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If you are yet to try jackfruit, perhaps it’s time you did. Jackfruit season is here and in India that is pretty big news. In Indian cuisine, jackfruit is used to make a wide range of delicacies, using unripe and extra ripe fruit – and anything in between. Its popularity is growing in the Western world as well.

Jackfruit is a large tropical fruit that grows on trees. In fact, it proudly bears the honour of being the largest tree fruit in the world, with individual fruits weighing up to 35kg.Jackfruit are not to be confused with durian (the former have less of a stink), and taste sweet when ripe and savoury when unripe.

Jackfruitis native to India but is now grown across Southeast Asia,and is making a name for itself in a number of circles. Some suggest it has the potential to replace wheat and other staple crops as a long-term, sustainable food source. And for vegetarians and vegans, the flesh (quite gooey, slightly starchy and smelling a bit like onions) provides a tasty alternative to meat. In some recipes, even the most ardent of meat eaters have a tough time spotting the difference.

Jackfruit Season Is Here

Not bad goingfor a fruit, but there’s more:jackfruit is low in calories and high in fibre, can help reduce blood pressure, aids indigestion and can help with eye and bone health. It is packed with potassium, calcium and iron, and has been hailed a miracle fruit by many. It’s also delicious and easy to cook with.

When cooked, jackfruit takes on the flavours of other ingredients in the same way tofu does. If you mix it with a blend of southern Indian spices it will adopt the taste of Kerala or Goa. Cook it with a North Indian spice blend and you are transported to one of the country’s northern states.

Although it has been a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine for centuries, jackfruit has fallen slightly out of favour in India’s kitchens more recently. Jackfruit has (unfairly) earned itself an unfavourable reputation. This could, in part, be down to its appearance – or perhaps its aroma. Equally, the fact that cutting into these ginormous fruits requires a certain level of skill. Whatever the reason, jackfruit needs to find its way back into the hearts of Indians and other communities around the world.Teams currently working in India are looking at ways in which to increase production and better market the fruit.

When ripe, jackfruit can be used to create the most delicious tasting juices and smoothies. It is also used to create sweet dishes – deserts, cakes and ice creams – as well as savoury dishes such as salads. Unripe jackfruit can be used as a vegetable or meat substitute in curries, stews and biryani, as well as be used to make pickles and crisps.

At Masala Zone we are passionate about bringing authentic Indian street food to the UK. All our dishes tell a story of Indian culinary culture – from street food to thalis. Our menu offers dishes to appeal to meat eaters and vegetarians alike and we are never afraid to include lesser-known ingredients.

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The unique flavours and aromas of Indian food are based on the liberal use and inventive combinations of an assortment of mouth-watering spices. From the warming tones of cinnamon to the fresh zing of coriander, pinches of these colourful and pungent ingredients added to main dishes, desserts and even drinks balance and bring out plenty of different flavours – it is no wonder that India is known as the spice capital of the world.

Marinating is a cooking technique that makes good use of these spices, allowing the flavour to develop and absorb into all manner of meats, seafood, cheeses and even vegetables. When the time comes to cook your key ingredients, the marinade will have done its work, resulting in a deeper and fuller taste of the exotic.

Spice Up Your Supper With Indian Marinades


One of the most popular marinades on the Indian menu is used to great effect in the northern states of India. Tandoori chicken is a particular favourite in the Punjab – chicken pieces are slathered in a marinade of yoghurt, cinnamon, cumin, cayenne pepper, ginger, smoked paprika, minced garlic and chilli, along with a squeeze of lemon juice and seasoned with black pepper. Blended together, this mixture becomes a thick, smooth paste which clings to the meat effectively and the chicken is baked in the hot clay oven known as the tandoor.

When marinating the chicken pieces, a top tip is to pop everything into a zip-lock bag and knead until all the meat is coated. Squeeze out all the air, store in the fridge and soak the chicken overnight so the spices and flavours can sink into the meat, ready to bake or pop on the BBQ.


Vegetarians should not have to miss out on the marinating fun – after all, a large proportion of the population in India follow a vegetarian diet. However, marinating vegetables needs a little caution as if they are left to soak for too much time, it can cause them to lose vital nutrients and fade in colour.

Try creating a marinade out of ground cumin seeds, tomato juice, cilantro, chillies, vinegar, ginger, sugar, garlic and mustard. Blend and strain into a large, shallow tray before threading an assortment of vegetables onto skewers. Cherry tomatoes, courgettes, onion and peppers work well but for a little more substance, boil up potatoes or squash until they are just tender to add to the mix. Chunks of paneer also make an excellent addition.

Drop your skewers into the marinade, cover with cling-film and leave for at least 3 hours. Cook on a medium hot grill until tender and a little bit charred.

Red Meat

Spicing up lamb or beef with an Indian marinade will do wonders for tenderising the meat. A spicy vindaloo inspired marinade involves ground cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, mustard, white wine vinegar and a sprinkling of chilli flakes. A good measurement is half a cup of marinade for roughly 500g of meat.

Of course, if you want to see how the professionals marinate their meals, why not close up your home kitchen for the night and head on out to one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants. Amaya’s open kitchen showcases the classic Indian cooking techniques of the tandoor, the sigri and the tawa – techniques which go hand in hand with marinating to produce supremely flavoursome food.

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Goa is an indian state that is known for its amazing beaches and nightlife. Goa is known worldwide for its enchanting beaches and other sightseeing locations, so plan a visit soon here with your family and friends and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and scenic beauty. Beaches in Goa are famous not only for their enthralling beauty, but also for various recreational as well as adventure activities such a paragliding, water skiing and surfing to name a few. Check out all the Goa tour packages.

Goa: The Land Of Amazing Tour Packages

A visit to Goa is indeed incomplete without visiting various popular beaches. You can head to the Calangute beach which has thousands of visitors in all seasons. Apart from being a suitable place for watersports, numerous restaurants and hotels are situated nearby. When you drive through Panaji, this is the first beach that comes your way. This beach is indeed attractive for those who prefer a quiet environment, as it is not so crowded. Apart from indulging in water sports, this beach is perfect to enjoy an early morning walk. You can also head to Baga beach, which is one of most renowned beaches in Goa thronged by foreigners as well as locals. This place is well maintained and offers ample opportunities for adventure sports. Seafood served at various restaurants such as at Britto’s by the beach is extremely famous. Palolem is also a great place to visit. This coastal area is located in southern Goa. A large number of tourists visit this place and stay in various beautiful shacks. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful beaches and viewing the sunset is definitely a delightful experience.

Another noteworthy attraction is the Aguada beach, which is one of most beautiful beaches in Goa with great aesthetic beauty. Many churches and fortresses are also situated in the vicinity that you can visit. Apart from various recreational activities, this place is also ideal for a sun bath. You can also go to Anjuna beach. This beach is world famous for its thriving nightlife and the famous flea market. From partying the night away at one of the trance parties to shopping to your heart’s content at the flea market – experience Goa’s vibrancy at Anjuna. Varca is quite a beautiful beach where one can spot a row of wooden fishing boats. There are quite a few popular beach resorts as well in Varca. You can also head to Vagator beach. This beautiful beach, lined with palm trees, is famous for its calm environment, food, parties, etc.

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Situated along the gorgeous Mobor Peninsula, this white sandy beach is a sight to behold due to the confluence of the Sal River with the Arabian Sea. Colva is also one of the most famous beaches in Goa. It stretches for around 2.4 km and is perfect for enjoying a plethora of water sports. The beach is particularly busy during the weekends when both the locals and foreigners throng the beach. Check out the amazing Goa hotels list to make a more informed choice regarding your place of stay. Goa indeed a lot to offer to its visitors, from various beaches, waterfalls and caves to churches, temples, forts and museums.

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Bali have been a popular destination for many looking for sun, religious attractions, dolphin watching and mountain climbing among other interests. Bali is in the list of the best travel places 2015 for several reasons. One of the reasons many travel to Denpasar, Bali is to visit the Bali National Museum that is located near the Puputan Square in Jalan Wisnu. Neolithic materials and stone figures can be seen at the Gedong Karangasem which was originally built by the Dutch. The building is located at the centre of the museum. An exhibit of a tooth-filling ceremony, a royal throne, batik work, Hindu divinities carvings as well as carved shutters on windows and glass case with tableaux of a wedding is the highlights of the rear building of the museum. With intricately carved roof beams, Barong figures can be seen at the third building of the museum.

Best Attractions In Bali For Seeing In 2015

A visit to Denpasar is not complete without visiting a temple. Founded by the Majapahit dynasty.One of the oldest and most important temples in the city is the Pura Maospahit that dates back to the 14th century. The candi bentar which is the split gate to the temple has five pillars with several figures and this makes it one of the highlights of this red-brick temple. The figures represent the sky god of ancient India known as Indra, the god of the wind known as Bayu, god of the dead known as Yama, the god of wealth known as Kubera, god Sangkara as well as the god of the sea known as Waruna and Garuda. Three shrines of pelinggihcan, a pool that the goddesses used for bathing and antiques are some of the highlights of Pura Maospahit.

One of the other interesting attraction sites in Bali that receives thousands of visitors every year is the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple located on the lakeside of Beratan in Candi Kuning. This Balinese Hindu Temple consists of 4 temples as per travelblog. Beautiful views of Beratan Lake, Beratan Mount as well as Watukaru Mount and Tapak Mount are enjoyed from the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan. Over the time that the water temple has been around, it has attracted millions of visitors to a point that it is one of the most photographed landmarks in the island. The iconic temple dates back to the year 1633 when it was built by the King of Mengwi as a dedication to Dewi Batari Ulun Danu. Pentaran Pucak Mangu Temple is one of the four temples that is meant to worship Hyang ing Parwata, Terate Bang Temple to worship the god of Brahma, Lingga Petal Temple to worship god of Siwa and Dalem Purwa Temple to worship the Danu goddess. This is actually one of the most beautiful places that one can ever visit with the views of the water temple being reflected on the waters and the misty backdrop of the three mountains adding all the beauty. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is considered as Bali’s second most important temple.

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Once the time is available that you should decide on buying or selling a property or real-estate, there are various issues that you need to bear in mind when delving greater into what could possibly become the perfect largest financial transaction in your life. When you want to get or market real-estate, you should find the best real-estate office buildings in United States of America to help you out. Phone SWI Realty right now!

When you want to look for a real estate professional, you should be proactive in hunting to get the best. You are looking for someone who can work with you, is reputed, and possesses practical experience selling attributes. One of the primary steps in discovering a real estate agent is to check out available houses. Even if you are not interested in purchasing the property that you are currently visiting, it is a sensible way to have the connection with the representative, and to speak with them with regards to any probable enterprise you may wish to make down the road. One additional way to find an effective real estate professional is always to contact individual who has worked with one of your buddies or loved ones. Once you know a person who has received an excellent experience employing a specific agent, chances are that they should be able to create good success to suit your needs as well.

Best Real Estate Offices In United States For Your Needs

When selecting the best representative for yourself, it is important that you monitor and job interview your substances, so that you can tell if they are ideal for you. Ensure that you check if your professional is busy, while he may be too hectic for you personally. Also, it is smart to use the web to look into your agent’s MLS listings. After getting together with agents, you Geneva Taxi should check out to make certain that she or he is online and includes a robust web reputation. These days, everybody is on the internet and should you be not, you will end up losing out on a great deal of company, as virtually all consumers will begin their seek out their brand new home on the net.

Some methods that this is accomplished is by pursuing up on their recommendations, along with talking to other realtors within the neighborhood and inquiring regarding how reputable the representative is of course, if she or he is respectable being a agent. It is additionally essential to ensure that your agent lifestyles regionally which is very knowledgeable about the region. Right after thinking about some of these points, you must be able to with confidence choose the right real estate professional that will help you acquire or sell a property. When evaluating real estate offices in United States of America which get you the finest agent for the job, it is essential to acquire additional steps after reaching with brokers to display them even more.

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Accidents, loss of baggage, illness, flight delay etc., can spoil your trip. For this there are plans for travel assistance, for a fair price, can travel quiet and safe, knowing that before a drawback get help and containment.

It approaches year end and for many people means holiday! A trip should be above all a pleasant experience and when we think of something pleasant we rarely crosses the mind the disadvantages arising least of all think out insurance to travel abroad.

But accidents, loss of baggage, illness, flight delays, theft, robbery, among others, can spoil your trip. At least we must prevent these problems affecting future, either financially or health issues.

The Importance Of Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

Therefore we suggest that before starting your trip compares the different options you have at your disposal in travel insurance. Without wishing to be alarmist maybe you should know that one day stay in a US can cost up to 5,000 dollars.

Also increasingly countries require travel insurance to tourists or travellers. For US now do not require travel insurance but one look at the costs of medicine in this country will show as a simple accident you may rankle, at least economically.

For this is that there are plans for travel assistance, for just the right price, you can travel quiet, safe or knowing that before a drawback get help and containment.

Difference between a Travel Insurance and Travel Assistance

The main difference between travel insurance and travel assistance is that the earlier are dedicated to repay the money we spend to receive a benefit abroad once we return to our country. Instead, travel assistance provides direct benefits upon the fact.

For we hire travel insurance if need medical assistance, we must seek the nearest health center, meet all the necessary expenses and then to the back, reclaim the money back in our insurance company.

Travel assistance and travel assistance card gives us help 24 hours a day, in the place of world we are.

The advisers of service centers are responsible for seeking a health center that can assist and expenses are the responsibility of the provider company so we should not pay any amount to be seen by a doctor abroad.

It is a free card that allows access to public health care “Only if required such attention” during a temporary stay in any of the 28 member states of the EU plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland in the same mentioned conditions, but you should know that attendance is free only in some countries.

Travel insurance or travel assistance plans generally include the following coverages:

  • Medical assistance in case of accident
  • Medical assistance in case of illness
  • No deductibles or franchises
  • medications
  • dentistry
  • Hotel expenses for restoration
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Compensation for lost luggage
  • Assistance for theft and / or loss of documents
  • Legal assistance
  • Early return for disaster at home
  • Health and funerary repatriation

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Most people will be familiar with the feeling of needing a break. Sometimes work becomes overwhelming or your family commitments are leaving you no time to yourself. It’s normal to feel like running away to a luxury resort on a tropical island, but this doesn’t have to be a fantasy. If you’re looking to take a fabulous vacation at a luxury resort this year, the internet is the best place to start searching for offers, deals and reviews to ensure your trip is affordable, entertaining and of course, luxurious.

The Benefits Of Taking A Luxury Resort Vacation

The Internet offers access to the finest hotels and destinations around the world, introducing you to a world of travel possibilities. The ability to view such a wealth of information has introduced us to places we may not have previously considered, with travel magazines and social media promoting a vast range of travel opportunities. Pinterest, for example, has thousands of boards dedicated to travel, where users collect images of places they’ve been, places they’d like to go or places that inspire them. This surge in travel popularity means great deals are easy to come by, providing you know where to look. Luxury resort holidays can be found on comparison sites, travel sites, or by visiting the resort’s website directly, if you’ve decided where you’d like to go.

The travel industry has a great influence on the economy. By spending money on travel for business or pleasure, you’re funding an industry that provides almost eight million jobs in the United States alone, and many more worldwide. Taxes generated in 2011 through travel reached $124 billion – money which will be reinvested in public works, national defence, social security, medical services, education and repairing the recent recession. By supporting the economy, you’re supporting a better financial future, making a luxury resort vacation worth the expense.

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on an all-inclusive, half board or self-catering basis, there is a luxury resort designed for your preference. Most luxury resort bookings will allow you to select a package that works for you, meaning you can spend as much or as little time on the premises as you like. You’ll be able to enjoy delicious meals, take a stroll along the beach, enjoy engaging activities such as sports or diving or simply explore further afield and soak up the local culture. Most resorts offer evening entertainment such as parties, musicians or performers, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect after dinner activity.

The benefits of taking a luxury resort vacation seen at Haute Living are endless. Taking time away has been proven to rejuvenate your body and mind, allowing you to return to work relaxed, motivated and productive. A vacation is also a time to get in touch with yourself and have fun, enhancing your creative side. Finally, a vacation is time well spent with the ones you love, whether they’re your family, friends or a special someone, so start your search for an exciting, memorable luxury resort your loved ones can enjoy with you this summer.

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Excitement adventure is one of the few things you sign up for when you take up an Australian visa so as to visit and spend your holiday at in South Australia. The countries beautiful terrace and variety of wild rare animals have made it a tourist hub. It’s the perfect place to visit to get that serene feeling and peace as an individual as a family. Below are some of the few things worth seeing in South Australia.


This is one place to start in South Australia. It’s a city bust with activity. The parks and gardens that surround the CBD are a perfect place to picnic especially in the Adelaide Botanic gardens. If this does not interest you, there is the option of visiting the South Australian Museum and Adelaide zoo that will be interesting for the whole family.

Flinders Range

This region is diverse and breathtaking, away from city castling activities. The ranges provide the perfect getaway environment to relax. Not far from there is the lovely warren gorge to get the thrill going especially for rock climbers. Also within the vicinity is the amazing view availed at the Wilpena pound that is worth visiting.

Kangaroo Island

Located two hours from Adelaide, is the kangaroo island. As the name suggests plenty of kangaroos are visibly seen in this island. Lighthouses are placed strategically at various points to enable tourists to have a thrilling experience watching the scene. Walk trails through the Flinders National park is also an option where you get to view penguins and a variety of birdlife.

Top 8 Tourist Attraction Sights To See In South Australia

Innes National Park

The landscape here is enchanting and breathtaking. The wildflowers and the variety of tree species enable you to connect with nature at its very best. The whole experience around the coastline is memorable especially when combined to with a visit to Inneston Village. Camping in the middle of animal life is both thrilling and scary leaving you yearning for more.

Mount Gambier

This is by far one of the most beautiful attractions not only in South Australia but the world. The brilliant blue lake contrast sharply, with the surroundings making it even more appealing and inviting. It provides calm surroundings and the only sound are that of water crashing on rocks. Other lakes nearby include the little blue lake and the valley lake. Nearby is also the Gambier tourist center that lets you in on its history though interactive displays.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide hills are the perfect retreat for anyone visiting South Australia. The cascading hills and valley makes the landscape view seem virtual and unreal. This provides a nice change to get a time out and enjoy nature in another level. Not far from this is the beerenberg where you get to indulge in savory strawberries bursting with flavor to your full.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula is the ultimate holiday destination. Known for its wide variety of white and red wines, beaches and food, it’s the ultimate place to visit and spend time as a whole family. The options of attractions are numerous ranging from the national parks to diving at the Encounter bay.

Coorong National Park

This is one of the definite places to visit especially for serious bird watchers. The variety is diverse and superb. Observatory tracks and walking tracks are strategically placed to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Camping is permitted however a day trip to this place will also be just as exciting.

Author Bio:
I am Nancy, freelancer and part time blogger. I love reading and writing blogs. Apart from this I like traveling around the world and share my traveling experience by means of my article. Currently I am doing a research work on Australian visa which will assist you in visa services.

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Japan has always been seen as a great vacation spot for people with all kinds of interests. Its popularity as a skiing destination is growing rapidly as it attracts a large number of foreign tourists every year. Here are the top ten reasons that you should ski Japan:

1. Numerous Resorts

Comprising of over 500 resorts to boast of, Japan some of the best ski terrain the world has to offer. Whether it’s because of fantastic powder, spectacular backcountry, groomed slopes, long fast runs, huge snow parks or even gentle wider slopes for beginners, Japan has so much to offer.

2. Deserted Runs

Some of the main reasons why Japan, as a ski destination, is growing in popularity is because of the wide deserted runs that are available all over the country. You can enjoy your skiing trip without the huge crowds that you would normally see in North America and Europe. Even though there are resorts and ski areas that have become internationally renowned, the majority of the ski areas do not receive many visitors.

3. Night Skiing

Night skiing is an exceptionally exhilarating and thrilling experience. This has become a popular activity with many visitors and in Niseko this has become a must-do. The majority of the mountain’s ski area is open until 9 p.m. Great if you want to enjoy knee deep powder covered runs on deserted slopes.

4. Great Snow

Having some of the world’s lightest, driest and deepest champagne powder snow is found on the Japanese slopes. Huge quantities of snow are dropped by winds on the west coast. Water quality gets as low as 8% and the country also receives 18 meters of annual snowfall.

5. Relatively Low Cost

Even though the country has a general reputation for being one of the most expensive destinations in the world, the general costs of skiing the resorts are lower than most traditional ski destinations.

What Are The Top 10 Reasons To Ski Japan?

6. Hot Springs

In Japan, hot springs are commonly referred to as onsens. The geothermal activity throughout the country provides plenty hot springs in most of the resorts. These onses are the perfect spots to lie back, relax and unwind after a tiring day of skiing and snowboarding and have therapeutic benefits.

7. Great Food

Japan has some fantastic variety for food. Apart from the traditional Japanese food that is offered in every ski resort such as Sushi and Tempura, there are many resorts which also offer different ethnic dining options, ranging from Mexican, Thai to Western cuisine and they are all absolutely delicious.

8. Hospitality

Japan is renowned for its impeccable service they provide to all guests. Japanese people are often very polite and offer warm, friendly service to everybody. As you are a guest of the country, they will make every effort to make you feel welcome and relaxed in their surroundings. This alone has made it become one of the world’s leaders in customer service.

9. Numerous Festivals

Snow festivals are held all over the country during Winter and are a spectacle that must be seen. They give great insights into traditional Japanese culture and the food, snow sculptures and festive atmosphere are a treat to behold.

10. Culture

Japan is one of the oldest culture on the planet, over centuries they have mastered the art of culture and lifestyle. Today it is seem as a technological and developmental hub, but its traditional customs and culture is extremely prevalent. This unique culture and lifestyle will surely captivate any visitor to the country.

Author Bio:

Ski Japan specializes in providing Japan ski travel packages that cater for all levels of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts at some of the best prices in the market.

The experienced team at Ski Japan have first hand knowledge or skiing and travelling in Japan and are eager to help create the ski travel package right for you.

Contact the Ski Japan team at and get your next Japanese ski holiday started

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Travelling for holidays can never be complete if you do not include Turkey as your destination. As one of the fastest growing and advanced tourism destination, Turkey is rich in a lot of activities and places that will excite you for decades to come. See Turkey from a perspective of her breathtaking beaches, natural wonders, nightlife, gorgeous blue voyage tours, super exciting shopping experience, cultural events, World heritage sites, historical places, and religious sites among others in the big list. For all there is, Turkey will not only offer you the best excitement for your holiday, but also make you appreciate the value of your time and money. Follow the tips below to point you to the best exciting ways to enjoy your Turkey holidays.


Best Exciting Ways To Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays

Get yourself introduced to the heritage of Turkey and her culture. This is where all the excitement begins as you catch your first experience with the Turkish. Want to walk in high spirits before you even experience much? Grab your first souvenir at Spice Market and have that first glow all over around you. You may also want to catch a clear view of the beautiful sea and this would go well should you happen to choose a great hotel which can offer the view. Excite yourself as you visit Aya Sofia and Blue Mosque which are quite renowned in Turkey. If you love to rock at night, find your way to Taksim Square and rock your night away with the best of nightlife experiences you would ever desire in Turkey.

Visit Antalya 

Antalya is rich with admirable beaches loved by both tourist and the locals. This city has impressive bars and restaurants offering breathtaking ocean views and nightlife which you may want to take advantage of. Tour different points around the city by a tram at very friendly and affordable costs. Are you one of those who love local cultures? Antalya Museum will enrich you with the best of ancient artifacts and local culture.

Visit Ayvalik

Have an experience of a seaside town complete of Ottoman architecture and cobbled streets. Feel the exciting breeze of the Aegean Sea as you stroll on the Turkey’s longest sandy beach. Spend a night at an ancient home “Taksiyarhis Pension” for a fulfilled experience of Ayvalik.

Visit the City of Derinkuyu

Get ready to be exposed to what the Roman Empire prosecution was all about. Derinkuyu, which is an eight-level city full of history and so much to offer is a must visit destination in Turkey. Ensure you are physically on point as you will have to do much of bending as you get around the low and narrow rooms underground.

Visit Kas

Kas is widely known as a coastal town with huge art culture celebrated by the Turkish. Most of these celebrations occur during Republic day and National holiday where the Turkish hold parades as they rejoice. Due to the friendliness of the Turkish people, visitors find it fun to join them in their celebrations. While all this is happening, catch that overwhelming Mediterranean Sea view that will invigorate you even further.

Visit Ephesus Museum

Located near Selcuk, Ephesus Museum is one place you feel indebted if you left Turkey before visiting. It is full of the Nation’s history, something you would always want to smile about and remember each time you think of Turkey. Apply for your Turkey visa today for your comprehensive exciting holiday.