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Qualified LSAT test prep services offer a way for you to study when it’s convenient for you, even if that means weekends or evenings. A reliable test prep centre will hire only degreed, trained instructors who are available to help you learn. By getting the help you need, you are not just preparing for your test by learning facts, you are also preparing yourself psychologically and emotionally so when you walk into that room to take the test, you’ll be ready to sit down and ace it. Some of the better test prep services even let you repeat courses, for free, if you’re not happy with your results.

A Qualified Test Prep Centre – The Surefire Way To A Better LSAT Score

If you live in Toronto, Quantum Test Prep offers LSAT test preparation as well as test prep for GMAT and GRE exams in a standardized way that breaks complex subjects down into smaller, more manageable portions that are easier for most people to understand and recall come test time. If you’re preparing for a standardized test, most experts will tell you that a standardized teaching approach is the best way to go.

If you feel more comfortable working one on one, Quantum offers personal tutoring sessions in addition to the standard class structure, and they even offer a free course repeat guarantee if you don’t achieve the results you were hoping for.

If you have a busy schedule and commitments beyond studying, then consider the many options on offer at the top LSAT prep course in Toronto, from discounted packages, to modules dealing with the individual logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension sections:

  • The Premium LSAT Course [50 hr] – If you want to take the whole course all at once, this is the way to go. It includes the other three courses all in one.
  • The Logical Reasoning (Arguments) Module [20 hr] – Learn about arguments, time management, formal logic, and contra positive theory.
  • The LSAT Analytical Reasoning Module [20 hr] – Sequences, grouping, sub-types, diagramming techniques, and solution methodologies for question types.
  • The LSAT Reading Comprehension Module [10 hr] – Learn to discuss topics for the essay section of the exam.
  • Individual Tutoring – If you don’t like to study on your own, hire a tutor to help you learn the material.

Quantum even offers on-campus info sessions (at Concordia University, Laurier, and the University of Toronto) to help you learn more about the test requirements and study options.

The LSAT is a huge investment of time, money, and energy. The stakes are high with school application deadlines and only one shot to show you’ve got what it takes to succeed in law school. Don’t waste your time and money! Enrolling in a test prep course is an investment in your future. So why not be prepared and reduce your test taking anxiety? You’ll be glad when you walk in the test room and you’ll be glad when you walk out with that passing score in hand.

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Fotojet is one of the best free photo editor service providers and perfect tool for selfie lovers. Photo editing can be difficult to do in general, but many Photography experts can understand the value of shooting unprocessed raw files and then edit them with these kind of online tools. It has the Photoshop’s versatility and image editing power. You will have a multi-step imaging processes in it. FotoJet also allows you to create custom cover photos for your social media channels. This offers three categories of services, basically you will learn what design is all about with those services. Here are some best photo editing options.

Collage Maker

Collage Maker is a  professional image cataloguing program. This service allows full-resolution image uploads, you can share photos via internet, it can import your images into your computer. This feature offers you  600+ stunning collage templates, birthday collages, anniversary collages, love collages etc.


What does it do?

Collage Maker offers some options like Creative Collage, Photo Grid, Magazine Cover Maker, Free Photo Card Maker. It helps to  find a creative way to preserve and display your favorite photos and events. With FotoJet, with this option you will have a wonderful template, which is bound to give you lots of creative collage ideas. Add photos and customize your collage freely. Give you plenty of control over your colleagues. One of the best choice for you  to create photo collage online using pictures that are personal to you. You can choose Template from dozens of creative collage templates to start. In this you can create your own birthday cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards etc and write your own message. Choose themes like Photo Collage, Comic Collage, Classic Collage, Modern Collage, Photo Grid, Photo Montage Art Collage and then edit  with your choice and Save/Share.

options in collage

Graphic Designer

Graphic Design is an ideal job for someone who loves to draw. This is one of the best professional designer application, the best support for Photo design, advertise design, marketing design and so on. It can cover all your needs. One of the best practice  for those who have a creative mind.  On the whole you will learn what design is all about. The aim is to rival Photoshop’s versatility and image editing power. It is a leading product for photo editing software.


What does it do?

With the help of this tool that you can create graphic designs like a real designer with huge number of templates and customize your own designs by editing a template leaving you with a unique design feeling. This is one of the amateur’ version of Photoshop, it covers Covering composition, balance, contrast and hierarchy.

Creating Facebook covers

It offers Beautiful Graphic Design Templates like Facebook Cover, Email Header, Twitter header, Tumblr banner, Facebook Post, Instagram Post, Graphic Poster Design, YouTube Banner,  Google+ Cover, Invitation, Flyer, Card, YouTube thumbnail etc. This is compatible with different file types. JPEGs are an efficient way to save photos. It can handle BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and RAW file formats also.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor lets you to edit photos, it has the best editing options for your photo effects, text and clipart images, Downloadable photo editing tools have advanced, Free photo editor for you.  Resize and rotate, apply photo effects, add text and clipart image.

It offers some features like Resize Images, Crop Photos, Rotate & Flip, Photo Enhance, Radial & Tilt Shift, Vignette, Photo Filters and Effects, Add Text to Photos, Add Clipart to Photo.

multiple filters in editor

What does it do?

You can add effects to your photos, crop the images, do some color corrections, resize and rotate, apply photo effects and add text, you can change colors and lights by applying vintage effects, black and white effects and  sharpen the images.

So, if you are looking for some photo editing tools, we definitely recommend you to try this tool and enjoy some free features of Fotojet. You can also enjoy unlimited advanced features with the premium service,which includes 7+ advanced features, 600+ premium templates, 500+ premium resources, priority support service.

numerous FB cover Designs_fotojet

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The educational system of a nation is the backbone for a better tomorrow! The students need to be groomed into well-balanced individuals so that they become responsible citizens. It is here that the educational system of the nation needs to be assessed and evaluated from time to time. The need for educational reformists becomes paramount as they are behind the introduction of the system and its effectiveness!

Educational Speaker For Better Reforms In The System

Educational Reformist Passionate Towards his Work

Dr. Douglas Reeves – Founder of Creative Leadership Solutions is a leading educational reformist in the USA today. Besides educational reforms, he is also an author of books and academic articles. He has written over 80 articles and 30 books. He has dealt with general and sensitive issues when it comes to educational reforms and strives for the consistent development of students and schools in the country.

Benefits Over Burdens for the Student

He says that when it comes to reforms and educational progress, it is very important for the student to be benefited and not burdened by the changes. This does take a lot of time and research. If the student is benefited the society progresses. He is a prominent speaker at reform workshops for schools and institutions. He says there is a step by step process that helps in grading reforms. He helps academic institutions with these reforms so that they can formulate a better educational learning system for their students.

In the workshops that he conducts for the purpose, he focuses on group conversations. Some schools in the districts may face specific challenges when it comes to the implementation of a new system. He steps forward to help the management and the administration with such issues. He says that every school is unique and they face challenges that are not the same. Yes, he does give them general guidelines and helps them with the challenges so that they may progress and develop further. He says as an educational reformist, it is very important for him to be creative in his thought process. This helps him become better with every project and help schools get improved infrastructure and function.

As a person, he is experienced and qualified in the field of educational reforms. He says that he has traveled to every state in the USA and visited a host of nations. He carefully assesses the educational system in different countries and tries to take out the best points from them. This may seem to be exhausting but he enjoys his work and loves to contribute to society in this positive manner.

The need for Educational Reform for Progress

Dr. Douglas Reeves says that you need to focus on the leadership skills of the students so that they can achieve more. They will also grow up to become well-balanced individuals. 21st century schools are churning out talented students. It is important for schools to evaluate and assess their educational system from time to time. In this manner, the student and the school as a whole are benefited with success as a whole he says!

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Content mart is an online marketplace where you can find every type of freelance writer. Like other freelancing website Content mart is not focusing on every other skills like web development, marketing, designing either its graphics or technical, but only specially designed for freelancer writer and clients who are seeking for high quality content writer such as copywriter, web page writer, blogger, travel writer etc to have some content for their personal website, magazines and industry. has helped many clients and writers to earn great revenue. In this article, I will talk about how content mart can help you to get a real automotive writer.

How Can Content Mart Help You To Get Real Automotive Write?

Content mart

Content mart has different policies for writers and clients. To get highly skilled professional automotive content writer you have to place an order as I mentioned in previous articles step by step. Once you placed an order you will be able to all type of a writer bidding on your order. The upcoming step will be to choose one writer for your automotive writing job. To choose the right automotive content writer to follow the below instruction.

* Writer’s skills

Before you award a project to anyone check their profile, their skills and experience mentioned there. You are looking for a particular automotive writer, hence; choose one who has cleared the advanced test of automotive writing on As he will have a highly qualified technical background. Check their English level as well. If a writer is verified on the content mart, he or she will be a perfect one for your project.

* Review and rating

It is an online portfolio of any writer on, as it a showcase of writer’s past work experience and performance. You will be able to see reviews for a particular writer. It will definitely help you to choose a correct writer for your project. I would recommend you to take a sharp look at client’s review as it will help you to figure out if that particular writer is responsive & supportive or not. When choosing true automotive writer make sure he or she has minimum four stars out of five.

Number of Projects Completed

When looking for an automotive content write make sure you choose one who has completed most projects. Higher the completion of project greater the experience. While selecting one make sure he or she has completed minimum ten projects. As content mart gives a chance to become a verified member after completion on ten projects.

So these are the way content mart can help you to get the real automotive content writer. One more thing, content mart will allow you to make your order visible to selected writer, you can choose either only automotive writer can see the project or every writer on the content mart will be able to see the project. Always choose one who is highly relevant to your requirements.

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One of the skills students need to learn is time management, so that they not only work efficiently, but also have time for the fun side of being at college: Here are the 10 time management skills you should acquire …

Best 10 Time Management Skills For Students

  1. Start early. Too many students leave their work until the last minute and then panic. Start on your essay early, and you’ll avoid panic and stress. Begin your reading as soon as you get the assignment, and allow time to write and revise a first draft.
  2. Write a study plan. Planning makes a big difference. Work out a schedule, blocking out time for breaks, meals, sleep and other essential activities. Then you can see how much time you have for study.
  3. Use an essay writing service. If you’re really stuck, a paper writing service can be extremely useful. They can give you ideas on how to write an essay and save you a lot of time.
  4. Prioritise. Which tasks are most important? If everyone is going to be doing the same reading, get hold of those books early so that you can get the reading out of the way.
  5. Schedule breaks. You can’t study efficiently if you’re working every waking hour and missing out on sleep. Schedule breaks into your study plan and step away from the computer.
  6. Work before play. Studies should come first. However much you want to go out with your friends, get your work done first. Then you can enjoy your social life without worrying about the essays you’ve still got to do. You do need some fun in your life, but studies should be your priority.
  7. Avoid time wasters. Turn off your phone. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait, and you won’t get any work done if you’re checking Whatsapp or Facebook every 5 minutes.
  8. Be organised. Disorganised students waste a lot of time because they forget what they need to work on, or can’t get the books they need because they’ve left it too late. Be aware of deadlines, keep track of where you need to be, and make sure that your notes are clearly labelled.
  9. Break tasks down. Many students are daunted by the tasks they’re set. They don’t know how to go about working on an essay, or feel that they’ve too much on their hands. Start by breaking down the task into its components, and work on them in turn. Work on each in turn; you’ll feel a sense of achievement and be able to see that you’re making progress.

Don’t take on too much. There’s so much going on at university that it’s tempting to cram far too much into your timetable. Avoid taking on too much; if you have a lot of essays to do, go out every night, and also have a part-time job you’re going to be short on sleep and will burn out. Pick the activities you most want to do; you can always try a different one next year.

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All India Pre Medical Test 2017 requires a lot of diligent work and devotion. It is safe to say that you are planning to break AIPMT examination 2017? Here are a few tips you ought to take after to guarantee you can break this exam!

Tips To Prepare For AIPMT Examination – Should Know Every Student

1. Begin get ready: If you haven’t began get ready for AIPMT, it’s opportunity you should! Begin honing. NCERT syllabus of classes eleventh and twelfth will frame a solid base for your arrangement. Fundamentals of Biology, Physics and Chemistry ought to be on your fingertips! An expounded study material will go about as the way to your arrangement for AIPMT.

2. Unravel mock tests and question papers: As and when you finish taking in an essential idea or subject, do take a fake test here to know how great you are grinding away. Additionally, begin tackling the inquiry papers from earlier years’ exams! This will give you a smart thought of the sort of inquiry paper you will need to illuminate.

3. Realize what’s vital: Knowing the most essential sections of every subject of your syllabus is of great significance! Some significant sections are said beneath. Be totally careful with these!

Physics: Magnetism, Solids and Semiconductor gadgets, Heat and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, Motion, Physics of Nucleus and Modern material science.

Chemistry: Organic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Biomolecules, p-Block components, Alcohol Phenol Ether, Coordination Compounds, s-Block components, Chemical Thermodynamics and Biomolecules.

Biology: Systematics, Genetics, Cell, Chemical coordination, Reproduction in Higher Plants, Plantae, Photosynthesis, Plant morphology, Animal Tissues, Animal Reproduction and Dev, Origin of life, Microbes in Human Welfare, Plant and Animal morphology. Take in these subjects and ace them now!

4. Make notes: It is critical to make notes about things that are hard to recall. Make note of critical equations and parts that you are frail at and modify them every day. Keeping the key focuses and equations convenient will make it simpler for you to remember them. Here are 9 brilliant traps to retain equations.

5. Time Management: AIPMT question paper has 180 inquiries and the time given is 180 minutes. So you should deal with your time appropriately. On the off chance that an inquiry is troublesome and takes more than 3-4 minutes, abandon it; return to it once you’ve wrapped up whatever remains of the paper.

6. Example of the inquiry paper: When you go for the exam, you should be totally certain about the example of the inquiry paper.

7. Speed: Speed truly matters amid the exam! You ought to ensure that your pace of composing is quick and smooth so you are left with no less than 5-10 minutes at last to peruse through and check the whole paper.

8. Try not to be presumptuous: While endeavouring the paper, ensure you read the inquiries and comprehend them legitimately. Frequently, understudies don’t comprehend the inquiry while hurrying and attempting to complete the exam rapidly and wind up committing errors! AIPMT question paper is precarious. Perused the inquiries gradually and legitimately.

9. Be watchful of negative stamping: Since AIPMTExaminationhas negative checking, you should be certain to pick which inquiries to skip. On the off chance that an inquiry is exceptionally troublesome and you are uncertain about the answer, simply abandon it. It is ideal to leave the inquiry instead of stamping it off-base.

10. Keep sound: Last yet not the slightest, it is critical for you to keep solid and to rest-well so your mind can concentrate better. You ought to keep yourself fit and push free as senseless oversights are made when we are focused or tired.

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Many recruiters search for sales managers with a natural gift of the gab. So-called orators by birth. The selling process for them is just a matter of charm and right words that just keep coming out of their mouth. And in many ways these recruiters are right in what they are doing: what kind of sales manager is unable to keep up a conversation. Nevertheless, being a qualified sales manager demands much more than just an art of speaking. It is a whole skillset. A talent that needs to be trained.

A Story Of A Gift That Needs Training

Understanding clients’ needs and wants This skill is the very base of sales management. However, knowing that you have to do that doesn’t mean you will manage to. First of all, needs and wants can be totally polar or even in opposition to each other. Being attentive enough to separate one from another, and afterwards press the right buttons is something that comes with practice. Managers need to try it with multiple absolutely different characters in sales simulations before they learn to behave depending on circumstances.

Engaging psychologically and establishing trust A good sales manager has to be able not only to crack any professional sales skills course but also to be familiar with psychology. A couple of video courses on psychology for sales managers would only be a great asset of any eLearning management system.

Being concise, responsive and relevant They say men of few words are the best men. Well sometimes it is totally the case of sales. Clients usually also have a lot on their plate, and giving them the very essence of the potential deal will save both of you a lot time and will put you in client’s good graces. But being brief one risks to miss the important points, so it is also a matter of training. Summarizing in the online courses the core aspects of potential deals will guarantee that a sales manager knows how to render the essence to a client.

Personalizing interactions Boundaries. They tend to be very contingent. With some people getting personal means winning them over. Others would be frustrated by your audacity. And it is not confined to psychology, there is a lot to learn about cultures and traditions, as well as business customs, especially when it comes to international clients. Apart from that age, gender and other personal characteristic may be defining in choosing the right approach.

Linking daily activities to quota Sales management is a process that demands careful organization, especially when you have a certain quota to achieve. Trying to be effective within the frame of one day managers lose sight of the big picture. Training of organizational skills is not the privilege of project managers. It is a must for every employee who wants to be effective in the long-term.

Deciding on an LMS for sales managers companies need to make sure that the provided online sales training courses are able train the above mentioned skills that are crucial for managers. All these skills turn the job of a sales manager into a playfield where they know not only the rules but the secret passages that unlock wondrous potential.

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With advent of cloud computing technology, the world of education is no more straitjacketed in textbooks and notes, as it has opened new horizons of the most practical ways of imparting education to millions by combining the concept of virtualization and efficient computing. Strategic vision of IT experts has blessed humanity with cloud computing technology that has numerous benefits which includes lesser expenditure on IT, enhanced accessibility and better coordination which has altogether changed the way education used to be delivered in the traditional classrooms and through online courses.

Cloud Computing Revolutionizing Traditional Methods Of Education

The Betterment of Education through Cloud Computing

Cloud services have brought some of the following changes in the education sector-

  • Doing away the need of expensive textbooks and providing a level playing field for all students who don’t have access to quality educational material. In US itself the e-textbook program under various educational institutions aims to digitize around 30,000 textbooks to make the comparatively cheaper and updated digital content available for all students.
  • There is no need of storage devices or hi-tech computers as they cloud services are easily operational and accessible through a simple internet browser on computer and mobile devices as well.
  • The cloud based educational materials are updated with the latest developments and current trends and are therefore a good replacement for other sources of education.
  • Breaking the barriers of geography, it has reached diverse population of students across the globe and is perfectly suitable for those who cannot hold themselves in a classroom environment.

All the aforementioned facts exemplify the crucial role, the cloud services are going to play in the further development of education throughout the world.

Cloud Computing Leading the Current Trends in Education Sector

Globally, the cloud computing education market is estimated to grow by USD 15.02 billion in 2020 as compared to the latest estimates of USD 5.83 billion in 2015. The major drivers behind such figures, is the need of a centralized system for managing the academic processes with reduced burden on education management and the state-of-the-art mobile learning facility. The cloud computing education market is expected to witness a boom in Asia-Pacific region followed by Europe with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.8% in the period from 2015 to 2020. In the next few years the surge in demands for effective education management services will offer umpteen growth opportunities for the cloud computing in this sector. The extensive research and development (R&D) is being carried out to emphasize the secure and efficient deployment of cloud services in education. This is the reason, why many economies in the world are ready to embrace the cloud services in education segment.

Some of the renowned key players who are currently serving the education sector with their cloud services are Microsoft Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Cisco Systems, Inc., Adobe Systems Incorporated, Oracle Corporation, NetApp, Inc. and Ellucian. In case you need AWS or Azure consulting, you have several good options to choose from.

Eventually, as mentioned, we will see how cloud computing will become even more popular in the following years and cloud will probably be used in almost all industries.

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Your resume is in good shape, the brevity of your professional cover letter has set you apart from the rest, and it vividly communicates how well you fit the position. Modern resume writing is more than an art and skill you need to nurture and develop to full potential. In interviews you are required to submit a few more requirements including a writing sample to demonstrate your writing capability. You wonder whether to submit a research paper you did back in college, a persuasive email, a personal blog post, speech, etc. Now, what next? Just create a graphical concept of the entire application with your writing sample as a supporting component. Check out how it works:

5 Steps To Submitting A Job-winning Resume That Grabs The Attention Of Hiring Managers

Step 1: Create and Write your Tagline

It is evident that the purpose of your resume is to win the job. Hence, the objective statement may be seen as a waste of space. Be creative and come up with a tagline for yourself explaining who you are as an applicant, leader and creative thinker. Ask what you would want the interview to remember about you? Making a vivid & impressive objective, such as “a fervent tech savvy with a passion for business and tech startups” draws you nearer to winning the job. Come up with a concise, catchy tagline that communicates who you are and what you offer. Be as brave and confident as possible.

Step 2: Identify where your resume needs a shore up

You already know which way you are walking. Take time and re-read through your tagline, cover letter and resume to ensure it communicates the intended message appropriately. Ask yourself whether the most desired attributes stand out? If no, clear out all the doubts you have and if yes, consider looking into your writing sample. Does it portray you as being able to work harmoniously with people? No matter how well you write your example, how detailed it is, all that matters is how well your writing sample supports your entire application. If your writing sample affirms your collaboration skills, then your final pieces of paper when put together must convey and support the one message on your tagline.

Step 3: Follow the Standard Advice

Once your cover letter, resume and writing sample are all ready and presentable, it is time to pay attention to the standard advice. Resume writing requires you to proofread and edit your work accordingly. Never submit a writing sample with an error: be it a spelling mistake, typo, poor use of preposition, etc. Assume the hiring manager is glancing through your work and identifies you cannot use “there and their” correctly. To him, it may appear as the lack of attention for detail, and your resume might find space in the trash can.

Relevance is a crucial ingredient in winning a job position. If the application is related to the aviation industry, it will be entirely wrong uploading a writing sample about nuclear studies. Uniformity is vital. For instance, if you studied business in college, you can demonstrate your skill better by uploading a writing sample about a business plan you wrote for a known company.

Finally, be prepared for any outcomes. If you got an upper hand in crafting high profile resumes, you would likely win an interview position, but once the real nature of your writing sample gets discovered, everything you have worked hard for is no longer valid.

Step 4: Stick to a Practical Length (and tone)

Modern hiring managers may not have the time to sift through endless applications spanning more than one page. Stick to the rule of writing a one-page sample unless requested to submit a long one. You’ll be recognized more easily by simple one-page documents that are concise and current. To get the proper tone for your sample, refer to the company website to understand the most commonly used tone on their web pages.

Step 5: Include an Introductory Paragraph

Provide a detailed overview of the writing sample in your introductory paragraph. Include a few sentences that answer the “What, When, and Why” questions of the writing sample. Talk a little bit about the document and what you think it confirms.

Finally, ignore the moody feelings about writing samples seen as an added burden. Your writing sample is an opportunity to help define and shape your candidacy, so use it well.

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Socrates mentored Plato, Plato mentored Aristotle , Aristotle mentored the Great Alexander and we all know that Alexander the Great almost conquered the entire world.

It is evident from the statement above that a good mentor creates a ripple effect and inspire the people around them. It is a vital decision to get a mentor if preparing for an examination or selection tests, so that the person could have a look at the world beyond the entrances.

It is evident that making a career related choice is the most difficult choice anyone has to make. Ever wondered why our parents say, whatever career choice they made and where they are now, is all because of the negligible amount of guidance or none at all, they had in their days. Unlike today when everything is almost instantly available, But, how do we find the right one? We don’t really understand the importance of having the right mentorship program until we find ourselves in soup with regards to career choices.

Positive Impact Of Mentorship While Learning

Everybody advices, but that doesn’t define mentorship. Mentorship is a responsibility that requires dedication from both the individual who is mentored and the mentor.It is something that Byju’s classes have made use of. They provide one on one guidance for class 6 to 10, IIT JEE Preparation. CAT, GRE, GMAT and IAS Exams are also taken care of by them.

Lets have a look at the positive effects of mentoring that Byju’s has while learning:

Effective mentoring requires a customized growth plan that matches the individual. Byju’s take the headache of planning for the preparation of examination, guiding the students through the examination like a perfect mentor.

Never fear in learning about new things: Byju’s help its students make that topic a cake walk with their engaging videos and fun learning methods. It is the only online educational site that make use of copyrighted teaching methods. So the users don’t find any difficulty in learning new things.

Share the challenges and ways to overcome them: A good mentor always shares the challenges he faced when he was on that same road. The best example of it would be Byju’s have retired civil service professionals who help the students to prepare who take the mock interviews.

Create an atmosphere of trust and guidance: Trust and guidance can be used as synonyms when mentorship and guidance is considered. The faculties of Byju’s provides peer to peer guidance while creates an atmosphere of trust.

Expect qualitative and quantitative results: With the feedback measurement and topic wise assessments and quiz, Byju’s help the student to analyze their performance.

All these positive effects of mentorship can prove as a life saver building an effective model of preparation through Byju’s Classes. Download Byju’s app and get the best mentor for your preparation on your fingertips here: Byju’s Classes App