get an intense core workout, they also have a ton of other benefits. From thighs, to glutes, to shoulders, and beyond, planks work over key muscle groups throughout your body. While planking your way to the six pack you’ve always wanted, you’ll also be gaining definition in other areas too. Planks are a real workout win-win!

Raise It Higher

Alright, so one crunch-adjacent exercise does make this list but it’s one of the least similar and it’s perfect for sculpting your core: leg raises. Typically, these are done in a captain’s chair (you can find one in nearly any gym) but if you don’t have access or a membership, leg raises can easily be done with pull-up bars as well as ab straps.

There are some key tips to keep in mind with this exercise. One of the most important – and most frequently ignored tips – is to not swing your legs. While you’re still using the same motions, swinging your legs diminishes the effect of the workout. By going more slowly, you increase the tension through your core. And as previously mentioned, tension builds tight abs. Leg raises also do wonders for your obliques as well, so make sure to include them in your routine.

Mix It Up

No matter which core exercises you decide to rely on, there are a few things you always include. Exercises that target multiple muscle groups are your best friends. While you can target muscle groups one by one, it’s easier – and more rewarding – to tackle several at a time. This means you’ll see greater results with similar amounts of effort.

Plus, remember that a rock hard core doesn’t mean workout sessions stuff with repetitions of crunches. Find the exercises that work best with your body, try strength-building activities, and consider incorporating a pre-workout supplement into your routine to help take the “work” out of “workout.” You’ll be on your way to your best body in no time at all.

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Tenants are the riskiest factors of property management. While managing a property as a landlord has many headaches, the inherent risks of owning property can be reduced with insurance and proper maintenance. Tenants, on the other hand, carry all the risks inherent to human nature — which are not as easy to manage.

That is why improving your tenant screening, marketing, and management processes with a tenant portal is vital to increasing your profit margins as a landlord — and reducing headaches.

5 Reasons For Landlords To Use A Tenant Portal

Here are five ways tenant portal software can help landlords find and keep good tenants.

Apartments Hunters Filter Themselves for You

A tenant portal, especially utilized during the open house and application process, helps potential applicants know the terms and conditions of your lease before choosing to apply. This helps apartment hunters make an informed choice that fits their situation before they submit a background and credit check.

This increased transparency helps both you and apartment hunters save time and resources in the application process.

Credit and Background Checks Become Effortless

In the past, waiting for a credit and background check from a potential tenant took days — sometimes even weeks — and that extra time meant more time your property sat vacant. And depending on the market, you may not have had the luxury of waiting for a credit or background check and chose to lease without one.

Now with tenant portals, you can require a credit and background check as part of an application and know almost instantly whether that potential tenant is a good fit for your property. These instant results help you fill vacancies quicker with less risk.

Rent Collection Becomes Automatic

No landlord misses the days of waiting for rent checks in the mail. But the current practice of using digital money transfer services like PayPal or Venmo, while relatively instant, also have hidden costs that eat into your bottom line.

With a tenant portal you don’t need to rely on a third party service to collect rent nor are you charged extra fees for using their service. And unlike other money transferring services, with a tenant portal you can issue itemized invoices each month so that both you and your tenant know exactly what is being charged.

Fees Enforces Themselves

Unlike manual tenant management processes where it is easy for landlords to feel like “bad guys” for issuing late fees or eviction notices, tenant portals can now do that for you. Tenant portals in effect make it easier for you to enforce and collect fees from tenants.

Tenant management software not only issue the appropriate rent invoices to your tenants, but can be programmed to send automatic email reminders to your tenants about rent and other important information.

Bookkeeping Is Managed For You

Tenant portals, unlike money transferring services, are designed to help landlords manage their books. A tenant portal not only tracks tenant payments and fees, but also tracks expenditures you made on the property, which makes filing taxes so much easier come April.

The earmark of a good tenant portal is how easy it makes filing taxes.

While you can get away with not investing in a tenant portal for your property, do you really want to waste extra energy and time doing thankless work that a tenant portal can do for you? If you are like most landlords, your investment property is your part-time job or side gig. But without a proper property management software or process, your part-time job can easily creep into 24/7 occupation without the compensation.

Stop landlord scope creep and invest in a tenant portal today.

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While most people love receiving gifts, few of us relish the experience of selecting gifts for others. In fact, almost everyone cringes at the thought of disappointing someone else with a poor gift choice. Of course, the selection process itself is rarely easy unless you’re fortunate enough to either have people around who openly disclose their personal preferences or a very creative mindset when it comes to gifting. The truly lucky have both. But what about the rest of us?

The good news is that we aren’t alone in our struggles. Even mental health professionals have recognized the dilemma. Shawn M. Burn, Ph.D., explained gift-giving anxiety in Psychology Today. According to her, the aversion that people have transcends the pressure of limited time and finances for thoughtful gifts. Instead, she says, it is “because we recognize that gifts are often wrapped in symbolic meaning and we obsess about it.” While gift-giving anxiety is a real phenomenon, only a fraction of people suffer from it, and no simple solution exists for them.

Gifting With Grace

That effectively means people have to rely on their wit and prudent planning. Fortunately, plenty of intelligent and motivated people have already tackled the issue. Stephanie Pappas at Live Science published an article highlighting five scientifically proven ways to make gifts meaningful. Her first takeaway is to know the recipient well enough to make a relatively tailored decision. In other words, avoiding what might be considered generic is usually best.

Pappas also proposes donations in the name of someone else. That could be an especially powerful gesture for a progressive and socially conscientious soul. And the piece suggests that people give experiences instead of objects. According to researchers from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, “people who receive experiential gifts, such as concert tickets or a zoo membership, feel more connected to the gift-giver than people who received material objects.”

The real challenge, then, is figuring out the right experiential gift. Let’s say you have an older sibling who appreciates artisan cigars or vintage tobacco pipes. One could pretty easily find pipe tobacco online along with countless related accessories such as cigars and e-cigarettes.

If you didn’t know much about cigars, there’s no shortage of published insights to investigate. Raisa Bruner at Business Insider wrote everything you need to know about buying and smoking high-quality cigars. She introduces readers to different types of cigars, where they’re made, and where the tobacco originates — all of which contribute to the overall quality. According to her, “the three primary components are filler tobaccos, a binder, and a wrapper; if a cigar doesn’t have [those] three things, it’s not premium.” Raisa then transitions to the experience itself and describes how to light a cigar properly and what flavors people might encounter while smoking it.

Remember that having premium cigars to share with your sibling wouldn’t necessarily be enough, though. You’d want to focus on the experience. Pairing the cigars with a relaxing visit to a nearby cigar lounge is one idea. If it were your first time, then you might even consider learning more about what to expect beforehand. J.A. Shapira at the Gentleman’s Gazette put together a guide explaining what to do and what not to do at your local cigar lounge. Because the entire experience is part of the gift, you’d want to have all aspects of it covered.

While this was only one example, you can extrapolate the underlying approach to giving gifts. Identify an important hobby and explore different aspects and related experiences. Learn as much as you can in the decision-making process and then plan to share the experience with the recipient.

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Technology and mankind

This 21st century is fully automatic. The automatized world thus provides a lot of good benefits to the peoples. From the age to 5 to 50 every people uses this technology for their own good in their own way they can. Even the peoples over that age range also uses this technology for their benefit. What it cannot give the human being. In every sphere of life technology has taken it part and they are very much used also in every section of life. This technological brilliance is made by the human beings itself. Human being itself made this computer to ease their work load, and now this computer is at every spheres of the life. The computer is the soul that makes this world automatic and will also develop further in the coming times. Computer along with the evolution of different kind of software’s has made this feat very much possible. And day by day this certain science of computer and other things in relation to it has been evolving. The usage of this brilliant phenomena has increased the efficiency of work of the peoples in every sphere. Peoples are becoming very much active also for this technological help as they can do more and more in very less time as compared to previous time. Thus it has brought the world in a nutshell for every human being who are willing to use it for betterment for themselves and also for the betterment of the society.

Articles for Societal Help

The role of internet

Internet is another tool that adds up to it technological brilliance. The mixture of technology and 5the World Wide Web has been one of the most fruitful thing that has ever happened on this earth. And to be precise the revolution of this technology has been very much due to the presence of this internet facility also. Now if you want to define what is an internet then probably it will be the hardest thing to do as of now. The soul reason being that the internet is so a complete thing that its definition will not fit is most of the cases. With internet a human being can do possibly anything in this universe. It is the source of unbelievable and infinite amount of knowledge. This knowledge is provided by different website where thousands of peoples are working day and night to make the things updated. The websites like the vaidam has been very much influential to distributing knowledge in a worldwide basis. They have the soul moto of educating people so that this education they can use when they are in need of this.


The website vaidam is mainly a medical websites where different article in relation the medicine and different medical conditions are given so that they can be helpful to the common folk.

To know the diseases

Disease are the most common thing in every house hold. If by the help the articles that these websites are presenting common people can use the knowledge is saving the life of any people when in danger, then that will be the best thing for all.

To read

People should follow vaidam in a way and read very minutely as they will really help in some way or the other.

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There are many good doctors for blood cancer in India. They are very well qualified and experienced. They will treat you in the perfect manner.

Leukaemia is also known as blood cancer. It affects the bone marrow first. This is cancer that affects the white blood cells first but sometimes it also affects the other blood cell kinds. In this type of cancer, the abnormal white blood cells are produced in the body. They develop faster than the regular blood cells and they are not controllable. There are many good Leukaemia doctors in India. No doctors have known the exact reason due to this the disease takes place but they can treat it well.

Leukaemia Doctors in India Offer the Perfect Treatment for You

There are some factors due to which this can happen. There are some disorders such as the Down syndrome that can result in this disorder. If you are more exposed to the radiations then you are more prone to get this disease. Even viral infections can cause this disease. If you have a habit of smoking then you can get myelogenous leukaemia. If there is someone in your family who has this disease then you are more likely to get affected with this disease.

You may feel swelling and pains in your stomach. You may also have some bleeding in the gums. You may feel tired or your weight may be lost. You may have some fever or pains in the bone. If you have any of such symptoms then you need to ask the experts you can contact the Leukaemia doctors in India and they will give you the best treatment that can help you to get well soon.

Firstly the doctors will tell you to go for a blood test then a physical test will follow. If needed they will also ask you to get the bone marrow test done. They can also tell you to go for the biopsy. You need to avoid exposure to the radiations if you do not want to get affected by this. You need to take the proper diet, do the exercise and remain fit and fine. If you have a habit of smoking then you need to stop it.

The treatment is easy to be done. There will be some chemotherapy and other treatments. The doctors will tell you what treatment is the best one for you. They will first talk to you about the disease and then they will also give you some medicines. You need to go for the check up on the regular basis. You need to take a good diet and also do some exercise. Doctors will tell you what treatment has to be done and how much time it will take. You can get admitted to a good hospital to get the best treatment. You can talk to them freely. There will be a separate department for this in the hospital and you will get the best care. Just go to the best place and talk to the experts. They will give you the best treatment at the best rates.

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A jacket is mainly designed for the winter season allowing people to stay warm throughout a day. There are a variety of jackets available in the markets today which ultimately help to overcome unwanted issues to a great extent.

Winters may become very cold in certain places and people should focus more on wearing appropriate clothes for experiencing a warmth condition. On the other hand, it is necessary to determine the right garments for a winter season with special care. The winter jackets these days come with premium quality materials enabling a person to overcome discomforts while carrying out important activities. They are a perfect choice for the modern lifestyle which exactly fit both men and women.

Puffer Jackets For Staying Warm During The Winter

Nowadays, the jackets come in a variety of elegant designs which add more styles to a person. A puffer jacket is one of the best clothes meant for a winter season because it gives ways for staying warm during extremely cold conditions. Another thing is that it makes feasible ways for replacing the old ones accordingly to enhance high protection from harsh wind, rain, and warm condition. Moreover, it is possible to prevent the body from unwanted issues with a puffer jacket to get complete satisfaction.

Getting more ideas about puffer jackets

A puffer winter jacket usually comes with synthetic materials in order to ensure a warmth condition. While the outer shell consists of polyester, the inner layer of the jacket features down or synthetic insulation properties to witness desired outcomes. Most puffer jackets aim at providing warm condition as well as a good look to a person after wearing them.

Moreover, they are lighter in weight and functional one thereby showing ways for overcoming threats during the winter season. In fact, they even work well in tough conditions making the users to avoid discomforts and other issues effectively. The winter jackets for women online shopping makes feasible ways for exploring all types of products in one place to get more ideas easily. Furthermore, they are available in attractive designs thereby improving the personal style of women effectively.

Remaining stylish and warm at the same time

With puffer jackets, it is possible to remain stylish and warm for a long time. One can even select a jacket with various colours which exactly fithis or her complexion. It is advisable to know more about the length and other things before purchasing a jacket from the markets. This will help a lot to find a jacket which perfectly matches the personality and height of a person.

The prices of puffer mens jackets for extreme cold weather are affordable and they are available in a variety of design pattern. Those who want to know more information about them can seek ideas from expert teams for meeting essential needs during the winter. Most online stores aim at offering the winter jackets at lower prices allowing the customers to save maximum money. In addition, they arrange free shipping for customers to receive a jacket on their doorsteps for saving more time.

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What is the utility of pregnancy contraction timer? If the frequency increases it indicates that you would need to head over to labor. With the aid of a calculator or a stop watch you are in a position to time the contractions, but most times that is not going to be enough. The need of the hour would be a reliable tool that does help the mothers with the would be contractions. An online contraction timer pregnancy would suffice at this point of time. The best part is that you can download it from the internet and then share it with your friends or relatives.

The process to use the contraction timer

The moment you feel a sensation of tightness you would need to press the start button. This could be felt from inside or by place your hand on the belly button. It would indicate the beginning of a single contraction. The moment you feel that the uterus is relaxed you can press the stop button. You would need to repeat the contractions as the frequency goes on to increase. In the meantime you need to find out the frequency of the contractions and close to 8 readings are needed to derive a pattern for the same. The key is to figure out how far the contractions are apart from each other.

In case if the contraction does appear to be regular and before 37 weeks of pregnancy if cervical  changes does take place they are referred to as preterm contractions. You need to figure out that the contractions tend to take place towards the back and then it moves towards the abdomen. When it happens to be a false one it only ensures that the belly becomes hard. Ideally you are going to get around 4 to 5 contractions at a single go and they are not that painful as well. But they do become stronger and closer with the passage of time as well. When it is the false contractions it does go on to prepare the body for the hard labour days ahead. They are short, irregular and not that painful at the same time. These tend to take place in the 5th or the 7th month of delivery and it goes off with the passage of time.

The moment you head into the stage of labor, it could more of a period gains. It could be mild to severe as well.  The chances are that you are going to have headache, cramps or a combination of both of them. In some cases you might feel heaviness in the lower portion of your tummy as well. when it is the case of the false ones you feel in the groin area . it tends to take place at the back, but it does move over to the front portion as well.

The key would be to distinguish the true contractions from the false ones as well.

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The world of comics is yours to explore with all the comic books you could ever want or need right at your fingertips. Read comics online from virtually any publisher with the best comic reading apps. So, get comfortable in your chair and enjoy your next comic adventure. 

Are you eager to read the latest chapters of your favorite comics or want to discover new ones? Read comics by top publishers like DC, Marvel, Aspen, Dark Horse and Archie comics. Find famous comics like One Punch Man and Midtown and video game spin-offs like Overwatch Comics and TF2!

I think we live in an age where a comic fan can get his favorite reads easier than ever before and that’s great. No matter if you’re on a lookout for the next Spiderman issue or you want to check out what the “new guys” are working on, there’s a way. To further help you out, here’s a top 10 list of the current best apps for reading comics according to users. You can easily check features, what people think and everything else to make your choice easier. I used it for this article and it did make my job a bit easier.

Best 10 Apps For Reading Comics by AppGrooves

Marvel Unlimited for the ultimate Marvel fan

Are you a Marvel fan? Access more than 20,000 of Marvel’s best comics with Marvel Unlimited. Embrace your inner superhero and get ready for some epic adventures. Need help choosing a comic? Use editor guides for help finding the right genre for you. Follow all your favorite heroes like Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Wolverine and more! With over 70 years’ worth of Marvel’s comics, all comic book fans will find something to love. Download your favorite issues and read them anywhere and anytime!

DC Comics for the amazing world of DC

Find yourself searching for DC comics all over the internet? I was surprised how you can get all your favorite comics straight from the publisher right on your phone! With thousands of issues to choose from, you’ll never need to look anywhere else. There’s a search bar to find your favorites or narrow the selection by genre and series. Every comic is displayed in full-page spreads, just like the real thing! It is like taking your paper comic with you right in your front pocket. Do you own multiple devices? Access the library from your phone, tablet or computer for extra convenience!

I’ll save you some hassle and help you out, both with Marvel and DC. I found an article that lists the current most popular apps for reading comics from the two giants in the industry. Here’s the article I found on the same site as the top 10 list if you need more specific apps.

DC & Marvel Comics Apps

Madefire Comics & Motion Books for innovative storytelling

Ready for an experience that will blow your mind? Madefire Comics & Motion Books combines graphic novels, motion books, and comics into one innovative reading experience. Immerse yourself in epic adventures with books that bring the action to you. Every story is a completely different experience, with music, sound effects, 360 panoramic views and motion transport too! You will always have something to read, with loads of great content you can download and take with you to read offline. Enjoy stories from top companies like Marvel, DC, Top Cow and Liquid, and discover cool indie publishers that bring new storylines and characters you’ll love. When it comes to storytelling, Madefire Comics & Motion Books is ahead of its time.

LINE WEBTOON for the latest comics

LINE WEBTOON is great if you want a personalized comic reading experience full of innovative features. With a library of over 7,000 comics and new titles added daily, expand your comics knowledge and discover amazing series you will love. Follow your favorites and get notified when the next issue is out! All comics are available for free and you can access them online at any time. Going on a long plane ride? Download content onto your phone and read your favorite series offline! 

Whether you prefer mainstream publishers like DC and Marvel Comics or indie comics, you’ll always find great options you’ll love. Browse through a wide selection of comics and enter a world of unlimited adventure with the best apps for reading comics. So, experience comics like never before, with your favorite series available anytime and anywhere right in your front pocket.