Things To Look For When Buying Double Glazed Windows Chesham

Things To Look For When Buying Double Glazed Windows Chesham

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A highly energy efficient option, double glazed windows come with an additional advantage of reducing noise. Consisting of two glass panes, these windows serve as an extra cover of insulation. Due to this reason heat loss during winters is less and the temperature in your home remains comfortable. In summers, double glazed windows prevent heat from entering your home. This leads to decreased dependence on air conditioners and heaters, thus resulting in reduced energy costs and more savings.

In terms of safety as well, double glazed windows are considered better than standard windows with single pane. As double layer of glass makes it hard to break, it provides added security to the dwellers. In order to enjoy all the above mentioned benefits in your home, it is important that you contact a reliable double glazed windows Chesham retailer, who can assure to provide quality product. Increasing your knowledge about double glazing will also help you make the right choice. Listed here are a few crucial things to look for when buying double glazed windows.

Things To Look For When Buying Double Glazed Windows Chesham

The first thing to pay attention to is the type of glass used in double glazed windows. Today, a vast range of glass types is available. Some make a great option for increasing favourable qualities of the windows, such as noise control and energy efficiency. Laminated panes are thicker and do not let the sound waves to pass; thus giving improved acoustic performance. Similarly, using low-e glass allows less heat to escape.

The next thing worth considering is the gap between the panes. The recommended gap between the panes for optimal thermal performance is 12mm, while minimum is 6mm and maximum width is 20mm. In order to stop low frequency sounds from disrupting indoor environment and ensure better acoustic control, the recommended gap between panes is 150mm or above. However, wider the gap is, lower is the insulating performance. Therefore, the gap between the window panes should be selected carefully, depending on the results you expect.

The type of gas used to fill the gap between the panes should also be checked beforehand. This is crucial, as the fully sealed gap between the panes serves the purpose of an insulator and limits the amount of cold air entering your home. Moreover, acoustic and thermal performance of the windows also gets enhanced due to the gas filled in the empty space. Usually, argon is used in double glazed windows as it offers low conductivity for improving insulation. Another thing to consider is the use of spacer in double glazed windows. Generally a spacer is used for separating the window panes. The spacer is a polymer or metal strip and has a drying agent, also called desiccant, for removing moisture which gets trapped between the panes.