What Is The Best and Simplest Way To Pack Lightly For A...

What Is The Best and Simplest Way To Pack Lightly For A Long Trip?

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What Is The Best and Simplest Way To Pack Lightly For A Long Trip?

 Trip by Airlines

While planning on a long trip by airlines, it is very important that we take only those things that are very necessary, as these days airlines are charging a lot if your luggage is more. Many of us have the habit of packing in extra things during a trip and do not even use them. Hence, it is anytime better that we pack less and employ a strategy and take along necessary items that are required and according to the weather conditions of the place.

Take clothes which you can mix and match with basic wardrobe colors and that go well with them. You must wear bulky items like heavy shoes, sweaters and jackets on the plane rather than putting them in your bag. You can store these jackets in the little closet which is at the front of the plane. Try to take only 2 pairs of shoes and one pair you can use for sightseeing and one for the evening.

Efficient Way of packing

  •  The best and efficient way of packing clothes while going on a long trip is to roll the clothes so that more space is created for keeping other clothes.
  •  The best tip is to carry along clothes that are quick drying and light-weight.
  •  It is anytime better that you make use of vacuum bags for packing the sweaters as they flatten very well and packing clothes in Ziploc bags that are big is better as the extra air from it can be squeezed out.
  •  If you do not want to deal with any airport hassles then you can even opt for sending your luggage through FedEx or using UPS to the hotel before you reach there.
  •  If there is less space in your baggage, then it is best that you buy your toiletries at your destination, or you must try to bring the toiletries in small bottles.
  •  It is always better if you follow a plan and weed out items that you did not use in your previous trips.
  •  Set out the things you need during the trip and then do away with the items you can go without for some days.
  •  You do not need to pay an overweight fee if your suitcase is light and  it is better you carry along a back pack of regular size and which is counted as a personal item and a lot of things can be carried in it. You can even stuff in the back pack with your socks and handbag.