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No matter how many children you have at home, you want them as happy as can be.

That said you may find it a challenge at times to make them happy if you can’t afford to go away on a trip or two during the year.

Sure, many families go through difficult times when it comes to money and other issues.

With that in mind, are you looking for deals throughout the year so that your family can get away when needed?

If the answer is yes, there is a very good chance you will put a smile on your child’s face.

What Plan Do You Have for Your Child?

Although there can be a lot of fun stuff to do around the home, you and your child can’t be there 24/7.

With that being the case, come up with some destinations where you think your child would be happiest.

For instance, what if you scored Disney tickets for you and your child? Can you imagine the look on his or her face when you tell them you are off to Disney?

A trip to Disney World offers you and your child a whole world of excitement.

Among some of the fun things to think about:

  • Seeing all the famed characters in their costumes.
  • Taking in all the rides.
  • Watching some spectacular shows.
  • Having your child interact with other kids in attendance.
  • Reliving some memories of your own if you went to Disney World with your parents.

Given all Disney World has to offer, it is pretty safe to say your child will have no issues with going there.

Now, how best to go about planning the visit?

Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late to Make Reservations

You could clue your son or daughter in or make it a total surprise. Either way, don’t wait until the last minute to make your plans.

That said schedule such a visit out as far in advance as possible.

This means look now for airline reservations and hotels if not going until next year.

While you can get away in some cases with a last-minute hotel or even a rental car, do not take chances if you need to go by air. Not only can you miss out on preferred flights, but it can cost much more waiting too late to book airline travel.

It is also important to work around your child’s schedule when it comes to school.

Many families do go to Disney World and other such attractions during the school year. That said you may decide to wait when your child is out for summer recess or on a break at the holidays.

In waiting to go when your child is free of school, you have one less worry on your plate.

There are many reasons to take a family getaway.

More times than not, the best reason is the smile it will put on your child’s face.

So, is it time to start booking a trip and seeing the excitement your son or daughter will exhibit?

Chances are they will be counting down the days with you until it is time to leave.

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When taking to the road for vacation with kids, make sure you find plenty of things to do to keep them occupied.

That said what about when that trip involves heading to Tulum in Mexico? And if you did not already know, Tulum is a couple hours south of Cancun.

Taking your children to another country might at first seem like a bit of a challenge, but the truth is it is not.

Your children can have as much if not more fun outside the U.S. than if they stayed stateside.

With that in mind, what do you do for some nights out in Tulum without the kids?

Fun for the Adults with the Kids Along on the Trip

When you’re traveling as an adult with children, sure, you want your young one or ones to have fun. But this does not mean you and your better half can’t have some fun too.

If you can swing it, what about bring a grandparent or grandparents along on the trip?

Now you may think having your or your spouse’s parent or parents along for the ride might be uncomfortable. As it turns out, they can end up spending quality time with their grandchildren. That time together also means you and your partner get away for a night or two of fun while the children are cared for.

You may also toss around the idea of a babysitter or nanny.

If you already have one, would you consider asking them to come on the trip with you? Some would in most cases jump at such an opportunity to go with the family for some R&R.

In the event you do not bring a babysitter or nanny with you, do not fret. Hotels like Grand Bahia Principe Tulum offer a babysitter service.

One of the great things about the babysitter service is your children are taken care of while you are getting the needed R&R you came for.

With the babysitter service, your children can get time in the pool, enjoy activities at the water park, and have the time of their lives in bumper cars and more. Even better, they can bond with others their age. In the process, they can make some new friends for years to come.

With a kids’ club and activities program for children, there should be enough things to do with kids in Tulum that your little ones are quite happy with their experiences.

Sure, there’s a chance you will hit the beach during the day or do some sightseeing as a family to the local Mayan ruins.

When the evening hours roll around, you could go as a family for a nice night on the town.

This can include a good meal and taking in some of the sights in the area that are opening in the evening hours.

No matter what you decide to do, make sure your children are happy during the trip. Happy kids make for happier adults when the family is away from home.

When it is time for Only the Adults

And for a little adult only time when heading out at night, you can consider any of the following activities:

  1. Dancing – If you love going out to hear great music and getting those feet moving, you can spend a night out dancing.
  2. Dinner for two – How about starting a romantic night out with your spouse with a great dinner? There are plenty of good food options awaiting you and yours.
  3. Casino – Roll the dice and see if you can win some money by visiting a casino. You could end up paying for your trip and then some if you are quite lucky.
  4. Walk the beach – What could be more romantic than walking with your love on the beach under the stars?

When headed to Tulum with kids, there’s no reason families won’t return home saying it was one of the best trips ever.

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Dallas doesn’t get as much attention as it should for a city that anchors the fastest-growing metro area in the United States. That’s right; it’s not just the fastest-growing in the state or even the South; the Census Bureau says it’s growing at a steadier clip than any other metro area in the country. Demographic experts say the growth comes from both domestic and international migration. That means people are coming to Dallas from other states as well as other countries. If you’re not ready to move to Dallas, the area is at least worth a visit. Here are some activities worth experiencing and sites worth seeing next time you find yourself in Big D.

Where to Eat in Dallas

As of 2017, the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area had a population of 7.4 million. That makes it the fourth-biggest metro area in the country, behind only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Sure, there are a ton of deliciously authentic Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas, but the Metroplex also has just about every other kind of cuisine available.

Any Dallas visitor has to start with the barbecue. Pecan Lodge promises their food is “just like homemade, but with slightly less cursing.” The brisket is so flavorful that you might just slap your grandma (that’s a Southern expression more than an actual thing people do in Dallas). Make sure to leave room for the banana pudding, as well. This Deep Ellum restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so you’ll want to get there early for either lunch or dinner. If you don’t, you’re sure to spend time waiting in line.

Dallas-Area Sports

North Texans like their sports, especially football. High school football matches play on Friday, college football on Saturday, and then Dallas Cowboys games on Sunday (and sometimes a Thursday or Monday night game). The Cowboys regularly come in as both the most hated and most popular team in America, at least according to the Harris Poll. You either love them, or you love to hate them.

The team with the star on its helmets previously played at Texas Stadium in Irving, but in 2009, they moved into a new stadium that cost more than a billion dollars to build. Fans sometimes refer to the Arlington sports palace as “Jerry World” after Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones, but the real name of the place is AT&T Stadium. If you don’t feel like going to a game the stadium is still worth touring on its own. Use your cell phone to take a photo of yourself on the 50-yard-line inside. You can even stop by one of the many AT&T stores in Texas to check out the latest cell phones to ensure you have the best camera ready to take pictures of the famous stadium.

History in Dallas

For a sobering experience of a completely different kind, get tickets to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Put your phone on silent for this, as it is not the kind of museum where you’ll be taking selfies. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on a visit to Dallas. The famous Zapruder film was the only video to capture the assassination in full, and it has its own display inside the museum. The most chilling display, however, has to be the sixth floor sniper’s perch that was occupied by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. Dallas has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 55 years, but a visit to the museum reminds you why that day continues to haunt the city.

With so much to do, see and take pictures of in Dallas, a trip is well worth your time!

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Over the last couple of years, The Pantanal wetlands in southern Brazil have replaced the Amazon as the country’s best wildlife destination though river cruises from Belém up in to the country’s Amazon region so far as Manaus (usually) remain popular, even if the wildlife experience is bound.

For backpackers and travelers who wish to hang with local people riverboats taking passengers in hammocks depart daily from Belém to Manaus. They may be cheap, simple and sluggish.

Typically the most popular options for wildlife seeing once the boats reach the less-developed parts are to have a tour on the riverboat from Manaus in the Rio Negro or even to brain upriver to Tefé.

The city of Iquitos is not linked by road to most of Peru but continues to be the best stepping-stone for tours in to the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. From here visitors can either pass fishing boat up to the Pacaya Samiria Country wide Reserve, or take the Nanay river to the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve.

Recently the Manú Country wide Park linked by highway to Cusco and the Tambopata reserve near Puerto Maldonado have become significantly visited. These wildlife reserves offer excellent animals habitats and some decent lodges along with kayaking in addition to the traditional hikes or guided canoes. Both parks can be coupled with Machu Picchu tours. Peru has another Amazon region near Chachapoyas where holidaymakers can explore some interesting historic ruins at Kuelap.

The early portion of the Amazon River in Ecuador is thought to be the site of a few of the world’s greatest biodiversity as well as home to a handful of primitive indigenous tribes. Lodges across the banks of Amazon tributaries have a tendency to be basic and isolated so getting there may be an adventure in itself, by motorboat or small plane, but pricey.

Wildlife tourism is new to Colombia however the Parque Nacional Amacayacu offers Amazon animals tours through the rainy season to rival any others and lower visitor statistics so wildlife spotting is a lot easier.
This amazon river cruise peru trip guide offers specific insights so that they can compare cruises in each region. Many travelers to Ecuador and Peru will combine their Amazon travel with travel to all of those other country while Brazil cruises have a tendency to be considered a standalone holiday. Compare Amazon outings throughout Ecuador, Peru and Brazil using our Amazon guide below, and then contact one of our own Adventure Specialists for further customized information.

Why Go to the Amazon?
Most aspect travelers offer an Amazon vacation on their bucket list. The name conjures up images of incredible birds, playful monkeys, dizzying biodiversity and colorful indigenous civilizations. But many travelers are intimidated by the idea of insects, mud, rain and exotic heat. Small ship cruises make the Amazon more accessible, with comfortable accommodations, delightful cuisine and air-con aboard most vessels. Every day explore off of the dispatch with expert naturalist tutorials on small art excursions, rainforest hikes and town visits. Watch out for birds and animals at remote clay licks, explore the abundant wildlife on rainforest canopy towers and meet local people in remote villages. With the day’s end retire back again to the dispatch for a bathtub, a nice food and an educational lecture while the ship moves on to another exciting location. Ships are simply perfect for travelers who wish to experience the wildness of the Amazon without compromising comfort and service.

Plan Ahead!
If you’re planning an Amazon small ship luxury cruise then plan your trip at least 4-8 weeks in advance. Reserve 9-12 months out for holiday break cruises. Booking early on provides the best variety of boats, cabin categories and travel schedules and you may save with early-booking savings. Many travelers incorporate their sail with a tour of Machu Picchu in Peru or the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, which can require more complex planning for the best blend of sail and land options. A recently available upsurge in capacity aboard Amazon cruises has made occasional last second cruises available, but don’t depend on it if you wish the selection of cabins and schedules.

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Situated in South Africa, Joburg or Johannesburg is a large urban city and its climate is subtropical highland with sunny summers and cold winters. A large number of people visit the city for work, business, and leisure. It is an ideal location for tourists who want to enjoy their vacations and holidays. Traveling by air is the best way to reach Johannesburg. Flights to Johannesburg are available at very reasonable and affordable rates. Both domestic and international flights are available from the airport and it is an easy way to travel to the city.

Taking a flight to Johannesburg helps you in seeing the amazing city famous for many attractions. The city is well known for producing gold. Travelers like to visit Nelson Mandela Bridge and see it. The place has a rich history with an iconic figure and world-famous personality Nelson Mandela from the city. Enjoy food and drinks at the restaurants and bars of Joburg and don’t forget to enjoy the nightlife.

The Best Way To Travel From Cape Town To Joburg

The tourists must enjoy the Joburg activities and tours on their trip and take back some beautiful memories back home. African Safari is organized in the jungles for a small group of people in the city. It is a good opportunity to be close to the animals and see the wildlife. Visit the national parks in Johannesburg and take your family along with you. You can enjoy helicopter rides over the city. Survey the city from the air and have an exciting adventure in the helicopter.

Paragliding tours are available at Hartbeespoort. A professional crew ensures your safety during the paragliding. Don’t miss the hot air balloon safari at Magaliesburg. Experience the vast landscape from the hot air balloon in the sky. Tourist can enjoy skydiving and gyrocopter flights in the city. Skilled and professional skydivers will be with you to make sure that you are safe. The Orlando Towers is the best place for a bungee jumping experience.

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India is known for its rich culture, mythological stories  and sculptures where life seeks to be frozen. Deccan Odyssey takes you on a mesmerising journey to one such site of fine sculptures and exquisite paintings, the Ellora Caves.

Experience Ellora Caves With Deccan Odyssey Train

The train takes you to these caves through

  • Maharashtra Splendour- 7 nights and 8 days journey in which the train chugs into Aurangabad (the city of Ellora Caves) on the 3rd
  • Indian Odyssey- 7 nights and 8 days trip in which the train visits Ellora Caves on its 7th
  • Jewels of the Deccan Odyssey- 7 nights and 8 days trip in which the train arrives Aurangabad on Day 6.
  • Maharashtra Wild Train- 7 nights and 8 days trip in which the train goes Ellora Caves on its 2nd

What to see at the Ellora Caves?

Ellora Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 34 monasteries and temples. The monuments of Ellora portray the artistic lifestyle of ancient Indian civilisation, which thrived from 600 to 1000 AD.

The three major religions of the country, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism flourished at these caves of rich culture and spirituality.

Few interesting facts about Ellora Caves are

  • These are located at the ancient trade route from Pratishtana to Aurangabad.
  • Caves 1 to 12 are Buddhist caves. These caves are simple in ornamentation.
  • Caves 13 to 29 are Brahmanical Caves. Cave 16 is the most features cave of this group and is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva. This Kailasa complex contains elaborately carved monoliths and halls with stairs, doorways and windows, decorated with fine sculptures.
  • Caves 30 to 34 are Jain Caves. There are some sleeping cells within the caves which were built for itinerant monks. Cave 32 attracts tourists with its detailed lotus sculpture and other lavish ornamented carvings.
  • There are another group of caves nestled at the Elaganga and upper terrace, namely, the Ganesh Leni and Jogeshwari Leni.
  • These caves represent rock cut architecture with life size sculptures. The caves have been cut from ballistic cliffs and are adorned with delicate designs.

Why Travel on Deccan Odyssey?

This loved “Blue Train” of India unravels a different facet of the country. With state of the art amenities and unparalleled hospitality, Deccan Odyssey train seems to come out direct from the golden times of the Deccan.

Some of the unmatched features of Deccan Odyssey are

  • 21 luxury coaches, spacious and air conditioned.
  • Free internet connectivity and regular availability of newspapers.
  • A multi-cuisine restaurant to relish some of the best cuisines of Deccan and worldwide.
  • A well stocked bar cum lounge to get high and refreshed after a long day exploration.
  • A high tech conference car with both audio and video conferencing facilities.
  • A SPA and massage cabin offering rejuvenating Ayurveda and Thai treatments.
  • The Ellora Dance and Music festival is attained by thousands of tourists every year to get a feel of the joyous rhythms of India.

Plan your trip and book the Deccan Odyssey train for the Ellora Caves. Treat your eyes with the beautiful sculptures of Ellora Caves this holiday riding on the luxury train, Deccan Odyssey.

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The Golden City of Jaisalmer is beautiful in its own way; the soft sands of the Thar, the golden hue of the Jaisalmer Fort and the folk songs and melodies of sarangi filling in the air is what makes Jaisalmer.

Explore Desert National Park In Jaisalmer

But there is another aspect to the enchanting Jaisalmer, that is its rich wildlife; the Desert National Park.

What is Desert National Park?

 If you are in love with nature then the Desert National Park is your ultimate destination at Jaisalmer. Spread over 3000 square kilometres, this desert park is a safe shelter for a large variety of chinkara, black buck, sand grouse, desert fox, desert cat, desert gerbil, fringe toed agama eagles and blue bulls. This park is the land for the heaviest flying bird in earth, the Great Indian Bustard.

Among reptiles, Russell’s viper, sawscaled viper, monitor lizards, spiny tailed lizards, common kraits, Persian gecko are seen crawling through the different parts of the jungle.

The different species of flora living here includes ronj, khair, dhok, rohira, palm trees, ber, aak shrub and sewan grass.

Besides the living animals and birds, the park also treasures fossils dating back to the time of Jurassic Period. A complete thrilling environment is created here with dense woods and a hot and humid atmosphere.

What more? Spend some moments of solitude basking in the beauty of nature, as the chirps of hundreds of birds fill the air and dance around you.The avian species include falcons, vultures, bee-eaters, shrikes, long legged and honey buzzards, babblers, demoiselle cranes, chats and kites.

Tourists can explore the forest on a jeep safari ride. There are arrangements of bonfire and camps to help tourists experience the real jungle life.

The Desert National Park is one of the largest national parks of India and has different shades within itself, like the lakebed creates by salt lakes and prickly bushes. It is just not a wildlife and bird watching tour to the Desert National Park but a golden opportunity to witness the struggle of  flora and fauna under such adverse environmental conditions. This park is an epitome of  desert ecosystem with undulating lands, rocky cliffs, salt lake bottoms and sand dunes.

When to visit?

 The Desert National Park is open on all weekdays, from 7am to 5pm.

 How to reach?

 Palace on Wheels takes you to the Desert National Park of Jaisalmer on the 5th day of its tour. From the safari ride to the Desert National Park to the exploration of the rich havelis and castles, every aspect of your journey is arranged by Palace on Wheels. This luxury train also ensures that its guests can live life of a monarch by crafting the train with plush decor, wall to wall carpeting, rich paintings and

  • Air conditioned, spacious coaches.
  • Attached bathrooms with expensive toiletries.
  • Large beds draped in soft linens.
  • Every coach equipped with vintage furniture and antique mirrors.
  • Sparkling dining cars with comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Authentic Rajasthani and global cuisines served on silver lined plates and crystalline glasses.
  • A well stocked bar serving exotic drinks.
  • A large library for guests looking for some solitude.

So why wait? Blend adventure with luxury this vacation, travelling on Palace on Wheels to the Desert National Park. As icing on the top, this luxury train also takes its guests to the Ranthambore National Park, the best place in the country for checking Royal Bengal Tigers.

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Visa-waiver program has made US travel much easier than ever. This is why more and more countries are participating in this program. Only travellers from participating countries are allowed making application for US ESTA. The travellers need to prove their eligibility and then only they will be allowed to move to United-States with ESTA-visa.

The whole process of ESTA-application needs to be completed so that you can receive an automated confirmation of your e-mail. You should read out the regulations and terms well from the official site in order to make the application with great success. If you have initially applied but your application got rejected then you are suggested sharing the concerned information.

You should get a fair idea about the validity and usage of ESTA-visa and then only your purpose will get resolved well. Since language-options are available therefore you can choose your desired one for making the application-form filled-up nicely. You should keep the auto-generated ESTA application number so that travel-authorisation tracking can be easily completed.

Major prerequisites:

  • Travel-purpose should be clearly mentioned within the application-form otherwise you might face a difficulty in receiving travel-authorisation online. Tourist, transit and business are the three purposes for which US ESTA is being provided and thus you should keep this info in mind especially while making the online application.
  • 90-days will be the standard limit and within this limit, you should make your purpose served. After this tenure, you will not be allowed stay in the USA with ESTA. Though ESTA will not get expired but your stay will get restricted. Therefore you should plan your trip to the USA for maximum 3-months only.
  • Only valid passport-holders are allowed to make the ESTA-application online. Your passport-info should be properly read by the scanning device.

Why to rely on ESTA-agents?

  • No common visa-agents can cater you a detailed guidance regarding ESTA-application online rather you need to choose an experienced and specialised ESTA-agent. If you are applying first-time then you might nervous a bit. If you think that agent will help you in making the application done only then you are wrong rather he also offers enough assistance in reaching to the visa-counsellor.
  • Visa-counseling is one of the most important aspects and this part cannot be omitted at all. In this case, you need to move to the US-embassy for attending a face-to-face interview. If you pass this interview then only you will receive ESTA-application approval. You can now make a concrete preparation for this interview with the help of these agents.
  • You have to disclose only true-data that perfectly matches with the one within the form. Customer-care representative will never make your form filled-up but the agents can do the same on your behalf. The agents will also illustrate the basic fundamentals of the visa-waiver program in details for better understandability of the applicants.

Application for US ESTA can be now placed either directly from the official site or from any third-party site online. In case of third-party sites, a specific fee needs to be paid. Your agent will definitely help you avoid excess ESTA-fee of these third-party sites.

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“Are you planning a trip to China to see panda bears? Read this article to know some fascinating facts about pandas.”

Are you planning a vacation anytime soon? Are you thinking of doing something different than your previous holidays? Traveling is never boring, alright. But at times, along with traveling and exploring new places and cities, you can do various things that will let you enjoy more and when you will come back with such cherishable experiences, you will feel like going back again. Are you wondering what you can do while you are traveling during your next vacation? If yes, then here is a suggestion for you. Book a trip to China. This country offers you the rugged natural beauty in abundance with plenty of wildlife as well as a rare glimpse of oriental ethnicity. And if you are an animal lover, there is a bonus point for you. You can opt for a tour of Wolong panda base and Dujiangyan Panda Ark. Why? Well, only these two places can offer you the opportunity to spend some amazing time with the cutest cuddly giant pandas.

3 Interesting Facts About Panda Bears That Will Fascinate You

If you have giggled to yourself for umpteenth times and wished if only you could pet a giant panda bear, then Dujiangyan panda Sarkis surely heaven for you. You will not just get to see the pandas but also, click pictures with them as well as work as panda volunteers. Surely, you must be jumping right now with childlike delight. But before you set out for the memorable trip to China, don’t you think knowing some facts about these cuddly creatures would be better? So, here, I am going to share some fun facts that will fascinate you and make you more eager to see them in person. Take a look.

Vegetarian with Carnivorous Teeth

In ancient times, pandas used to feed on the giant predators like saber tooth tigers. However, with time and evolution of nature, such predators are obliterated now. Hence, to adapt to the evolution as well as to survive, pandas have started eating bamboos. But no matter how vegetarian they are now, the carnivorous teeth and digestive tract are still there. Apart from bamboo, they love to eat fruits too. If necessary, they can have meat as well.

Panda Babies in August

Are you booking a trip around August? If yes, then you are in luck. Why? Basically, the mating season of pandas is March to May and gestation is for 5 months. The female pandas give birth to an offspring in August. So, if you are thinking of visiting China in August, then you will get a chance to see the baby pandas. In this case, you must know that, in the wilderness, one baby of the two generally don’t survive owing to its weak physical traits. However, in Chengdu, these cubs are hand reared and swapped regularly with the mothers so that they can survive. That is one of the contributory reasons why pandas are now extinct species anymore.

Five Toes

If you have paid attention to the paws of pandas, you must have noticed that unlike most other mammals, they have five toes in each of their four paws. There is also the false thumb in it the front foot, which is evolved from the sesamoid bone. They have adapted themselves so that they can use this extra thumb to grasp the bamboo for eating. They maneuver the bamboo in a fat cigar shape to eat it easily.

So, now as you know about these facts, don’t you think this cute animal is indeed amazing? So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for an efficient tour organizer and book for a panda tour in Chengdu. When in China, you can go for snow leopard Photography too. Enjoy your stay in this country and go back with a heart full of beautiful memories.

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You all have memories of reaching a railway station, purchasing a few magazines, comics and packs of snacks, and of course fighting for window seat. Well, what else do you do? Are you missing out something?

Add Exciting Routes In Your Train Diaries

Of course, you think about train running status live, tickets, and rush and all but what else? Here, don’t you feel you should think about routes too? There are many train routes out there that can be explode for a more exciting and beautiful experience. There are many places that can give you a great experience but these routes make them even more memorable. Below are a few routes that should be on your train traveling list.

Vasco Da Gama to Londa

The trip from Vasco Da Gama in Goa to the place named Londa in Karnataka caters you the contentment you can just derive by witnessing pristine Goan hamlet’s zoo by your window.  The route moves up to Western Ghats with the site changes to lavish greenery and splashing mountains.  As the vegetation diminishes, beautiful waterfalls steal the show; you get the refreshing sprinkles of water on face because of the force it is pouring with.  The finest time to go on this exciting train journey is after monsoon when you can relish the pulsating red colour of clay soil.

Kanyakumari –Trivandrum

A small and sweet train journey, but one flooded with scrumptious sensory ticklers, the exciting journey takes you via coconut trees and gliding past characteristic Tamil and Keralite style. Gopurams and elaborately decorated temples cross over to welcome typical and beautiful Keralite churches and a completely different chic of architecture. The train ride goes on indeed South India’s most picturesque locations. You are surely going to get glimpse of some outstanding spots and hypnotic places.

Mandovi Express

The train that links you to both these exciting and special spots Mumbai and Goa is one that gives a similarly gorgeous experience running between Sahyadri Hills on one side and Arabian Sea on other.  People are always talking about these two exciting places. One for its glamorous and packed life and the other for the holiday mood it sets you in. Sailing through ninety two tunnels and on two thousand bridges, this exciting route caters you worthy moments after every few seconds with infinite stretches of water, wonderful paddy tones and hamlets under the shades of coconut trees. Ah, it is always a delight going on this route.

Matheran Hill Railway

 Matheran is the only heritage railway in Maharashtra, but still it is a favourite among both the people form Mumbai and the ones from outside. It is relished for peace and tranquil environment it caters. This narrow gauge rail line was constructed by Akbar Peerbhoy back between years 1901 to 1907. The route runs through huge paths of forest territory and encompasses a complete distance of 20 kilometres. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, this beautiful journey shall definitely take your mind off from the burdensome things and you would take a sigh of relief.

So, there are exciting, lonely, uphill and beautiful routes out there that should not be missed in India. These were a few of the routes that would make your train diaries absolutely enhanced.