Security Forces Arrest Scores Of Suspected Militants

Security Forces Arrest Scores Of Suspected Militants

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In Isfahan which is a native town of Pakistan, Muhammad Ameer went missing three years ago. His whereabouts or what could have happened to him was a mystery considering that it is a country that has been fighting insurgency for more than a decade now. According to some reports on the ground is that the Iranian officials were recently informed about Muhammad Ameer who is said to have been kidnapped. The report is that he was held in the Chagai district in the outskirts of Dalbandin as per the statement that was given by Mubarak Shah the District Police Officer in Chagai. Security officers went on a rescue mission where they found Ameer although no arrests have been made so far as the kidnappers disappeared before the authorities would get on site. While the Iranian was rescued, the authorities arrested three Iranian nationals that were suspected to have crossed to Pakistan illegally. For those that have been following cnn live stream have seen talks on how the government is trying to fight Islamic insurgents even from the neighboring countries.

Security Forces Arrest Scores Of Suspected Militants

In the recent arrests, the three Iranians did not have the required travel documents to enter Pakistan and that is why they had to be arrested while the vehicle that they were using was held by the security officers. The officials from both countries held an important meeting in regards to the security issues especially at the Taftan border. Both countries were in agreement that only legal entry to both countries should be allowed and the border that stretches for about 900 km should be guarded round the clock thus the authorities were following the Foreigners Act while they arrested the three. The news of the arrest was confirmed by Khan Wasey, the spokesman for the Frontier Corps. The three were arrested in Panjgur.

Pakistan is a country that has been hitting the headlines in the recent past espacilly by America. It is in this week an army helicopter crashed killing foreign diplomats while the country has been fighting the Taliban insurgents. In the Zarian Bug area of Gwadar, as the security forces were patrolling the area, they managed to arrest four men that are suspected to be members of a militia group. The Frontier Corps spokesman confirmed that the four were arrested and belonged to a group that is banned by the government. Arrests are being made every day and apart from the four suspected militias and the three Iranians arrested in Panjgur, two other suspected Islamic militias were arrested near Qamaruddin Karez Zhob along the border with Afghanistan.

During the arrest of the two, the officers defused 26 bombs while they discovered not only 14 improvised explosive devices, but also seven rockets as well as others weapons that included 12 anti-personnel mines. .The news was confirmed by Khan Wasey. In these arrests, the security forces have not publicly identified the culprits and their motives are still being investigated as the insurgents are determined to destabilize the goodwill of the government.


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