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A positive cash flow is imperative for the expansion of any business. The net amount of cash and cash-equivalents that flow in and out of business is called cash flow. Cash equivalents mean marketable securities, commercial paper, and short-term government bonds having a maturity date of three months or less.

Positive cash flow shows that the company has cash remaining in hand even after paying debts, expenses, rent and other liabilities. This cash can be used to reinvest in the business, to buy fixed assets such as furniture, equipment, property or to fund the marketing budget.

Cash, inventory, and payments received or yet to be received by customers form the current assets. These current assets are continuously being dented by demands towards payment to creditors, and other expenses. Businesses can utilize working capital financing to maintain or improve the cash flow of their business.

Importance of Cash Flow

Working capital is the funds required for daily operations of the business. It is reflected as the balance left after deducting current liabilities from the current assets. Usually, companies with high cash flow also have high working capital. It is required to: 

  • Replenish inventory for production and processing
  • Payment of utility bills, payroll
  • Marketing
  • Equipment and software upgrades
  • Buy/lease land or premises 

Negative Cash Flow

Due to various reasons, the cash flows may diminish and even go negative. Seasonal fluctuation or competition may dry up the company’s revenues. The customers may delay payment or the suppliers may shorten the payment period. The cost of raw materials, labor and other inputs may rise. There could be changes in regulation which can suck up the cash.

For example, Developers of solar solutions imported solar panels without having to pay customs duty. After the solar modules’ category changed from chapter 8541 to chapter 8501 they have to pay 7.5% import duty. Solar companies which do not want to push the increased costs to the customers and have to bear the brunt themselves in the short term.

Working Capital Financing

Flexi working capital loans from NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv help to meet the daily operations of the company.

They are available at nominal interest rates on working capital loan. The flexible loan offers businesses a pre-approved flexi loan limit. However, the business person can borrow as much is required from the loan limit. The interest is applicable only on the borrowed amount.

Bajaj Finserv offers flexi loans – term loan, interest-only, and hybrid. In the interest-only loan, the EMI does not include the principal component. It includes only the interest component. This further helps to reduce the EMIs. 

The table shows how the EMI of flexible loans is much lower.


Business Term Loan

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Term)

Flexible Working Capital Loan (Interest only)

Amount in (Rs.)

30 lakh

30 lakh

30 lakh

Utilised Amount (Rs.)


10 lakh

10 lakh









EMI (Rs.)




*Principal is paid at the end of loan tenor

Lower EMIs keep the current liabilities in control, and yet fuel the business operations. Working capital financing adds to the cash position as well as to the working capital. This boosts the overall sales and the revenues. The increased revenues can be used to repay the loan while maintaining high cash flows.

Bajaj Finserv offers unsecured working capital finance of up to Rs. 30 lakh. It can be availed by Limited or Private Limited Company, Partnership or Proprietorship Firm, and Self Employed Professional.

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Corrosion is a characteristic procedure which changes over a refined metal to an all the more artificially stable frame, for example, its oxide and hydroxide or sulfide. It is the continuous pulverization of materials by substance as well as the electrochemical response with their condition.

The Objective Of Corrosion Prevention And Corrosion Types

Strategies for Corrosion Prevention

The objective of corrosion prevention is to safeguard the uprightness of a benefit and additionally to save the trustworthiness of any materials an advantage may contain. On account of a water stockpiling tank, this would mean keeping the water inside consumable by shielding it from getting to be defiled. On account of a capacity tank holding more unpredictable substance, for example, fly fuel the corrosion prevention systems arrangement must be sufficiently strong to secure the capacity holder without responding to the substance inside.

Uniform Corrosion

Uniform corrosion is viewed as an even assault on the surface of a material and is the most widely recognized sort of corrosion. It is additionally the most kind of the degree of the assault is generally effectively judged and the subsequent effect on material execution is reasonably effortlessly assessed because of a capacity to reliably repeat and test the wonder. This sort of corrosion regularly happens over generally vast zones of a material’s surface.

Setting Corrosion

The setting is a standout amongst the most ruinous sorts of corrosion as it can be difficult to anticipate distinguish and describe. The setting is a limited type of corrosion in which either a neighborhood anodic point or all the more usually a cathodic point shapes a little corrosion cell with the encompassing typical surface. Once a pit has started it develops into an “opening” or “cavity” that goes up against one of a wide range of shapes. Pits ordinarily enter from the surface descending in a vertical bearing.

Fissure Corrosion

Fissure corrosion is likewise a limited type of corrosion and for the most part, comes about because of a dormant microenvironment in which there is a distinction in the convergence of particles between two regions of a metal. Hole corrosion happens in protected territories, for example, those under washers joltheads and gaskets and so forth where oxygen is limited. These little territories consider a destructive operator to enter however don’t permit enough flow inside exhausting the oxygen content which adverts re-passivation. As a dormant arrangement fabricates pH moves from nonpartisan.

Intergranular Corrosion

An examination of the microstructure of a metal uncovers the grains that frame amid cementing of the combination and in addition the grain limits between them. Intergranular corrosion can be caused by polluting influences show at these grain limits or by the consumption or improvement of an alloying component at the grain limits. Intergranular corrosion happens along or nearby these grains genuinely influencing the mechanical properties of the metal while the majority of the metal stay in place.

Stress Corrosion Cracking (Scc)

Stress corrosion splitting (SCC) is a consequence of the mix of malleable pressure and a destructive domain frequently at raised temperatures. Stress corrosion may come about because of outer pressure for example real elastic loads on the metal or extension/compression because of fast temperature changes. It might likewise come about because of leftover pressure conferred amid the assembling procedure for example from icy framing and welding or machining and crushing and so forth. In stretch corrosion most of the surface more often than not stays in place; in any case, fine splits show up in the microstructure making the corrosion difficult to recognize.

Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion is the corruption of one metal almost a joint or crossroads that happens when two electrochemically different metals are in electrical contact in an electrolytic situation; for instance when copper is in contact with steel in a saltwater domain. In any case, notwithstanding when these three conditions are fulfilled there are numerous different variables that influence the potential for and the measure of corrosion for example temperature and surface complete of the metals. Huge built systems utilizing numerous sorts of metal in their development including different latch writes and materials are vulnerable to galvanic corrosion if the mind isn’t practiced amid the planning stage.

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Have you ever tried pulling out all the stops to do GST right and still failed? If you are registered taxpayer under the GST then there’s no chance that you didn’t. The Goods and Services Tax Act have taken over all the nation as it consumed all the earlier taxes like service tax, VAT, and excise duty into one. Although, the government, before the implementation of the regime, presumed that the tax will make the market unified. But did it do so?

GST Return Filing Tool: The Tax Compliance Made Easy and Correct

The statistics show that the new taxation regime, since implementation, has been under many disadvantageous repercussions. Initially, the taxpayers expected the government to run the regime on a trial basis so that the businesses could get used to it. But the implementation was abrupt that gave rise to numerous compliance-related issues and downturned revenue collection. Although the government has started making necessary changes in the regime this kind of approach would make the regime take decades to settle properly in the nation. So how could the objective of making taxation easier be achieved quickly? Surprisingly, the solution is available in the form of GST return filing tool.

The benefits of digital taxation

The utmost important fact about the Goods and Services is that this taxation system is entirely digital. Hence, the technology could play a full-fledged role in helping the people with the compliance of the new taxation regime. And most of you might have even been taking the assistance of the online tool to make your business suffer less of GST’s difficulties.  Here are some of the amazing benefits of the GST reporting tool:

1. An error-free return filing and calculations– In the process of taxation, the return filing plays a crucial role. An online tool can not only help you in filing hassle-free returns but also in calculating an errorless tax liability. In addition to the return filing, the GST return filing tool consumes only a few minutes to process GSTR form and upload it on the GSTN.

2. Invoices– Every business incurs thousands of sale and purchase invoices over the course of a month. Facilitating the hectic process of the invoice creation, the online tool creates the invoices even in bulk. Once the invoices are created, they are uploaded on the GSTN portal simultaneously matched with the GSTR summary form.

3. The user integration– You can have an oversight over all the documents that you upload on the online taxation tool. The tool comes handy with the integrated user interface having a unique username and password. It gives the user a prime control over the financial and personal documents.


Integrating an online tool with your business could be beneficial in millions of ways. You could both make yourself tech-savvy and a flawless taxpayer. Make sure that the taxation doesn’t stand in the way of your business making progress and choose a prominent online taxation tool. GST can be made easy if done with patience and a little bit of awareness.

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Most people are now treating cryptocurrencies as a convenient way to make a quick buck. The main reason behind this current trend has been the unimaginable success of the Bitcoin. But Bitcoin mining is no longer as lucrative as it once was; this is why many other altcoins have been developed. Newer digital currencies have come about for different reasons and purposes. One of these new currencies is Dash which was originally called the Dark Coin or Xcoin. No wonder then why people are researching for ways to start Dash mining today.

Dash Mining

Dash is an altcoin which has very similar features as that of the Bitcoin, with a few glaring differences. These differences are making this altcoin more appealing to miners. One such major point of difference is the working algorithm. While the Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, the Dash makes use of the Scrypt. Rewards obtained through mining are divided amongst miners. The miners and node operators will receive about 90% of reward amounts while the rest 10% is offered for developing this currency. So, it works like an incentive for the developers. This is missing in Bitcoin where there is no such development team and there are no volunteers who can get incentives to manage the currency. So, the Bitcoin miners may be making profits but they are at a disadvantage. There is complete transparency of transactions and so records are accessible to everyone and confirmations take a long while to come.

Why should you start Dash Mining?

  • One of the greatest benefits of mining Dash is that it is obscure and transactions are fully anonymous. You cannot possibly trace sources of transactions and destinations of transactions. For Bitcoins, it is easy to trace both the source and destination of any transaction as they are in public view of everyone.
  • Compared to the Bitcoin which needs about 10 minutes to confirm any transaction, the Dash transactions get confirmed instantly.
  • Thirdly, the transaction fees for Dash cryptocurrency are much lower compared to the Bitcoin.

How to start Dash Mining:

To mine the Dash at home, you will need specialized equipments. Like the Bitcoin, you need ASIC miners; ASIC represents Application Specific Integrated Circuit machines which are designed to mine much faster than GPUs. They are used for Monero, Bitcoin and Ethereum mining purposes. But ASIC mined crypto coins will be limited. Moreover, as these are mined at a very fast rate, the task is accomplished faster and difficulty levels change all the time. This is why ASIC mined coins are likely to have less profitability, but Dash is different. Its value remains unchanged and it is found to be far more profitable than its competitors. When you choose to mine the Dash by signing up for cloud mining services you can enjoy bigger gains. Here, you will not have to build and maintain a rig for mining. You can get hash power from the service providers. So, cloud mining for Dash is both cost-friendly and more profitable.

Which is a better Way to start Dash Mining?

When you wish to mine Dash cryptocurrency, you must decide whether to do so independently or by joining a mining pool. Joining mining pools are always safer and a better option to earn rewards faster than mining solo. When you mine solo, rewards may be enjoyed in their entirety, but they will take a long time to come. In a pool, the efforts are divided among miners and so, rewards are also divided accordingly. Before joining a pool nevertheless, you need to check for the pool’s fees, reputation, payout methods, location etc.

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Are you in a job that involves reviewing of contracts? Or do you own a company that works on contract management cycle and wants to make the processes faster and more productive? If the answers are a “Yes”, then this article is just for you. There is no doubt that contract management software is becoming an elixir given the challenges faced by the traditional methods of review. But have you wondered which are the best contract management systems in the world? If you have been ignorant all throughout, then it is high time that you take the endeavors to make your work and business far more efficient and get the right contract management system for your business.

Why do you need contract review system?

The contract review software is a necessity for contract management these days. The following are the factors that advocate for getting such systems in offices.

#1 Faster work

The traditional way of reviewing contracts is manual and leads to a lot of time usage. It is quite cumbersome too and since it is done entirely through human labor, it is prone to human errors too.

#2 Better organization

The processes which help in contract management also need to be quite well organized. There is so much of information overload at times, that it becomes difficult to keep data in meaningful and meticulous order. Contract review systems come handy here. To reduce the mental strain of working with contract reviews, such software is needed.

#3 Database management

When the information content is less, it is easy to make data entries into the database. However, when things go out of proportion, it is wise to take help of software to populate the database automatically. This is where your contract review systems do come into the picture and help you manage database well.

Which are the best systems for your business?

There are a number of contract review systems present online for download or for even working virtually on the web. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

#1 LawGeex

LawGeex is a free and easy to use contract review system. It is one of the best since it has a wonderful onboarding process. It helps you include all the standard contract clauses that are needed for every kind of contract review and ensures there are no strange outlier clauses. There are many people who just get stuck up in the contracts and don’t fully understand them. As a result, they are unable to negotiate well for better terms and put themselves and their close ones at risk. This is exactly where LawGeex helps, by making it easy to manage the contracts and review them well.

#2 eBrevia

eBrevia utilizes the power of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to deliver unbelievable speed and accuracy in contract management and review process. It has been included as one of the Legal AI Leaders in National Law Journal. Fast, accurate and intuitive, this software is multilingual and quite secure.

Next time, you need a good contract management system, you know which ones to look for.

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If home technologies were royalty, your boiler would be king. Especially at this chilly season.

Winter appears to be getting increasingly harsh every year and home boilers are stretched with their limit to keep a home warm. without regular maintenance the boiler can breakdown when you need it the most. That has the actual to leave you as well as your family members at a loose end as you put together to face the cold weather.

Boiler Repair Is More Important Than You Imagine

You’ve probably observed, the price tag on gas appears to be increasing each day. Sadly, I don’t see us heading back to a period when gas was cheap unless we eventually invent a period machine. Until such a period we’ll have to bear the brunt of these rising fuel bills. So bare at heart, if your boiler is not looked after properly it will not function effectively. This may lead to higher fuel consumption and so further inflate the bills.


Boilers should last up to 15 years. If yours is approaching that years, then think about keeping for a new one.

If you wish to keep your boiler in tip-top condition for longer, gross annual services are the strategy to use. they help to keep your boilers efficient and lower the risk of malfunctions. Consider it as an MOT for your vehicle.

The boiler in your home is made up of a combination of moving parts that assist heat water and circulate heat around your home. Obviously, these parts are inclined to deterioration. So take preventative action with regular boiler maintenance. Because of this you can be sure to get the exact part demanding boiler repairs sheffield and fix it before it brings about a malfunction.

Yet another reason – and essentially the most crucial reason – why you must carry out regular boiler repair is the risk of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and poisoning killed close to thirty people this past year. It is a colorless and odorless gas that you could breathe without knowing. Only with regular boiler repair do you want to know when there is a leak.

If you want boiler repair you must make certain you pick the right agency. A company which has skilled and skilled plumbers and high temperature engineers are obviously your best option. Finally, you will want to check your plumber is totally signed up. Reputable plumbers will be recorded with the industry regulatory bodies including the IPHE (Institute of Plumbing related, Heating & Executive). Signed up plumbers know just what they are simply doing. They’ll likewise have a few free parts handy this means a reduced down time.

We hope this post has proven useful and given you much to consider. The moral here’s to use pre-emptive action. Take proper care of your homes boiler and ensure ongoing maintenance is set up. Your boiler subsequently will function well and warmth your home when it’s needed most.

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Water can be serene and lovely while floating lazily along a calm river. However, massive amounts of water coming down in a shorter time period from a bad rainstorm, hurricane or a flash flood due to a dam break can cause severe destruction and property damage. Even smaller water leaks from a busted pipe can end up ruining many household items if the problem is not immediately fixed. DKI Services has helped in massive scale weather disaster cleanups, as well as cleaning up after a water line or hot water tank has burst causing widespread indoor damage.

How An Experienced Water Damage Service Can Help

When heavy rainstorms dump more water onto land that can’t take that amount in, massive flooding is often the sad result. Rivers, small creeks and city water reserve areas can quickly become overburdened, and the result could mean devastating water overflow that can creep onto nearby roads, properties and into residential homes and businesses. These incidents require the services of highly trained and qualified water damage professionals that can minimize the destruction that water damage might bring. DKI Services arrives swiftly when called, and their reliable team gets to work immediately to assess all of the affected property, and then they discuss their water damage remediation plan with the property owners.

Although any sort of water damage can be scary or life threatening, DKI Services have the tools, manpower and specialized equipment that will be needed to remedy the situation fast. Massive water inside a home or business can be there due to a fire where firefighters had to blast water to break down the flames. The team at DKI strives to restore as much of the water damaged property and personal possessions back to the pre-water damaged condition whenever this is possible.

Many residential home and commercial business owners trust the professionals from DKI Services to perform all of their water damage restoration services when the unthinkable does occur. Using industrial strength water suctioning machines, and carefully drying out sodden furniture and belongings, DKI professionals also use highly technical processes to ensure that more damage doesn’t occur. These experts also work hard and fast so mold or mildew doesn’t take hold. This hardworking team pumps out basements, remedies flooded properties, cleans up interior burst water line messes and cheerfully restores property to their previous condition. Call 888-502-4795, or visit for information.

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Economics deals with the fabrication and distribution of goods, wealth, and other services. Many students who acquire a degree in economics find jobs as economist, while others chase similar careers in other pertinent fields in academia, business, private sectors, and government. Students who wish to shadow a degree in economics will study topics such as macroeconomics, forecasting, global and budding markets, microeconomics, economic development, economic reporting and analysis, calculus, and managerial economics.

While at their academy or university, students like Mack Prioleau usually discovers diverse concentrations that align with their desired vocation. Those who hold economics degrees can work in businesses such as petroleum companies, banks, credit card companies, universities, medical associations, and many others. Some explicit jobs include financial advisor, economist, accountant, stock broker, financial analyst, investment advisor, personal banker, and actuaries. Individuals will most likely be working with finances, so both understanding and liking simple and complex math foundations is an addition.

What To Do With An Economics Degree According to Mack Prioleau?

If individuals are involved in the business sector, they will be finding jobs in health, transportation, industry, labor, and private firms. Employees in these fields characteristically have advanced statistics, verbal communication, writing, and computer skills. For those who are learning more towards administration, the most likely departments in which to be employed include business, finance, labor, agriculture, transportation, international trade, and urban economics. In order to submit an effectual resume to these departments, students should try to engage themselves in student government, find an internship in a government organization, and consider graduate school to be entitled for a wider selection of careers.

Many people like Mack Prioleau who hold an economics degree go into the financial and market research field. These normally include consulting firms, business firms, consumer goods manufacturing firms, and market research firms. An associated business minor is also a great support when looking for a job in this field. Students should also try to work for a political campaign, engage themselves in the campus newspaper, and take a business research practicum.

Another obtainable field is in finance and banking. Graduates may work at commercial and regional banks, or Savings and Loan associations doing work such as operations, trusts, systems, and credit lending. So as to be flourishing in this career, students should have advanced analytical and computer skills, and have some experience as a teller, cashier, or have worked as a treasurer or financial officer.

Another ordinary job for those who have this degree is working as an analyst. Individuals who work in this definite position can find careers as a market analyst, financial analyst, or public policy analyst. A triumphant market analyst will be able to envisage how a definite product or service will sell in certain areas. The majority of individuals who pursue this degree are engrossed in becoming economists. These professionals will evaluate and conduct research about how resources are used and distributed so as to produce services and goods. Most individuals will have specialized understanding in a definite concentration in this field, such as organizational economics, industrial economics, and microeconomics.

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Many people have the dream of being a property developer. Some like the idea of renovating wrecks and selling them on for a profit while others dream of entering early retirement with a nice little portfolio providing a solid rental income for limited effort. Or perhaps they see themselves working for a large construction company, working on finding sites for luxury homes and affordable flats. 

Whatever facet of property development excites and interests you there are a few core skills that everyone will find useful:

  • Imagination and visualization
  • Know your way aroundCAD Drawings
  • Selling and negotiating
  • Commercial nous
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Imagination and visualization

A good property developer can see the potential in any situation. They can look at a derelict shell and see luxury flats. They can look at a field of cows and see a new housing estate. 

Not only do they need to be able to see the potential on offer they need the imagination to be able to bring their project to fruition.

Know your way around CAD Drawings

It’s unlikely you’ll get far in property development without needing to read some CAD drawings. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a great tool that allows structural engineers and architects to communicate their ideas to the builders and craftsmen who will actually work on the property. Modern systems can create 2D and 3D drawings as well as render eerily realistic mock-ups of the final design. But being able to mentally take a flat drawing and understand how it relates to the stage of building the project has reached is an acquirable skill that will really give you an extra edge.

Selling and negotiating

To make money from the property you either need to buy and sell it or buy and lease it. Either way, you need to start by owning it and that’s when you need all your negotiating skills to obtain the best deal you can. 

You also need to be able to sell. You need to be able to sell your idea to whoever is backing your project financially – whether that’s your boss or your bank. You also need to be able to sell the property to its new owners or tenants. 

Commercial nous

How do you know if you’re going to make a profit? You need to have an interest in the property market and to keep your finger on the pulse so that when a bargain pops up, you know it. You also need to keep that commercial head on all the time. Allowing your heart to lead is a sure-fire way to ruin and disappointment. You need to be a bit hard-nosed and ruthless at times because sometimes you’re going to want to step away from a sale that’s not going the way you want it to. 

Strong interpersonal and communication skills

You’re going to spend a lot of time dealing with people. And a lot of the time those people aren’t necessarily going to be best pleased to see you. From sellers who know you aren’t going to offer what they want to builders who want to explain to you why it’s going to cost more and take longer you’re going to need top-notch interpersonal skills to deal with them. 

You also need to be a great communicator so that you can clearly explain what your intentions are. You might have the most fantastic and original plan for developing a site, but unless you can explain it to everyone else, it’s never going to be the success you dream of.

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You might have heard the term energy management system used quite a lot as being something a business should give serious consideration to. However, many people get a little confused about what it actually is and mistake it for energy-saving efforts of the type that can be adopted within a company in order to save the energy that is available.  Energy Management systems (EMS) are a much bigger concept. They deal with the surveillance of the energy that is consumed which can help your business to optimize the energy that is used.

The Importance of Energy Management Systems for Business

What does an EMS do?

An EMS has the ability to read a number of energy meters, it is a computer-based system that works inside your building and can monitor all of the different areas at the same time in order to help you control and reduce your bulk energy consumption. It will monitor the technical services within your building; things like the lighting and HVAC, and also monitor the devices in the buildings and their energy consumption. The information that they collect is then used by the building managers to understand the way in which the business is using its energy and therefore make improvement in the energy performance of the building by looking at the emerging patterns and seeing where improvements can be made.

Why is this important?

By being able to monitor and assess the way in which energy is used within a building it is possible to see where there are any issues that need looking at as well as any areas where improvements can be made to the levels of energy being consumed. An EMS will keep an eye on the frequency of the energy consumption in a business, it updates the data that it collects on a regular basis and when there is a change in the way in which the energy is being used it can amend its control levels.

What are the benefits?

An EMS can play a very important role in helping to make a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gas that is produced. Greenhouse gas emissions, which are just one of a growing number of concerns that are threatening our environment, are not only harmful to that environment but can also have detrimental effects on the health of humans and can have bad for both flora and fauna as well. Whilst it really isn’t possible to eliminate these gases completely, there are ways in which they can be reduced. An EMS is an excellent example of this, helping to reduce emissions.

EMS’s are also capable of generating energy through the energy that they save. There will be times when your energy supply may be less than the amount at is requires and this stored energy can then be used efficiently. With the cost of energy on the increase, and no suggestion that price increases might slow down this can be a valuable and cost-saving measure to have in place. Energy consumption will be reduced, and bills will be less, leading to greater savings.

In a world where consumers rely heavily on those energy sources which are non-renewable, the current rate at which these are used means that for future generations these energy sources may be all but gone. It is important that we take measures to prevent this happening. Energy Management Systems are proving to be a valuable way of helping towards this goal, with people finally beginning to understand the need to look more closely at the way in which we consume energy and what we can do to improve that.