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Head shops originated back as early as 1910 as shops that sell mostly cannabis-related products and accessories. But today, most of these shops operate strictly within the law and sell products that can be used for tobacco use. What the customers do with the products once they get them home is their own business, but most shops post warning signs about using telling terminology like “bongs” or “weed.” Here’s a bit of information about the essence of a head shop.

The History of Head Shops

The actual term “head shop” is a little vague, but if you ask around, the slang has different meanings to different people. Most agree that it comes from the common pairing of certain drug names with the word “head,” which started as early as 1913. Others like to say it started with with dead heads, or Grateful Dead fans. Others even attribute it to the song lyrics from Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” with the line “feed your head.” Whatever the real origins of the term, the service of these shops has essentially remained the same over the decades, except they’ve cleaned up their acts over time.

Supplies You Can Buy at a Head Shop

Cannabis and tobacco are not usually part of the inventory at a head shop. Instead, you can buy various products and accessories for smokers. Some things you might find at head shops in Philly or practically any other city include rolling papers, incense, vaping essentials, water pipes, and “hippie” paraphernalia.

Are Head Shops Legal?

The laws for marijuana use still vary from state to state. Seventeen states have decriminalized it, which means that possessing small amounts are okay, and a few have completely legalized it, opening up the market for it legally.

Even in states where marijuana has not yet been legalized, head shops are a popular fixture. They can operate legally anywhere because the law has outlined most paraphernalia as approved for use with tobacco products. So as long as businesses make it clear that they are selling their products for legal use, they are within their legal rights to operate.

Words You Can’t Say in a Head Shop

Even though the laws are changing in many states, there are still some words you should steer clear of in head shops. Since, like we said, some states haven’t completely legalized it, you might still get the boot when you use terminology related to the “M” word. If you do happen to be in a head shop in a state where paraphernalia is illegal, just using the word “marijuana” will likely get you either kicked out or refused service. Other words to stay away from are bongs, balloons, and one-hitters. It’s nothing personal. These businesses just have to make sure they are covering themselves legally.

Online Head Shops

Online head shops are gaining popularity, as many shoppers wish to avoid the stores altogether. Of course, shopping in-store is still the best experience for the culture and to see a physical product, but online head shops are a great option for those who aren’t in a close proximity to a brick-and-mortar location.

Even though head shops started out as stores specializing in drug paraphernalia, they’ve more recently cleaned up their acts to comply with the law and stay in business. Drugs themselves have never been part of their inventory, and any merchandise purchased is intended for use of legal substances. This is why it’s important to brush up on your terminology if you’ve never shopped in one before so that you can have the best and worry-free shopping experience.

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Weddings are a huge deal in today’s society. What started out as a simple ceremony to celebrate life long love now includes extravagant parties, fancy dresses, and incredible meals. Planning a wedding can be a crazy experience, so the happy couple calls on their closest friends as a part of the bridal party. If you are getting ready to serve in this crucial role of bridesmaid, you may be wondering how to best serve your friend on their special day. There are a lot of things that have to come together just right for a wedding to go off completely successfully, and some of those things may be your responsibility. There are so many things to be aware of to be the best bridesmaid you can be. To become the most stellar bridesmaid, remember the bride’s needs at all times, absorb stress and don’t complain, and overall, be present and prepared for anything.

Remember it’s All About the Bride

One of the biggest traps a bridesmaid can fall into is forgetting who the wedding is actually about. Ladies, we get it, sometimes the dresses aren’t the best color for you, or you don’t love the flavor of the cake, or maybe you’re stuck walking down the aisle with the grooms old frat brother who still thinks Axe body spray is a good idea. While none of these scenarios are a dream come true, when you’re involved in a friends wedding, your comfort takes a backseat to their dreams. You’re there to help your close friend have the best day she can. So take care of the little things and be sure you are never causing an extra stress or issue for her big day.

Become a Stress Sponge

Planning a wedding is a crazy undertaking. Therefore, you may be on the receiving end of some stress during the weeks leading up to the big day. Try to anticipate and be ready to take on any task she needs doing. If you end up setting up the blue LED christmas lights to line the aisle or lighting all the candles in the votifs at each guests table, that task will be so greatly appreciated by the bride and her groom. For the wedding day, you are there to support, so be ready to take the stress and anxiety out of their day by communicating and working to keep as much as you can organized and on track.

Be Present and Be Prepared

In order to truly be there for the bride, you truly need to be prepared for anything. This can be something as simple as holding her dress when she needs to use the bathroom or as complex as keeping rival cousins apart at the reception. Being prepared for the big day can also mean preparing your wallet. Oftentimes, being a bridesmaid comes with some financial requirements. You will usually be expected to buy your dress, get to the ceremony and reception, and take your girl out for the bachelorette weekend on your own dime. There are great ways to be a great bridesmaid on a budget. For starters, you can search for beautiful yet affordable bridesmaid dresses or go in with a few other girls on a cheaper room. This is a huge day for the bride and it should be a fun and memorable day for you, as well. You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything because of money.

Because this is such a special day, the last tip would be to remain present for the whole experience. Don’t drink too much or worry about flirting with the groomsman. This experience is all about you celebrating your friend and the love of her life. Stay in the moment and soak up those special memories together.

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Some people have the most difficult time getting to work or school in the morning.

For one reason or another, they end up late more times than not. When this happens, it can make for challenges in meeting work or school commitments.

With that in mind, how can you go about getting yourself ready to meet your daily tasks and on time?

Be Pro-Active When Mornings Roll Around

In doing all you can for when your morning rolls around, remember a few pointers:

  1. Prepare the night before – If at all possible, prepare as much as you can the night before. This will lessen the things you have to do in the morning. For instance, considering laying your clothes out the night before that you plan to wear. If taking a lunch to work or elsewhere, make it the night before and leave in the fridge. By doing these two things, it should help you with your morning preparations.
  2. Have your accessories – If you are a woman and take time to do hair and makeup in the a.m., have all the accessories you need. Don’t be one of those individuals who are running around the bathroom or bedroom trying to find one or more things. In the event you have the best curling iron or the ideal makeup kit, make sure they are where you can find them. There is nothing worse than running around missing one or more items. Don’t let your hairstyle leave you down or go out feeling you do not have the right lipstick or eyeliner on to match you.
  3. When you have children – In the event you have children at home, you know it can take time to get them ready for the day. With that being the case, it is a good idea to also prepare what you can for them the night before. For instance, if they are in school, have them pick out their outfit for the next day. Like with you, you can also prepare their lunch the evening before. Since some kids have trouble waking up, set their alarm clocks a little bit earlier than they need to get up. This will give them a little bit of time to snooze and get those cobwebs out of their heads.
  4. Factor in the weather – When inclement weather hits, do your factor it into your a.m. commute? Too many people unfortunately fail to do this. As a result, they are running even later than they might be doing on a good weather day. If dealing with rain, snow, ice or even fog, be sure to leave for your destination earlier. This way you will not be trying to speed to get to where you are going. Accidents oftentimes happen when drivers feel rushed and behind.

Being on time every morning is all but impossible.

That said you can take steps to make sure being late does not become part of your routine.

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They are the ones spoiling you with all their unconditional love and care; they are the ones supporting you when your parents don’t. Grandparents surely deserve nothing but the best. Grandparents hold an important place in a kid’s life, and it is a blessing to have them in your life. We know that one might never be able to return the favor but at least we can try to bring a smile on their face with some meaningful gifts, this Grandparent’s Day.

So, to express your gratitude and to convey your love towards your grandparents, here are some thoughtful presents that will surely bring a wide smile on your Grandma and Grandpa’s face:

1. A Notebook

With the growing age, your grandparents might find it difficult to remember important things, names, events, etc. Also, like us, they do not rely on smart phones in order to organize their lives. Grandparents find it easier to note-down stuff; especially contact numbers, certain events, names, etc. So to make it a bit easy for them, you should consider getting them a notebook in which they can set their own reminders, in a more traditional way.

2. A Religious Artifact

Life becomes more peaceful as time passes, and at this age your grandparents will only desire tranquility and harmony among their family members. While being a good individual is the best gift you can present your grandparents, a Religiousartifact will surely be the second best thing that will help them meditate and steer clear from all the worldly and materialistic elements of life. These idols will also maintain a positive atmosphere in the house, and thus spread love and affection amongst the family members.

3. A Plant

There are only a few things that grandparents would like to spend time with. Obviously grandkids top this list; nature is also something that makes them feel a bit closer to all the beautiful gifts given to us by God. So, why not present them a vibrant and lush green plant?! Not only this will help purify the air in their home and promote a healthy life but will bring them good luck. What more do you need to bring a smile on your grandparents’ face!

4. Something Sweet

This Grandparents Day, you are not allowed to make them eat that boring and ‘healthy’ food. Consider this as a cheat day and pamper your grandparents just as they did when you were a small kid. We are sure that you will cherish this day for a lifetime. So get a yummy cake for them, preferably a sugar-free cake, if your grandparents are diabetic. This will help them maintain their health while also being able to satisfy their cravings. Now that’s a win-win situation!

We hope that you will be able to make the best of Grandparents Day with these fun and meaningful giftsfor your grandparents that they will surely love!

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If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and wanted to see shredded abs in the reflection, you’re definitely not alone. A toned, fit stomach is one of the biggest reasons people start working out. It can also be one of the hardest areas of the body to target. Make sure that you’re really up for the challenge if you’re ready to transform your tummy.

The Best Exercises For Rock Hard Abs

You may think that all that’s going to help you are a whole lot of crunches but there are plenty of other, more exciting exercises that can help you tone your abs. Using these exercises combined with a pre-workout supplement, like Mesomorph, will help you make the most of every workout and get the toned stomach you crave.

Surf’s Up

A killer ab exercise that most people neglect to consider is surfing. It’s one of the best kept secrets that surfing helps you build up a strong core. It’s also great for your arms and legs, too. There’s a reason that most surfers have a toned bod and that’s because it takes an incredible amount of fitness to stay level on the waves.

One of the biggest surfing destinations on the planet is, of course, Hawaii. If you’re looking to surf Hawaii the right way, you need to go to the beaches that get the best waves. Laniakea in Oahu and Jaws in Maui are two of the most in-demand surfing destinations on the planet and are great go-tos to get your fix.

Plank Away

Something so simple shouldn’t have such an intense impact on your body, but there’s a reason that fitness buffs around the world incorporate planks into their daily routines. Planks rely heavily on your core to be successful. They use tension to trigger muscle growth while also stabilizing your spine.

Not only are planks an amazing way to get an intense core workout, they also have a ton of other benefits. From thighs, to glutes, to shoulders, and beyond, planks work over key muscle groups throughout your body. While planking your way to the six pack you’ve always wanted, you’ll also be gaining definition in other areas too. Planks are a real workout win-win!

Raise It Higher

Alright, so one crunch-adjacent exercise does make this list but it’s one of the least similar and it’s perfect for sculpting your core: leg raises. Typically, these are done in a captain’s chair (you can find one in nearly any gym) but if you don’t have access or a membership, leg raises can easily be done with pull-up bars as well as ab straps.

There are some key tips to keep in mind with this exercise. One of the most important – and most frequently ignored tips – is to not swing your legs. While you’re still using the same motions, swinging your legs diminishes the effect of the workout. By going more slowly, you increase the tension through your core. And as previously mentioned, tension builds tight abs. Leg raises also do wonders for your obliques as well, so make sure to include them in your routine.

Mix It Up

No matter which core exercises you decide to rely on, there are a few things you always include. Exercises that target multiple muscle groups are your best friends. While you can target muscle groups one by one, it’s easier – and more rewarding – to tackle several at a time. This means you’ll see greater results with similar amounts of effort.

Plus, remember that a rock hard core doesn’t mean workout sessions stuff with repetitions of crunches. Find the exercises that work best with your body, try strength-building activities, and consider incorporating a pre-workout supplement into your routine to help take the “work” out of “workout.” You’ll be on your way to your best body in no time at all.

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While most people love receiving gifts, few of us relish the experience of selecting gifts for others. In fact, almost everyone cringes at the thought of disappointing someone else with a poor gift choice. Of course, the selection process itself is rarely easy unless you’re fortunate enough to either have people around who openly disclose their personal preferences or a very creative mindset when it comes to gifting. The truly lucky have both. But what about the rest of us?

The good news is that we aren’t alone in our struggles. Even mental health professionals have recognized the dilemma. Shawn M. Burn, Ph.D., explained gift-giving anxiety in Psychology Today. According to her, the aversion that people have transcends the pressure of limited time and finances for thoughtful gifts. Instead, she says, it is “because we recognize that gifts are often wrapped in symbolic meaning and we obsess about it.” While gift-giving anxiety is a real phenomenon, only a fraction of people suffer from it, and no simple solution exists for them.

Gifting With Grace

That effectively means people have to rely on their wit and prudent planning. Fortunately, plenty of intelligent and motivated people have already tackled the issue. Stephanie Pappas at Live Science published an article highlighting five scientifically proven ways to make gifts meaningful. Her first takeaway is to know the recipient well enough to make a relatively tailored decision. In other words, avoiding what might be considered generic is usually best.

Pappas also proposes donations in the name of someone else. That could be an especially powerful gesture for a progressive and socially conscientious soul. And the piece suggests that people give experiences instead of objects. According to researchers from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, “people who receive experiential gifts, such as concert tickets or a zoo membership, feel more connected to the gift-giver than people who received material objects.”

The real challenge, then, is figuring out the right experiential gift. Let’s say you have an older sibling who appreciates artisan cigars or vintage tobacco pipes. One could pretty easily find pipe tobacco online along with countless related accessories such as cigars and e-cigarettes.

If you didn’t know much about cigars, there’s no shortage of published insights to investigate. Raisa Bruner at Business Insider wrote everything you need to know about buying and smoking high-quality cigars. She introduces readers to different types of cigars, where they’re made, and where the tobacco originates — all of which contribute to the overall quality. According to her, “the three primary components are filler tobaccos, a binder, and a wrapper; if a cigar doesn’t have [those] three things, it’s not premium.” Raisa then transitions to the experience itself and describes how to light a cigar properly and what flavors people might encounter while smoking it.

Remember that having premium cigars to share with your sibling wouldn’t necessarily be enough, though. You’d want to focus on the experience. Pairing the cigars with a relaxing visit to a nearby cigar lounge is one idea. If it were your first time, then you might even consider learning more about what to expect beforehand. J.A. Shapira at the Gentleman’s Gazette put together a guide explaining what to do and what not to do at your local cigar lounge. Because the entire experience is part of the gift, you’d want to have all aspects of it covered.

While this was only one example, you can extrapolate the underlying approach to giving gifts. Identify an important hobby and explore different aspects and related experiences. Learn as much as you can in the decision-making process and then plan to share the experience with the recipient.

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A jacket is mainly designed for the winter season allowing people to stay warm throughout a day. There are a variety of jackets available in the markets today which ultimately help to overcome unwanted issues to a great extent.

Winters may become very cold in certain places and people should focus more on wearing appropriate clothes for experiencing a warmth condition. On the other hand, it is necessary to determine the right garments for a winter season with special care. The winter jackets these days come with premium quality materials enabling a person to overcome discomforts while carrying out important activities. They are a perfect choice for the modern lifestyle which exactly fit both men and women.

Puffer Jackets For Staying Warm During The Winter

Nowadays, the jackets come in a variety of elegant designs which add more styles to a person. A puffer jacket is one of the best clothes meant for a winter season because it gives ways for staying warm during extremely cold conditions. Another thing is that it makes feasible ways for replacing the old ones accordingly to enhance high protection from harsh wind, rain, and warm condition. Moreover, it is possible to prevent the body from unwanted issues with a puffer jacket to get complete satisfaction.

Getting more ideas about puffer jackets

A puffer winter jacket usually comes with synthetic materials in order to ensure a warmth condition. While the outer shell consists of polyester, the inner layer of the jacket features down or synthetic insulation properties to witness desired outcomes. Most puffer jackets aim at providing warm condition as well as a good look to a person after wearing them.

Moreover, they are lighter in weight and functional one thereby showing ways for overcoming threats during the winter season. In fact, they even work well in tough conditions making the users to avoid discomforts and other issues effectively. The winter jackets for women online shopping makes feasible ways for exploring all types of products in one place to get more ideas easily. Furthermore, they are available in attractive designs thereby improving the personal style of women effectively.

Remaining stylish and warm at the same time

With puffer jackets, it is possible to remain stylish and warm for a long time. One can even select a jacket with various colours which exactly fithis or her complexion. It is advisable to know more about the length and other things before purchasing a jacket from the markets. This will help a lot to find a jacket which perfectly matches the personality and height of a person.

The prices of puffer mens jackets for extreme cold weather are affordable and they are available in a variety of design pattern. Those who want to know more information about them can seek ideas from expert teams for meeting essential needs during the winter. Most online stores aim at offering the winter jackets at lower prices allowing the customers to save maximum money. In addition, they arrange free shipping for customers to receive a jacket on their doorsteps for saving more time.

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To follow the perfect Islamic style in dressing you can go for burka online shopping. This will help you have a perfect idea regarding the specific burka or the Abaya style. You can start with the pocket Abaya with white detailing. The dress is made with the imported fabric. The style is fine to make you wear the dress in special places. The perfect Abaya comes with the front pockets and this you can wear at the everyday workplace. You would love the white patches on the sleeves, and the kind of detailing will increase the overall appear of the wear.

The Fun Of Burkaa Online Shopping

Intrigue Angrakha Style Green Abaya

In case you are interested in online burka shopping, you can choose the specific Abaya style. One would love to wear the intrigue angrakha style green Abaya. You can stay in vogue with the stylish attire. Moreover, the piece comes with the angrakha neck style. The white detailing of the dress will match with the button style. This makes the dress look unique and perfect. This is the smarty and conventional wear you can have in your wardrobe. The flow of the garment is special and unique. You would love the extraordinary flow of the dress. This is a style you can choose for both the special and the casual occasions.

The Crochet lace Abaya

Among the various burka styles you can simply choose to buy the elegant crochet lace Abaya. The dress looks stylish and charming. The beautiful Abaya dress comes with the stunning bell sleeves. Moreover, the crochet lace detailing will make the same appear perfectly unique and gorgeous. The perfect style helps in adding grace to the wardrobe. This is the perfect party wear you can possess to look so special and stylish. The material is light and delecate and you should dry wash the same.

The Drawstring Coat Abaya

One can even check out with the drawstring coat Abaya. This one is sure to come to notice when you opt for burka online shopping. It is mostly made of cotton. The fabric is light and soft and this is the perfect burka you can try for the summer. The front open drawstring coat style of the dress makes it a unique piece. Due to the closing feature it is easy to wear the garment. The piece has an elegant band collar and you look good with the outer flaps at the back. The piece comes with the adjustable drawstrings at the waist area and this helps you enjoy full control and comfort.

The Classic Black Coat Abaya

It is sure to love the style of the classic black coat Abaya. The attire is made with premium Nida. If you want to enjoy a simple look you can try this out at the best. This is a style which is great to wear any time and at any place. You can discover the style when out for online burka shopping. This is the perfect closed Abaya. The fall of the dress is simple and elegant. There are more things you would love to know about the dress style.

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The search for a good partner has ranked high among the desires of many people today. In recent times, matchmakers that help in matching people together to be in marriage, have been replaced by thousands of online matrimonial sites. Apart from matchmaking, these sites also provide the necessary information required to make the marriage a successful one. Among these sites is, that allows people to look for people of their choice and choose them as their life partners.

The top matrimonial sites in India for instance have provided great opportunities for people of different professional divides, cultural dispositions, religious beliefs, etc., to meet online, interact and date, and then take things further by meeting real life. Many of these relationships have also been consummated in matrimony.

However, in order to be able to have a good ending in the selection, it is important to put some important measures into consideration. One of them is the development of a good profile that will tell anybody everything about you. However, to get a good partner, you have to develop the profile very well since it is the first thing that the person will encounter. Normally, a profile ought to speak about you in ways that will catch the attention of a reader. Here are some important tips that will enable you to have a unique profile:

Upload Your Pictures

Whenever, you are signing up and creating your matrimonial profile, ensure you put your picture as it is the first thing that usually catches the attention of a reader. And as they say that the picture is the heartbeat, it tends to stick on the reader’s mind as the first impression. However, you have to be cautious in the following regards:

  • Do not upload excessively on the site, it is not your personal photo album.
  • Upload picture that express your natural beauty and personality.
  • Do not attempt to upload group pictures.
  • Make sure the background is real, do not be fake.
  • Ensure you have a nice and decent dress on and you are looking good.

How To Create A Successful Matrimonial Profile

Be Straight Forward

Never provide information that are false whenever you are signing up in a site like You should know that providing false information will only give an expression of interest or perhaps get you the first meeting. If getting married is the next item on your agenda, then you have to make your profile original. Your putting correct information will actually tell anyone who checks it that it is coming from a morally upright and decent individual.

Use Good Language

Virtually, all the websites designed to address marriage issues usually provide space for write ups like About Me. Whenever, you are writing such, be careful of the grammar and the words to be used. In your write-up, never exaggerate, or use advertisement words. Most people usually look for the write-up and the better you compose it correctly, the better for you. Make it simple; write what you like and dislike, a little family background, what you do, etc. Just be straightforward and plain.

Make Your Profile Bigger

In order to know you better, you can do more justice to your ‘About Me’ by adding your social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. As you know, almost everybody has a public profile and the more you show people yours, the more you look more authentic.


Yes, a profile is all about you. However, when creating one, you should be lenient enough not to show exaggeration in some aspects like culture, education, etc. A well-structured profile will not only make you stand out but also gives a happy ending at the long run.

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Color is everywhere, in your clothes, in your jewelry, in the advertising you see, and the displays in retail stores. Color is life. Intentionally coordinating your wardrobe (clothing) and your jewelry can make or break your carefully planned outfit, draw attention to your best features (or your flaws), and help you create an image that is uniquely you.

Every woman loves to use their own necklace to dress. But they often neglect that every story shape belongs to the different necklace if they want to have a perfect combination. Wearing a necklace will have very big foil effect on appearance.

How To Combine Types Of Necklaces and Dress Perfectly

When a necklace made of different material, shape and play style and overall lines after wearing effect! Will have a big impact and even change the look of the visual effects. The right choice to wear a necklace will be a basic syllabus for the woman. This article will be a mix of several common ways to be more of a highlight of women’s beauty.

For women who have thick neck: This body shape, let’s always feel small and thick, if you choose a shorter chain, it will make the neck look rough shorter; Slender necklace or necklace with a pendant to wear, necklace set on “V” shaped lines line of sight evoked by a feeling of drooping, oblong neckline feeling, to the visual effects of the neck to form the lack of shapes.

Women who have slim neck: This body is just like the “Thick neck” shape, you are supposed to avoid a slender necklace or a necklace with a pendant that can let your neck last much longer. Choose the best with shorter necklace, collars or coarse necklace.

Round Face Women: Collar or a chain of beads strung does not fit this form at all. Too much “round” decor also brings rounded lines. Exactly if “Thick neck” shape, you can choose necklace or necklace with a pendant. It can be hung by means of a necklace “V” shape to form the optical effects.

Square Face Shape Women: If you wear a shaped pearl necklace chain beautifully, the feeling of the face shape may facilitate founders, should you not choose a diamond necklace or rectangular necklace to avoid the visual effects.

Steampunk fashion is not one that is casual or unsophisticated; in fact, it embodies certain traits that make followers appear incredibly respectable. This slender face shape should not wear the slender necklace or a necklace with steampunk pendants; because after a long chain hanging arc formed slightly deepen the impression of a long face. Short and thick necklace, collar or necklace sets are more suitable for long face shape.

Narrow and thin face shape: It is best not to choose the necklace that is too light color, should choose the necklace with some shiny necklace to add fullness and vivid atmosphere of the face.