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For any business, it is necessary to have sufficient marketing of products or services that can help to boost the client base. The increase in client base directly impacts the profitability of the business, and hence marketing experts come up with various solutions that can tap the customer from specific segment and area. They form the strategies that can help one to tap the right customer and increase the business in a short span. One of such marketing campaign is of Bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS has emerged as a new and brilliant way of marketing for businesses. Though there are other ways of promoting the business as well, bulk SMS is a sure shot way of conveying the message to the target audience. A person might choose not to read an email but the SMS is never ignored by people, and they at least have a look at them.

Important Factors To Consider While Selecting The Bulk SMS Service Provider

But choosing a bulk SMS admin panel script can be a quite challenging job since there are several options available in the market and every company boasts of offering the best of services. Choosing the bulk SMS provider is much more than a price comparison. The success rate of the bulk SMS campaign depends on the factors such as delivery rate, delivery speed, security, support, campaign customization, scalability, and compliance to name a few.

Here’s a look at some point to consider before choosing the bulk SMS service provider:Networking

  1. The bulk SMS operator should have decades of experience in the SMS marketing. If they are in the business for long, they have wide networking and contacts with various telecom operators along with a fine-tuned SMS gateway technology. As a result, they help in offering best-in-class rates for the SMS which will help in making your business profitable.Customized SMS campaigns
  2. In order to attract the customers to your business, it is essential to create an SMS campaign that is powerful and loved by the target audience. The message should be strong, precise, and clear. It should not be monotonous ordeal which customers ignore after a while getting bored of the monotony.
  3. They should be able to offer services of regional language texts, attaching images and files, and the likes. Personalized campaigns are more effective in fetching business.Authentic reports
  4. The SMS service provider should be able to offer genuine and real-time reports so that one can track the delivery status of each SMS sent. The delivery reports should be retrieved from the operator and certified by audit teams.Add-ons
  5. Apart from the SMS campaigns, the service provider should also offer services like delivery reports, mobile forms and surveys, receive SMS, schedule campaigns, and much more.Customer support
  6. The bulk SMS provider should be able to offer constant and effective support. The team should be available for offering marketing tips, ideas for the personalized campaign, and recommendations for the betterment of campaign.

Explore web for more tips on choosing the right SMS panel free for bulk messaging.

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We as an organization always looking for better opportunities that can help our business grow. No doubt that every point of time, we come across the people whom we think are the reliable one. We also understand the fact that investing in such people are a big risk. But how many of us really know the right way to utilize such investment. Often we tend to hurry n making the decisions when it comes to hiring a candidate. For this, it is important that you choose a candidate only after a good homework, better comparison and good understanding of the behavioral traits. Simply hiring a candidate for things he has mentioned in the CV does not make any sense.

Understanding The Drawbacks Of Using Only Personal Interview Test For Hiring

What things go Wrong in the Personal Interview?

A personal interview is a good yet the traditional approach. Hence, you may not get the right result as you had been hoping for a fact that in today’s time technology advancement has taken a lot of space and importance. That is the main reason there are some drawbacks that you would have to work upon such as:

  • Time Taking: To speak with the candidate and then to speak with the people or say evaluators and come to a common conclusion in terms of hiring a person always becomes troublesome. This eventually becomes a time taking process in hiring. Rather, it gets delayed for you to hire a candidate, and at the same time, it also gets delayed for you to focus on other important things.
  • No Accurate Result: even if you do a lot of brainstorming to hire a candidate with other evaluators and end up wasting your time but are you really sure that the person who is choosing is worth to rely on. Well, there is no accurate quantity for you to measure. Instead, you need to focus on choosing the candidate who can give you assurance about his behavior and work and for which conducting an aptitude test like reasoning online test or psychometric test can also ways prove to be an effective solution.
  • Lack of Comparison: You may really on some CV that a candidate shows you at the time of hiring but when the right candidate might have come you were not able to compare the two and understand which one would have been capable. The reason is personal interview since takes a lot of time, it is expected that you give the answer to the candidate then itself before losing him out. That is why, when it comes to hiring though such approach, you do not get time to compare in a right manner.

There are so many types of aptitude and technical test available to ease down your hurdle of hiring. But if you still haven’t upgraded your recruitment process then make sure you do it before it gets too later. After all, companies are progressing at the faster pace and the competitive market in which you have entered, it is expected that you carry a strong positive approach for the better outcome.

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Provident Fund or PF is certainly one of the most important viewpoints on which the people depend on. Particularly, after retirement, the PF is one of the only trusts in the people to invest or to use for an income. A long time of diligent work and administration makes the PF be significantly more extraordinary for the greater part of the Employees. Subsequently, checking the balance is additionally an important part of everyone. However, if you are simply willing to get everything online, our article on pf check would certainly enable you to find your necessities anytime of time with the goal that you can get the best outcomes.

How To Enter PF Account Number To Check Balance

Different Ways to Know your PF Balance

1. Using EPFO entry

Using the EPFO entry is presumably one of the most common ways which the people might want to use so as to find the Needs. This is basically on the grounds that the EPFO entryway not just enables you to decide on epf balance yet in addition gives many other administrations.

Step 1:

If it’s not too much trouble visit the official site or so as to gather the part passbook.

Step 2:

Once you login to the Portal, you now need to go to the ‘Representatives’ section and then follow it up by clicking on ‘Our Services’.

Step 3:

Presently you can follow it up with ‘Part Passbook’ and then oblige ‘Administrations’ option. Here you may find a considerable measure of options to look over.

Step 4:

Once you click, you will be diverted to the Member Passbook Facility where you can undoubtedly check my epf balance amount.

Step 5:

Enter the UAN along with the secret word so as to sign in and then tap on the balance. It will enable you to epf balance check along with proclamations.

2. By sending a SMS

SMS include is another extraordinary method to check the balance anytime. If you have a UAN enlisted with the EPFO, things can without much of a stretch get better with the assistance of this administration. In any case, recall one thing that you should have an enrolled UAN which is likewise linked to the versatile number that you are using. This enables you to rapidly get refreshes. You have to send a SMS to 7738299899. You should simply to type in EPFOHO UAN ENG. However, here, ENG is the initials for the best languages. You can get SMS with 10 different languages followed with the initials of the initial three letters.

3. By giving a missed call

Checking the balance by giving a missed call is another simple method to get things done. If you have enlisted in the EPF entrance, you can without much of a stretch check your balance by following a couple of steps. You should simply to give a missed approach 011-22901406 from the enlisted portable number. Ensure that the UAN is linked to the Bank account Number.

4. By using the EPFO application

Essentially download the EPFO application and then follow it up with the best administrations, All that you have to do is to tap on ‘Part’ and then follow it up with ‘Balance/Passbook’ for the best outcomes. Enter the enlisted versatile number to bring your balance.

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Any company which makes, sells or stores food and food products must be aware of all the issues surrounding correct hygienic storage in order to not only be compliant with the law but also to protect their business reputation as well as their customers.

The 4 Elements of Food Safety

Keeping food and food products safe to use is all about the control of bacteria, campylobacter and E.coli being the most prevalent and dangerous ones. The most common ways in which food becomes unsafe is through cross-contamination or through being kept at incorrect or fluctuating temperatures.

Cross-Contamination occurs when bacteria is allowed to spread onto food or onto surfaces where food is kept or onto equipment used to deal with food. More often than not bacteria spreads through mixing raw, uncooked food with cooked food but it can also spread by being carried on clothing, or in effect by becoming airborne. One of the simplest ways to combat this is by installing strip curtains to create a barrier against bacteria and to regulate temperature and airflow, particularly at the entrances to fridges and chiller rooms. Other methods of preventing cross-contamination include ensuring all staff wears the correct protective clothing at all times. Areas for staff and equipment used in the handling of ready-to-eat foods should be provided separately from those involved in handling raw foods.

Cleaning of equipment, utensils, clothing and preparation areas using disinfection products that meet the appropriate standards is essential.

Chilling food is an established method in the prevention of the growth of harmful bacteria and, aside from making sure that your fridges and chiller units are kept at the correct temperature the installation of antimicrobial strip curtains helps to destroy any bacteria present.

Thorough Cooking is the best way to kill any harmful bacteria in food and this should always be kept away from raw food preferably in a separate part of the premises.

Warehousing Hygiene Issues For Food Storage

Employee Hygiene Issues

When you have a business taken every precaution to ensure the safe storage and handling of food within your premises all your good work could easily be compromised by slack hygiene amongst your workforce. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s vital that every employee follows a strict hygiene protocol. This involves obviously wearing the correct, clean dedicated clothing and protective equipment whilst handling food. Top of the list though is hand washing and every company should establish good hand washing practice. Employees should wash their hands frequently; before and after handling different foods, after handling chemicals or waste, after taking a break and after visiting the bathroom. This will significantly reduce the transmission of disease-causing bacteria. Employees who are ill with for instance a respiratory illness like a cold should be kept away from food preparation areas to avoid spreading bacteria.

Any staff showing symptoms of possible food poisoning or who have infected cuts or sores on their hand should immediately be pulled out of the food storage or preparation area.

Laws and regulations, wrapped within the Food Safety Act 1990, are in place to ensure that food which is stored in warehouses is kept in a safe state so that it is fit for consumption and any breaches of hygiene regulations can cost a company very dear both financially and in terms of lost reputation. The Food Standards Agency found an average of 16 ‘major safety infractions’ every week between 2014-2017, with some inspected premises showing multiple breaches or failures of hygiene regulations.

It is essential that food warehouse storage businesses take every available step to keep their work and their customers safe.

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Wristbands are a trendy, inexpensive, and a flexible wrist accessory was worn by countless people across the globe to enhance their overall personality. They come in lots of colors and sizes to match them with other accessories. But they aren’t worn only for fashion. People have identified other uses of these Personalized Rubber Bracelets. They can be used to spread awareness, raise funds, support a team, and make people aware of an issue. These customized wristbands can further be utilized to manage an event. How?

What Are Promotional Personalized Rubber Bracelets And What They Do?

An organization or an event organizer can add uniqueness to a promotional party by distributing rubber bracelets among them. The wrist accessory can serve as a security tool and spread a word among the masses. Wristbands with a message engraved on them can make visitors aware of the event’s objective. These bracelets aren’t just helpful for an organizer, but for a wearer too. They are flexible, attractive, and lightweight to wear.

These bracelets can help an organization promote its products or services to guests at an event by putting the company logo or a product picture on them. In addition to that, there are several other ways these Customizable Rubber Bracelets can help make an event a hit. They are:

#1 Guest Management

Whether it’s a small business meeting or an event with thousands of guests, managers struggle to ensure everything goes well. Managing guests is among the most difficult tasks. For example, lots of data are required to check who will be on the stage, who can have alcohol, and who is going to sit where. Customized wristbands can solve all these problems. All that the event managers need to do is make different groups of the guests considering their role in the event and distribute wristbands among them. One group’s bracelet must have a different color from other groups’ wristbands.

#2 Admission Pass

A traditional admission procedure during a promotional event may take hours to allow all the guests inside the venue. This becomes more time-consuming when an individual standing in the queue struggles to find the ticket. Customized silicone bracelets can help solve the problem. When all the guests are wearing a wristband personalized by the organizer, it becomes easy and speedy to identify who is allowed to attend the event.

#3 Security

By allowing only the people wearing customized wristbands, managers ensure that the visitors authorized by the organizers are entering the venue. These bracelets are flexible and strong, but they can be easily cut using a scissor during the admission process to make sure that the guests do not pass the wristband to outsiders.

#4 Guest Safety

In big events where some guests come with their children, these colorful bracelets can serve as a safety tool. By engraving the personal details about a person of whom to contact, it can be made sure that the kid returns to their parents even if got lost.

How To Choose Customized Rubber Bracelets For An Event

Rubber wristbands come in many types and colors. Organizers can make many of these in different colors to ensure the event can be organized in an effective way. Many days prior to the event, they should design these wristbands and distribute them among the guests. While personalizing them, it should be ensured that they are unique and different from ordinary bracelets that are easily available in the market. For that, a message or a clip-art can be inserted into the wristband. These wrist accessories can make an event a big hit. All that an event organizer needs to do is use them in the right way.

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There is probably no one who does not love to have more income from different sources. For a trader in the stock market, it is imperative to save each penny from every trade. In some of the trades one can earn handsome amount, but in some cases, one has to satisfy with a meager amount of profit also. In such situation, the brokerage places an additional burden on the trader.

To make money and avoid loss one needs to get the account with a stockbroker who can offer various services. In this era, one can find the best stock brokers with the help of different sources such as the internet, various websites and social media sites as well as personal references. However, before getting an account opened with any of the broker one needs to go for small research that can help to find the desired broker in the local market only.

Get The Best Deal For Brokerage

How does the broker help?

Well, a broker is a person who has got the franchise of a stock trading house or stock trading company which is offered a license from the stock market regulator known as SEBI. There is a specific process for getting the license from the SEBI which is done by the concerned company or broking house that appoints various brokerage firms. A broker is a person who is affiliated with such stock trading company or house, and hence it is authenticated to open a demat as well as trading account. In the stock market, the companies have their research department which keeps on checking the market from different angles and help the client with the research data and analysis on the basis of which the traders form own strategies to deal in the market.

The accounts:

In the stock market, one can go for an online or offline account for trading. In the online account, the trader can have complete command on his trading while in the offline account one has to get the transactions done with the help of terminal operator of the broker.

One needs to go for any of these accounts as per his profile. If one has a computer or even a smartphone with an internet connection, he can trade on his own. The most noteworthy benefit here is one can place the order as soon as he thinks the right moment for the order while in the offline account he needs to call the terminal operator which may take some time and till then the rates may have changed. However, if one is not free during the market hours to keep a watch on rates, it is better to have an offline account and instruct the operator to set the profit booking or stop loss limits. If one does not know how to trade with the help of the software, the offline account is considered as a better one compared to the online account. In many cases, the brokers charge low brokerage if one goes for an online account and hence it can prove beneficial for the trader.

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Individuals want to join aviation industry because of the excellent salary that it offers along with the other benefits. The airline industry is enormous as in the United States only there are more than 100 airlines of various sizes which employs a large number of employees. Even though the benefits that the airlines industry offers usually vary from company to company but there are some common benefits that almost every company offers.

Scott Beale Aviation talks about the benefits of working in the airlines industry

Scott Beale has been in the aviation and aerospace industry since several years and is at present working as Senior Vice President of Sales. He is trained in negotiation, operations management, management, customer service, as well as strategic planning. He says that candidates want to work for airlines and airports in the aviation industry because of the number of benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits are outlined by Scott Beale Aviation.

  • The first major benefit that aviation industry offers is that it provides a lot of travel opportunities. It is quite difficult to find a better industry for travel prospects. Certain jobs within aviation industry require wide-ranging travel such as flight pilots and attendants. They get the opportunity to visit international cities on numerous different continents.  In addition to this employees working as ground staff members also get the opportunity to travel at discounted rates.
  • Another benefit of working in the airlines industry is that one can get the chance to meet new people who are from different parts of the world or may be from varied backgrounds.
  • The employees at the airlines industry get training and career development opportunity on a continuous basis. Together with annual reviews, some aviation companies offer an annual financial incentive scheme to make sure that the contributions of the employees are recognized.

Scott Beale Aviation Says Why One Should Be Thinking Of A Career In The Airlines Industry

Besides all these, the airlines company can offer a number of other benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Personal and family travel passes
  • Insurance policies
  • Sick pays
  • Retirement program
  • Paid leaves
  • Profit sharing

In addition to this, most of the airlines offer wide pay range, full or part time employment, day offs, flexible schedule etc. Thus, it can be said that aviation industry offers a number of varied opportunities for thrilling and satisfying careers.

Scott Beale Aviation at present is working as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development at Tempus Applied Solutions. Earlier he has been associated with Aerodynamics Inc. as the President and CEO and as the Chief Executive officer and founder of FlightWorks. Prior to coming into this profession, Scott Beale has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from The Ohio State University.

Apart from having knowledge in strategic planning, management and aviation he has understanding about operations management, business strategy and development and interpersonal skills such as negotiation skills and customer service as well as leadership qualities.

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Modern courier-service has become very much improved and this is the very reason that parcel delivery is getting done faster without involving any hassles or inconveniences. Courier-services are usually needed by online-stores. In fact, online shopping has become much easier due to the improvement of courier-delivery services.

Most e-commerce retailers are highly dependent on courier-delivery service. Nowadays, innumerable delivery-options are available out of which you got to choose the right one that suits your purpose the best. If you are in need of regular deliveries then nothing can be the best option other than choosing fastest courier-service.

How To Pick The Right Parcel Delivery Company In Your Area?

Key highlights:

If you want to continue your business of online-retailing in a consistent manner then you should hire the most sincere and experienced courier-company. The company should offer a wide variety of parcel delivery services. Some of the major highlights that can enable you in making right selection of courier-company are as follows:

  • Parcel security is one of the most important aspects and for no reason it can be compromised. Therefore, before choosing any courier-company it is very necessary to check that whether the concern is offering you a proper insurance-coverage over your goods. Parcels might get damaged by any means especially at the time of transit and if these damages are not being compensated then there is no point in hiring a responsible courier-company.
  • Modern courier-companies are not only offering insurance-coverage over parcels but they are also providing specialised packaging. If the packaging has been done perfectly then the goods will never get damaged at all. In fact, chances of damaging risks can be effectively reduced to a great extent with concrete packaging. Perfect packaging is being done on the basis of parcel types and nature. Fragile items are being cared more than other kinds of parcels.
  • Experienced courier-companies have got improved tracking-system. This system enables you to track the current location of your parcels on a real-time basis. This system is now getting updated with the involvement of modernised GPS-technology. If you are being able to track your goods then you will remain completely relaxed and will not suffer from anxiety at all.
  • If you are hiring any courier-company for the first time then you might show your curiosity towards many aspects. All your queries can be now resolved with ease only by any excellent customer-care service. Customer-care service is the only means of maintaining a healthy relationship with targeted customers. This service not only helps in retaining existing clients but also helps in making more clients.

You should make a proper verification about the background of the courier-company. This verification will definitely help you collecting intricate details especially profile, experience, courier services, packages and others about the company. Ask your courier-company for customised delivery-services.

Personalised parcel delivery services always lead to higher satisfaction. In most of the cases, courier-companies maintain proper warehouse for storing the goods to be delivered. These warehouses are being equipped with some of the best facilities. Only experienced drivers are being hired for making speedy delivery of the packages.

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A positive cash flow is imperative for the expansion of any business. The net amount of cash and cash-equivalents that flow in and out of business is called cash flow. Cash equivalents mean marketable securities, commercial paper, and short-term government bonds having a maturity date of three months or less.

Positive cash flow shows that the company has cash remaining in hand even after paying debts, expenses, rent and other liabilities. This cash can be used to reinvest in the business, to buy fixed assets such as furniture, equipment, property or to fund the marketing budget.

Cash, inventory, and payments received or yet to be received by customers form the current assets. These current assets are continuously being dented by demands towards payment to creditors, and other expenses. Businesses can utilize working capital financing to maintain or improve the cash flow of their business.

Importance of Cash Flow

Working capital is the funds required for daily operations of the business. It is reflected as the balance left after deducting current liabilities from the current assets. Usually, companies with high cash flow also have high working capital. It is required to: 

  • Replenish inventory for production and processing
  • Payment of utility bills, payroll
  • Marketing
  • Equipment and software upgrades
  • Buy/lease land or premises 

Negative Cash Flow

Due to various reasons, the cash flows may diminish and even go negative. Seasonal fluctuation or competition may dry up the company’s revenues. The customers may delay payment or the suppliers may shorten the payment period. The cost of raw materials, labor and other inputs may rise. There could be changes in regulation which can suck up the cash.

For example, Developers of solar solutions imported solar panels without having to pay customs duty. After the solar modules’ category changed from chapter 8541 to chapter 8501 they have to pay 7.5% import duty. Solar companies which do not want to push the increased costs to the customers and have to bear the brunt themselves in the short term.

Working Capital Financing

Flexi working capital loans from NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv help to meet the daily operations of the company.

They are available at nominal interest rates on working capital loan. The flexible loan offers businesses a pre-approved flexi loan limit. However, the business person can borrow as much is required from the loan limit. The interest is applicable only on the borrowed amount.

Bajaj Finserv offers flexi loans – term loan, interest-only, and hybrid. In the interest-only loan, the EMI does not include the principal component. It includes only the interest component. This further helps to reduce the EMIs. 

The table shows how the EMI of flexible loans is much lower.


Business Term Loan

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Term)

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Interest only)

Amount in (Rs.)

30 lakh

30 lakh

30 lakh

Utilised Amount (Rs.)


10 lakh

10 lakh









EMI (Rs.)




*Principal is paid at the end of loan tenor

Lower EMIs keep the current liabilities in control, and yet fuel the business operations. Working capital financing adds to the cash position as well as to the working capital. This boosts the overall sales and the revenues. The increased revenues can be used to repay the loan while maintaining high cash flows.

Bajaj Finserv offers unsecured working capital finance of up to Rs. 30 lakh. It can be availed by Limited or Private Limited Company, Partnership or Proprietorship Firm, and Self Employed Professional.

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Corrosion is a characteristic procedure which changes over a refined metal to an all the more artificially stable frame, for example, its oxide and hydroxide or sulfide. It is the continuous pulverization of materials by substance as well as the electrochemical response with their condition.

The Objective Of Corrosion Prevention And Corrosion Types

Strategies for Corrosion Prevention

The objective of corrosion prevention is to safeguard the uprightness of a benefit and additionally to save the trustworthiness of any materials an advantage may contain. On account of a water stockpiling tank, this would mean keeping the water inside consumable by shielding it from getting to be defiled. On account of a capacity tank holding more unpredictable substance, for example, fly fuel the corrosion prevention systems arrangement must be sufficiently strong to secure the capacity holder without responding to the substance inside.

Uniform Corrosion

Uniform corrosion is viewed as an even assault on the surface of a material and is the most widely recognized sort of corrosion. It is additionally the most kind of the degree of the assault is generally effectively judged and the subsequent effect on material execution is reasonably effortlessly assessed because of a capacity to reliably repeat and test the wonder. This sort of corrosion regularly happens over generally vast zones of a material’s surface.

Setting Corrosion

The setting is a standout amongst the most ruinous sorts of corrosion as it can be difficult to anticipate distinguish and describe. The setting is a limited type of corrosion in which either a neighborhood anodic point or all the more usually a cathodic point shapes a little corrosion cell with the encompassing typical surface. Once a pit has started it develops into an “opening” or “cavity” that goes up against one of a wide range of shapes. Pits ordinarily enter from the surface descending in a vertical bearing.

Fissure Corrosion

Fissure corrosion is likewise a limited type of corrosion and for the most part, comes about because of a dormant microenvironment in which there is a distinction in the convergence of particles between two regions of a metal. Hole corrosion happens in protected territories, for example, those under washers joltheads and gaskets and so forth where oxygen is limited. These little territories consider a destructive operator to enter however don’t permit enough flow inside exhausting the oxygen content which adverts re-passivation. As a dormant arrangement fabricates pH moves from nonpartisan.

Intergranular Corrosion

An examination of the microstructure of a metal uncovers the grains that frame amid cementing of the combination and in addition the grain limits between them. Intergranular corrosion can be caused by polluting influences show at these grain limits or by the consumption or improvement of an alloying component at the grain limits. Intergranular corrosion happens along or nearby these grains genuinely influencing the mechanical properties of the metal while the majority of the metal stay in place.

Stress Corrosion Cracking (Scc)

Stress corrosion splitting (SCC) is a consequence of the mix of malleable pressure and a destructive domain frequently at raised temperatures. Stress corrosion may come about because of outer pressure for example real elastic loads on the metal or extension/compression because of fast temperature changes. It might likewise come about because of leftover pressure conferred amid the assembling procedure for example from icy framing and welding or machining and crushing and so forth. In stretch corrosion most of the surface more often than not stays in place; in any case, fine splits show up in the microstructure making the corrosion difficult to recognize.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is the corruption of one metal almost a joint or crossroads that happens when two electrochemically different metals are in electrical contact in an electrolytic situation; for instance when copper is in contact with steel in a saltwater domain. In any case, notwithstanding when these three conditions are fulfilled there are numerous different variables that influence the potential for and the measure of corrosion for example temperature and surface complete of the metals. Huge built systems utilizing numerous sorts of metal in their development including different latch writes and materials are vulnerable to galvanic corrosion if the mind isn’t practiced amid the planning stage.