Working With LG G3: A Beast From LG

Working With LG G3: A Beast From LG

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LG smartphone unit of the Company is in best state so far. The reason is successful gadgets of 2014. The 2015 have just started and now people are expecting more gadgets from LG, better than the most successful LG G3.

The LG G3 was the company’s first 2K resolution display and now there are rumours company is working on 3K resolution display of upcoming LG G4 and LG G5. On other hand, LG G3 is proving good with its small and small interface changes like, the company has gone a step further and added more unusual options for customizing the virtual keyboard, up to change the height of buttons or even their self-reassignment. The developers promise that adaptive technology of keyboard LG G3 stores features a set of user-specific and promotes more rapid text entry and reduces errors. “Smart” keyboard reduces errors by 75 percent, by analyzing the accuracy of hitting the fingers on the letters. The key buttons may also be increased to more quickly enter commonly used characters and accuracy of typing. Also, it is much easier to adjust the location of the cursor in the typed text by long confinement space.

Working With LG G3: A Beast From LG

The operating system used the version of the software platform Google Android 4.4.2 KitKat, on top of which is traditionally set their own proprietary graphical user interface – the successor of Optimus UI. Updated interface was flat minimalist graphics, icons, and icons do not have shadows, the interface looks without a history of additional graphical effects, which makes it easier perception. In this regard, the changes are most evident in the drop-down menu of notifications, which became suspiciously like new graphics of Apple iOS for the iPhone.

In general, an updated user interface LG G3 incorporates many developments that have already been implemented in previous versions of original shell. QSlide mode allows working windows less disengage them by moving around the screen, and change the degree of transparency and the number and Dual Window divides the screen into two desktops in the framework of multi-tasking. QSlide can be activated from the menu of notifications and mode is activated from the menu recently run programs – there is an optional second tab, the double window. The infrared port is complemented by a special program for remote control of appliances. The smartphone also laid numerous possibilities to control gestures.

More attention is paid to this time, the issue of safety. The smartphone offers a range of features such as the notorious already Knock Code and guest mode, also appeared locking system information Content Lock, which keeps personal data protected and hidden from prying eyes when sharing smartphone LG G3. When connected to a computer Content Lock prevents viewing of protected files, thus saving data safe. Protected files can be located either in the internal memory G3, and map microSD. By using the Kill Switch is possible to remotely lock your smartphone in case of theft. Kill Switch allows you to remotely erase contained on LG G3 personal information. In the program includes scanning for viruses.