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With the releasing of Apple MacBook Air 2014, people started to feel for the need of new and advance version of Apple MacBook Air in 2015. And, it is not wrong to expect what you could. So, there are hear says and facts about the peculiar specifications and features of Apple MacBook Air 2015.

The most innovative and advance specifications and features of MacBook Air 2014 are:
• Display (13.3-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen display with support for millions of colours)
• Storage (128 GB based flash storage; 256 GB based flash storage; Configurable to 512GB flash storage)
• Processor (1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 with 3MB shared L3 cache; Configurable to 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 with 4MB shared L3 cache)
• Memory (4GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 on-board memory; Configurable to 8GB)
• Battery and Power (Up to 12 hours wireless web; Up to 12 hours iTunes movie playback; Up to 30 days standby time; Built‑in 54‑watt‑hour lithium‑polymer battery)
• Size and Weight (Height: 0.11-0.68 inch; Width: 12.8 inches; Depth: 8.94 inches; Weight: 2.96 pounds)
• Graphics and Video Support (Intel HD Graphics 5000; Dual display and video mirroring: Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display and up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on an external display; Thunderbolt digital video output; DVI output using Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter)
• Camera (720p FaceTime HD camera)
• Connections and Expansions (Headphone; Dual microphones; Two USB 3 ports)
• Wireless (Wi-Fi; Bluetooth)
• Audio (Stereo speakers; Dual microphones; Headphone port)
• Keyboard and Trackpad (Full-size backlit keyboard; Multi-Touch trackpad)

Apple MacBook Air 2015 With Retina Display and New Intel Processor

Features and specifications of Apple MacBook Air 2015

There is talk about HTC One M10 and new MacBook Air 2015online and it is sad that there is so less information about the expected product but in coming few months there will be so much information about it, undoubtedly. And, there is no news from Apple Inc. as well about the product, which could be said officially. But we have some rumoured news about the price, release date and specifications and features.

The expected prices are: Apple MacBook Air 11 2015 price: $ 950 – $ 1000; Apple MacBook Air 12 2015 price: $ 1050 – $ 1100; and Apple MacBook Air 13 2015 price: $ 1150 – $ 1200. These prices are not exact but Apple would not sell the Apple MacBook Air 2015 more than $ 1250.

And, the release dates on the air are: Apple MacBook Air 11 on around March and April, 2015, Apple MacBook Air 12 on around March and April, 2015, and Apple MacBook Air 13 on around March and April, 2015.
Well, the expected specifications and features on the air are: Intel Broad-well Core M5Y71, 1.2 GHz to 2.9 GHz; Intel HD 5300 Graphics; 4 GB & 8 GB DDR3 RAM; GPU 900 MHz; Battery backup up to 14 hours; Retina Resolution display and the Touch ID like Finger print sensor. These are just expectations and there are no official specifications and features right now.

So, just stay tuned with us and wait for the new updates.

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It’s not surprising many people feel overwhelmed when looking for an upgrade, Lots of models. Lots of prices. There was a lot more to like than to laugh at for cameras this year, The following gallery shows six cameras that have left a good impression in 2014.

Samsung NX1

The Samsung NX1 comes with a BSI CMOS sensor in APS-C format with 28 megapixel resolution, autofocus with 205-point phase detection, 4K video, wireless ac, a faster image processor and a weatherproof enclosure. Samsung has packed basically almost any new technology in the NX1, it could find in a high-end camera with interchangeable lenses.

Nikon D750

The Nikon D750 equipped with a 24.3-megapixel CMOS sensor in FX format and provides the best image quality and continuous shooting performance in its price class. It also comes with a nice rounded feature set. However, Nikon has implemented the wireless integration a bit weak and would have been able to do a little better with some other features such as Live View. Nevertheless, the Nikon D750 offers a good combination of quality, performance and features.

6 Most Interesting Cameras Of 2014

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

The Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000 is equipped with a 1″-type MOS sensor 20-megapixel MOS image sensor and a 16x zoom lens with a focal range of 25 to 400 millimeters. The FZ1000 is also the first compact camera with a video resolution up to 4K (3,840 x 2, 160) takes in MP4 format at 30 frames per second. Recording at 1080p at 60 or 120 frames are possible as well as 1080p video at 60 frames in AVCHD format.

Sony Alpha ILCE QX1

With so-called lens cameras QX series, which can be strapped onto the back of a smartphone, Sony has made in the last sensation. With the ILCE QX1 it has released this year is the first model of its lens system with interchangeable lenses and a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX 100

With the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 has the small sensors turned back and brought the first camera with a type MOS sensor on the market. With a much larger sensor than 1 inch, 4K video and a fast lens, the LX100 is one of the most advanced compact cameras of the year 2014.

Fujifilm X-T1

With the X-T1 Fujifilm was basically the first company that tried to develop a system camera with interchangeable lenses that will come close to the performance of a DSLR. The Fujifilm X-T1 offers a very good viewfinder, a comfortable handle and a wealth of direct operating options that make taking pictures a pleasure. The image quality and continuous shooting performance convinced. Their overall performance, however, stands out not very well and the film quality somewhat disappointed. For advanced photographers the Fujifilm X-T1 is still a great camera, as long as they do not interfere with their quirks.

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Just as you make sure that you clean and renovate your entire house at least once in a year, you must also ensure that your Macbook is cleaned at regular intervals. If your Mac is not cleaned then it will start giving you troubles. One trouble that is surely going to frustrate you is that it will run so slow that all your other applications will also start working slowly. No one likes slow operating computers/laptops. Here are certain tips that will help increase the speed of your Mac and clean it appropriately.

Tips For Increasing The Speed Of Your Mac And Cleaning It

Before you start off the cleaning process, you must ensure that all your essential files stored in your Mac are backed up because there is a slight possibility that you might lose essential documents after the cleaning is actually over.

First of all, you must check which applications in your Macbook start running automatically when your Macbook is switched on because this slows down your Mac tremendously. In the section called ‘Login Items’, you will be able to uncheck applications which run automatically during the Macbook startup.

It is very essential to identify and then delete the applications that use most of the resources of your system. The ‘Activity Monitor’ section in your Macbook will allow you to recognize applications which are absolutely useless and are taking up too much of your memory resources. Numerous software applications are there which can check your system in order to give you a list of applications not required. So you can use such an application.

There are a number of applications and files stored in your Macbook which are not really helpful. So instead of just ignoring such applications and files, you should utilize a Mac cleaner such as the one generated by Movavi (one of the leading software company in the market) to recognize and delete useless things from your Macbook. In this way your Mac’s hard disc will be cleaned and it will appear more organized.

Your Mac’s performance can be enhanced by just adding more RAM to it. This is perhaps the most cheapest and efficient way to increase the speed of your Macbook.

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Swiss company announced a new security app Threema is a mobile messaging app that puts security and privacy first. With true end-to-end encryption, This new app will be available on major operating systems Google (Android), Apple (iOS) and Microsoft (Windows Phone), The features are pretty much those editions for Android and iOS. The still present limitations in group chat will be eliminated soon an update.Threema could be the lack of a trial version, but running only $. 99.

According to the developer corresponds to the functionality of the Windows Phone version largely to the expenditure for Android and iOS. However, are currently not yet support all group functions. So it is not yet possible, even to create new groups. This functionality is to be upgraded soon with an update.

Just like its Messenger for Android and iOS raises Threema especially the security forth. All messages are consistently encrypted end-to-end from sender to receiver. This is true both for chatting and for submitting photos, videos or locations. Technical basis is the open-source encryption library NaCl with 256-bit asymmetric keys.

Threema: Instant Messenger App Now Available For Windows Phone

Threema offers like WhatsApp, the ability to synchronize the contact list of the phone contact to make it easier for other users. The program also supports a three-tier trust status for contacts. After the traffic light principle, it marks the unknown red, chat partners, present their e-mail address or telephone number, and yellow by scanning a personal QR code Confirmed contacts green.Verify your contacts’ public keys by scanning a QR code from their mobile phone, all within the app, Network connection status at a glance: the color of the band below the navigation bar shows whether the app is currently connected to the server.

Stiftung Warentest Reviewed Threema to a rapid test to privacy in February of this year “critical” with. The end-to-end encryption, it makes the seller impossible to monitor the communication between users. Positive mentioned the tester also that your contacts are indeed saved, but only in pseudonymous form and with the explicit consent of the user. Even if the user reading out his address book does not agree that he could use the app. The only shortcoming made Stiftung Warentest from that Threema is not open source software. Consequently, it can only be ruled out and that the app does not transmit user data unencrypted.

Threema itself admits that his program “aimed at the best possible privacy” and designed to be, “that on the servers no data that could be abused.” Individual and group chats would be decentralized and managed exclusively on the terminals, so that no data on contacts or networks of relationships incurred. Upon request, the Messenger can also use anonymous because no phone number or e-mail address must be specified.

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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) innovation ceremony in Las Vegas BMW launched a BMW I Remote App. This latest app stands at unbeatable position it took the first prize on category of software and mobile apps, If you already have a BMW car, but also good to buy fancy Samsung Gear S smart watch, so now there is good news to tell you, now you can connect these two together by a BMW I Remote App to create more interesting remote operation. Bringing a whole lot of decisions to your wrist. Everything be controlled by the Samsung gear so it plays a vital role for extension of car range, This application will allow users to watch on your wrist to control their BMW.

BMW introduced the first concept of “intelligent network”, The app displays important data at a glance on the smartwatch home screen, which is also the first BMW I standard full networking capabilities of the vehicle, travel support network, including networked navigation to find the charging station and remote auxiliary, etc., in order to facilitate the owners have a mobile device to view and manage networked automobile with the introduction of the BMW my Remote assistant.

Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Now Supports Remote Control By BMW i Remote App

In simple terms, BMW i Remote application can obtain detailed information BMW I pure electric car’s current state, including the mileage display, battery power, service messages and location of the vehicle is located. Users can take advantage of the Charge Control remote start or end charging station, or in the car before the car’s battery and activate the open air, and then transferred to the most suitable temperature in the car.

Of course, by the application can also use with navigation, route planning assistance and comprehensive car battery, after the traffic situation and formulate an itinerary issued vehicle lines and destinations, or search for charging stations in the process of moving. Details of the application can be viewed there are many, such as checking the door is locked, and the window is closed, and so on.

BMW I Remote Support Assistant application is already running in the iOS and Android operating systems, also supports Android Wear smart watches, in view of the Samsung Gear series based on the highest market share of smart watches Tizen, the BMW has developed a platform for this particular application, and the first designed to be used independently as a smartphone Gear S optimized design. It Sounds pretty cool.

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Have you been looking for some information about Best ABS techno cars in launched in the world? Worry less more Herein is a short but a very informative article on the same. Well, this year, the edition of classic world techno-classical has come into the hot stage after being officially opened by some professional visitors early this year More than 2500 exhibitors across the continent booked and presented themselves for a wonderful exhibition. In fact, more than 220 classic clubs and various communities of interests made the 2014 TECHNO-CLASSICA one of the world greatest meeting of vintage cars and the current young timer scene. Actually, TECHNO-CLASSICA has set a trend of vintage cars scene year in year out and has become the most crucial meeting as well as market place for international classic scenes. Some of the brands of cars that were launched this year includes the following


This is a new Italian-designed car. Its body of manufacturing is Zagato manufacturers, an oldest company which was started back in 12919 and still in existence up to today. On its 95th birthday this year, the company presented the Halle 6 legendary creation of Zagato on basis of Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo and Maserati among others.

Best ABS Techno Cars Launched In The World?


The brand this year is celebrating 100 years of its existence with the trident. For the very first time, this brand will be presented with the official company stand. It will be fascinating with the new as well as the historical Maserati sports car.


This is appearing 3rd time in the cars alliance. It was originally a British brand. It is presenting itself for the very first time in TECHNO-CLASSICA having a stand. It is laid out by AC Europe distribution formula automobiles.


This year, Mercedes Benz continues with its traditions of spectacular historical presentation at the TECHNO-CLASSICA. For the 2014, it is under; MAGIC MOMENTS-120 YEARS MOTOR SPORT as the main title. – It is showing a total of 13grand prixi cars, 4 rally cars and also 4 special vehicles. This vehicles ranges from the racing transporter all the way to F1 safety car. – The Mercedes Benz clubs (17 German club) except cross country car club, the classic Centre and also some Mercedes Benz classic partnership enterprises presented themselves.


Since it took over as a brand of Rover group BMW in 1994, The NEW MINI recalls to the greatest and highest success of the old Mini brand on the sensational season of rally.

To conclude, it has been a tradition that the TECHNO CLASSICA is being used by a lot of communities and several classic clubs with interest to show themselves off as well as their performance to the expected number of up to 200,000 visitors annually. With up to 200 plus presentations, they normally make world fair enough for vintage, prestige, classic, restorations, motorcycles, motor sports as well as the spare parts world club meeting to the world greatest forum. Many of them has been participating since late 1980s. Anyone who wish to participate in the exhibition should not hesitate but go for a DSA driving, do the DSA Practical Test and join the exhibition during the start of any year to market their car brands.

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Intel announced the Data Protection Technology for Transactions, designed to provide solution for consumers and the financial information that is built into the point of sale management system (POS) terminal platform. Intel collaboration with a technology leader in consumer transactions NCR develop a trading data protection technology, which combines the best of conduct for the retail device software and Intel hardware, Protection for transaction delivers make sure from the start to the trading transaction data storage until transaction data is stored on a bank server, the entire offer is a greater security.

Intel transaction data protection technology adds an additional layer of software to protect the payment process. This software on Intel chipset operations to enhance the security and the protection mechanism to pass information to assist the convergence between the POS system devices and data centers.

Endless streams of data leakage incidents so that the public questioned the ability of retailers to protect consumer data, share information and reduce consumer confidence, which is a major obstacle to the promotion of networking technique.

It is estimated that between 2013, global enterprises will cost $ 114 billion to deal with malware launched cyber attacks.

Intel transaction data protection technology is developed in order to solve these problems and to assist in a variety of retail environments.

Intel Unveils New Data Protection Technology To Enhance Retail Transaction Security

Solution Highlights

· Intel transaction data between trading endpoint protection technology, point of sale management system, as well as construct a secure channel network servers to ensure safe and secure transmission of consumer information.

· Intel transaction data protection technology to establish a secure pipeline to help eliminate the risks, so that parties to the transaction pipeline for payment verification utility allows for retailers to provide a common security management function, and applications in a variety of POS systems or peripherals type of.

· This solution supports all modern credit and lending payment standards, magnetic stripe and near field communication (NFC) trading card readers, including Google Wallet (Google Wallet), Softcard with Apple Pay.

· The technology can operate on all retail POS system equipment, as long as the load on its network of POS systems equipped system for specific Intel processors, including the Tablet PC.

· The new program will be equipped to solve the early 2nd generation and 3rd generation Intel Core processors, as well as subsequent generations of Intel Core processors. In addition, equipped with Intel Core processor (formerly codenamed Bay Trail-T) as well as future Atom processors will support tablet this new Intel technology.

· Intel transaction data protection technology can also be applied to non-retail industry and its applications. For example, to help protect the airport handling passport information, driver’s license identity information, or the protection of customer information to assist pharmacy on prescription.

· Intel’s new technology for data protection inject flexibility, help businesses to deal with security issues had to turn to the use of resources to enhance customer satisfaction with the purchase experience in on.

· Client software is now available, with the Intel transaction data protection technology is expected to be a complete solution to ship to retailers in the first half 2015.

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Before you start your construction business, you need to know the importance of the estimating services in constructions industry. Construction estimating service refers to calculating the total materials included with costs, the expenses, and the quantities that necessary for a certain construction project

Before you start your construction business, you need to know the importance of the estimating services in constructions industry. Construction estimating service refers to calculating the total materials included with costs, the expenses, and the quantities that necessary for a certain construction project. In this age of modern technology, there are many things are done electronically. So this is certainly no exception. It has a great significance when building a new house.

Imperative Aspects Of Estimating Service or Software

Imperative Aspects of Estimating Software or Service:

Now instead of using papers and pencil to calculate all the extra expenses, you can use a tool to keep a track of all the things. An electronic blueprint is ultimately the result after the user inputs many parameters such as different dimensions, the total budget and materials required for your business. Eventually, the user will be given a full report of the actual costs of their project as well as costs of changes or amount per day.

When you are using estimating software or service, your construction estimating service is professionally streamlined. Professional groundwork is very important. You will find that using your tool that helps you to provide for those unexpected twists and turns when taking on new structure developments.

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a seasoned proficient or aspiring entrepreneur in residential or commercial construction, you and your industry will flourish by using the right managing tool. You need to use the program professional with care. Proper uses of the programming helps you be a true, dependable service experts.

It is very frustrating and boring when working managing your work. It is time consuming too. Construction managing tool is specially designed to aid you and is a very helpful tool that helps you business in a unique manner. It can track all the things which you required in your trade.

It aids in preparing estimates, keeping your profit your margin in check while providing such management tools as figuring the costs of a subcontractors as well as budgeting for those arising unforeseen events that happen from time to time. There is no question about it, you can streamline your business in more ways than you consider right now when using the proper managing tool for your commerce purpose.

Hence, you need to be careful always before making a selection of which estimating service or program you should use. When choosing the best tool or software for your business, make sure that it has all the capabilities to upgrade any future improvements day by day. Always keep in mind to choose something which can be helpful for your industry for a long time.

There are other business tools that should be included in your software that should be the preparing reports, such as project estimation, scheduling considerations, invoicing forms and many more. All these things should be provided as customizable pre-formatted and printable. Tracking is the most essential in purchasing and controlling your business inventory.

Moreover, estimating service has different imperative aspects in a construction industry and day by day it is increasing.

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From last two years of virtual reality technology development speed is going very fast, and this in order to bring the virtual world to experience the product through wearing the device is developed by major manufacturers focus areas. As the field of virtual reality has been one of the most representative company Oculus recently launched code named Crescent Bay of Oculus Rift products. As a modified device, Crescent Bay is only recently was sent to the developer’s hands

I am very fortunate to experience the prototype of the first generation of Oculus Rift. Later, every Oculus product improvement is accompanied by tremendous progress, this time Crescent Bay is no exception.

First,even though the hardware is still in the prototype stage, but it is still surprising changes. This time Oculus gave upon the ski goggles strap of its forefathers in favor of a plastic chassis with nylon straps to snugly fixed in our heads (this design is some what similar with Samsung Gear VR). In addition, Crescent Bay also comes with a headset with the frame, so users no longer need the extra wear.The weight of the new generation of Crescent Bay is significantly larger than previous generations of products, and reduce the quality of the greatest benefit is improved wearing comfort, not to bring the slightest pressure on the neck. However,after prolonged wear, for the nose or will cause some pressure, but if we can significantly enhance the effect of this burden.

Oculus Rift, New Prototype Brings Out The Best In Virtual Reality

Unlike previous generations Oculus product demo videos, Crescent Bay is still in a very primitive stage of development, so I cannot control where I was going, but still I can control the direction what I want to see. Crescent Bay using cameras mounted on the wall to track movement, note ven on the desktop by means of a camera.This new combination allows the user tomoveabout1.5 meters square, of space in any direction. I tried to bend over, and then head down looking up posture, still can have a seamless experience, immersive experience is obvious.

But now Crescent Bay is not perfect. First, the screen around Crescent Bay still has a small window, I could see down through the gap between nose and crescent bay, and thus less a hint of immersive feeling; Secondly, when I left shaking the head or squat and then suddenly stop up,I noticed that there will be some bump case and screen shaking. These small flaws will make me a little out of the scene outside. But on the whole, Crescent Bay brings immersive experience is great, when I turn on the switch to squat in front of my car explosion, this feeling can definitely exciting to describe.

Headphone effect Crescent Bay and I expect the same satisfaction, but due to the limited volume and the environment too much noise, but also unable to bring even more shocking to enjoy the bass. Therefore, we hope that the future can add a sub-woofer to enhance the overall sound in the external sound.

Crescent Bay is around the outside of the helmet by micro-LED arrays to achieve the effect of motion tracking. Only the front of the helmet with the use of LED’s DK2versions, Crescent Bay has a rear panel with LED matrix band around the head support is connected, you can also track the movement through the cameras, so you can know when you Oculus fire in turn. In most cases, Crescent Bay motion tracking both fast and accurate. During the presentation, I had come to a dressing room, wearing a mask standing in front of the mirror and imitate my actions. No matter how fast I turn around, I’m wearing a mask has not noticed any delay action, motion tracking has always been able to keep my rhythm.

Crescent Bay can say that this time, let me experience the unprecedented immersive experience, so I really feel the virtual digital world charm, rather than as just prior to visual stimulation. Although the experience of time is very short, but Crescent Bay really left me a deep impression, this feeling makes me wanting more.

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Apple smart iwatch has a lot of new features, may be able to solve the annoying problem of today’s smart watches. However, due to current information is still relatively limited, so the actual effect how, but wait for the final release of the product.

The following is the main content of the article:

Apple’s first smart watch seems to be the best year of similar products, but there is still some lack of clarity in the user experience.

I have tried most of the other smart watches are very bulky, ugly, and to be honest, a lot of not so smart. But Apple has just released Apple iWatch is very stylish, all reflect the designer’s good intentions, and highly customizable, advanced technology, the entire product is seamless, always highlights the “smart” word. In other words, it looks too great.

But because I cannot comprehensive assessment of its full functionality, so the current rating is limited to the “looks” great. Although Tuesday along with two new iPhone release, but Apple did not open Apple Watch finished to reporters. In addition to announcing the launch outside in early 2015, Apple has not announced details.

Apple will offer three versions of Apple Watch: one for sports fans launched aluminum body, a stainless steel body adopts a more classic, there is a use of the stylish 18K gold body. The price of the lowest priced $ 349 version, although apparently the price is not cheap, but for a wide range of uses everyday devices, is not really expensive.

Apple iWatch Is Expected To Solve The Annoying Problem Where Others Have Failed

Apple watch will be available in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm), which is obviously good news for smaller wrists people. Small size version of my wrist is a little heavy, a little thick, but not uncomfortable place, obviously better than the other smart watches effect. Its display is bright and colorful, sapphire protection, harder than glass, and therefore less prone to scratches, but also less likely to shatter.

Apple apparently wearable technology for human-computer interaction to start a lot of careful thinking. Apple Watch has a touch screen, and when the demonstrators in the above slide with a finger, the effect on the screen is very smooth. The display also has a pressure-sensing feature, you can tell the difference between clicks and presses in order to achieve a more diversified control mode. You can also send microblogging via voice control, write text messages.

Smarter is the side of the turntable rotation can zoom in and out on the map, and switch between different contacts’ photos – it seems to be for navigation operations on a small screen, but without prejudice to the best way to screen vision.

When the trial other smart watches, so I am more distressed various nasty noticing, but Apple is clearly thinking about this issue, and the integration of a new tactile feedback system, thus interfering lower than the standard voice prompts. I tried a sample made, ​Its feels like a gently notify touched wrist. It can be used in many functions, for example, by the watch to let you know when you should turn navigation system prompts to complete the navigation watch or cell phone without a case.

In addition to the challenge of other smart watches outside vendors, Apple iWatch also Fitbit Jawbone other fitness bracelet poses a great threat. It is on the back of the built-in multiple sensors., including PPG sensors. Such techniques can be used to accurately determine the heart rate, body temperature, respiratory rate and other signs of indicators. Apple iWatch Built-in accelerometer, and can take advantage of GPS and WiFi to, understand user activity and calorie consumption.

These sensors can provide more than makes Apple iWatch devices available in the market, more accurate results. These data may also be open to third-party health and fitness applications, and will be summarized feedback to iPhone, and enter the new generation iOS built-Health applications. The new system will be pre-installed iOS 8 new iPhone in September 19 officially-listed, and for existing iPhone in September 17th, iPod Touch and iPad users to publish.

Although it looks very good, but Apple iWatch there are still many unknown factors. Although it looks very bright, but also to regulate, but do not know how to show it in bright light. It is reported that this smart watch can be waterproof, can live one day, but the specific details were not disclosed.

There is a possibility, Apple iWatch assume too many tasks. It can answer the phone, but also through the walkie-talkie function with other Apple Watch user calls (I suspect this is just a trick). Apple provides developers with tools to facilitate developers to develop applications for the smart watch. Apple even announced the new Apple Pay payment features that make iPhone through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to achieve “no-touch payment”, Apple Watch also compatible with this feature.

Of course, Apple Watch what’s good enough, and the specific use, but also by the user to decide – no one will force you to enable all notifications, answer all incoming calls, or use the wrist finished shopping. And everyone else, I will in the near future to spend after the real Apple iWatch, and then give the final judgment.