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Signing the lease for your first apartment can be exciting — and expensive. In fact, Americans spent a collective $485.6 billion on rent in 2017. And while most people know they shouldn’t spend more than 30 percent of their gross income on housing, that percentage is difficult to stick to when American wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living. More Americans are renting now than at any point since 1965, possibly because they aren’t yet financially stable enough to become homeowners.

But the truth is that you have to learn to walk before you can run. A first apartment is considered to be an adult milestone, indicating newfound freedom and independence. It’s a great chance to learn responsibility and other life skills. Plus, it provides you with an opportunity to discover your personal aesthetic and decorate your space in a way that brings you joy.

Although Americans are now spending more on their homes than they are on their wardrobes, that doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg in order to furnish your new place properly. You can easily make your home look luxurious and unique without going over your budget. From wall art and plants to furniture and other decor, here’s how to save money without sacrificing on style.

Slowly add multifunctional furniture

Furniture is a huge expenditure for most people. In 2017, US spending on furniture amounted to $515.46 per consumer unit. But if this is your first place, you might have to spend more to ensure you have everything you need. After all, you probably won’t want to skip having a bed, a sofa, or a desk. Since most apartment dwellers are rather short on space, one of the best ways to save some money is to invest in pieces that pull double duty. A coffee table that folds up into an elevated desk or a couch that converts into a futon can help you stretch your dollar a bit further. Alternatively, an ottoman or bench with built-in storage space or a bed with shelving attached can allow you to find more room for all of the items you’ve accumulated without having to waste money on unattractive storage totes or a separate self-storage unit.

There are more affordable and attractive options for this kind of furniture, which can make it a whole lot easier to curb your desire to overspend. However, you shouldn’t feel pressured to buy all of these pieces right away. Invest in the basics first, assess your needs, and save up for some other items that can add both function and aesthetic appeal to your new home. This can give you something to work towards financially, rather than feeling an economic burden from the start. The average household with credit card debt has approximately $6,929 in revolving balances, but starting out slowly will allow you to buy the pieces you need and pay them off before adding more.

Find some second-hand treasures

You may have new digs, but that doesn’t mean older pieces can’t come along. It may be tempting to buy a bunch of new decor items online, as it’s one of the most convenient ways to shop. But you may also have to deal with shipping costs, delays, possible damage, and questionable quality. Ordering online can be a bit of a gamble, which isn’t exactly the ideal approach when you’re trying to keep costs down. In addition, you might be more tempted to spend more than you should when the transaction can be completed with one click.

Instead, why not try your luck at finding some second-hand pieces in your local community? Check out thrift shops, antique stores, or garage sales for some unique pieces that can add character and charm to your home. It’s important to examine these pieces carefully for any flaws, of course. If you’re worried about cleanliness, stick to items you can easily sterilize. You may also want to consider visiting some locally owned furniture stores, rather than popular big box stores, to see if you might be able to score a deal. There are even apps and social media groups that offer low prices on new or slightly used items. While it might take you a bit longer to find what you’re looking for, you can have a bit of an adventure and pay a lot less than you would for reproduction items that don’t have the same sense of history.

Buy smaller furnishings at pivotal times

Although sofas, easy chairs, beds, armoires, and other pieces may be important, you’ll need more than those bare necessities to make your first apartment look truly stylish. Whether you’re a natural minimalist or love lots of knick-knacks, you’ll need some other items for visual interest. Bare walls and empty shelves can look sterile and depressing, which is really the last thing you want when you’re living on your own for the first time. You don’t need to go overboard and buy unnecessary accoutrements, but picking out some key items with which to decorate can make your apartment really feel like home.

You won’t need to spend a lot of money here, either. Old books, candles, and small potted plants will bring your shelves to life, while rolled canvas prints and framed photographs can make your apartment walls look both beautiful and add a personal touch. Although it’s a good idea to add to your collection over time, there is another way to save money on items like these: know when to shop. Sales typically occur after major holidays and during the middle of summer, when retailers want to get rid of old stock to make way for new. Keep a sharp eye out for discounts and blow-outs so you won’t have buyer’s remorse.

Remember that you don’t need to go for broke to decorate a home that impresses your loved ones. With these tips in mind, your first apartment will look like a million bucks without actually having to spend it.

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If you’ve spent any time travelling around the country, you’ve likely noticed that water tends to feel, taste, and smell different almost everywhere you go. Some areas have more “hard water”, which contains a high degree of minerals because it dissolves, reacts with, and absorbs things like magnesium and calcium as it moves from one place to another.

In your home, this can become an issue over time as it accumulates in your plumbing system, clog plumbing fixtures, and even causes problems with your skin, hair, or nails. It can significantly affect the performance of both cleansing agents like shampoo or laundry detergents and it can even damage appliances that utilize water, such as your dishwasher or coffee maker.

For these reasons and more, some homeowners decide to install a filtration system called a “water softener” that helps remove the minerals causing scaly buildup in your shower, on your dishes, and throughout your plumbing system. Read on for more information.

Having a system installed

One of the first steps is to complete a water test to determine the level of filtration you need. You should also have a basic idea of how much water your household uses either daily or monthly. A reputable local plumber like Drain Master Ohio can perform the water test and system assessment for you as part of the installation process. If your home doesn’t have a basement, then you need to set aside a small amount of space for the system, possibly in a garage, closet, or utility room, depending on the size of the system.

There are several options that can affect the overall cost of the system. There are systems that simply work on a timer to determine when the system needs to be automatically recharged, as well as systems that utilize a meter or monitoring system instead. There are also multiple kinds of tank configurations depending on your home’s filtration needs, and there are various situations where certain kinds of bypass systems might also be installed.

It’s best to talk to your plumber about your biggest concerns, whether it’s extending the life of your appliances and reducing plumbing issues, or quality-of-life issues related to skin problems, hair problems, or even discomfort caused by clothes and bed linens that don’t ever seem to come clean.

System life and maintenance

Depending on the kind of system you chose, you might not have to worry about making changes or major repairs for the next 10 to 15 years. You may have to perform some routine maintenance and monitoring of your system, and the level of effort you expend depends on what materials you use. There are varying levels of purity in terms of the kind of salt used in the system, and these change the cost of ongoing maintenance depending on what you choose. If having residual salt from your tap is an issue, there are other chemicals that can be used like potassium chloride (although these can cost a premium).

It’s a good idea to routinely check your tanks and valves for clogs or abnormal operations, but many plumbers who install these systems will offer annual or routine maintenance checkups to help protect the investment you made in the system. If you have recently had new appliances installed that utilize water, then making sure your water softener is in good working order will also affect the longevity of your appliances as well.

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Tenants are the riskiest factors of property management. While managing a property as a landlord has many headaches, the inherent risks of owning property can be reduced with insurance and proper maintenance. Tenants, on the other hand, carry all the risks inherent to human nature — which are not as easy to manage.

That is why improving your tenant screening, marketing, and management processes with a tenant portal is vital to increasing your profit margins as a landlord — and reducing headaches.

5 Reasons For Landlords To Use A Tenant Portal

Here are five ways tenant portal software can help landlords find and keep good tenants.

Apartments Hunters Filter Themselves for You

A tenant portal, especially utilized during the open house and application process, helps potential applicants know the terms and conditions of your lease before choosing to apply. This helps apartment hunters make an informed choice that fits their situation before they submit a background and credit check.

This increased transparency helps both you and apartment hunters save time and resources in the application process.

Credit and Background Checks Become Effortless

In the past, waiting for a credit and background check from a potential tenant took days — sometimes even weeks — and that extra time meant more time your property sat vacant. And depending on the market, you may not have had the luxury of waiting for a credit or background check and chose to lease without one.

Now with tenant portals, you can require a credit and background check as part of an application and know almost instantly whether that potential tenant is a good fit for your property. These instant results help you fill vacancies quicker with less risk.

Rent Collection Becomes Automatic

No landlord misses the days of waiting for rent checks in the mail. But the current practice of using digital money transfer services like PayPal or Venmo, while relatively instant, also have hidden costs that eat into your bottom line.

With a tenant portal you don’t need to rely on a third party service to collect rent nor are you charged extra fees for using their service. And unlike other money transferring services, with a tenant portal you can issue itemized invoices each month so that both you and your tenant know exactly what is being charged.

Fees Enforces Themselves

Unlike manual tenant management processes where it is easy for landlords to feel like “bad guys” for issuing late fees or eviction notices, tenant portals can now do that for you. Tenant portals in effect make it easier for you to enforce and collect fees from tenants.

Tenant management software not only issue the appropriate rent invoices to your tenants, but can be programmed to send automatic email reminders to your tenants about rent and other important information.

Bookkeeping Is Managed For You

Tenant portals, unlike money transferring services, are designed to help landlords manage their books. A tenant portal not only tracks tenant payments and fees, but also tracks expenditures you made on the property, which makes filing taxes so much easier come April.

The earmark of a good tenant portal is how easy it makes filing taxes.

While you can get away with not investing in a tenant portal for your property, do you really want to waste extra energy and time doing thankless work that a tenant portal can do for you? If you are like most landlords, your investment property is your part-time job or side gig. But without a proper property management software or process, your part-time job can easily creep into 24/7 occupation without the compensation.

Stop landlord scope creep and invest in a tenant portal today.

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Home decor has become a very important part of our life. Our home is the only place where we can stretch our legs and pull back our hairs to the best of our comfort. Home decor is a very crucial process and it is very time and resources consuming process also. You can’t just redo your home decor every other day. To do the major reconstruction we have to just sit back and plan everything accordingly.  Focusing on your Home decor is very crucial to create an awesome abode experience for self. Redoing our home with the little bit changes in the home decor is the best you can do to yourself.

List Of Quirky and Bohemian Home Decor Ideas

Home decor is a very vast term, just because we are discussing redoing it, it doesn’t mean that we have to empty up our bank account and painstakingly take out all the time to do so, we  can easily transform the look of our home without creating much disturbance in our budget and the day schedule. Here is a list of easily doable ideas to redo your home decor without overdoing it. These said ideas are very contemporary and chic to proceed with your day like a pro.

Space Management: We often feel that we have so much less space to even think about good home decor ideas but that’s not true, with a little smart planning you can actually create an awesome home decor for yourself and to start with you have to make a strategy.

Wall Art: The first step towards space management is to focus on the wall rather than the floors. Always invest more in the wall art decor that will look much chic and cooler and you will end up saving some space also. The most uncluttered way to make your home decor efficient is to start working with the walls. Good wall decoration will add some much-needed dimensions to your home with a hint of quirk. This way you will save much space for the furniture because all the decoration is on the wall.

 Wall Mirror: Adding a chunky bohemian vibe mirror is another way to add some edge to your home decor. Big bohemian mirror with decorative frames is the best way to accentuate your home decor without overdoing it. This is a well-known way to add some dimensions to your home decor.

Storage Boxes: Another way to add some wow factor to your home decor is to store the extra stuff in the chicest way. Use some chunky decorated storage boxes. Add some bohemian home decor storage boxes. This way you can hide those piles of no so important stuff in the chicest way possible and somehow those storage boxes will add up your chic home decor.

Redoing your home decor is very vital one must always put some extra effort in that thing and more than anybody else it will make your stay comfortable at your home with a chic and bohemian home decor.

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If you are a family person then you certainly fall into the category where kitchen becomes the soul of the house. Many times it’s not designed the way you want or the color scheme is something that you no longer interested in. It happens! Whatever the issue is, you need to either get it renovated or change few of the decor parts to turn it more appealing.

But, many times renovation can be very expensive. Contacting the interior designer and getting the process completed takes time and money. If the kitchen is in a good condition but needs a little fixing, here are some of the simple rules that the famous interior decor professionals swear by. You just have to check them out. 

You Still Need A Plan 

Though you are not dealing with the complete renovation process, you still have to design a working plan for the things that need to be changed. This will also help you in preparing a small budget. 

Stick by those rules that keep the costs low. But do not compromise on the quality of the product. In addition to this, if you have a friend who specializes in home decor, then taking his help will do no harm to your project. 

Colors Say It All

Replace the boring colors of the kitchen walls with something more refreshing and delighting. This will compel you to spend time in the kitchen preparing healthy and delicious foods and snacks for your family. Keep it bright! To match with it, paint the cabinets in the light color.  

So, people often forget about the ceiling. The best way to paint the walls of the kitchen is, keep the ceilings into a dark color and use the contrasting bright color for the walls. This will give you the comfortable vibe and will make space appear larger and airy. 

Fix That Old Sink

Does your old sink spoil the decor of the entire kitchen? Do more than choosing a monochromatic and boring sink that can add value to the decor. If you are thinking about keeping it low budget then change the valve and give it a contemporary look. 

Chalkboard Wall To Start Fresh

Take the things in your hands and place a black chalkboard on the walls. If you have some other plans with the walls then do it with your refrigerator. This will be something new for you and your kids. You can list down meals that you are going to prepare for the week. Not only this, you can ask your children for their suggestions and have fun this way. 

Pendant Lights For The Elegance

If you keep yourself updated with those beautiful decor magazines or browse the internet for some decor related content then you might have come across the pendant lights. Invite brightness with the other lighting options.

They are everywhere from farmhouse kitchen to the modern ones. Replace the kitchen lights with these well-designed pieces and you can see the change by yourself. Along with everything, they are also cheap so you do not have to think twice about it. 

The Cabinets Are Craving For a Fresh Paint

Those cabinets need your attention. A new color on them will definitely change the appearance of the kitchen. Choose from a wide range of colors to match the interiors. In case you are planning to save some money here, then pay attention to the doors, trims, and shelves more than the other sections. 

Plants In Your Kitchen

Plants are a major source of fresh air in the house. They have an importance in Feng Shui as well. There are various miniature plants that do not take too much space but they maintain positivity in the kitchen. But if you have a big kitchen then you can also go for some big plants and pots. 

Also, the plants will get the required manure from the vegetable, fruits, tea etc. So, make them a part of your kitchen decor to change the look 

Make Few Changes In The Hardware Portion Too

Why make some big changes when you can definitely make a few and still modify the look entirely. Change the handles, drawer pulls, knobs etc and you will end up with a stylish kitchen decor that you were looking for. 

These small tips are surely going to create an amazing kitchen decor for you and your family to cherish. Also, if you are looking for modern furniture pieces for the kitchen than get in contact with the furniture companies online for the best prices.

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Just like the other appliances which we use daily in our house, the hot water system is also among the one which we need to have. It has become a necessity, especially, when the weather gets cooler. If you are considering buying a water heater, then you should buy the one which meets your needs, and which is functional.

The pleasure of taking a bath with hot water can’t be beaten by any other joy, especially, when during winters. To have a great start to your day, you need to get a geyser installed in your house.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

Buying an appropriate hot water system is not easy. It is a huge task which you have to do on your own. It is difficult to select a geyser as there are two types of hot water systems that are available in the market. One is electric geyser and the other one is the gas geysers.

Here are a few things which you need to consider while buying hot water systems for your house within your budget.

#1. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption is one of the most important aspects which you have to consider before buying a hot water system. You must buy a good geyser which is extremely powerful and is capable of making cold water hot within seconds. Along with this, you also need to make sure that the geyser is energy efficient. There are various geysers available in the market that consumes less energy but are powerful as well.

#2. Design and Looks

The look and the design of the hot water system should match with your bathroom looks. It is, therefore, best to consider the look, size, shape, and color of the geyser.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

#3. Retailer Policies and Customer Service

A geyser is quite a sensitive thing and so, it needs regular maintenance from time to time. Before buying the right type of geyser from a store, you should check the policies and the customer services. The retailer must offer best customer services. For instance, in case, your geyser is under warranty and not working properly, you should be able to contact the retailer to ask him to provide you with a free-of-cost service as the product is under warranty.

#4. Auto Off

This is the most important aspect which you need to look in your geyser because at times, you may forget to switch off the geyser. With auto off, the geyser will be, automatically, switched off by itself.  This will, therefore, protect you from any type of accidental damage and will also help you to save energy.

What You Should Know Before Buying Hot Water Systems?

#5. Life of The Geyser and Its Maintenance

To enhance the life of your geyser, here are a few things which you should do.

  • You should switch off the geyser when not in use to avoid overheating of the geyser, which may result in wear and tear.
  • If you have a tank geyser then clean up the water tank at regular intervals to prevent rusting.
  • If there is any damage to the geyser, then you should, immediately, check for the warranty of the geyser.
  • You can ask the retailer for extra warranty as most of the geysers come with two years of warranty and two more years of warranty on some spare parts of the geyser.

#6. The Size of The Tank

It is said that a 40-gallon tank is perfect for a family of one to four members and 50 gallons is ideal for four to six members and so on. The water tank size should be as per your family needs. If your family or you tend to take shower for more than once in a day, you may either manage with the same tank or opt for a little more sized tank.

The energy consumption of the hot water systems is as per the tank size, so choose wisely.

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Windows, the most beautiful part of your house, does not only allow you to look at the outside world but it also helps to bring fresh air inside the house. They allow the sun rays to keep your house warmer during the winters and helps keep your house cooler during the summers.

But over the time, the dirt particles get attached to the windows which makes it difficult to look outside and the fresh air also gets contaminated which may affect the health of the house owners.

Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Window Cleaning Services

That is why keeping your window clean is the most important thing to do. But, if you don’t have time to keep the windows of your house clean or if you have the dust allergy, then availing the window cleaning services is the best option for you.

Here are some points which will tell you how beneficial it is to hire professional window cleaning services.

#1. Offers Appealing Look to Your Home

The window cleaning services are just the part of maintaining your house on time. If you don’t clean the window on time, then the dirt particles degrade the look of the windows, especially, when they get mixed with the rain water or moisture. Suppose if you want to sell your house, if the windows are dirty then you will get low value for your house because windows play an important part in imparting style to your house.

Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Window Cleaning Services

To clean your window, you can avail the window cleaning services wherein, the professionals come after regular interval of time to keep your windows clean and to let the fresh air, full of oxygen, come inside in your house.

#2. Enhance the Life of Windows

The dirt particles and moisture mixed with dust can damage your windows, gradually, and shorten the life of the windows. A person invests a high amount of his life earnings in making a house, so things should be done to ensure it lasts longer.

So, one should hire the professional cleaning services which do not just clean the windows but indirectly, enhance the life of the windows as well.

#3. Mold Prevention

When we talk about our health, the windows are more prone to moisture because they have to bear the unfavorable weather conditions from time to time. If window absorbs the rainwater and gets moisture, then it may result in the formation of molds that can affect you’re as well as your family’s health.

It is not easy to detect mold in the first stage, so it is quite important to hire the window cleaning services so that you do not face any health issues in future.

Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Window Cleaning Services

You can hire the services regularly in which the professionals come after a regular time interval to clean the windows. Through this service, even you can also call the professionals to clean the windows whenever you need.

#4. Saves Your Time

It is a good idea to hire window cleaning services rather than spending your whole weekend in trying to clean the windows. A weekend is the only time which you get for yourself and if you spend this time in cleaning the windows then when will you live your life. Save time to have fun or just relax. So, hiring the professionals to clean the windows is the best option for you.

You can also spend time with your family, this way.

These facts and information prove that hiring professionals to get your windows cleaned in a timely manner is the best option to make your house look clean and the environment cleaner.

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Your roofing plays a very important role in your home, yet plenty of future homeowners and contractors overlook this when choosing a home to buy or build. The roof is more than just an added style or design to your home.

Two-Fold Purpose Of Your Roofing

When trying to purchase new homes, remember that it is equally important to inspect the roofs as much as it is the rooms. In the same light, choosing quality building materials for your roof is equally as important as choosing materials for your walls and floors. Here are two essential reasons why:

The Roof is Your Primary Source of Comfort and Protection

Your roof is your protection against all dangerous elements that may come into your home. Whether it be a horrible storm or the burning rays of the sun, your roof is the first thing that protects you from it all. It even has its own drainage system to shelter you and your family from the rain.

Your roof also provides insulation and ventilation for your house. Depending on the type of roof that you have, it can even keep you warm and cozy during the winter and cool during the summer. Is your place at risk of potential forest fires? You can easily invest in fire resistant roofing to make sure your home is free from any potential fire related accidents.

Moreover, it also keeps your valuables safe. If you have good roofing, you can be assured that your valuables can’t get impaired by flood or snow. Good ventilation from the roof also assures that your possessions won’t get damaged from the possible effects of humidity!

Your Roofing Creates Character and Adds Depth to Your House

There are plenty of quality roofing materials out in the market. Each comes with its own material, shape, size, and color. Whatever you will choose will affect the overall look of your home.

If you want a modern and sophisticated home, you can easily choose metal roofing. If you want a rustic house, you can also go for wooden shake shingles or wooden shingles to give you that aesthetic. There is a wide variety of roofing to choose from and if you are going for a certain theme, it becomes much easier to decide the materials you’d want to invest in for your roof.

Choosing the Right Roof and Roofing Contractor

The type of shingle, color, and style comes with it the level of protection your home will have. Protection and aesthetic come hand in hand when choosing a roofing tile. If you focus on the style and design and don’t consider investing on good roofing, you will always fear any force or calamity that may come your way. At the same time, while protection is the primary consideration, style and design should also come through because without it, the house will not be able to truly reflect your dream home.

Looking for a good source of roofing materials? Don’t fret! We have plenty of roofing tiles and shingles with varying shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from. Contact us so we can guide you in finding the perfect roofing for your specific needs.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.

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For the discerning consumer, it is the pedigree of a piece that attracts them. Buying items from long-established artisans and companies are one way of ensuring this pedigree, and that the items come with their own dash of uniqueness and charm.

Belleek Pottery is one of those companies with a long history that plays out on the exquisite and detailed pieces of china and pottery that it offers. But why is Belleek China so popular?

Belleek China - Northern Ireland's Premier Porcelain Producer

The History of Belleek Pottery

With pieces in the V&A Museum, you could be forgiven for thinking that the porcelain items produced today belong to an era long past. But that is not the case. The success of this County Fermanagh based pottery is that it has moved with the times, embracing and embellishing trends.

Belleek Pottery began trading in 1884 in Belleek, County Fermanagh in what would become Northern Ireland. Pottery in the region had begun some four decades previously with John Caldwell Bloomfield’s inheritance of his father’s estate.

Philanthropic in outlook – and with a sound head for business – he wanted to ensure employment for his tenants, all affected by the blight of the potato famine. He was a keen mineralogist too and ordered a geological survey of his land.

The results gave rise to the pottery that we know today from this region. With a land rich in minerals, Bloomfield formed a partnership with Dublin merchant David McBirney and London-base architect Robert Williams Armstrong. With a railway built to transport coal to the firing kilns, the pottery started to flow from the site in 1858.

Initial emphasis was placed on essential homeware items. But in 1865, the first Parian porcelain started to be produced. It is this porcelain, delicate yet strong, that the area is best known for today.

The prestige of the fine, delicate items from Belleek Pottery mushroomed and by 1865, this pottery that had started from such humble beginnings was exporting to the United States, Canada, Australia and beyond, counting nobility and royalty amongst its patrons.

With the original owners dying, the future looked less than rosy and with the two world wars causing it to struggle, many wondered if the pottery would survive. But it did. And with help, it is now a thriving company producing exquisite pieces for customers all over the world.

Why is Belleek China Popular Today?

It has a history, something that is detailed in each piece no matter who designs it and whether it is a nod to yesteryear or an on-trend item.

The composition of each piece is a matter of pride for the factory and with the company also opening its doors to visitors, despite it being a large company with over 600 employees, it retains the personal collection.

Belleek China is instantly recognizable too because pieces carry the same characteristics. The thinness of the pieces gives it a delicacy that is simply exquisite. It demands attention and yet does so without being garish r over imposing.

Pieces are detailed but not cluttered. Designs are minimalistic but without being devoid of character. There is a sense of art deco in many pieces, with a familiarity that makes pieces from their numerous ranges coveted by many.

With an iridescent surface too, there is a delightful sheen and gloss finish that is understated, yet elegant. All their pieces invite you to touch them, to use a fingertip to trace the finer details of the lines and patterns.

Using a high concentration of frit in the body, the pieces, although delicate in appealing and touch, are incredibly strong. This process of adding such a compound to the pottery is not something all potter’s do and so in some ways, it has become the process associated with Belleek pottery.

Staying true to its roots, it is no wonder so many people love Belleek china.

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Concrete itself is not much appealing when you simply make a wall or floor of it. In fact, the dull and boring finish of concrete can be a real turn off for visitors at your place in case you have parties at home. For warehouses, and locations that do not attract visitors you may simply use concrete as it is. But when you are looking to add to some color, texture, luster, and most importantly a covering of protection, then you must look for something more special. This job can be done with application of decorative concrete coatings.

Enhances The Appearance Of Simple Concrete Surface With Decorative Concrete Coatings

A special look, that is colorful, decorative, adds to the texture and shine and makes the finish glamorous can be achieved when simple concrete floors and external structures get a coat of decorative concrete coating. Patios, pavements, sidewalks, normal walls and floors, all can get a glamorous shine added to them with a hint of color, or some loud shades when you apply the paint.

Where to Apply for Decorative Concrete Finish Works

The decorative concrete coating works great to transform any simple and non-appealing concrete surface to stylish ones, and here are some nice ideas to apply this:

  • Garages can be decorated with this. Garage floors are generally not traversed by many visitors. But if you believe you are getting visitors for projects, or you also are spending more time in a garage for working on your automobile and are yearning for a cozier environment, then you can always use decorative concrete coats on the simple floor to transform it.
  • Sidewalks in gardens, around a lawn, and beside a pool or garage can be transformed totally to get a glossy or lustrous smooth finish with a decorative concrete coating. They will get tinted and can look much smarter while you match up the colors to the exterior colors of the property.
  • You can use the coats on driveways too. Although you need not invest much in driveways sometimes you may want things to look perfect and stylish. Especially if you have that eye for perfection and styling, you can invest a small amount of money on the transformation of the simple dull driveway to a stylish textured one.
  • The floor on a terrace can be made smoother and attractive using a decorative concrete coating. This way, the floor would stay smooth, look good, stay protected, and also would get an exciting appeal.
Enhances The Appearance Of Simple Concrete Surface With Decorative Concrete Coatings

There are many such surfaces on the exterior of a property, which normally succumb to weathering, moisture, and the elements of nature over time. And this naturally diminishes the life of such concrete surfaces however good quality material you may have used in their construction. An easy, cheap, and effective way to protect those surfaces in style is to use a decorative concrete coating on the exteriors of your house. These days such decorative concrete coatings come in several colors and textures, with different levels of glass and luster. They are also available in matte finishes. Therefore, you get a lot of options when it’s about decorating your simple looking concrete surfaces at a really low cost.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete Coatings Other Than Aesthetics

When you apply a coat of the decorative paints on a concrete surface, then you can attain some other great benefits too, and they are:

  • The floor gets smoother
  • The floor gets tough and sturdy
  • Chemical and weather elements cannot damage the floor easily and concrete decay or chipping can be avoided very well

Slip-resistant properties get added to the floor and accidents or falls can be avoided