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Hidden Treasures of Gujarat is a tour organized by the luxury train of India, Deccan Odyssey. This tour covers Vododara, Palitana, Sasan Gir, Kutch, Modhera and Nashik. The tour starts and ends in Mumbai. The tour stretches for eight days and seven nights. This tour focuses on all important tourist destinations of Gujarat.

Itinerary For Hidden Treasures Of Gujarat

Day One:

Our Train reaches Vadodara by early morning. After breakfast inside the train, tourists are taken for sightseeing in Vadodra. This includes many cultural and historic heritage sites. After lunch, our sightseeing continues till late evening along with a folk performance at Laxmi Vilas Palace with tea party. Andthe Dinner is served in the train as the luxury train travels in India towards the next destination.

Day Two:

Train reaches Vadodara by early morning. After breakfast inside the train, tourists are taken for sightseeing in Vadodra. This includes many cultural and historic heritage sites. After lunch, the sightseeing continues till late evening along with a folk performance at Laxmi Vilas Palace with tea party. Dinner is served in the train as the train travels towards the next destination.

Day Three:

The train reaches Palitana by morning and breakfast is served in the train. The tourists will be taken for a sightseeing tour which includes a lot of historic and pilgrim spots. The lunch is served in the train as the train moves towards Sasan Gir. The rest of the afternoon and evening is for the tourists to enjoy the amenities and services inside the train.

Day Four:

Breakfast is served in the train. The morning is spent at wildlife sanctuary of Gir forest. The lunch is served at Gateway hotel where tourists are presented with a tribal dance show. After a tour to certain other sightseeing and sunset watching from the temple of Somnath, tourists are taken back to the train. Dinner is served in the train as it takes you to the next destination.

Day Five:

Deccan Odyssey train reaches Kutch by morning. After breakfast in the train, tourists start their sightseeing. The tourists are taken to safari resort where lunch is served. Tourists are escorted to the train by late evening where dinner is served in the train as the train moves towards next destination.

Day Six:

The train reaches Patan by morning. After breakfast in the train, tourists are taken for sightseeing around the city. After visiting many temples and heritage sites, they return back to the train for lunch. The evening is dedicated for enjoying the amenities inside the train as the train takes its route towards Nashik. Dinner is served in the train.

Day Seven:

After breakfast, the sightseeing starts. After many pilgrim spots and other attractions, tourists are taken to vineyards where lunch is served. After other attractions, tourists are taken back to the train. The train starts its travel towards its last destination, Mumbai and dinner is served in the train.

Day Eight:

Mumbai is reached by early morning. After formalities, tourists are allowed to depart from the train. This marks the end of the tour.

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Many people will plan a trip to enjoy their holidays with their friends and family members by visiting an extraordinary place. There are many people visiting Singapore to experience the scenic beauty of various places. But considering the traffic most of the people afraid to drive their cars in the busy or heavy traffic. Mainly, if you drive the car, you cannot enjoy the beautiful places in mind and that will make you tired and restless. This will spoil the next day schedule by taking rest in the room. So, this made people choose the transport facilities to make them travel comfortably. The technology has made you book the bus ticket singapore in an online site easily at the doorstep.

Have A Comfortable Journey by Booking The Convenient Tickets For The Bus Over Online

Choose an Ideal Service of Booking

Traveling in the traffic will make your trip to be a hectic one and that will make you tired and restless. So, the best way is by choosing the bus services through the online site. In the traditional system, most of the people uneasy and make them discomfort by traveling in a heavy crowded bus. Moreover, it makes you follow more procedures to get the ticket to travel over the bus. This makes many people book tickets in the online mode of transportation. You can easily download the ticket booking application in your mobile devices.

Mainly, you can view the facilities offered by the bus on the website of the bus. You can check the price for adult and the children that help to calculate the payment. Gradually, you can also view the availablity and the booked seat for the particular bus. The online site will help and guide you to book the tickets easily because it is more user-friendly. You can book any number of tickets of the comfortable seats in the online site.

Make a Perfect Trip by Traveling Safely

There is plenty of traveling mode available in Singapore that will make your travel by cheapest and easiest way. But when it comes to considering the safe and comfortable, people are moving for a bus traveling by booking the tickets over the online site. This will be easier to book in the online rather than standing and waiting in a long queue in the traditional method. This system completely eliminates the entire standing and waiting time. You can book the tickets just by visiting the online website of the booking system.

The internet has made the people satisfy more by introducing this efficient way of the booking system. And now, you can book the bus ticket Singapore in the online method by selecting the favorite buses. The online site will give you more offers and discounts where the traditional booking system will not offer you such facility. You can select the convenient seat by viewing the available seat. Choose the starting and destination place and travel to the desired place. Check the time and select the suitable buses that are available to have a memorable journey.

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There are many places to choose from when you are planning for your honeymoon after your wedding. You can choose destinations like mountainous destinations, Tropical island destinations or City destinations. Honeymoon to city destinations is not very expensive and newlyweds can take pleasure from the magnificence of city life and even relish their moments together. Some of the best tropical island destinations you can plan for your honeymoon in a city are Hongkong, New York, Miami, Paris, and Tokyo. If you are planning to visit New York, then you can make the best use of the Long Island Party Bus service and have a party in the bus with other people and with good food and music. It is indeed challenging to select the best bus, but you can have fun by doing some research before utilizing the services of the party bus.

How To Plan A Delightfully Romantic Honeymoon

Honeymoon in Las Vegas

The most popular destination for honeymoon couples is definitely Las Vegas. It is a spectacular destination that offers an action packed and fun-filled trip. Las Vegas is a captivating destination and there are many resorts in Las Vegas which fascinate the visitors with its stunning beaches and secluded atmosphere. The best part of these resorts is that it offers exclusive luxurious facilities like fine dining, health spa and activities like sea adventure. The resorts surrounded by their jungle decorations present a blend of Creole, African and Mayan designs.

The resorts in Las Vegas are known not only to offer a romantic ambience but even a relaxing and dreamy ambience. There are special and romantic vacation packages available for newlywed couples in Las Vegas and that are offered by hotels, travel agencies and by the airlines. The honeymoon package can be customized according to your needs. The honeymoon package mainly comprises of tour guides, food, transportation, taxes and accommodation. Couples are offered Champagne, Honeymoon Dinner and Flowers in certain customized honeymoon packages. The romantic honeymoon packages offered for couples in Las Vegas are a perfect blend of excitement, romance,  thrill and adventure.

Planning on a Honeymoon

It is important that you make your honeymoon trip a memorable one. And for that you must choose a destination with perfect setting. You must select a destination that has a romantic ambience so that you and your partner can spend good time with each other and would enjoy the atmosphere.  The memories of a trip to a tropical paradise last longer and you can enjoy the warm waters of the beach and the calm atmosphere around.

It is very important that you do some advance planning for your honeymoon like any other trip. You must do some research on the plane fares, and the best time to go the destination once you have decided the itinerary.  Having a detailed look at the different honeymoon packages available is always better to get the best deal.  To avoid any confusion while immigration, it is best that ladies book their tickets with their maiden name as it is the maiden name that would be on the passport unless the name has been changed already.

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A few years back, limo rental LosAngeles was considered a luxury only affordable to afew. However, as the years have progressed, today these services have become relatively affordable. In the same light, for a long time now people have thought that learning a foreign language is the hardest thing on earth, especially if it is the one that is quite different from their own tongue. With the advent of social media and other learning tools it has become relatively easier to learn new languages. Commitment and hardwork have always been at the center of learning a new language faster, combined with the below tips, a learner will be able to reach their target in less time they had anticipated.

Tricks To Learning A Foreign Language Quickly

Connectwith native speakers

The surest way of learning anew language much of the time is to speak it.  The route that most peopleuse is to spendcountlesshours studying the grammarand memorizing lists instead of going out to the places where they can find the nativespeakersandpractice it. Speaking with a real personwill serve as a motivation to the learning of the language when compared to staring at a screen or at books for countlesshours. Youcould travelto that areafor a vacation and spendtime with the locals orfind a friend who speaks in the specific language you are interested in at least afewhours aweek. Alternatively, you could get yourself a tutor or go online and Skype.

Study the language on a daily basis

If you need to learn a language in the shortesttime possible, then you will need to work on it. It’s only by dedicating enough time to it will you be better at it sooner. Thisisbecause when it comes to the learning of a language then it’sall based on repetition. This therefore means you have to dedicate a few hours of a day to studying the language and avoid  being away from studying  for long periods of time so that  you don’t forget whatever it is that you have learnt.

Carry dictionary at all times

Walking around with the dictionary of the specific language that you are looking to learn will always help you save lots of time as well as frustration. You could buy a dictionary or have an app on your phone depending on what you are most comfortable with. What’s more, when you walk around with a dictionary then you can easily find words giving you trouble. Also when you are talking toa native speaker you will be able follow the conversation. Additionally, looking up a word almost immediately always helps a person to be able to remember it.

At the end of the day passion for a language when you want to learn it will fasten the learning process. This is because once you have the passion, then do everything like you would in your native language. This means reading newspapers, writing, watching movies will be in that language while looking up the words youdon’t understand in the dictionary.

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One of the exciting things that come with vacations apart from getting to experience superb new beach limousine services is getting to learn new cultures. There are many advantages that come with travelling and getting to experience different cultures. One of the main benefits is the fact that you are made aware of some of the things that you have never considered or even questioned.  It opens up your mind. This article gives more insight into reasons why you should get acquainted with natives from a strange land.

How To Get Acquainted With Natives In A Strange Land

You get to experience foreign culture

Visiting a foreign land in person is often incomparable to reading a book about the place or even watching documentaries and films about it. When you go to foreign lands you get to participate in the daily life of the new locale and also get to have the firsthand experience in the new culture and understand it.

Improves your second language

Going to anew place provides an individual with an opportunity to learn a new language. The reason is you will be able to interact with the native speakers and this therefore provides you with the opportunity to be able to immerse yourself in the language. All this serves to inspire your fluency. What’s more, if the language of the area is what you learn in school then you will advance your level of understanding too with new vocabulary.

You get to pursue different activities

A chance to go to a foreign land is always an opportunity to be able to explore the unknown. It’s an adventure and a chance to get to try out new things that primarily are not available in the place that you come from. You can engage in adventure travel in the place and get some of the natives of the area to show you around.

 You learn to communicate cares sculpture as well

The society that we live in today has increasingly become a global village. As such it’s very crucial that people learn how to communicate across the different cultures. This to a large extent also means that you have to understand more than one language. When you go to a foreign land, you are able to understand more than one language and become familiar with the customs as well as the traditions of the country. By getting acquainted with the natives of the area, a person will be able to better develop an appreciation for their culture and the differences they have from what they know. Besides this, when you only understand one culture, often how you get to think is limited to the perceptions of that culture.However, by becoming a global citizen learning different cultures, your thinking gets to be broader.

When you are new to a place, then you will definitely be faced with some situations where you will need help. If you are alone without family and friends, then the locals will be invaluable. You will form friendships in these new places in the process.

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There are different and cost-effective ways that can be used for travelling. There are many rental limousine companies in New York that make available different limousine services for pleasure, business, proms, for a night out and for weddings. The Luxury limo New York services are provided with great reliability and safety and the cost of rental luxury sedan services starts from $55 for an hour and you can make the best use of it and explore the city. You can ride in style and the chauffer who drives the limo is also very knowledgeable and helpful.

What Is The Best and Simplest Way To Pack Lightly For A Long Trip?

 Trip by Airlines

While planning on a long trip by airlines, it is very important that we take only those things that are very necessary, as these days airlines are charging a lot if your luggage is more. Many of us have the habit of packing in extra things during a trip and do not even use them. Hence, it is anytime better that we pack less and employ a strategy and take along necessary items that are required and according to the weather conditions of the place.

Take clothes which you can mix and match with basic wardrobe colors and that go well with them. You must wear bulky items like heavy shoes, sweaters and jackets on the plane rather than putting them in your bag. You can store these jackets in the little closet which is at the front of the plane. Try to take only 2 pairs of shoes and one pair you can use for sightseeing and one for the evening.

Efficient Way of packing

  •  The best and efficient way of packing clothes while going on a long trip is to roll the clothes so that more space is created for keeping other clothes.
  •  The best tip is to carry along clothes that are quick drying and light-weight.
  •  It is anytime better that you make use of vacuum bags for packing the sweaters as they flatten very well and packing clothes in Ziploc bags that are big is better as the extra air from it can be squeezed out.
  •  If you do not want to deal with any airport hassles then you can even opt for sending your luggage through FedEx or using UPS to the hotel before you reach there.
  •  If there is less space in your baggage, then it is best that you buy your toiletries at your destination, or you must try to bring the toiletries in small bottles.
  •  It is always better if you follow a plan and weed out items that you did not use in your previous trips.
  •  Set out the things you need during the trip and then do away with the items you can go without for some days.
  •  You do not need to pay an overweight fee if your suitcase is light and  it is better you carry along a back pack of regular size and which is counted as a personal item and a lot of things can be carried in it. You can even stuff in the back pack with your socks and handbag.

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Everybody knows that Indonesia, the wonderful exotic isle of Indonesia, is a popular vacationer place to go for residents and people from other countries as well. However, many are not aware that the area is also a heaven for women looking for sex holidays. One of the where you can visit is Bali or as many call it, Heaven Isle among other many recommendations. Whether family trips, friends, work partners or just single moves, Bali keeps one of the awards on popular unforgettable holiday locations. From artistry to music, celebrations, both conventional and modern actions, physical features like hills, structures like wats or temples, wonderful underwater varieties and the seaside area, little island, Bali, has it all.

“Bali gigolos”, “Bali seaside boys”, “Whitey Predators (Pemburu Bule)” or “Kuta cowboys” are some of the titles referring to Balinese men who seek a coping with interesting foreign women going to the area. Finding them is not difficult. If you are a women vacationer and alone, many will approach you when you are having a walk on the seaside or along populated roads of Kuta. Of course, even more of these boys can be found in the nightclubs and cafes.

Glossy-skinned, Balinese men attraction mostly to women from Australia, England and many other places, but rich and individual Japanese individuals women are the most important capture that makes up the highest number of visitors. In 2002, the Japanese individual’s consulate in Denpasar put up a ban on trip groups and released a travel caution concerned about the sexual assault or sexual pestering cases to Japanese individual’s visitors. However, it did not have any impact in limiting the pattern.

Why Bali Is An Addictive Travel Destination

Although this side of the vibrant market is not freely discussed, individual, rich and even older women do travel to Indonesia for a loving experience with a partner who offers them all the attention they have wished for.

The lifetime of gigolos seems more of a desire lifestyle for most Balinese men with benefits like spending the evening in luxurious resorts, having free meals, expensive gifts and getting invites for holidays overseas. Some even graph a more serious relationship with their clients afterwards.

UNIQUE Bali Tour Package

The travel around is specifically organized to take a closer look at Balinese individuals style of just residing, starting from how the individuals earn an income salary through growing paddy, playing musical show music by means of bamboo bedding tuneful equipment. Studying to bop the Balinese traditional dancing, studying for making a promotions made from premature grape results in, flowers, fruits and candies too for the sacred people as grateful alerts of the Balinese individuals. Overall, Indonesia has amazing lifestyle with its unique architectures, opulently vibrant outfits and hand weaved fabric, grain backyards and traditional watering systems.

Regular Tours

Regular Bali tour package provides various frequent trips all through Indonesia, to permit you to be familiar with and imprison the soul of Indonesia. Eastern of Bali’s life close to research, North of Indonesia silent areas, Kecak dancing, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Social Park, Western of Indonesia paddy makers, Install and Pond Batur trip. A complete day shopping adventure, finding on a class of Whales, Day Cruise to Lembongan Island, where you can play with the sea a whole complete day, Hill riding a bike, Ocean Tubing or ATV drive.

Hotel Bali Tour Package

Provides a range of luxurious resorts mixed with Bali tour package and have trip all the way through Bali. Live in our variety of luxury resorts with their remarkable service and find out Bali to the end.

Full Day Tours

From Bali landscapes area and paddy makers in Tabanan to the well-known wats or temples in Bali. Get your entire body system recharged with bold river tubing or riding a bike on the Install Batur travel. Enjoy a complete day shopping trip, the unique parrots to eat from your hand, go through the city trip, and notice the sun setting down in the sea and after working out your entire body for some time an indulging spa treatment or an evening meal on the vacation would be ideal to pack your day.

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For property owners near popular tourist destinations, renting their properties on a short-term basis is a viable commercial option and the rent they receive can supplement their income. However, it is important for property owners and real estate agents specializing in the renting out vacation properties to know what holidaymakers look for when they search for properties online.

Tourist Destination

According to Brian Ferdinand and his team of skilled vacation professionals emphasizes that there are certain factors that attract tourists to take a particular property on rent for their vacations. These are as follows:

1.      Location

Vacation rental properties is close proximity to popular holiday destinations are a favorite among renters such as beach, ski area, lively shopping/dining district or a urban setting. Moreover, tourists also look for properties that are easily access to local transport to enable them to shuttle from one area to another at ease.

2.     Sleeping capacity

Tourists who travel in packs will obviously look for accommodations that provide adequate space for all the members of the group to dwell and sleep. Owners should note that sleeping capacity is important factor to consider when pricing their rentals.

3.     Pricing

Pricing is a critical factor that most renters embarking on a vacation consider after satisfying themselves with the sleeping capacity and location. The most important thing for owners to consider is rental price for similar properties in the area. For this, they are search online as most tourists do when comparing the rents of various vacation houses in a popular holiday destinations. They should also review the high season and low season rates of such properties to ensure they remain competitive.

4.     Rating/quality

Many vacation property websites rate various house available for rent on a particular basis. While some websites categorize properties such as ‘standard’, ‘moderate’ or ‘luxury’, other prefer to use a ‘1 to 5’ star system. It is imperative for owners to look at the ratings of various properties in the locality and make an honest and realistic estimate on how they rate their property.

5.     Amenities

Most holidaymakers who opt for vacation rental properties instead of hotels expect better amenities for the rent they pay. Some of the popular amenities that tourists take consider when negotiating the rental price with owners are;

  • Complimentary cable channel access;
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi;
  • Blu-Ray player;
  • Large LCD Television;
  • Washer and dryer (either within the property or property complex)
  • Gas grill;
  • Hot bath tub;
  •  Swimming pool; and
  • Garage/parking spaces.

 6.     Pet-friendly properties

Most tourists prefer to travel with their pets and may even be willing to pay rents, which are above the average market rate to allow free movement of these animals within the premises and avail the facilities within the premises.

Brian Ferdinand vacation professionals emphasize that regardless of whether the vacation property is a simple studio room or a modern multi-bedroom house, it is imperative for the owners to cover requirement that renters will consider when negotiating the rental price in order to get the best deal.

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Going to a movie hall is indeed fun and entertaining- you get the chance to meet interesting characters. They are interwoven into a plot and they give you a wide range of mixed feelings. Do you know that TV and movies or in that matter any other form of entertainment plays a significant role in your life? The impact and the influence you receive from watching movies on a regular basis is indeed tremendous!

Getting Transported Into A World Of Make Believe!

Transforms Minds

The moment you step inside a movie hall, you will find that your minds are transported to a make believe world that sometimes you believe to be true. JD Dukes is a movie specialist and he says that doctors today tell people to watch movies on a regular basis. They say that movies and TV serials have therapeutically benefitted people. Today, the daily schedule is like a rat race and there are many thoughts that come invading the mind. People are also prone to over-thinking and this is where the problem starts. Regularly going to movies will actually give your mind the vacation that it needs!

Go for TV Too

Mr Dukes says there are several people that cannot take out the time and visit the movie hall. These people can go for TV too and get the same benefits. He says that when you go for TV viewing, you get to meet interesting characters like Boss Hogg. This character is the pivotal figure in the popular US TV series called The Dukes of Hazzards. He is a cynical character that is always looking for ways and means to cheat people. At the same time, he is a man that entertains the audience with his fondness for food and cowboy hats. He has a fetish for cigars and this makes him even more loved.

Relate to Real Life Characters

Do you know that the characters you see on screen appear so real at times that it seems that you already know them! You are aware of what their next step will be. If you keep track of this series, you will find that Boss Hogg will never stop at anything to actually get his crooked ways across. This is more or less like life. You will find people who will do anything to get their dishonest money. They are not afraid of death. In this TV series, even Boss Hogg had a stint with close death and when he realized that his death was not going to take place soon, he went back to his old crooked ways!

Take a Mental Vacation

JD Dukes says that this is the art of movies and entertainment. You effectively can relate it to the people and the situation around you. It is simple to connect with the character on screen and experience the deep shades of emotions that race through your body. This gives you the much deserved break from work and with the aid of regular movie hopping you can always take a mental vacation when you want to!

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If you’re looking for the best restaurants in Delhi for delving in an authentic Italian experience, look no further. Since a couple of years, the Italian fare in the city has moved from the mainstream pizza-and-pasta assortment, to a scope of innovative dishes consistent with their Italian roots. With the freshest ingredients, in-house pastry kitchens and constantly evolving menus, these restaurants have secured a permanent space on Delhi’s culinary guide and keep on evolving with every passing year. If you swear by this cuisine, then leave everything you’re doing and read ahead!

Italian Cravings In Delhi Trailing The Best Italian Restaurants

We know the pain of returning back home from a land as ethereal as Goa, and how much it hurts to zero in on one of those sad looking Goa to Delhi Flights, but buddy, we have one alternative for you which will excite you totally to get back to Delhi and pamper your taste buds yet again. We are talking about the delectable Italian cuisine, of which Delhi has some amazing restaurants for Italian food lovers like you. Are you excited now? Read ahead–

1. Big Chill

A considerable number of patrons visit Big Chill for their daily dosage of sweet, for it offers probably the most flavorful cheesecakes, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, Mississippi mud pie and significantly more. For the ones searching for other flavours, there is some expertly-made pasta, piri-piri chicken, heated penne primavera, fish in red wine sauce and some more. Add to it the culinary specialist’s extraordinary scope of desserts for that immaculate consummation note and you’ll have a lifetime’s experience.

2. Tonino

Tonino is a heavenly spot to taste the bona fide wood fire pizza in Delhi-NCR. The eatery has outside seating arrangements with open kitchen. The feeling is radiant as they have set the table and seats amongst trees and plants. The restaurant serves authentic Italian cuisine and costs Rs. 2,000 for two individuals.

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen

The tranquil interiors of Olive Bar and Kitchen welcome you for a comfortable supper. Totally inundated with white—from the unevenly done walls to the streaming curtains—Olive matches its excellent stylistic layout with a pro menu by chef Sabyasachi Gorai. This sprawling eatery very well might make you feel as if you’re in Santorini, or on the Italian Riviera. It has a wood-fired pizza oven that is utilized for preparing the bread that is served at your table, hot from the oven.

4. Artusi Ristorante Bar

Situated in GK-II, the Artusi is the ideal spot for a romantic Italian supper. The eatery serves authentic Italian cuisine and has an incredible wine list. The ambience is sentimental, candlelit with soul soothing music supplementing the feel. The staff is exceptionally respectful and they ensure you have an awesome eating experience. The food here is superb, totally flawless, but costly.

5. DIVA – The Italian Restaurant

While eateries in the city are still battling to ace the specialty of a decent pizza, Diva’s hit your taste buds exactly at the right spots, with respect to genuine pizza-eaters. Also, exactly when you thought it couldn’t show signs of any more improvement, they brought home a wood fired Pizza oven, and tantalized our taste buds a bit more. Beside pizzas, their mark menu incorporates a host of Italian staples, from pastas and risotto, to ravioli and grills.

So when are you coming back? Oh! You’re here already? Pizzas and pasta are such magnets, we tell you!