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Risks and rewards are part of the nature of trading, and some forms of trading are more suited for certain people depending on their experience. If you’ve just decided to get involved in trading so that you can make a little extra money, it’s best to start with an alternative that gives you as much of a winning chance as you can possibly get.

Among the best for rookies is the Martingale strategy, which allows you to minimize your losses by giving you a 50/50 chance of being right. If you keep making the same bet, and increasing the size, you will eventually win.

Here are some tips for making this system work for you with as little losses as possible.

Trade in the Right Places

Some people don’t get the return on their investments because they make assumptions about how the stocks that they put their money in will prosper in the near and far future. A company that you may be trading on may be doing well now, but there’s always the chance of something going wrong that leads to its stock going down. Using systems that require heavy bets with a limited chance of winning will hurt you in this case, so it’s best to know ahead of time that any stock, no matter how reputable that name behind it is, is subject to dips.

That’s where the Martingale strategy comes in handy, as your chances of winning are just as high as your chances of losing. It’s best to dedicate your trading towards stocks that aren’t too high at the moment but can grow over time. This gives you less to lose in the short term and more to gain over time. This works well with stocks that are relatively new but are beginning to gain a reputable status, which increases the chances that it will go up down the line. In this situation, the favorites have a harder time than the underdog stocks.

Limit How Much You Put Down

Those who put money down through the Martingale don’t experience as much as a chance of leaving empty handed because their losses are delayed. This is not the same as your chances of winning being brought up, as your long-term expected return doesn’t change. The goal with this strategy is to continue doubling the size of your trade until you eventually get a win. However, this can make people nervous about the amount that they initially lose, depending on how much they put down.

If you still want to avoid losing too much, then only bet a certain amount when you start trading. This will be especially helpful if this is your first time trading, as you don’t want to exit a stock with an empty wallet on your first time. Even if you lose in the first round, if you put down a low amount of money, the stock won’t take away too much. You will also eventually be able to make up for it due to the 50/50 odds.

Be Patient

Trading, like investing and betting, requires patience in order for you to see a return. Very few systems demonstrate the importance of being able to wait than the Martingale does, as the time it takes to achieve the eventual win has made many experts see it as a risky route. You may be putting down a couple of dollars each time you trade, but it may take some time before you get to that first win, as each time could turn into a loss just as easily as a win.

Those who are willing to put their time and energy in this strategy will see the most rewards. Some people get involved in trades to get rich quick, but this system is about making money in the long term. The Martingale is about dedication, so you don’t have to spend your time predicting the behavior of markets. Staying in the trade could get you more money than you originally planned.

Keep these tips in mind so that the Martingale can start filling up your bank account.

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Getting everything ready for a vacation can ironically be a lot of work. Don’t spend countless hours searching through dozens of websites for the cheapest flight deals. Save time with smart apps that use powerful search engines to find the best deals. Compare prices and flight times for major airlines such as American Airlines, JetBlue and United Airlines. Just select your preferred flight schedule and locations, and let technology do the work for you.

Best flight deals with Skyscanner

SkyScanner has developed an impressive search algorithm over the past two decades for finding the best flight deals. In fact, it has been named ‘Best Travel App’ by several organizations like the Webby Awards, Mobile Entertainment Awards, and the AppyAwards. Choose a departure date and destination, and SkyScanner instantly finds surprisingly cheap tickets. The search continues behind the scenes and you will be alerted if a better deal is found later. An intuitive calendar shows the dates with the lowest airfares, so you don’t have to rely on luck for great savings! In my research I found a couple of other useful apps that also have flight deals, so here’s an article I discovered if you want to check more similar apps.

Flight Apps With Deal Alerts

Best travel bundles with KAYAK

Kayak has consolidated its reputation as one of the top apps for travel bookings. With many well-earned rewards under its belt, Kayak keeps pushing forward. It can be a tiresome experience to find the perfect combination of flight dates, hotel booking, and car rentals. Kayak’s search engine considers all the variables to find the best bundle options for the greatest savings. The best offers are summarized neatly in one screen for quick viewing. Flight, hotel, and car rental deals are identified with simple icons, making it easy to select your preferred combination!

Easy traveling with Jetradar

Are you a frequent flyer? If so, Jetradar is a great choice. Create a profile to receive customized alerts for cheap flights that fit your travel preferences. Do you own multiple devices? Your data is synchronized across all platforms, so you can always have access to your information! All your alerts, booked flights, favorite flights and passenger information can be easily viewed on one screen. With Jetradar by your side, flying has never been easier.

Travel savings and rewards with CheapOair

It can take a lot of time to find the best deals for hotels and flights. Don’t waste your time doing research when you can have an app do the work for you! CheapOair instantly finds the best travel bundles that fit your needs. Book your preferred combination with a single tap and enjoy up to 40% in savings! If you want to save more money, you might want to use CheapOair’s own Visa Credit Card. Accumulate points with each purchase and use them on your next trip for further savings!

Finally, here’s a list I used as a reference to find the apps to review. The list saved me a couple of hours of research so just in case you don’t like any of the apps I picked, you can always check the list.

Best Apps For Flight Booking

To conclude, technology makes our life easier, so take full advantage when it’s time to plan your next trip. There’s no need to spend your time searching online for the cheapest flight when apps that will do the work for us! Take the stress out of planning a vacation and focus on what really matters – like whether you’ll go on a safari ride or go snorkeling at the beach! Enjoy.

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SAP Finance/ Controlling (FICO) is the giant on whose shoulders the SAP organisation has made its name. Any finance related functions can be easily made with sterling efficiency. It is one of the most well-known products of the firm. A plethora of organisations have seen the offerings of SAP FICO and have realised its potential use to solve a variety of problems. This has caused a steady increase in demand of this software.

The tool is very promising and versatile, which comes at a cost of needing professionals to be able to use it in scenarios as needed by firms. Sometimes, they must be able to realise which problems can be solved by SAP FICO. Thus, along with the software, experts that can use it are also rising in demand. To bag a role as a consultant, one must know what type of SAP FI interview questions would be asked and be prepared to answer them on the spot while being considered for hire.

What It Takes To Become An SAP FICO ConsultantWhat It Takes To Become An SAP FICO Consultant

The prerequisites for this would be lessons in accounting and basic finance. Some accounting principles can prove very useful to individuals as they can then oversee operations and understand how best to optimise and solve problems. This becomes absolutely mandatory for people without any background in finance and accounting as a majority of concepts in SAP FICO relies on these principles.

Looking at the way the software works and can be used to solve problems, the future scope for any consultant seems very promising as the demand seems to keep rising and this is a profession where experience can take one a lot of places. Freshers might find it a bit challenging as the learning curves are really steep. Building up their knowledge would seem like the best bet they have at the moment. Areas where they can focus on can be clearer through case studies, understanding transaction flows and then some configurations.

Understanding the reasoning behind some process design choices in some business lines or industries is paramount to succeeding here as a consultant. Once that’s done, mapping this understanding to the SAP design flow would be the last hurdle to overcome. Design analysis should be the main focus after the application has been decided. Mainly how, why and what exactly was built.

Design and configuration work would be categorised under an implementation project, needing the most experienced and skilled individuals. The support projects however, are less taxing and thus have a relatively lesser work responsibility. If they can manage their time well, these individuals can spend some time apart from work to grow and learn more about concepts and reasoning behind some of the designs. Once enough confidence is built up, it can be recommended that they look into access to an IDES system and then build a personal setup to practice on.

FICO is an old application, some newer ones like Simple Finance which is based off from HANA is gaining traction today. A strong base in FICO and any of these newer skills, they can expand one’s arsenal of tools, which raises employability.

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In the whole of the globe, the trading within the stock market has exceptionally become well-accepted in which trillions are traded by way of the securities in companies and also possessions by the investors. About the business that put up for sale (sell) the securities, for them doing trade in the stock market has become the prime source of making money along with giving life to tools for example pensions, savings, funds as well as to portfolios regarding individual investment. Although, as is the case with other business, doing trade in the stock market has also associated with its advantages and limitations that you have to take into consideration the time you opt to go for working as an investor.

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Trading Shares


Rate Concerning Returns

It is very important to state that the prime merit of doing trade in the stock market depends upon its intrinsic competence to proffer sizeable and significant rates regarding returns. You can take any bank account into consideration where you get only five percent rate of interest in a financial year. You may be lucky enough to avoid paying some applicable taxes, and your capital gets affected by price hike as well, on the contrary doing trade in the stock market can give you five percent return in trading of a single day, and it may go up if an investor is sharp. You can get the better investment tools if you do trade with the best stockbroker in India.

Can Attain Assets

In contrast to the speculations with reference to index movements, trading executed with regard to the stock market is in position to register acquiring of actual, important possessions in the form of shares you go about purchasing. In case there happens nothing untoward with the underlying or original business, all the shares you have achieved will contain some worth which you as an investor will be in a position to sell later on. Thus it makes an added type of secure investment that has in it enclosed value without end.

Dividend Yield

Agreed that shares vouchsafe the possessor some dividend payment per year on the basis of per share, in addition, they can bring into being (produce) a sort of ongoing flow of revenue when times are favorable. Furthermore, the sum relating to dividends receive good tax treatment in some countries.



The prime comparable demerit of doing trade in the stock market is that merely a one wrong step is capable of devastating the overall capital money and in addition much more, that shall be dependent on your positions which turn out be in some influence or not. You must take it as a key threat to deal with risks that stare in your face while trading and form some crucial component of the effective strategy of carrying out a trade. At the same time keep it always in mind right from the beginning that the market can take turn anytime and become hostile within no time is very vital to consider for victory.

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A large number of people believe that you happen to be highly qualified, very professional although you possess a normal degree. A number of firms provide paid training however you are able to get training in relation to the needed license although a firm may not take you till you obtain a degree in the securities sales examinations. You have to get on with people only by way of money. You see that job advancement can be a probability which shall basically depend on your performance. With the help of various courses, you can develop the knowledge of the field as well as skills required for training as in the course you will are provided with the same thoroughly. Though you need to decide a field before going for a career in any of the field, you are required to possess the knowledge of each segment so that people can trust you as a broker with skills and knowledge. A skilled broker is only in demand in the market.

Your clients suppose that you will be offering advice about investment at the time of the welcome call, but in actuality, you have nothing to do more than helping them to open an account correctly along with all necessary documents. You may have to pay attention to their words what actually they need from your firm and you and after that try your best to fulfil all of your promises. Learn what the best stock broker does to increase their clientele.

Choose To Be A Best Stockbroker India

Making cold calls to strangers, you will have to get pleasure from meeting people, and you cannot give yourself the concession of not making the calls, and necessarily you shall have to face all would be investors such as people having better jobs, or people who have their own business and give your introduction.

You will be needed to learn and develop proactive relationship supervision, stand for the interests of your customer prior to your goals and be assured that by giving your best you will gain the confidence of your client which shall pay you in some time later.

Attractive Income

These stockbrokers are able to raise enough income. This profession is inclined to give you better returns in case you are able to stick for a long time. You will get the good opportunity of drawing commissions as well as bonuses too. Doing well, stock brokers can turn out to be well off in due course of time and career.

No Unemployment Problems

One of the biggest merits of becoming a stockbroker is the security of a job. These stockbrokers will always be in demand at least for the time the financial markets exist. It also holds true for an increase in day trading as well as algorithmic trading. If you choose to become a stockbroker, you will never face the issue of unemployment. All such benefits hold well only if you happen to be successful and turn out to be eminent in the stock markets. This profession of stockbroking is not a dead end occupation.

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The new indirect taxation regime subsumed all the earlier taxes into one. Following the vision to unify the Indian taxation system, the government launched the new indirect taxation regime on July 1st, 2017. However, most of the businesses have registered under the regime but still face compliance issues. The technological glitches in the Goods and Services Tax Network have also made the entire taxation system sluggish. The fortunate advent of the compatible and robust taxation software and tools in the market has eased the process of GST for millions of Indian taxpayers.

How To Buy A Matchless GST Reporting Tool?

The Availability of The Tool in The Market

In order to do the taxation right, you would have to take the assistance of the technology. The error-free GST compliance is highly tedious because of the complexity and extensiveness of the Goods and Services Tax Act. A highly integrated GST reporting tool not only eases the taxation processes like the liable tax calculation and filing returns but also makes them cost and time-effective. But before investing in any available tool in the market, you must look for these functions:

  1. Integrated calculator– A high-end calculator will help your business with the tax calculation that is the utmost important process under any taxation system. With the calculations done right, you can easily escape the hassles of re-payment or penalty for the wrong payment of taxes. And since Goods and Services Tax Act is destination-based, the calculation of the taxes requires the taxpayer to properly comply with the applicable product codes as well. Hence, the automated system of the GST reporting tool makes the tax calculation easy and convenient.
  2.  Automated return filing mechanism– Most of the GST tools available in the market does not have the automated system to file returns. Once you set your mind to buy a taxation tool, you must look for an automated one. Since there are thousands of invoices are involved in the return filing process, the automated system of invoice entry will make the process hassle-free. The system would retrieve the information from the prior entries made in the software and fill it in the return form. Along with the automated return filing mechanism, the tool also must support all types of GSTR forms.


The Indian businesses would experience the most simplified taxation system once they will start taking the proper assistance of the technology. With the correct returns filed and tax paid, the credibility of the business remains intact in the market and it eventually grows as well. And since the Goods and Services Tax Act is still evolving, the combined effort of the taxpayers and the government would streamline the taxation system before the expected period of time. The regime has gained its momentum as more than 1.03 crore Indian taxpayers have registered under the regime. Soon the government, with processes like the e-way billing system and anti-profiteering measures, would also put an end to the tax evasion in India.

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There are a number of financial companies available in Dayton, Ohio. Most of the companies offer well-rounded and well-structured services relating to Medicare, healthcare and insurance policies. Mohlman financial is one such company which offers a wide range of financial solutions for individuals, families and for the various businesses. Jeff Mohlman after working as a sales executive in a number of financial companies decided to form his own financial management company.

Mohlman financial was established in the year 2012 in Dayton, Ohio. With the help of Bryan Pitstick, Jeffrey Mohlman started the financial operations which are different from the conventional operations including insurance and brokerage.  Jeff Mohlman who worked as an experienced broker and director of the company wanted to serve the people by offering unique financial services. In order to offer better financial solutions, he joined hands with many other wealth managers, attorney, healthcare management executives and the automobile and real estate brokers in and around Dayton and Cincinnati.

Mohlman Financial Provides Long-Term Financial Solutions

Mohlman financial offered various types of financial services which are mainly based on personal finances as well as various insurance and healthcare policies. Also, the company dealt with different retirement plans which have become a popular proposition among the people working in service & business industry. Every plan and policy offered to the clients can be easily customized according to the client needs, market trends and the overall requirements. Jeff Mohlman worked hard while he discussed various options and convinced the clients who have believed in him.

Before starting his own financial firm, Jeff had worked in various financial and insurance companies. He was the best retirement income specialist and offered the most suitable solutions for asset optimization. Jeffrey had worked with MetLife in Dayton, Ohio as a financial planner and long-term financial specialist.

Jeff Mohlman had been part of the company while handling the responsibility of the retire-wise team of MetLife in the year 2006. While working as the director of delivering promises, Jeff had worked with much fortune 500 companies. He had trained the employees of many MetLife, General Motors and Standard Register and educated them on various insurance, healthcare and retirement schemes and policies.

Certified International Speaker

 In the year 2012, Jeff started working as an independent financial consultant along with his insurance business operations. It was an incident that turned into a business opportunity when his family decided to sell his grandfather’s estate to collect the funds for medical care. This becomes the main reason for Jeffrey to offer help to the elder people by optimizing their property into an opportunity.

Jeffrey not only became successful in the field of financial operations but he became certified international speaker and trainer too. He also became a member of prestigious broker associations and the national ethics association of Miami Valley. Jeff Mohlman has achieved success in the field of personal finances which he managed efficiently offering long-term planning. Also, he offered customized financial solutions for the clients in the field of life insurance including Medicare and healthcare services. Mohlman financial has become the source of better financial solutions for the people in need.

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In the modern era, the source of income is a serious concern for every individual. There are people who look for various avenues from where additional income can be generated, and for them, the share market is the ideal place that can fulfill their requirements as well as dreams in a short span. However, for this to have knowledge of the market, finance and trading are much required. For trading in the share market, there are also some requirements that one needs to fulfill as a trader.

All You Want To Know About The Demat Account

Demat Account

Demat account is an account used to hold the shares in the electronic form. By storing the shares in demat account, the stocks remain in a dematerialized form. The process of converting the stocks from physical state to electronic format is referred to as dematerialization. Each demat account is specified a number known as the demat account number that is used to

allow the electronic settlements for all the executable trades. This account can be compared to a bank account where a record of all the transactions is maintained. Similarly, a record of securities credited or debited is also preserved in an electronic form. However, no share is required for opening the account. The account operates finely with zero balance of shares.

The need for a Demat Account

Physically maintaining the record of all the transactions can be quite tedious and clumsy. Moreover, manipulating the physical record is quite easy so, it is a good option to keep an electronic record and reduce the risk of fake shares. Hence, demat account is a must for trading in stock market. The government body, SEBI that controls the trade of stock market has allowed a physical record of 500 shares. However, this is not a preferable option anymore. The best Demat account in India has the certificate of all the financial records like bonds, shares, mutual funds, and government securities.

Working of a Demat Account

The two depositories that control the shares deposited by the participants are NSDL (National Securities Depositories Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited). The following documents are required for a demat account:

  • Identity Proof
  • PAN Card
  • Residential proof like ration card, electricity bill, driving license, phone bill, etc
  • Details of bank account
  • Recent passport size photographs

Opening a Demat Account

In order to open a demat account; all the original documents are required. These documents have to be submitted to DP who gives a form that needs to be filled with all the correct information. After this, the documents are taken for the verification process.

  • The DP will then provide the set of rules and regulations for opening the demat account along with the mandatory charges that are to be paid.
  • An officer member will then verify the information provided.
  • Then the application is passed on for further process. Once the application is verified, an account number is allotted with client ID. This way a demat account can be generated and can be accessed for storing the transaction records.

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There is a difference that exists between depository participant and depository. A place wherein electronic form the stocks of investors are kept is called a depository whereas DP– depository participants are called so because they are agents who work with the depository.

You must take it as a bank. A type of head office wherein rests all the technology and details concerning all accounts held there is a sort of depository, and you may assume the DPs to be branches that reach the individuals.

In India, you find only two depositories that work –Central Depository Services Ltd (CDSL) and the other is – the National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL). 100 DPs are available in the industry.

Demat Account Is The Best Choice

Now the question arises what is demat account as it points towards a dematerialised account.

In case you wish for saving your money, you have to necessarily open an account in a bank and make payments by cheque and other services to avail, for buying and selling stocks you are needed to open a demat account.

It is clear that it functions as a bank wherein you replace actual currency by shares. It is essential that you must approach the DPs who work like branches of the bank for opening a demat account.

If you have a share of different companies, your portfolio of shares will appear as 30 of this company; 20 of that company and so on. All these figures will be shown in your demat account.

Hence, it is evident that you are not required to have any physical certificates that will show you possess these shares. Electronically managed your demat account will hold it all. As soon as you sell or buy the shares, they are electronically adjusted there in your account.

As your bank statement or passbook, the DP is bound to furnish information with periodic statements that pertain to transactions and holdings you have made.

Necessity of demat account

These days virtually all trades are to be settled in dematerialised form. The authority that regulates the market named as SEBI—the Securities and Exchange Board of India has given green signal to trade up to 500 shares which can be settled in physical form. The investors do not want physical shares at any cost any more.

There is also strict guideline by the SEBI to have a Demat account for every trader as the shares purchased for long-term must not be kept in the trading account. To move the shares one needs to provide the DP slip to the trading service provider so that he can take necessary actions and move the required number of shares. In case one wants to have shares pledged he needs to provide the same slip to the lender also. In that case, the lender on the basis of the valuation of the shares can offer the amount. The trading is not possible on such shares which are pledged with any of the lenders in the market. Hence Demat account has got huge significance in these days.

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The main responsibility of the finance executives is to manage expenses, income, investments and other money transactions so that the organizations remain lucrative. Most of the finance executives work for insurance and finance companies, as well as scientific and technical services, government and manufacturing companies. Financial executives usually are hired on a permanent basis and working for long hours is usually quite common.

Bharti Jogia Sattar Points Out About The Job Responsibilities Of Finance Executives

Bharti Jogia-Sattar on the Job Responsibilities of the Finance Executives

Bharti is a reputed financial executive and is also an investments expert, and accountant based in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. She says that if it has to do with money, then it has to do with finance executives, who supervise the company cash. A financial executive is responsible to generate and examine financial reports such as profit projections and cash-flow statements, find ways to develop monetary performance, and make sure that their establishments come across all appropriate principles, laws and regulations. The executive meets with department leaders on a regular basis to assist with tax planning and budgeting and to provide methods to upsurge profits while reducing costs. A financial executive also inspects financial tendencies and how opponents are working to expand their financial trends.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar says that the responsibilities of the financial executive may differ as per their job titles. For instance, finance officers and treasurers take charge of finances and improve investment tactics that can help to upsurge the working capital for development and achievements. Mentioned below are some of the common duties and responsibilities of a finance executive:

  • Deciding on the financial requirements
  • Raising the funds required
  • Allocating the funds
  • Fixed assets management
  • Working capital management
  • Allocation of income
  • Control of funds
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Evaluation of performance

Apart from all these above mentioned job responsibilities, the financial executive is also responsible to prepare annual accounts, safeguarding securities, carrying out internal audit, present financial reports to top management etc.

In small companies, the finance executive may work alone even without the help of any other professional. On the other hand, in case of larger enterprises, the finance executives usually manage finance clerks, accountants, and other assistants. They are responsible for filling financial professional positions all through the company by posting job advertisements, interviewing candidates and hiring them. In addition, the finance executive assigns tasks and schedules, motivates and trains subordinates, and monitors their development.

Thus, it can be said that finance executives play an important role when it comes to the financial planning of the company and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the financial transactions and procedures in the company.

Bharti Jogia Sattar has worked for Countrywide Capital Markets and Lions Gate Entertainment as Vice President and Controller. She has been associated with Fusefx Inc. and Adco Products Inc. as CFO. As far as her education qualification is concerned she has obtained degree from Bryn Mawr College, Eastern Michigan University and has been an alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles.

Bharti Jogia Sattar has worked for Countrywide Capital Markets and Lions Gate Entertainment as Vice President and Controller. She has been associated with Fusefx Inc. and Adco Products Inc. as CFO. As far as her education qualification is concerned she has obtained degree from Bryn Mawr College, Eastern Michigan University and has been an alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles.