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When it comes to achieving a trending event on social media, choosing an effective hashtag is key. Getting it right will help create a memorable branded hashtag that is related to your special event.

The Science Of Coming Up With A Hashtag For Your Event

To help improve your hashtag use, here are 10 helpful recommendations in coming up with a hashtag for your event.

10 Tips for Coming Up with a Successful Event Hashtag

  1. Keep it short so it is easily remembered. Keep it no more than 10 characters or fewer.
  1. Choose a descriptive branded hashtag to reach your target audience. It helps promote an official event hashtag and it helps identify your brand.
  1. Choose a real memorable word that will help attendees recall the event.
  1. Search if your hashtag is in use is social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way, you can use a word that is uniquely linked to your event. Do not forget to use and measure your event hashtag across these platforms to ensure you are engaging your audience on their preferred site.
  1. Decide on how many hashtags you intend to use. Do not overdo hashtags on Twitter. Tweets with only one hashtag are 69% more likely to get retweets than those with two hashtags.

For a big event, you could use multiple hashtags per segment of your event while having a main hashtag in all event tweets. This divides the conversation by reducing the likeness that any of the individual hashtags will trend.

  1. Relevant hashtags will help you gain visibility for the content aimed toward the event audience. It makes things challenging when success is measured through social activity for the event that has a lot less relevant content.
  1. Use social listening to identify the hashtags used by your audience. Use these hashtags when tweeting, especially the pre-event stage. Choose an event hashtag with an odd tweet that is popular so it reaches a wider audience, however make sure it is also relevant to the content of your tweets.
  1. Look to your community who can also create hashtags that can take off at the event. Embrace them if it happens but also continue to use your main event hashtag at the same time.
  1. For events that repeat monthly, quarterly or annually, use an evergreen hashtag. Through multiple versions of the event, you may use the same hashtag for pre, during, and post event activity.
  1. Ensure that your hashtag is used by your audience. The more it is being passed on, the more your hashtag will be identified as trending and your event a social media hit.

Are you ready for your next trending event? Good luck on coming up with a memorable hashtag!

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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The mention of toys and kids are words that are music to the toy retailers. Technology has disrupted the toys and games market.

Not only does it make the retailer make the coolest tech toys but it also has to retain the kids’ attention unlike the previous toys and games.

As long as there are kids, they’ll be toys and parents to buy. It is no secret that parenthood is becoming an expensive hobby, because apart from buying the toy, you have to make sure that it is safe and best for the kids.

In the past, kids relied on handmade toys and board games. These toys and games boring in nature. Today instead of handmade dolls, you have talking dolls that communicate with the kids as they play.

The Influence Of Technology In Toys and Games

Not only does this make the kids engaged, it also helps them learn their surrounding fast.

Like all aspects of retails, the toys industry has changed with some competitors being blown away. Not just on the kinds of toy that they produce, they audience have also to capture the their interest.

To make games more interactive, we have seen the rise of remote controlled toys. In the past, most kids used to push small toys cars with their hands on the floor and make some noise.

With recent changes in technology, there’s remote controlled toys that enable kids to move that car in whichever speed they want. The fun about the remote controlled car is that it has encourage kids to compete in groups.

When kids play with toy robot like dash and dot, they get the opportunity to learn programming. With robot toys the kids learn how to program it to move. Vikas Gupta, founder and CEO of Wonder Workshop said,toys that introduce computer coding and robotics to kids at a tender age could have many benefits.

Other toys that has undergone tremendous change is the kick scooter for kids. In the past, the kids used to kick the pavement for it move.

Thanks to technology, there is an electric scooter. Kids can charge an electric scooter and ride it for long hours before and then kick later when the battery is over.

Toys like hoverboards and drones are getting common among kids. With a hoverboard, the kid can stand on their two legs and the boards move. All they need to do is control it with their two legs.

In the past kids used to play with toy planes, today we have drones. Drones give the kids the motor skills. Some drones even come with cameras which the kids can use to survey the sky and take control of their movement.

Technology has changed the playing experience for kids. Not only has it managed to retain their attention. It has also made them develop the desire to learn about how to operate various gadgets.

Despite the worry that kids may consume too much time with tech gadget and toys, parents can determine how much they want their kids to spend time with these toys.

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If you have an online business and hope to make your fortune selling online, then a little green padlock better be next to your web address. Having Secure Sockets Layer, (SSL) certified website means your customers can be sure their personal information is not being captured by hackers and identity thieves. There are several levels of SSL certificates, but even the most basic offers protection for online business success.

Why Your Business Needs SSL Certification?

How Does It Work?

When you sell online, your customers enter personal and sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other information on your website. This information is passed from computer to computer through a network until it reaches the destination server. At any one of the intermediary computers, someone could conceivable see and take your customer’s private information.

If your site has an SSL certificate, your customers will know immediately by looking at your web address and have the confidence to share their personal information to get the product or service you offer.

SSL Certification

SSL is the standard security technology that establishes an encrypted link between a browser and a web server. It ensures that all the data that passes between the two is private and integral. With SSL certification security, from a professional service, your site can have the same encryption protection that is used by the top corporations for a much lower fee. There are several levels of certification starting with the most affordable hosting solution to ensure your site is protected. You will have domain validation, compatibility with most browsers and authentication of your website.

Two SSL Certificate Primary Functions

The two main SSL functions are authentication of your website identity to your customers as well as to visiting browsers and encryption, which is the technical process that supports SSL certification. It means it protects your customer’s private information such as credit card numbers and account numbers and passwords and allows data to be securely transferred between several computer networks. It masks data so any unauthorized source is not able to intercept it or read it. The highest standard of encryption in the industry is 256-bit encryption.

How Do Your Customers Know They Are Protected?

Your website will have HTTPS, which is the secure version of HTTP at the front of the web address. It will also have the browser padlock symbol and a secured site seal from your hosting company.

The highest level of SSL certification turns your browser bar green whenever a customer opens your website on Internet Explorer and Firefox and gives a green padlock on Google Chrome.

You can also get protection for subdomains if your website has several domains for different areas of your website.

Who Needs the Highest Protection?

All businesses that include ecommerce require essential SSL certification. There are higher levels of protection, but extended validation is mainly necessary for Limited Liability Companies or corporations, unincorporated businesses and sole proprietorship businesses, government organizations and NGOs and International Treaty Organizations.

If you haven’t uploaded your ecommerce website yet, you should look in to SSL certification before you start. If your website is already up and running, do not wait another minute, but get SSL certification as soon as possible. You never know how many customers you lost because they hurried away from an unsecured site.

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Did you know that the shell and tube heat exchangers are the most common types of heat exchanger pipe, used across various industries?

USEL Tubular Division are suppliers of heat exchanger tubes and are proud to deliver these to a wide range of industries, including the petrochemical industry, oil refinery, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They aim to meet all high-quality standards, ensuring that heat transfer is efficient!

Any heat exchanger tubes suppliers will provide a wide range of designs to help you choose the right heat exchanger tube, take Tube Supply for instance! The shell and tube heat exchanger can be moulded to suit your specific requirements, find out how here!

First of all, you’ll need to select the most suitable turbulence flow (which will be dependent on temperature and pressure).

The water will flow through the tube side and air will flow through the shell side ensuring that the 2 materials are kept separate, maintaining their unique temperatures. The shell and heat exchanger tube is especially flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs specifically.

How Do You Model A Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger?

You’ll need to define the materials.

State what the material is. Is it stainless steel? Perhaps it’s water? Be specific. The walls of the heat exchanger tubes are likely to be made from steel but make sure this is evident in your model.

Assign flow boundaries.

Inlet and outlet conditions will be added to the flow of water and air but will allow the fluids to flow easily- keep this simple on the model.

Add symmetry.

The flow needs to be symmetrical for the best results to be achieved. The “walls” are the interior boundaries for the heat exchanger pipe.

Make sure you define the heat transfer.

For this, you’ll have to identify the temperature at the inlet and also the outflow from the outlets. The heat transfer needs to be defined in order to create a reliable model.

Don’t forget temperature boundaries.

The temperature boundaries are to be considered when modelling a shell and tube heat exchanger if you want to model the shell and tube heat exchanger effectively!

Evaluate the transfer of heat.

You’ll need to identify whether the air pressure has dropped. This will require modelling coupling operators.

To model a shell and heat exchanger pipe, you simply need to remember to be accurate and to ensure that the heat exchanger retains the same high-quality standards.

USEL Tubular Division has a solution for transferring heat efficiently, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them today! They will be more than willing to provide you with any extra information that you require for modelling a shell and heat exchanger tube.

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To get the most out of skip hire Preston, you need to ask questions.

Don’t be scared to ask for any advice or support that you need, Preston Skips will be more than willing to help you find a perfect solution for your waste management concerns. They have developed a wealth of expertise, having offered skip hire in Preston for over 20 years!

If you want to receive the best from Skips Preston, , be prepared to delve deeper and dig for the information that you need to know. Although they aim to provide you with the most appropriate information, you may be looking for something specific to suit your requirements, if you are, feel free to speak to one of the experts, simply call 01772 827603!!

Are You A Licensed Waste Carrier?

What is a Licensed Waste Carrier?

A licensed waste carrier is Preston Skip Hire. It’s a legal requirement for all skip hire companies. Preston Skip Hire are registered to carry waste from your premises to the nearest recycling facilities, holding them responsible for the transportation of anypotentially sharp materials.

If you’re looking for skip hire Preston, you need to make sure that they are registered waste carriers, for peace of mind.

Finding out whether a company has a license to carry waste.

There are a number of ways you can find out whether a skip firm is a registered waste carrier, the first one being to ask them. If the company says that they are registered waste carriers then why not ask them for a license number? It’s good to do your research before you rush into making any decisions.

You can easily identify whether a business is licensed to carry waste by visiting the Environmental Agency website. When you get to this, you’ll be asked to enter the license number that you were provided by the skip hire company. This will allow you to understand whether the company is reputable and honest!

As well as this, the company will also be registered with the Environmental Agency, the two come hand in hand.

Duty of care.

Preston Skip Hire have a duty of care to provide skips in Preston , suiting domestic and commercial needs and requirements specifically.

Preston Skips can assist you with the safe disposal of waste, ensuring that at least 90% of all materials, stored inside your skip, is recycled, meaning there is less waste sent to landfill.

It’s also their duty to make sure that the handling of waste is safe and provides no harm. With help from the experts, not only can they help you to dispose of waste safely, but also prevent the risk of injury. In terms of avoiding injuries, it’s recommended that you never overfill your skip because this can cause a threat to passers-by and those on-site.

Fly tipping.

What’s fly tipping? Fly tipping is where waste is dumped illegally. Skip hire in Preston is often provided to reduce the need to fly tip, and can also accommodate the increased volumes of waste homes are generating. If a company isn’t a licensed waste carrier, the chances are that they could fly tip your waste, holding you responsible, so it’s always a good idea to make sure that they can be trusted!

Don’t be fooled into skip hire that’s not safe, choose Preston Skip Hire today!

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With technology becoming more user-friendly by the day, you may not think you need the help of an SEO company in Los Angeles to advertise your business. However, there is much you can learn from experienced professionals that might put you a step ahead of your competition. The internet is expansive, and marketing technicians have dedicated their careers to learning every aspect of it and figuring out how it can be used to benefit consumers. You can only help your business by consulting a marketing company before you begin an online marketing campaign.

What You Can Learn from An SEO Company

How to Use Keywords

If you’re unfamiliar with the nature of keywords, you’re already behind. These are the formative tools that build the backbone of every successful marketing method. Get this step wrong, and you’re looking at potentially destroying your advertising efforts rather than bringing in more business. An SEO company in Los Angeles can help you pick keywords that best describe your products or services and even identify some latent semantic indexing (LSI) words that are similar to keywords but on a more associative level that broaden your search result range. Experts can also teach you where to use these words, and how often, for the best possible results.

How to Design a User-Friendly Website

While you might be proud of your website or blog, it doesn’t mean that consumers are enjoying the experience. If you have poor load time, unsupported graphics or other features that are frustrating to an audience, searchers are less likely to frequent your page. Marketing technicians are familiar with these common snafus and know how to design a webpage or blog that works smoothly across a variety of different devices, such as computers, mobile phones and even smart televisions. You don’t want to risk losing a fraction of your audience because you’re not up to date, so work with those who make it their job to know what works.

How to Analyze Progress

Unless you’re familiar with analytics programs, you probably won’t be able to track how well your online marketing techniques are working. Working with an SEO company in Los Angeles opens you up to people who know how to monitor your methods and deliver weekly or monthly reports to let you know what’s performing and where you need to reinforce your efforts.

A Successful Campaign

It’s not wise to think you know everything there is to know about marketing. Even if you’re a technological expert, it never hurts to get a second opinion or explore some other options to help you run a successful marketing campaign.

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In the age of advanced online communications, an impressive website can make all the difference as to whether your business experiences growth or failure. You have likely come across impressive websites that provide the right information in the right way, and you are able to accomplish exactly what you intended to do. On the contrary, you have likely also seen websites where information is sparse, graphics are odd, and the layout looks thrown together. Avoid the latter scenario by finding a website hosting company that will help you to host, design, and maintain your site with ease and professionalism.

The exact purpose behind a website likely differs from business to business, but there are likely similar expectations. The sites that leave customers informed and satisfied often are kept up-to-date, have relevant and eye-catching graphics, and clearly communicate helpful content. Look for a company with experience building and hosting a variety of sites that have attracted and retained customers and boosted sales. Good websites should be built with online tools and resources that have been proven as successful solutions for design and maintenance.

Find Help To Host And Handle Your Website

Consider all the important factors that are part of reliable website hosting. Look for companies that have a history of success with domain registration, website plans, website design, ecommerce help, online marketing tools, e-mail accounts, analytics, and faxing capabilities. You might not need all of these features, but the more a company offers, the more confident you should feel that they are the best fit for your business and website needs.

There are likely three main purposes for your website. You should do adequate research to determine that as your site works to fulfill each of these purposes, your web hosting services company has plenty of resources to support each function. The first step is establishing an online presence for your business with a registered domain name, functional design that is mobile-friendly, and e-mail options. After that, promote your business with online marketing through e-mail campaigns, social media communications, and search engine results. When you are ready to sell products, establish 24/7 availability through ecommerce plans to create and manage your online store.

Finding the right company to do your website hosting does not have to be a daunting task. There are companies with experience and expertise in successfully designing, registering, and maintaining thriving sites. Look for options in your price range and with testimonies from satisfied customers. Your website is an extension of your business, and should demonstrate your commitment to creativity and quality.

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A website can be the face of a small business. But how do you, as a white label website builder, convince small business owners to trust you with their website?

Pitfalls Of Small Business In-House Website Development


An expert might be more likely to create a professional website in less time than it would take an owner or their employees to create and then maintain their business website. Technical issues and downtime might take much less time to address and fix. More uptime can mean more customers served, fewer complaints, and most importantly, more sales.


Business owners have many responsibilities. They may only have a few employees who support them. Though cost might seem like an initial reason for small business staff to create a website themselves, the owner’s time is just as valuable.

Your website development business can offer business owners the time to meet as many of those responsibilities as possible.


With the shortage of time, small business owners probably have many obligations which require their time. A website might draw in many customers to their business, but they may have more pressing priorities on their agenda. If you offer professional and properly maintained websites through your white label website builder, small business owners can focus their attention on customer service, marketing, and managing their employees.


As a business which offers white label website development, you can develop your skills and experience in website design and web marketing as your primary business. Small business owners need your knowledge and expertise to create websites which attract customers. If you offer businesses the same level of services which they offer others, their website can be a much higher quality than they might have if they did it themselves.


Your platform can offer small business owners features they might not realize are available if they were designing the site themselves, such as e-commerce, live chat, or web-to-phone integration. If you keep your clients updated on the features you offer, as well as new features, you can offer something to them which they likely do not have the time to research and implement.


When marketing to small business owners, it might be helpful to communicate in straightforward language which shares your passion for website development and design. Your business could also offer the education for business owners to learn some of these design and maintenance skills on their own, such as how to add and modify items on their e-commerce platform. As a white label website builder, your job can be to make the jobs of small business owners easier and more rewarding.

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The JJRC H11WH is a small compacted RC Quadcopter 240 size and derives in a rubberized black surface with red patterns. Attached is a tiny first person view camera that permits the user to view image broadcast from the Quadcopter on a mobile device.

The JJRC H11WH comes through many features not frequently seen in a Low Rated Quadcopter. It has a 2 mega pixel camera that transmits footage toward your mobile device. The viewpoint of the camera could be adjusted through the remote control transmitter plus video recording can be seized on the app. It has three heights of control beginner, middle and advanced and is wonderful stable because of the inbuilt height hold. When the battery is charged it is linked to the craft plus an on off switch turns the Quadcopter on. The remote control aerial has an on off switch that arms otherwise disarms the fluffy motors, a great feature as well as there is furthermore an emergency stop switch that is allowed by pressing in the correct stick. With Quadcopters that have height hold the motors retain spinning when they smash and this frequently burns a motor thus if you experience an accident be sure to press in the correct stick directly and the motors would instantly stop rotating.

Headless mode could also be allowed so irrespective of the way the Quadcopter is indicating toward pushing the right stick onward will create the Quadcopter fly onward and likewise dragging the stick back would make it fly backwards. Right is continually right as well as left always left. It moreover has a one key return function however please be conscious the return to home on these Little Priced Quadcopters is frequently erratic.

JJRC H11WH Low Priced FPV Quadcopter

The enjoyable thing around this is that it is easy sufficient to be handled through beginners and progressive sufficient for expert users. You just have to select which mode you want toward operate in. Separately from the elementary ascends/descends plus forwards/backwards, this drone could actually do side flies as well as 360-degree rolling.

And above, it has an in-built Wi-Fi, LED light for night tracing, and a 2MP camera toward take videos plus pictures. This drone is completely prepared for those 3D flip plays for your tourism adventures.

It owns the usual functions that other RC drones have, for example forward plus backward, left plus right side-fly, ascend plus descend, etc. Precisely, it has its exclusive flight modes, plus what I most appreciate is its height hold mode. This function permits you to retain your RC drone in a reliable altitude however finishing the processes of the roll, pitch, plus yaw flights. You can get it from rcmoment

Additional funny play method is the gravity control approach through your smartphone. You have no requisite to use the controller as well as you could play the RC drone. The remote control distance is around 60 meters.

Battery and Flight Time

Though it has an enormous capacity battery config of up to 1,100mAh, it merely supports short flight time of around 7 minutes. And this one requirements 2.5 hours charging time.

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A fidget spinner is whatsoever is recognized as a comparatively small, frequently pocket-sized gadget that is accomplished of being taken anyplace to provide instantaneous relief. These spinners frequently come in a variety of sizes and kinds with numerous color options being accessible for maximum models. You will frequently find the finest fidget spinner toys are built from modern’s materials for example ABS plastic which offers a strong build excellence and durability. Additional spinners are furthermore manufactured through the use of 3d printing skills with a collection of different kinds of bearings which permit them to spin.

Metal fidget spinner prepared of a premium aluminum alloy material which is capable to offer high hardness, shock proofing as well as is sturdier than additional metals. The bearings tremendously fast and flat providing a spin time of up toward 5 minutes so it claims in your hand otherwise on table top.

The bearing is prepared of a brass material plus is also changeable allowing for you to be capable to maintain it plus the size of the spinner is small sufficient for you to carry it round in your pocket must you need to.

EDC Tri Fidget Hand Spinner Focus ADHD Autism Finger Toy

The design is ADHD focused, verifying to be beneficial for focus, overcoming nervousness, helping autism plus breaking the much disagreeable bad habits.
They offer a cash back service, guarantee and an easy to extent and aid customer services should you requisite to contact them in esteems to the spinner.

Somebody who suffers from autism could at any time find themselves stunned at any instance. As an outcome, they will frequently experience main sensory overload which outcomes in a lot of pressure for them plus also persons around them. These persons generally tend toward fidget usually this is seen as a coping device.

When in painful or familiar states it has been recognized that a Tri Fidget Hand Spinner is actually capable to offer them with a soothing effect. As stated since their coping mechanism will be them fidgeting anyhow, the finest fidget spinner acts as an additional providing the continuous gesture as an alternate to them using physical drive of their own. Basically, this is serving to mitigate or at least offer and evasion to these situations.

As well as the two-pronged version fidget spinner toys, the three-pronged form is certainly an elevation from the two, this three-pronged spinner claims a new slew of chance for example in the method it can be used and in the excellence and sturdiness of its build.

From what we have found it appeared that adults who suffer from ADHD frequently seem to be more similar to this form of the spinner which permits for a feeling of gesture that feels as so it would not end.

The decision to this being that the spinner assisted them to easily relax plus maintain their focus and emphasis. This spinner is a step up above medications when numerous often have side effects, particularly if the spinner does aid in some way.

You can get Party Supplies from TOMTOP.